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December 14, 2016
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August 19, 2003
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August 18, 1964
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Approved For Release 2003/09/x, ,, PRDP80B01676R000200040029-7 /,/ ~ g?~~u~ /V^w~t/J a~i.m pls. NSC REVIEW COMPLETED / al Intelligence t C e r en for ,,64 .06/26/03. JDeputy Director 18 August 1 Executive Director- ~?omptroller Deputy Director for Intelligence Deputy Director for Plans Deputy Director for Support Deputy Director for Science and Technology inspector General General Counsel Economy Measures i., On ?.2 July 1964 the President reviewed with the Cabinet the progress n-+.ade thus far in improving efficiency and economy in the operations of the Government, and he directed that further efforts toward these ends ,J? made in the months ahead, The President made it unmistakably clear t is the continuing policy of this administration to effect maximum esnlts with minimum expenditures. His instructions very specifically `.ve-s e to "redouble efforts to reduce costs" through such measures aductivity simp'.itiyin.g procedures, streamlining field elements, setting up pro s gods and imbuing contractors to beet irit of cost ghtened so thatcoper~.t ons controls lar same directed that employment The are ccnducted with the most resol~~t f the need to patterns point ~_.~s,dent also made a special publications. Z. Over the past year the Agency has actively engag fed in than Y economy e program. We can take pride in our accomplishments. T eel our progress ",yen responsive to the President's program, However, nu t not lull us into complacency. Again I want to impress on each of ycu 1~ersonally and, through you, all personnel of your directorates and offices that further real savings in manpower and dollars can and must be effected in CIA. d 3. The manpower ceilings provided to same time we Emus assure bat you for FY provide a first big step to this end. At the m is maintained in accomplishing a sound and imaginative substantive program Approved For Release 2003/09/ f- kk-fb "dbBO1-676R000200040029-7 Approved For Release 2003b9(02.::'CIA-RDP801676R000200040029-7 the Agencyrs vital missions. Maintaining adequate program balance within an-_d bztween directorates will always be difficult, but especially where retrenchments are required. We are all under the gun to assure that flexible sySL--:n S are provided in our organizations which will provide, within osta.'Dlished ceilings, sufficient maneuverability to meet changing priorities and to adjust to new tasks without constantly upsetting on?-going activi' ies, Y'r. regard the Agency must consider programs in their entirety with each -art evaluated in light of the whole, Our cost consciousness and manpower control is not a numbers game, It must reflect hard decisions and a positive, o jective and non--parochial outlook on the part of all members of our nanage~~n.ert team. Activities which do not contribute directly to the accomplishment of the Agency's missions must be phased out and discontinued, At ' ire same time we must hold other menbers of the Intelligence Community responsible for their part of the intelligence task and not establish unwarranted du2lication of these efforts in -A, 4, i have charged the EDCI and the Executive Director.-Comptroller with s^cs:raeading the Agency economy effort and providing strengthened and i--nT.) o,red centralized management review and control over our programs and projects and their related manpower and budgets. I will expect from them reports on the Agency?s progress which I can study and report to the ~resi.dent. My belief in active management at the top echelons will cause some strain, but I know of no better way of producing results in. l tee with the Presidents goals. Even as congratulate you for recent achi.e' ennents, I want to urge you on to greater progress in the knowledge that the dollar and personnel ceilings currently in effect have behind them strong approval and my personal wish that no effort be spared to expedite a.ei _? attain_.ent, 'f^ 7ohn__A, McCone /-,__~ Approved For Release 2003/09/02: CIA-RDP80B01676R000200040029-7 Approv1or Release 2003/09/02: CIA-RDP8c1676R000200040029-7 RE2JAH,S BY THE PRESIDENT TO T} CA3IT 'T July 229 1964 'ti'_~ -,..":I, of-*e n debt to Secretary McT;amara for his remarkably successful C o? . ^' r: ?:_ z ~ rgra The rc ?o?r? ao De artment buys more than three .u,ar ers of the coda and so=_ce~s bought by the Uo S, Gov:rnm::nt, Troreforo, the o: our d.. improve man?a.gament in. the Federal Government w `J.l r"_vc; 'co ~ the De ertcment o ~efcn ze, '~ f .,o _y de'i err? ned by the performance c 7. 7n done his has seta ..ark f ~. e ^'..... y I cT',TL ra has not ca .y , bul he ehr~~t at, TT'---'1,4 o.f all., I want to commend every man in this room for his cont_ribu;'- on the e ccollent results of cur economy drive in the fiscal year just endaca, O r' C "?9^ 1C:L'~,iAJ es were $97,7 bi.11;ton9 more than, billion be _ow the '..96ha budget eati_mato and, a $600 mill'-en below mar moot r~tc ^be was $8.3 bill;.on, a al.. 6 billion below the ori_gin