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December 12, 2016
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April 8, 2002
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March 23, 1965
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proved For lipase 2002/ CIA-RDP80B0167M00200050015-1 (CLASSIFICATION) 66----45cL511 OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR TO Deputy- ctoril Deputy tor/Plans SUBJECT : REFERENCE: In reply refer to Action Memorandum No -445 23 March. 1165, Date al r 'ports to the Vice President 1. Arrasgornesta have ade to sead the daily Ceattal Intelligence Bulletin aed the President's Brief as w?ll as the week sr reports to the L4fice of the Vice President. In addition to the Vice President himself, three individuals in the office are cleared: Mr. WUI4.rii Connell, the principal assistant to the Vice President; Mr. George Carroll, who is assistant in the field of national security affairs; and Miss Sandra Carlson, who is cleared to sign for reports. In addition to the daily arid weekly reports, the Vise President should receiie National Intelligence Estimates and those rreernorsticis which are sent to the '4 hits Hones. 2. On accost** there wiR be other reports which are dig- triliated to the Vi hit* Hose* by either the DID/i or DD/P, and copies of these should also go to the Office of the Vice President. The same rules will apr*ly to the forwarding of nonperiodicel Material to the Office of the Vice President as are laid down in Executive Mernorandu No. 13 dated 19 3u1y 1962 sad Executive Memorandum. No. 91 deice II rebruary 1963. 3, The Vise President, by letter to the DC1, has indicated that George Carroll will be the focal point for onir dealings with his office and has stated, "Pl se use him in every wily you deem appropriate SUSPENSE DATE: ERCrkidb lii: ::41!tar.111')?1 nrla der:13LItiC : r 11 Approved For Release 200M/sirt irhDP80B01676R000200050015-1 A 0 4Z>PziO4tT14 d For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-R0P80601676R200050015-1 111 11, sEcriET " Ho *Ake that Offk. of ilwr Vie* *phase: Coda ISO Prosideart, cc: VD/1MT DD/S WPM% ADOIS las at borne TE 4-39 . LBK:drm ' Distribution: Original & 5 - As above OD- ER 1 - ExDir (sigma) LyroFn B. Kirkpatrick yTtb. Putt vietirie k EximullIvie Meow Approved For Release 2002/08/21: CiAADP80601676R000200050015-1