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December 15, 2016
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October 7, 2002
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February 7, 1961
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Approv2 elease 2002/10/21: CIA-RDP80601676R000200140077-3 _ iel/ 1 .;0 vrf t t j aj fii emmander tflt, A121476W,10.3 Room 4-274, Pentagon Aashington 25, . C. Attentions Major Ismlie J. "drummed Lear Stri 7ebruary Re: ag....jeaLFrespent for $TCA. Aircraft ?ecently, was had opportunity to disease briefly with members of the Transporta- tion harm' eertain oharacteristiee of the Lelio 1....28A bearing on this airplane's capabilities to fulfill on exiatinc$AC Naluirement. Out of that oonference, we ascertained that two essential facts had not been eemmunicated adequately to USA? Headquarters. is U:,41.7 headquarters evidently bad noinforma- ion later than :c mitten Report, which -- while not published until smeary 190 -e was in fact based on 1956 eommerciaqt versions. The particular 'aircraft used, though procured in January 1959, were 1958 production items in standard civilian eonfigeratica without that heavrduty equipment, night lighting and-cther details even then being incorporated in those L-28* 's being used in actual field service. The ArC Report goes into great detail on inadequaeies, many of which reflect only the dee/04n of the AM Procureeent tflc. to omit on the Aarc evaluation sirplanws much of the equipment generally included for other militery operations. \ In addition, sines, 1958, substantial nodificetions and improvements have been \ developed at government expense to bereave the -2 'a effectiveneee on nilitary- tYpevienione. Among the substantial modifications now available for military *Prlioatiam, for example, Is a fear-inch wider. cabin with extra doors permitting the level lceding of two litters and with sleeting capacity for six. ,:iso avail- able is an internal opening door and Other modifications to facilitate low altitude precision parachute drop*. ?The L.2aA is new operated at a 392C gross load, rroviding a total uswifUl load of 190C lbs. \ \'s (The office which he. been using J-280a on sensitive operations is, we understand, / now prirperinii docu on mentation end reports its performance, service history and ' geverement-financed development. These data are being transmitted to :ieretral a. A. honesty, Lireetor or Operational lequirements. Although the full information desired may net automatieally be incorporated in the first reports delivered to General holloway's office, these mommunications will establish a ohennel for suily additional imformatlen desired. .,43 uneerstand that the existence of these improved capabilities of the L,-2,:- was known and taken into account at ,:;.AG's esaceluarter%5 when that office established 4equireeents consistent with the best capabilltles inewn to be available. 'STATINTL On file USARrferliglwf -RDP80601676R000200140077-3 instructions apply. or Release 2002/10/21 : Cl Page Two : CIA-RDP80601676R00020014007farkaary 7, 1961 Atemajugameits_oethamageszassinigiftg, the resent confereness at USAF Beath. starters indioated that. certain of the oseentials needed to service satisfactorily the SAC missile bases have been lett sight of in the debates as to whether 'ST!' la rosily necessary for MC' s purposes. There has been a great preoccupation with WSW length as though that were the sole determinant of the need for e air- Ana* .ftwarver, STOL capabilities involve sonsiderably acre than mere ability to laratibed take-gaff short over barrier,. If short-field landing and take-off abilittwere the onAy essential characteristic differentiating * tree STCL airplane, then, with moderate additions to runway length, lower-cost naked-wing conventional airplanes night often fulfill the funstion with greater net economy. The report that General Rolloweyes office is resolving, "Aamever, together with a more careful check on the moults of the field tests br. SAC personnel at Warren Air ForgeBase will reveal conclusively that considerably nor* then the runway length factor is Involved. The extensive flight teats at Warren Air Fore. DAN by SAC pilots in an L-28A demonstrated that certain other characterieties of this STOL airplane were equally as important as its short-field ability in meeting SAC', mission reliability requirements. In order for the L-28A to be able to operate en short one-way stripe it has been necessary to develop certain oentrel-and-stability as well as greemd handling obaracteristics which also enable this airplane to continue operation under turbulence and crosswind conditions which ground other light airplanes, regard - lose of the serisay length. Than, on a member of occasions, while4AC pilots were performing transition training flights with the L-28A on the one-way strip which is several thousand feet long at Warren Air terse Bess, wind conditions greamded all other light aircraft, including the L.20's which were them performing nissile base supply work. We were advised that the L-28 was several tines pulled off its test program in order to substitute on missile base missions when the other aircraft were grounded. Thus, the recent dissuasion. as to whether or not a small increase in runwgy length night eliminate SAC's *old for TOL aircraft is Overlooking one of the woot essential factors in their Requirement. As you know, STOL aircraft are new being used exten- sively by the Russian, German and trials military and are under presurement by the British and Swedish. STOL operations in every part of the globe (including those by U. S. military officers now being sumnariaed for General Bollasey4s office) have demonstrated the inpertanee of two design features not incorporated im older-style conventional airplanes. These ares . Irirst is the necessity for some fora of boundary-layer control. The devioe which the L-284 uses was also copied fru' the British by the Euesians -- namely, the Bandley4sige loading-edge slat. The Germans enploy the somewhat simpler, these less effective, fixed-slot in the wing. In every ease, however, where efforts have been made to substi- tute the yet &wiper umproteeted eonventional naked-wing on light aircraft for restricted area operations, undue vulnerability to ter.. bulenoe has resulted. We therefore suggest that your office shock back through the communications channel in General Solloway's office to verify that this beendary-layer control characteristic has been found essential to accomplish mission reliability under a wide range of weather conditions on one0way strips, independent of length. Approved For Release 2002/10/21 : CIA-RDP80601676R000200140077-3 Approved ForRelease2002/10/21:=-RDP801301676RD00200140077-3 . Attention: Major Leslie J. Greenwood Page Three Ret Litc.hglimealtaza_mr_torat Febreary 7, 1961 budand ovally essential for any such fixed-wing airplame is some sort ek-sapplement to the lateral control system so that an adequate rat4416roll can be naintalaei. for maneuvering and to cornet for gust upset:rat those lower speedallikere conventional ailerons beams inadequate. Tom will find, heakfrom the Warren Air Force Ramp tests and from the other O. S. serviesiiimperience referred to above, that such a supplemental sedition to the conventional aileron aysten is essential. (It is on this point of lateral control that the 1-28A ham exoeeded the Eeropean STOL aircraft winning the 1960 B.A.T.A.C. competition atilhorshae, England.) Became. the USAF has to date procured an insufficient number and variety of STOL aircraft to have established meaningful control-and-stability standards, there is probably no substitute bat to require a history of satisfactory service emporia:es with whatever control viten nay be provided. Again, the records eVailable.on the L-28A will document its abilities an that point. We will appreciate year attention to the points submitted in this letter and your cooperation in distribeting this information to such other officers at USAF headquarters and in Air Materiel Command as may properly be concerned. Sincerely yours hILIO AIRCRAFT CORPORATION Lynn L. Bollinger LiBIRCG President Approved For Release 2002/10/21 : CIA-RDP80601676R000200140077-3 For Release 2002/10/21 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000200 CD" , 8 ev,\