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December 12, 2016
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April 22, 2002
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January 12, 1965
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pproved For Release 2002/ 460 u January 1965 X1A X1A .& MAN DUM 4. It is trans+lissio- sawf* cable to M Si~nen part p ,si SOS ted on Et Jaaan rY onto*$ on 24 Jaaasaaa'Y? eattrexx 1. smart is rants this* signtficant spot aefs dau war oaE ZZ aasd bis psi',will rot askitc-o S. The arsi at Dull* s at 1193 *at day. 3 anvsry via TVA . o 00 DOC,. o,ccoaapautod by $ed *& rues with you. the canarofnf of 14 1. As dis+~o y~i,r+~,a?- the ae-d ins, WjU he leaving ceartsin Foot Coast 14 and t9 JAY tort Janua y a sib ,vide tntel1t$e cables to C-SA {cities. you oga aso sar i SJ~ is to the p= an ;bAx. kett) to be Los, t+md via O those two dates. jefolulu, we WjU fly from Los A* e$e* to in 2. 16 1*l*% at H ~o tia~ne. Ws wrill be IROOOIU'Q i in s H+aamalatl at an 1-9 Jana ry* Yeas ase a-rar~w- to Witt Ha latlx tine. the e cm ~vhils # DDQ to is eels twins wbi+tu will s k1aaal ula to Sao :"1 ci*co said l be 3. vs W seturo from 14 19 Jan =Y Vaal the inoradnii of in amt vieinitp f>,010 the ? ofdaurixei this period in the ;fan gar tsao pacers, and is the event tut the 22 Jaa~u"Y? Our eareabo asos will be C3a t Y to la~cadOs D f 1, O SA oar , * * find it ess sao~ DDCI and party will be staying at the Clift Hotel ?bonld be cyeek*d. to elli e while in San Fra sWo sNul tl t yoa- artaa + ," an mme a.lk rand to tbo ce: DUcke!) )DIET Y.:blh (12 Jan 1965) 25X1A 25X1A App ove$? ease 2002/07/29 : 4 8 * A ; 8 0 1 3 0 1 676R0002001600