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December 19, 2016
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August 22, 2005
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December 27, 1966
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Approved For Release lafuntttgftRDP80BO1676ROO0400170002-0 UT 7 December 1966 ,f . MEMORANDUM FOR : The Honorable W. W. Rostow Special Assistant to the President SUBJECT : Advanced Reconnaissance Aircraft Further to our telephone conversation of this date, this Agency feels that the draft memorandum on this subject prepared by the Director of the Bureau of the Budget does not quite fully reflect the opinion of the Director of Central Intelligence in that: The SR -71 aircraft cannot yet be considered essentially interchangeable with the A -12 for operational purposes because the A-12 has been fully operational for one year and has already demonstrated greater performance for peace time reconnaissance missions than has the SR-71, which has not yet achieved an operational capability. /S/ Ruf' s Taylor Rufus Taylor Acting Director it / Orig - via courier to the White House 1g1 - ER ,og1 A/DD/S&T W~c NSC review(s) om letetl "~i wro C)) ~~pproved For Release 2006/017 80B01676R000400~70002_ Approved For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000400170002-0 Approved For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000400170002-0 Approve*For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000400170002-0 EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OFFICE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY WASHINGTON, D.C. 20506 July 6, 1966 Thank you for your letter of June. 27, 1966 to Dr. Hornig concerning his request for an updating of the NIE on the Soviet space program. He is currently out of town and I am taking the liberty of replying for him. The Joint Space Panels of the President's Science Advisory Committee, for whose studies of the U. S. space program plans Dr. Hornig requested the new NIE, will be meeting at Newport, R. I. during the week beginning July 25, 1966. Since Dr. Hornig and the concerned members of the OST staff will also be at Newport during that week, it will not be possible to take advantage of your invitation for participation in the July 28 - 29 meeting of your consultants. However, your kind offer to make available your consultants' panel report, pertinent briefings by experts from your agency on this report and on the relevant sections of NIE 11-1-65, 27 January 1965, and the consultants' February 1966 report, is most welcome, and we plan to take advantage of it. In view of the discussion in your letter, and the prospects that the Joint Space Panels needs will be met by the special arrangements you have suggested, please consider our request for an urgent up- dating of NIE 11-1-65 as withdrawn. Sincerely yours, Colin M. MacLeod Acting Director The Honorable Richard Helms Director Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D. C. S&T Control No.1107 This document consists of 1 page No. I of 6 copies, Series A. pprovef'For Release 2006/03/17-:.-CIA-RDP80B01676R000400170002-0 Approved For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000400170002-0 Approved For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000400170002-0