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December 21, 2016
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January 2, 2009
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May 11, 1964
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Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000500120041-1 SECRET Bx AMA y d~: I MAY 1964 MEMORANDCIN FOR: Deputy Director (support) SUBJECT : Development of a Master Plan at Langley REFERENCE : Remo dtd 14 April 1961 to Dir-Cornpt; subj; Master Plan for Headquarters Building Area 1. 1 appreciate your comments and. questions regardin? the Headquarters Master Plan. This plan will necessarily have to be flexible. However, in our , we should assume an Agency strength stablized at employees. Such elements 25X1 as Training, Finance, Audit, Personnel, 'BID, OBI and the Logistics Headquarters components, to name some o. the larger units, should be housed in the Langley area. On the other hand, due both to the nature of the activities and to the size of the investments in the bu and-of=ice building or buildings, the proposed Printing plant and the parking spaces which will be needed when and if the Headquarters population is increased. The use o:' a competent consulting fixn definitely has merit, but the type of preliminary plan I have in mind should not require an extensive period for study. 3. Consideration of land. now used by the Bureau of Public Roads should not be excluded. I have no doubt that our nibbling approach has caused some irritation, but I am hopeful that additional land could be made available to meet the needs of an area master plan. In any case, alternative plans should be developed. $Ctittr 4'.:'. R,__ Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000500120041-1 Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000500120041-1 4o As you knot:, the bi. iid...n of F rk t ui c tl.inecd to dlr. C i. tn, G ..i ui of {:c ,: .tt, on !6 April 1.. We 4 or U65 from the Ho: sc., C .t tc e . 1.ocatio (pr b3,; near vhe 1x r house) h" a master 1 t a v -e sL 3 1 ? able to o aai of our #d-et ori::e #uitbte identit ied x .eTt avail "1.E r ~ riv +, ti_ in=. 5. In Sg t to a r :1 ng> ]. ot, needed rezairw zte ' e' ition. With the :'L tet plan, n e IBaar.My diti i i is w: o ti be given a hl,- au b ccqu, = t 'clop ent. BPAM/JMClarke/FAE/ncl 5 May 1964 Distribution: Orig. & 1 - Addressee 1 - ER w/o reference Lo"1 - BPAM Subject File 1 - Reading File 4 Services ptmart ;sty 14?prta3'3t c~ Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000500120041-1 trr DtT Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000500120041-1_)2 BPAM 1 4 APR 1964 MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Director -Comptroller SUBJECT : Master Plan for Headquarters Building Area REFERENCE : Memo dtd 6 Apr 64 to DD/S fr Ex. Dir. -Compt., subj: "Headquarters Building Parking Space" 1. I was very disappointed to receive reference memorandum disap- proving the provision of additional parking spaces for our employees which, I believe, will soon be badly needed. 2. It isn't accurate to say that the West Parking Lot was built only a year ago. The need for the West Parking Lot was foreseen before ground was broken for our current building. It was deferred for two reasons. First, we wanted to get a construction contract awarded, and we did not want to hold up the awarding of this contract in order to incorporate this parking lot in our plans and specifications. Second, we were not sure that we had enough money to build this parking lot at that time. The West Park- ing Lot had been planned for almost as long as the building itself and was completed in the summer of 1962. (You will recall that we only started moving into the building in late 1961 and that our move was not completed until April 1962.) 3. While it is true that the land which we purchased for security rea- sons could accommodate our proposed printing plant, our preference for a site location is near the power plant on the opposite side of the building. We prefer, however, to defer the decision as to the actual location until we have hired an architect and have had expert outside advice as to the best location. I think that our approach is entirely consistent with your idea of trying to develop in an orderly way, with which I am in accord. I don't think we have done anything or are planning to do anything inconsis- tent with this concept. 4. In order to develop a master plan, we will first need guidance from the Office of the Director as to the size and composition of the Agency for SECRET Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000500120041-1 Q1 PICT 25X1 L. K. White Deputy Director for Support Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000500120041-1 "the next five to ten years. " How many people performing what kind of functions will require how much space? Should we plan to accommodate the entire Agency at Langley? If not, how much do we wish to accommo- date elsewhere and at what location? 5. When we can answer these questions, I would recommend that we d hire a competent firm to develop a plan. The development and approval of such a plan will take time and it will cost money. I think that it would be a great mistake for us to delay the provision of additional parking facilities ? pending the development and approval of this master plan. 6. Perhaps we have not exhausted the possibility of getting a use per- mit for more land from the Bureau of Public Roads. However, we know that the Bureau will give up no more unless directed to do so. We had considerable difficulty getting permission to have softball diamonds on their property, and I am sure that they will strongly resist construction of other permanent or semipermanent facilities on their land. plant out here: It does not require any new appropriation, and the funds available will some day be lost to us if we do not use them for some such purpose. I am confident that we can locate our printing plant without ad- versely affecting a long-range plan. a great mistake. There are many advantages to consolidating our printing ~ 7. I understand also that paragraph 5 of reference memorandum is intended to convey that we should not proceed with the construction of our printing plant until a master plan is developed. I think that this would be 8. I hope that you will give these matters some further consideration, and I would again recommend that we go ahead with the establishment of the printing plant and the development of additional parking facilities. I think that this can be done with care and will not do violence to a master plan. OrnnrT Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000500120041-1 or nnr,- Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000500120041-1 MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Director -Comptroller SUBJECT : Headquarters Building Parking Spaces REFERENCE : Memo from DD/S to Acting Director of Central Intelligence, same subject, dated 23 March 1964 1. In the referenced memorandum the DD/S is requesting the Acting Director of Central Intelligence to approve the construction of and to provide funds For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the current need to achieve maximum economies, I do not concur in the proposal and recommend its disap- proval. 2. Need for Space The attached request is based on a finding that there is a0 utilization of the general parking spaces, a_utilization of the reserved spaces, and a need for additional visitor spaces. No poll has been taken and, in fact, it probably is not possible to determine precisely the number of spaces needed now or at some later date. To a considerable extent, the demand appears flexible as a lesser number of spaces may force people into car pools rather than drive their own cars. The saturation point probably will not be reached until there is one space for each em- ployee. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 both the minimum ecommended by the House Appropri- ations Committee staff at the time the building was constructed and the ratio at most other government installations in the Washington area. One space to four employees is often cited as being adequate. Our unique location makes it difficult for employees to use public transportation, however, therefore normal standards are not applicable. The Office of Logistics has been able to make several hundred spaces available by more effective utilization of roadways and of existing lots. Probably still more spaces could be achieved without the creation of new lots by such devices as the use of small-car lanes or reducing somewhat the number of reserved spaces. Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000500120041-1 25X1 25X1 t% r rr Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000500120041-1 3. Possible Sites The Office of Logistics studied two sites noted on the attached map as Site No. I and Site No. Z. 25X1 Acquisition of more land near West Parking from the Bureau of Public Roads has also not been given full consideration, largely, it appears, because of some resentment at the working level in BPR toward recent CIA land acquisitions and requ-:sts. This possibility, too, should be explored and cost estimates developed. 4. Timing and Deadlines The Office of Logistics estimates that letting of a parking con- tract through GSA will require about 90 days. Normally, 60 days are estimated for surveying and for preparation of plans, and 30 days are r- quired for advertising and awarding the contract. A certification of fund availability is required at the time the request is submitted. DD/S is currently pressing the matter to permit the obligation of FY 1964 funds; - 2 - Ci:P[)LT Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000500120041-1 Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000500120041-1 our feeling is that no emergency exists and that our financial health may be more salubrious next year than it is at present. 5. Possible Funding The DD/S has advised us informally that) an be made available from funds originally budgeted by the Office of Communications. If this is true, the same amount can be used to fund OL's present deficit or to provide year-end savings. 6. Summary and Conclusions Additional spaces would, no doubt, be filled (Parkinson's law on vehicular expansion), but it cannot be stated that there is an immediate pressing need for additional spaces, particularly until such expedients as small-car lanes, less reserved parking, and increased use of roadways for parking have been exhausted. The issue of more parking space, in our view, should not be approached in a piecemeal fashion. Rather there is needed a total study of alternative uses of Agency real estate in and around Headquarters. This should include such factors as the proposed printing plant, Head- quarters Building expansion, future personnel levels, costs and sources of funds, Congressional and public relations, and aesthetics. Pending its completion, a decision on future parking construction should wait. If you agree with the above conclusion, we shall prepare a memorandum for your signature to the DD/S conveying these thoughts. Distribution: Orig - AD/BPAM = ER Acting Director of Budget, Program Analysis and Manpower 3 - Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80B01676R000500120041-1 Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000500120041-1 Iq Next 2 Page(s) In Document Denied Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R000500120041-1