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December 21, 2016
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January 30, 2009
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April 13, 1956
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Approved For Release 2009/01/30: CIA RDP80BO1676R000700140021-9 a~^ntlvs r~~, .y -i UNITED STATES ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION WASHINGTON 25, D. C. DOE review completed. The Honorable Allen W. Dulles Director of central Intelligence Washington 25, D.C. Dear Mr. Dulles: At the request of the Department of State, other Government agencies, and individuals, the AEC has considered the matter of U.S.-Soviet exchange of visits. The AEC has no objection to visits by AC and AiC-contractor per- sonnel, and other persons of interest to ABC, to Soviet-bloc countries, under controlled arrangements, for purposes of participating in conferences, as members of official delegations, or as individuals, provided:-- a. There continues to be a reasonable expectation of net gain; and be Considering any family ties abroad and the degree of access to sensitive weapon or national defense informa- tion, such travel does not appear unwise from the stand- point of national security or the personal safety of the traveller. The AEC has no objection, if such visits cannot be discouraged and cannot be avoided, to soviet-bloc nationals visiting non-security areas of AEC installations and activities at:-- a. Brookhaven National Laboratory be Argonne National Laboratory c. University of California Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley d. Argonne Cancer Research Hospital e. Universities performing unclassified AEC projects - - and will not object to Soviet-bloc nationals contacting AEC and AEC-contractor personnel under controlled arrangements, provided there is evidence of initial and continued reciprocity., and provided there continues to be reasonable expectation of net gain to the U.S. Requests by Soviet-bloc countries for extended visits by, or employ- ment of, their nationals at AEC installations and activities., or extended visits by, or employment of., AEC and AEC-contractor personnel in Soviet-bloc countries, will not be authorized without specific approval by the Commission, In addition to the position set forth above., it is the view of the AEC that final responsibility with respect to the desirability ofs Approved For Release 2009/01/30: CIA-RDP80BO1676R000700140021-9 Approved For Release 2009/01/30: CIA-RDP80BO1676R000700140021-9 and the handling; of, scientific personnel interchange rests with the Department of State, but that responsibility with respect to technical and professional qualifications of A.i;C and ABC-contractor personnel involved in such interchange, as well as control of visits to AEC installations and activities, should rest with the AK, The Department of State has been advised of the ArC position as set forth above. We have assured the Department of State, and wish to assure the Central Intelligence Agency, of our full and complete cooperation with respect to any problems or matters arising in connec- tion with the anticipated interchange of personnel with Soviet-bloc countries. Sincerely yours,, K.E. 'fields General Manager Approved For Release 2009/01/30: CIA-RDP80BO1676R000700140021-9