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December 21, 2016
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January 30, 2009
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April 6, 1956
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Approved For Release 2009/01/30: CIA-RDP80B01676R000700140024-6 c`. L'3I Sa "u i u:. 1. April 6, 1956 Mr. Gerard C. Smith Special Assistant to the Secretary of State for Atomic Energy U.S. Department of State Washington 25, D.C. DOE review completed. Dr. John Turkevich has indicated that the following four Soviet repres- sentatives:-- V..I. Veksler, V. P. Silin, M. A. Markov, and V. S. Emel- yanov, desire to visit Cornell University on Monday, April 9th, and AEC install tions in accordance with the following schedule:-- Thursday - April 12 - Radiation Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley Friday - April 13 - Radiation Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley Monday - April 16 - trookhaven National Laboratory It is understood that Dr. Turkevich will accompany the Soviet Representa- tives to the Radiation Laboratory and to Brookhaven as an interpreter and guide. It was further learned from Dr. Turkevich that the first three named Soviet representatives plan to depart from New York on the SS Queen Elizabeth on April 18, 1956. The AEC has no objection to the visits of the four individuals named above to Cornell University and to non-security areas of the Berkeley Radiation Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory? The AEC has no classified work in progress at Cornell University. Dr. Turkevich also indicated to us, informally, that in the course of his contacts and discussions with the Soviet representatives, he feels that he ha.s gained information in their fields of work which were not previously known to him and which, in his opinion, were not previously known to the U.S. atomic program. In addition, he has telephoned to us a letter which he received from Dr. Veksler, indicating an intention to reciprocate at the time the U.S. scientists are in Moscow in May of 1956. A copy of this letter is attached. Turkevich that the AF,C had no objection to the proposed visits on the basis mentioned above, and that we had so informed your office. morning and the Russian representatives planned to stay over, we told Dr. Inasmuch as Dr. Turkevich was leaving Rochester, New York, late this Sincerely yours, K. E. Fields General Manager Approved For Release 2009/01/30: CIA-RDP80B01676R000700140024-6 Approved For Release 2009/01/30: CIA-RDP80B01676R000700140024-6 As dictated over the telephone by Dr. John Turkevich;gl 4/6/56 6/4/56 TO Professor I. L. Turkevich We would be very grateful to you if the members of the Soviet Delegation of physicists *3, and V.S. Emelyanov are given an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Cosmotron and the Bevatron and with the physical investigations which are carried out on these accelerators. From our side, we will take measures that the group of American physicists who wi:i come to the May Conference in Moscow will also be given the possibility to acquaint themselves with the accelerator of 680 MEV and with the accelerator at the energy of 10 billion and with experiments which are carried out at these installations. Respectfully yours, :=f Turkevich advised that these were:-- V. I. Veksler V. P. Silin M. A. Markov Approved For Release 2009/01/30: CIA-RDP80B01676R000700140024-6