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December 20, 2016
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May 15, 2007
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July 1, 1955
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Approved For Release 2007/05/15,: CIA-RDP80B01 25X1 7;f;'N'TO .A I\TP)TT'1 G-np The r)i. r(,c+or c)" "-astral ' ntel l i rr'nep ? New whi soering oamoainn anal nst ('TA; al d T nr ra.,on. a' a; asst ~'hi an~r uai -"-1- k aid the 1. "han% zrolt very -' for showinn m.P the draft, of vot'r nrnooged r-nlvv t;, 1_rr. --rowmell's note, which is enncernn-d with the F,ib :ieet ahov untioned. ! Should l_ik" to suggest or vo'ar nonsi.ieration the `ollow- i n '' additional n01?tt`. G li:t]'i rg of W1 1 ch T w0'.lld vor'* much like t,-h see i ncl ndod n voter to Mr. T~rnwnel-1 . 2 Thee as T think h ou r d, aft is v rv rand i nd=wed a Tar a- ; -oesI r feel -tronn'ly theF the time has now come when w- no lnn?ter heed to take attacks of ti-As i :ci ,d "lying dnw ", or to confine ourselv~-s '-.o mere de.nial_s '-n rnnl?ri nP" +n r'o--,r,,,ni_c=ti o']s (-)f* h F nature w,,e- ' o rr~_ rr'iv= em. flu a ,he nont rare' T bPli_evP that we should bas7i'1 ; n a quiet, and 'i ni fied way to ao over onto the conntor-attaek a,;-)d to ma.kunP 't e' ent , c '-ee nn ; t.h-i_s k nd cannot h l -; p',ztl- toss d ;rho t. ?r.A -hc.uTd seek to -rat the idea Psta'h:li shad that the -en(- +j +.-i on and "^tthlicnt' nn" of c'm.ear stories and nrsubstan+,i ated rti: Corr;}{;_n~ and r,;Peredi-f-,inn this Anonr^.r and its inn nersonnel ean?ot. t. imnulnity as hereto rare., ~,nd ~;h'.at peonle who ol.ace such matters on the n eiai record (as is done every t,i~ne a l_et,tnr or memor- a'1ra771 of f-hi i-ird iF trdrittPr. end riYrul?'nd had b?t';=r Yen a hl._t --ore car "t 7_ a~-niut tT~e relieh;li_ty of their sources and the val.iditir of she r statements and rharres. Annordingly, T recomr,end tha+ lan niac-e to the rnl lr; ri nn eff?ct, i- i neornornfe at seine nni nt. in the letter, oossihlz.' nt the end of the neni,lt' mate lea ra?~} -- or rP."'~'rain 'r 1 n t?> s i ttlt On his ,ara-' an}' a ^ :nrr-~czr'.ntl?.r wri teen ! -vi r-.ov ecrned, honrever, at the daman:inn erfpct wri oh t-1'2d,~nV0'nn renort-, of h1--is.1 nv?- 4- u "h r:- niod, have on the stand-`pc" of =Pn_inr (-evrirnnent 0C?irials. iat,rally, ?nnr,~?ti ze -,hat t}"'P, ror)ort, frn?-:l r. hnoir r, In 1.7rlll 'cr 1 ntornal. Justice T'IPnartrment use only. but T carrot heir, 1i,,r, +ha+ a r~ c ral rat;ior of the reI iz t.i Ii+,v and cl 7-vr,s of the -o,,rc , is ; ndi e +,Fd si nee he did p^?R to +.he 'aPT fo ~ at r w?-i eh is totally falae." ',rev ntt"ter -olet is a less 'r one and T d^ nor oel ,.l,r t'-' naly ? `otlt .it ? Tf von t'r 1 reve that it, dl x2'17n+.s 1} e r l .~*rr 'f DOJ Review Completed. Approved For Release 2007/05/15: CIA-R?P80BO1676R000700170014-4 Approved For Release 2007/05/15: CIA-RDP80B01676R000700170014-4 SECRET ?rni'r f..}''(l~l 'h{ or nOs TQ1.y i pht }^n Pone+rued or nt,prorp+,ed as ll,1 S. T do rot. ' r;-e that it ' e ; nci ,.dpd, Th, rronosei P: - ll l arn" l nw>a P T'-m1d to a r;en` once '',n nQ ; nsrr+nd of t.h, nr, cne- nr,4rt the ' ; nd Tara crno of your d ra "t, as "P11 ow.; TIANK J. F. ,n '-'' i.T+y i .i v.WOT _'ln nc Approved For Release 2007/05/15: CIA-RDP80B01676R000700170014-4 AroA re, d For Release 2007/05/15: CIA-RDP80B01676R000700170014-4 TOP SECRET Office Memoi'andum ? UNITED, STATES GOVERNMENT TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL DATE: May 25, 1955 FROM SUBJECT: DIRECTOR, FBI I wanted to call to your attention information which came to the Bureau on a very confidential basis from a respected newspaper source. According to the source, there was a recent meeting of high officials of the Central Intelligence Agency at which time it was agreed to allocate five million dollars to be expended in Korea for the purpose of creating incidents which would place Chiang Kai-shek in an unfavorable light and which subsequently could be used as a basis for swaying public opinion against the Chinese Nationalists to the end that Formosa could be placed under a United Nations trusteeship. It was further pointed out by the source that it was very doubtful if Mr. Allen Dulles. Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, had any knowledge of this project which would come under Mr. Frank Wisner. This was hand-carried in and was now logged by yo44 S previously. Helen says it 1-6 a "sort of Eyes Only thing" so it hadn't come thru you before now. TOP SECRET Approved For Release 2007/05/15: CIA-RDP80B01676R000700170014-4 SIGNATURE RECORD AND COVER SHEET DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION SOURCE REGISTRY CIA CONTROL NO. DOC N . O. DAT DOC. DATE - E DOCUMENT RECEIVED > _ - C s OPY NO. LOGGE NUMBER OF PAGES --P- D BY NUMBER OF AT A HM TS ITT TION: This form will be attached to each To Secret document eceived by the Central Intelligence Agency or classified Top Secret within the CIA and will remain attached to the document until such time as it is downgraded, destroyed, or transmitted outside of CIA. Access to Top Secret material is limited to those individuals whose official duties relate to the material. Each alternate or assist- ant Top Secret Control Officer who receives and/or releases the attached Top Secret material will sign this form and indicate period of custody in the left-hand columns provided. The name of each individual who has seen the Top Secret document and the date of han- dling should be indicated in the right-hand columns. REFERRED TO RECEIVED RELEASED SEEN BY OFFICE SIGNATURE DATE TIME DATE TIME NAME AND OFFICE SYMBO L DATE NOTICE OF DETACHMENT: When this form is detached from Top Secret material it shall be completed in the appropriate spaces below and transmitted to Central Top Secret Control for record. THE TOP SECRET MATERIAL DETACHED FROM THIS FORM WAS: BY (Signature) DOWNGRADED ^ DESTROYED ^ DISPATCHED (OUTSIDE CIA) TO FORM N0 NO. OFFICE ILLEG d^~ 952+.37 r/ JAN 1 JAN 8-13 p HEC Approved For Release 2007/05 1 I 01676R 00700170014-4 -Approved For Release 2007/05/1 PAQ Q~ 676R000700170014-4 f~ELR~1