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December 20, 2016
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May 15, 2007
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Approved For Release 2007/05115 :CIA-RDP80B01676R000800030024-7 Approved Far Release 2007/05115 :CIA-RDP80B01676R000800030024-7 Approved For Release 2007/05115 :CIA-RDP80B01676R000800030024n7_,_~_?_ 21 February 1961 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence ~TIA Deputy Director (Plans) ~ ` ? [, - c_ SUBJECT Letter from Assistant Attorney General 1. This memorandum contains a request for signature of the Director of Gentral Intelligence for a reply to subject correspondence. 2. This letter is in reply to one received from the Honorable J. Walter Yeagley, Assistant Attorney General, in which Mr. Yeagley requested the Director's comments or observations with respect to various individuals and organizations under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for possible violation of Neutrality Laws . Chief Western Hemisphere Division Attachments Suggested Reply Subject Letter cc: DDCI DDP Approved For Release 2007/05115 :CIA-RDP80B01676R000800030024-7 Approved For Release 2007/05115 :CIA-RDP80B01676RC?0~}80003~02~7 : , .:: ~'~bruarY ~,~ t_~hl G`&~T - R~G~~'~ Cf ~2EG83P'T R.~S~D #~~.x~c~sx Ctra7: teLli~gemce icy Washingtc~aa ~5: l].C. Federal $~eau Qf Investigation has made an ~3ST'ef3t~~&t~.0I3 Yid ~L3'If#~'etiet~ j.Il,~`4r~3tibT3 t0 thus DiY~Bit~n Ct?Ii- Ge.3~? 2'~celit ?ICt~V~t~. i~f' fih8 #'01la~ixig p@rsiai]8 and Qrga~aatia said has requested etxx ,vpiaion as to whether ar ~xat poss3:b1+~ via~.ati.c~a of the ~f'eutra3ltg iaws az-e i~icated a whether Further iAV~ratigatiari is desirBrl. brief, the ~txcts in each iz~stame+s are as i't~].laws Subject crtedly eQntacted a ~ualitied piiat a~ off+~red: this piiot~l, ~ der Plight to trsn~sport ax~a ixt a f4re~~ country, the ioaatic~u ~~ which is unknown. at the present '~~tlS~im/yef~.YY +yy~rr''7yQQa- i~it?zn~ation iadicetes a ~ass~.bl.~e Yi~tlstit~n r~~ 38 1.. Subject: Sub~eCt, 25X1 has stette '~~~ ug au ~ 4narg ~"erce ,,~~+'}b~: 'traineed vn .A~r~.ce~u~swail auc3 tarybe leci bg higm ys~s,,~a t4~~~~~ri !.Lift ~lY~~ .~.~~ k~l~. ~i ~~.'r~+~ir 'Q~ l.r~~? iiV 421.r'+ present time subject haB no organizatican or iYnssacis.I. backing, hoa~ver future activities uudertalcen in. fl~rttserauce of his pub- licig a~rawed. Intent ca-ul.d cc~aceivabiy reasult is a possible viQlatctn ~~ i8 ~. S.C; g6(3. Approved For Release 2007/05115 :CIA-RDP80B01676R000800030024-7 Approved For Release 2007/05115 :CIA-RDP80B01676R000800030024-7 ~tt't~ ~~Ct 3 Subject individua]. snd: grga~i.zati~ r~portectl.y a~ recr+ait- i~-g 1.tad.~:vi~uals ? ira. Ms.amf 3n eua attest ~ foxes a ~3.iita2'3-` e~edition a~t.x~t the present gpv~rrm~ent of Ouba. ~ttb~ect ?arge~.~tion ~.u.a~- has the s~xpport of many axzti-Ca~atra fsct3orzs ~.~ t~ Mi:s~ai area. ;1zrr~sti4n iodic~ates a possible viv2etion of i8 ~.~.C. 959 and ~. 9a~b~eet STAT j I i Subject repartediy is t~ leadex o! an orgax~.~+~tian in Miami. which ~ curtly uxidergoi$~ military traia~i.ng prepa~tory to a proposed iz~va.slo~ cf Cuba. Inciudc8 izz this are fiva Rmericans g aeevc;~s.te~i y~ STAT This informati~,n ia;dicetes ~ prose, e a i.c~xt o cad 9601. 5. Subjects ~,~ STAT ~ +Sub~ecta a Cuban nati.c?zla.1., is the ie$der of the captioned csr~a~.~at~.e~n whi,:ch laara fcrr its purpose tht crvexthrc~? of the present gc~ver~r~t of Cuba. Sub,~eat is attsmzpting #~ procure ~nciai back- in8? arrs>s axsd arannuni,tiou.. In addi.tiox3, thsr~e is ~ 3ndicati4n that s.ss~acietes of the sub~ec~G have anga,~eci. in recr4titizig activities on ~~rha3.f of the captioned or~ni~ativn. Thin infvrmatic~. i~l.icstee a passible v~.oZatiQ~1 of 18 ~. S. C . 959 stud 96a . 6. Sub,~ect Capti[rned orge~is~atioka with haadquartere iri Cuba he.e for 1t8 pux~r+ese the overthrow of the pr seat o~verrnt a#' C~'ba. I~ta sint de3.e~ate in the United States, is a~l7:egediy STAT Approved Far Release 2007105/15 :CIA-RDP80B01676R000800030024-7 Approved For Release 2007/05115 :CIA-RDP80B01676R000800030024-7 the graup? gevera3- .~: f~,n$nciel Yiacisi.ng ~"~ 4x~GedlY 13I~'~ b~ext seat ~tt~ti $ ~emt$ t~S +~~ 1~ ticna. indie~tcs a ~~` ~~p?tiane ~~' ~.en and. ah~~t+ed ` $ ~~ tt3 ~g,# ~tf31"~` az~ contemp ~ U.S.C. yg31~?. sibla vi[~1~s~tican s~~' 1$ tT. S ? C ? nts cax ~~tic-ns ~~ would h.~ intere~~ ~ the caa~ would nth '~ an anY of th+~~gffi.matters SlncerE=ly, ~. WAL7~ ~~p,CT~Y' Assiat~xtt Attoxn~Y ~. Approved For Release 2007/05115 :CIA-RDP80B01676R000800030024-7 SSIFICATION TOP AN BOTTOM CONFIDENTIAL CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY , OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP ACTION DIRECT REPLY APPROVAL DISPATCH FORM N0. Replaces Form 30-4 I APR 55 237 2~14~61 SECRET which m y be use Approved Far Re~ease~2007105l15 ~.~~RR~~ 6 r~~00030024-7