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December 16, 2016
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April 18, 2005
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June 15, 1953
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Approved For Release 2005/04/28 : CIA-RDP80B01676 601000120002-8 zecutive Zr* eh of o `fib infor .tion w!h# *- I Pima i"e in the in t of the mmurit of t 11n tet. ' f r et , _... n o t addod t o t o m t of this ! S y mirme a p . of ct na]A si a in e.ffeet prlcm to thief (fir. antisabote a p Z-i - i 1 bra L-inearel-YO ADD 'laq Di ibution: - DCI -2/basic T/S 77275 1 - Comptroller 1 - Director of Security 1 - DD/P 1 - DD/A Approved For Release 2005/04/28 : CIA-RDP80B01676R001000 000 -80,. 1 .Um 6. DuU t Dimc Written By: L. K. Whits 25X1 25X1 I Approved For Release 2005104128 : CIA-RDP80B01676R001000120002-8 Approved For Release 2005104128 : CIA-RDP80B01676R001000120002-8 lea 2 Q5-/0A/ 1,A-ipDP80B016701 000120002-8 erbepur#mrntal QIommntii#re on 3nterml eruritg 2212 iW Pepurtncent of 31ustire, Xa.1 tgton 25, ~9. (ff. June 15, 1953 ILLEGIB Honorable Allen W. Dulles Director Central Intelligence Agency Washington 25, D. C. My dear Mr. Dulles: NSC 25X1 The National Security Council has established an ad hoc group, designated as the "Continental Defense Committee," which is engaged in preparation of a report for C uncil which must include a statement, with estimated of presen an anne continental de ease ro ramps . This rr ort `must cover_ npj . 4 m~fllt 1 e e r defuse, c nse and mobilization ro ict o but ,a o~ all internal security programs of all departments a .+~gencies of the Executive Branch o` he Government which are directed against sabotage, espionage and other activit ee. The Interdepartmental Committee on Internal Security (ICIS) is represented on the aforementioned "Continental Defense Committee" for the purpose of assembling and correlating the required data on the sabotage, espionage and subversion sections of the report. Owing to the very limited time allotted for the submission of the over-all report, it is essential that your agency submit to the under- signed not later than June 22, 1953: a. A statement, with estimated costs, of present, planned and proposed countersubversive and anti-sabotage programs under your jurisdiction; b. All programs should be listed and separately coated, including the implementation of Executive Order 10290 dated September 24, 1951, "Prescribing Regulations Establishing Minimum Standards for the Classification, Transmission, and Handling, by Departments and Agencies of the Executive Branch, of Official Information Which Requires Safeguarding in the Interest of the Security of the United States." The execution of normal functions of your agency should be considered and any adaptation or augmentation of these in the interests of countersubvers.on and antisabotage should be listed and coated to the degree that they exceed normal operation costs; Approved For Release 2005 _ RDP80B01676R00q00012O0t2l8''- " G / - Approved For RWease 200 RP8013016765p01000120002-8 ._'_V cmwtl c. Present programs should include those supported by the revised fiscal year 1954 and prior year budgets, under the assumption that the Congressional action now under- way will not substantially affect such programs; d. The programs, present, planned and proposed, should be those designed to reduce the vulnerability of the Conti- nental U.S. to attack by subversion or sabotage; e. Cost estimates should be prepared along the lines of the attached outline. While the translation of operational authority into expenditures is difficult and uncertain, it is requested that such projects be attained with as reasonable accuracy as good judgment permits. Samples of typical programs to be covered are listed below. These are intended as indicative only and are not to be construed as cou- prehensive. Department of Justice: Operation of internal security section Border patrols Immigration inspections State Department: Visa controls Civilian personnel security in international organizations Treasury Department: Port security Customs inspections (anti-subversive) Defense Department: Industrial security program Security of posts, camps and stations Military personnel security in international organizations Federal Civil Defense Administration: Biological Warfare program, including research, stockpiling, reporting and analysis of disease incidence Office of Defense Mobilization: Industrial security (IEB, FPB) Post Office Department: Examination of mails to detect clandestine intro- duction of materials. -2- 2 Approved For Release 2005/04/28: C ,A-RrJ 1636R001000120002-8 Approved For W ease 2 It is also requested that you make an evaluation of the programs which you list, submitting a brief statement of your estimate of the degree to which they contribute to the defense of the United States and the priority which, in your judgment, should be accorded them in relation to the over-all defense and security'easures presently in operation or projected for the future. It is recognized that, within the time allotted, you are faced with a formidable task and your submissions cannot be as thorough-going and well-considered as would otherwise be desirable. This factor will be emphasized in the correlated submission by ICIS to the "Continental. Defense Committee." In the event your agency has no security responsibilities in this program, other than for the protection of classified security informa tion, it is requested that you submit a statement to such effect. The security classification of your reply to this letter should be dictated by the substance of the material contained therein. Your attention is invited to the fact that the existence of the Continental Defense Committee and its assignments are highly classified and information pertaining thereto should be limited to a "need to know" basis. Sincerely yours, Thomas J. Donegan Chairman, Interdepartmental Committee on Internal Security -3- Approved For Release 2005/04/ A DP80B01676R001000120002-8 .,~,, SECURITY .INFCP.]I:A TION low Approved For Release 2005/04/28 : CIA-RDP80B01676R001000120002-8 NS (1, ESTI D COSTS OF CONTMNTAL DEFENSE PBOG S 25X1 Buexpended Nevi Obligational Authority Fonds E_ e s if FY FT FY FT FT FT' F Available FT PT FY FT FT FT IT FT FT IT o 19!j2_ 19 14iqb ,11957 6130/53 1 195 1.051 15.4 ` r a5k is 7 a5l 19 Present Programs r0 ann' Capital increments .. operating costs # ..., Total f.. .. .... l... rogIW~M. B: Capital increments ii~? Operating costs j .., Total ........... ~.. rn r Cs Capital 'increments 41. Operating coats r ... Total ?~?+~.-rrr...r Proposed Pro amp Capital increments 41. Operating costs 41 ... Total .,r...,....r,. o am 'Capital increments 41. For each current and projected program, capital and # Operating coats 41 ?., operating expenses should be sho,.;n with an appropriate Total ..??..-......; breakdown, where feasible, to indicate the major items Program t Capital increments #. ~.1jJt;`~41tt6 tiVS~b ~ .?. Total ,..