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December 16, 2016
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April 15, 2005
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September 19, 1957
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Approved For Release 200 M CIA+-RDP80B01676RO0100012'0 i.~.` INTERDEPARTMENTAL COMMITTEE ON INTERNAL SECURITY ROOM 3529, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE BUILDING WASHINGTON 25, D. C. September 19, 1957 Honorable Allen Dulles Director Central Intelligence Agency Washington 25, D. C. 25X1 NSC In connection with the registration of -with the Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents egis ra ion Act, the FBI furnished photostatic copies of a report of investigation prepared by the Air Force, including a report transmitted to the Director, BE, by letter dated April 1, 1957, from Lt. Col. Gene P. Moritz, Chief of the Sabotage and Espionage Branch of the Directorate of Special Invest_- gations, the Inspector General, USAF. Although this report was-primarily concerned with other matters, it did contain some information of much interest to the ICIS regarding its responsibilities to NSC in the field of internal security. STAT 25X1 Any reliable intelligence regarding Soviet bloc intent to clandes- tinely introduce and utilize atomic or other weapons in the U. S. is very pertinent to the ICIS~responsibilities. The Committee would ther.- fore appreciate any Additional information which may have In this connection, especially since it is our understanding {.t Soviet intelligence officers were also involved NSC 25X1 25X1 NSC SECRET NSC review(s) completed. Approved For Release 2005/04/28 : CIA-RDP80B01676R001000120017-2 Approved For Release R/04/28 IA-RDP80B01676RO01000120017-2 CRET In addition to the above, the ICIS will appreciate being.tnoris .3 of any other information similar to that set forth above which uoiy nii a iu additi Est ixnished by 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/04/28: CIA-RDP8 , Q 001200172; JClali~ Approved For Release 200,j 4 : CIA-RDP80B01676R001000120017-2 uedlas* to s* your c anti eeedicit" by this and phi ce s uutc~ i s ~s+ p"W%W, ts+ i. i Y y04 4V * "sax i that Your :o ff will b p5sa Iy added of yr . -sts i* We fsM which Is under cstzst at set tin this Agency. iiator.ly, Prepared b DC/CI :bd 3 Distribution: T Addressee Signer 1..,gPSCI I > ER w/incoinin I - D/S w f cy incoming I > DD/P I -Chief, FI w /cy ins oming I > Chief CI w/cy incoming I - CI jw/cy incoming . $rsctDr AU.* .#. D SIGNATURE RECOMMENDED- 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 DD/P Approved For Release 20 4:IA-RDP8QB01676R001000120017-2 s N - - 4 I - T C r 'ra d U CLAS nnr - CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP TO NAME AND ADDRESS INITIALS DATE 1 Director of Security 2 3 4 5 r ACTION ECT REPLY PREPARE REPLY APPROVAL ISPATCH RECOMMENDATION COMMENT FILE RETURN CONCURRENCE INFORMATION SIGNATURE Remarks : For preparation Of appropriate coordinated reply for ICI signature. SUSPEASE 30 Sept 57? FOLD HERE TO RETURN TO SENDER FROM: NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NO. DATE Assistant to the Direct 23 Sept Appr A I FORM NO. Replaces Form 30-4 I APR 55 237 which may be used. 25X1 U UNCLASSI FI ED ^ INTERNAL ^ -"~~~I~~11 1~ U51 ONLY /1AAr /A A //1[f= ~1T Ar'F~AI~f /~'A-~1f TRffA11 LKA /1AAA ~l /13 ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET SUBJECT: (Optional) Chief, CI TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) 1. Chief, FI Director /Security 3' DD/P 4 for signature row 610 USE PREVIOUS p Or l ~OA~f@#1`1fr -E=h4= ,Qa,~,0017#2 I DEC 56 EDITIONS CONFIDENTIAL ^ USE ONLY ^ LAICLAS !