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December 20, 2016
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May 15, 2007
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April 21, 1964
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Approved For Release 2007/05/15: CIA-R DP80B01676R001300100031-5 +.r 25X1 NOTES TO DDCI 21 April 1964 1. OSI reports in a memo to the Director that Khrushchev's promise to curtail production at two Soviet reactors may pertain to the two new reactors of about 1500 megawatts each, which are known to be under construction at Tomsk and which we estimate will become operational in 1966-67. If this is the case, construc- tion will be suspended If older plants are involved, a reduction in the rate of production will be much more difficult to confirm. 2. General Depuy, the new J-3 in MACV was here in head- quarters yesterday for bri6fings of Colby and Co. He was briefed in some detail on the second of the two recommendations '44 and seemed enthralled. 4. OCI has done an extensive memo on the current dissidence in the Southern Celebes vch ich is giving the Indonesian governme nt so much difficulty. This has been an area for active rebellion and dissidence since 1945 Indonesian authorities arranged a truce with the rebels in 1961 but as since resumed and at present there are an estimated 3, 000 armed rebels. Indonesia is using at least 7, 000 men against this trouble. Sukarno is blaming the British for stirring 25X6 it up aS REVIEW COMP= The Celebes dissidence is a complicated mixture of nalism and political and economic discontent. It survives Approved For Release 2007/05 Approved For Release 2007/05/15: CIA-RDPBpB01676R001300100031-5 because of an extremely capable old guerrilla fighter against the Dutch. The leader's name is Kahar Muzakkar. 5. Fubini has sent to you and the DCI a letter pointing out that in his absence from 18 to 28 April, his work in NRO matters handle d 8. As you no doubt noticed in a recent cable, it appears that we have a solution to the problem of financing the 34-A facilities at Danang. We will go ahead and start the necessary contracting. The DOD Comptroller admits that the funding responsibility will jtea( . eventually belong to DODO ^%,d At- ,7f &,, .L e-&(0, t4C 9. Re the carrier films which Admiral Felt wants to see, he will be on a short TDY visit to the US between 19 and 30 April. He will not have time to see the film here and we will delay shipping the film to Honolulu until after Admiral Felt returns there in early May. 10. There is a new NSAM out to State, Defense, CIA, AID and USIA. requesting that State coordinate with appropriate agencies and prepare a report on the subject of language training for U. S. Government dependents stationed overseas. The report is to include status and recommendations for future action. 11. Herewith, two items from the Vietnam Checklist: 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/0 - 676R001300100031-5 Approved For Release 2007/05/15: CIA-RDP$Q.f~1676R001300100031-5 .rte 25X1 a. The intensity of recent Viet Cong activities in the delta is beginning to show in terms of overall government personnel losses. A total of 1, 000 casual- tie s for the period 11-18 April - -the highest weekly total on record--was cited today in a Saigon press report, which quoted figures released by a US military spokesman. b. "Accordin g to the MACV weekly report, clear and hold operations are underway in Go Cong and Hau Nghia Provinces. This is our first indication that pacification efforts are actually being carried out in these provinces, although MACV SITREP's have hinted at clear and hold operations in progress. Clear and hold activities appear to be at a standstill in Binh Duong and Tay Ninh Provinces (near Saigon) --in Binh Duong because of a lack of direction by province chief and the ARVN division commander (who is said to have little regard for the pacification effort), and in Tay Ninh because of a shortage of ARVN soldiers. " 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/05/15 - - 1676R001300100031-5