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January 4, 2017
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January 14, 2003
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September 12, 1966
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SFI'R T- FY S It 1 Y Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80B01676R001500070014-2 NOW i%84 12 September 1966 Morning Meeting of 12 September 1966 ADD/I reported that the weekly examination by Task Force was essentially negative, although two Soviet transports with unknown cargo have arrived in Haiphong. Godfrey gave a rundown on the South Vietnamese election returns. He noted particularly that only 2 percent of the ballots were invalid, despite the fact that the Buddhists had hoped to use this technique to derogate the election. He mentioned that the White House had asked for election statistics on eight countries in order to compare their percentages of turnout with South Vietnam. Godfrey reported that OCI had sent two memoranda to the White House on Saturday afternoon giving unclassified information on in- ternal problems in North Vietnam and China. Kent noted that an Estimate) is in preparation and that 25X1 the terms of reference would be broadened to include the present situation and prospects. Kent called attention to an article in the Sunday Washington Post on U. S. knowledge about Soviet rocketry based on "reconnaissance satellites. " Carver reported that, in connection with the South Vietnamese elections, there was a danger that U. S. news media might greatly exaggerate the aspect of padding in the returns; i. e. , NBC's 2330 Sunday coverage. rrt+err rvrr Af ! V Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80B01676R001500070014-2 Kr r wr. BPS n Y Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80B01676R001500070014-2 Bross reported that Steininger from Mr. Hornig's office had requested the USIB minutes on discussions related to NRO matters. The Director asked that Bross and F___-1consider the problem and give him a recommendation. DD/P reported that had died yesterday morning. said that the briefing for Senator Stennis will probably not occur this year. In replying to a question from the Director, he indi- cated that he hoped to hear from Senator Mansfield's office today with regard to his briefing. The Director reminded Godfrey that he is expecting a briefing in connection with his upcoming meeting with Godfrey expected this briefing to reach the Director's office today. The Director discussed with Godfrey an earlier White House re- quest for increased coverage on North Vietnam and China in the PDB. Orin)" rurA it Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80B01676R001500070014-2