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January 4, 2017
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January 21, 2003
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July 7, 1966
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Y j~Z?" I-FV K I'F11 Y Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80B01676R001500070057-5 7 July 19 66 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD Morning Meeting of 7 July 1966 DCI referred to State Department telegrams from Paris and said he wants to ensure that the Agency is receiving all appropriate State traffic. He desires that Godfrey maintain close contact with Ben Read. DCI noted his concern over publicity concerning in U. S. aircraft. (See Action 1) Proctor referred to substantive intelligence briefings and provided the DCI a list of suggested topics. Weekly briefings and discussion sessions will start on 15 July. Godfrey discussed new ROLLING THUNDER authorization and de- velopments in North Vietnam, including numbers of Chinese Communist troops in North Vietnam. There followed a general discussion of re- cent events in North Vietnam, indications of a hostile deception cam- paign, and various means of increasing intelligence coverage particularly of border areas. reported that the meeting of the 156 Committee was lengthy and complicated. He requested DCI's guidance prior to the next meeting on 11 July. DD/S discussed the Washington Star article on an individual who applied for Agency employment in response to advertisement. 25X1 25X1 DD/S noted that negotiations on the phaseout of C are at a 25X1 standstill and reported plans to send a small team to to get the 25X1 negotiations under way again. The team consists of (OGC), 25X1 or--T !I!Q 1'111V Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80B01676R001500070057-5 "A1 Y Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80BO1676R001500070057-5 de Silva reported additional successes of the identifying guerrillas in Vietnam. Houston noted plans to activate an airfield near nd his discussions with FAA regarding the establishme e riction over the approaches to the area. Bross discussed the briefing on and its relations to intelligence 25X1 requirements and the Intelligence Community. Bross reported he had discussed with Admiral Taylor DIA's reaction to the recent PFIAB inquiry on coordination of estimates and current intelligence. He stated he expects to get Tom Hughes' views. Duckett noted a Soviet proton launch, which is the first Soviet space spectacular in recent months. He also discussed the preparation of a paper by JAEIC regarding the release of information on nuclear tests to certain foreign governments. DCI inquired about the status of the study of morale in Vietnam for Secretary McNamara. the course of the da 1. DCI requested that Duckett run down sources and reasons for publicity concerning in U. S. aircraft. (DD/S&T - In S%Irnr Tjr n1 "T PRIG Approved For Release 2008/03/03: CIA-RDP80BO1676R001500070057-5