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December 20, 2016
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February 22, 2007
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December 30, 1965
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Approved For Release 2007/03/03: CIA-RDP80B01676R001500100021-0 7 7i1B1 ~. Y lid! ~ .~Y4 S ~~ l-~ 30 December 1965 Morning Meeting of 30 December 1965 Mr. Helms was in the chair as Acting DCI. reported on SIGINT evidence that the ChiCom MIG which downed a BLUE SPRINGS drone over North Vietnam on 24 December did the job with an air-to-air missile. tabled tracks of yesterday's reconnaissance missions in the NVN-Laos area by tactical U. S. aircraft. reported nothing new on Shelepin's visit to Hanoi. There is no evidence that he has yet left Moscow. In answer to A/DCI's query, DD/P said that various stations have been put on the alert to gather information on this mission. I Inoted a CIB item today on the Bolivia situation, I I report on the growing insurgency threat in Thailand, and the current situation in the Dominican Republic. I ioted that Bill Bundy had called yesterday to commend the recent memo produced by OCI on Cambodia. The memo is being sanitized and reduced to the Secret level per the Department's request. Kent commended a recent memo done by the DD/I Research Staff dealing with ChiCom, Soviet, and NVN developments. It was agreed that DD/I would consider sanitizing this report for wider dissemination. Sheldon noted that weather is not expected to permit a TACKLE mission over South China today. Steps will be taken to get explicit 303 Committee approval for forthcoming TACKLE oper- ations in view of the fact that current approvals expire at the end of the month. Approved For Release 2007/03/03: CIA-RDP80B01676R001500100021-0 Approved For Release 20070W3 . CIA,8~176R001500100021-0 Sheldon noted that the Soviet attempt to launch a vehicle for a soft landing on the moon appears imminent. said 25X1 this had been covered in a recent President's Daily Brief. Mr. Helms reported on a telephone call from the DCI yesterday. The DCI will be in town on the evening of 3 January. Mr. Helms requested that, as was the case during the Christmas holidays last week, all senior officials and their associ- ates should ensure that the Watch Office knows of their whereabouts during the coming weekend. 1. OCI is requested to ensure that intelligence highlights are sent daily to the President during the coming three-day holiday weekend. (DD/I) Approved For Release 2007/03/03: CIA-RDP80B01676R001500100021-0 Approved For Release 2007/03/4-3{ -'CIA_,RC Pa: 0467 001500100021-0 V ?`~/.i LE3 Y ffi L.53 a^i ~iY L Approved For Release 2007/03/03: CIA-R?P80B01676R001500100021-0