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December 20, 2016
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February 22, 2007
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December 10, 1965
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Approved For Release 2007/03/03: CIA RDP80B 1 R001500100034-6 10 December 1965 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD Morning Meeting of 10 December 1965 I of ORR gave a background briefing on the vulnerability of Zambia's copper-based economy. DD/I noted completion and dissemination this week of two signifi- cant memos, one dealing with the Soviet ICBM single silo program and the other with Communist road developments in Laos. DCI said he would send copies of these memos via to Secretaries McNamara and Vance and General Wheeler. DD/I described the status of the program of coordination of map procurement. Smith noted current Soviet governmental and party changes. Brezhnev is clearly the real winner. The status of Shelepin remains ambiguous. Smith noted a special weekly article prepared by OCI on the dismal outlook for Haiti. DCI said he would send a personal copy of this to Vaughn and Mann at the State Department. Smith noted an earlier request from the DCI to do a round-up and assessment of responses from certain U. S. embassies in the Far East dealing with the problem of bases for SAC aircraft being employed against Vietnam. Smith said that Sherman Kent has been asked to do the report on this. Approved For Release 2007/03 f33- LGIA-kDP8 Bb-147- R001500100034-6 Approved For Release 2007/0 3 - R9RdbR001500100034-6 Kent reported on the status of the SNIE on Vietnam to be discussed at USIB today. Kent read from a dissenting footnote submitted by Tom Hughes. DD/S noted receipt of a letter from the State Department Chief of Protocol requesting attendance at welcoming ceremonies at the White House for Ayub next week of twelve Agency employees. (See Action 2) At DCI inquiry testing program. (said there was nothing new on the "patch" Houston reported that we have not yet been successful in arranging to debrief Senator Robert Kennedy following his return from a swing through Latin America. DDCI suggested that we offer to do this in New York as a matter of convenience for the Senator. DCI said he would be glad to call the Senator to arrange for a debriefing. Houston said he would advise. Bross reported that will see General Maxwell 25X1 Taylor on 13 December to discuss the s a s of the Community's pro- grams dealing with Communist China. Duckett for DD/S&T reported that bad weather had forced ostpone- ment of the operational readiness exercise for OXCART Weather will be bad for the next several days. All those who had gone Iwill be returning shortly. 25X1 Duckett noted that CORONAL____~ad been launched yesterday but 25X1 a gas leak has caused adverse performance and recovery is scheduled for this afternoon. A follow-up CORONA, is tentatively scheduled 25X1 for launch on 17 or 18 December. Duckett noted the launching of another Soviet reconnaissance satellite last night. DD/P commended for the China situation reading the latest intelligence Approved For Release 20071:IIC'IA-R.Q'0176R001500100034-6 Approved For Release 2007i03/99-QIAdRD1R$ 001500100034-6 DCI reported on his meeting with General Maxwell Taylor yester- day. Taylor was shown the recent DCI letter to Coyne and Clifford concerning China intelligence programs. The current SNIE on Vietnam was discussed, and Taylor was advised of the DCI's concern over Communist use of Cambodia as a supply base for Vietnam operations. DCI reported that he had chatted briefly last night with FBI Director Hoover. Each made complimentary statements of CIA/FBI working relationships, and this is reflected in a news item in the Washington Post this morning. DCI said that he will want to argue the case for additional Agency slots for work on the China problem. He also said he wants to meet with the Executive Director on 13 and 14 December to discuss the budget prior to the DCI's meeting with Schultze on 15 December. Executive Director noted that he would be meeting with Schultze on the morning of 14 December. It was also noted that Schultze will be at the Texas ranch this weekend and will presumably have Presidential guidance before the meetings next week. DCI again raised the need to do an internal memo dealing with aspects of any ChiCom military intervention in Vietnam. It was agreed that the paper in essence should be an estimate of the Chinese Commu- nist appreciation of probable U. S. reactions to various types and levels of ChiCom intervention. Kent and his office are at work on such a paper. DCI reminded that he continues to await advice on the question of whether or not to make a specific alert to the President on leftist developments in the Dominican Republic. DCI noted an article in today's Wall Street Journal about U. S. military planning for Communist escalation in Vietnam. He commended this to reading by Kent and the Board of National Estimates. Approved For Release 2007/03/03 GiA~R'DPB.Glz30L.6,16l*001500100034-6 S5 Approved For Release 2007/03/03: ;1~89BC337 QQ 500100034-6 1. Noting a Wall Street Journal article about Chinese Communist., o s to k f wor on arms - DCI wants to be informed of the manner in which this is done. (DD/P - Status report by 3 January) 2. The list of Agency employees to attend the Ayub ceremonies is to he. r harlrorl -4+1? TTlr"r r_-- --, I,., I' , .,. - - - 25X1 4. DCI wants to be advised as to whether the Agency has yet re-ILLEGIB ceived intelligence requirements from Army research and develobment components. (DD/S&T by 13 December) 001 Approved For Release 2007/03X)3:. CIA~RDP80B?.16 500100034-6