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December 20, 2016
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July 13, 2007
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June 8, 1962
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--. -_; ~~- Approved For Release 2007/07/13 :CIA-RDP80B01676R001900120013-7 8 June 1962 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD The following is based on a debriefing of Tom Karamessines who attended the Special Group meetings on 7 June with the Acting DCI. Ui11l:G to vv to ??..?>~?- -- - Action: CIA is to furnish a sanitized version of the Agency report by close of business, 8 June. 4. List of countries requiring Special Group (CI) attention was distributed for information. 5. Draft NSAM on training objectives for counter-insurgency noted and approved. Action: The Agency is to stress the importance of attendance at the Foreign Service Institute's course of personnel assigned to underdeveloped countries. 2. Status rep Action: The Agency is to ensure best support possible for the period. -11 Se tember on the subject of inter ~ 11 con- c onzmuni sm. duct this course, and this is considered putting our best foot forward. 3. Agency report on NSAM 131. Separate reports by CIA and JCS were noted. in General Taylor's B. SPECLAL GROUP (COUNTER-INSURGENCY) 1. Report by Ambassador Freeman on Colombia. The report was supplemented by an oral presentation. by the Ambassador, who was congratulated. He is to take the necessary action with the Government of Colombia on the recommendations contained in the paper. ort on the Police Academy. A. MONGOOSE. This item is carried in a separate memo. Approved For Release 2007/07/13 :CIA-RDP80B01676R001900120013-7 Approved For Release 2007/07/13 :CIA-RDP80B01676R001900120013-7 C. SPECIAL GROUP . The Agency paper operati on was 25X1 approved as presented. The Department of State distributed a paper entitled "Summary of Foreign. Policy Aspects of the US Outer Space Program.. " There was an accompanying letter to McGeorge Bundy which we should get for Scoville~s use.. Approved For Release 2007/07/13 :CIA-RDP80B01676R001900120013-7