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December 19, 2016
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August 15, 2005
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April 26, 1962
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Approved Ffelease M 7: CIA-RDP80B01R001900120028-1 25X1 26 mil to" P0s1 sz 3* 1s Mimata of Msl&al scow N..ttaaa as Apr" 19*2 rataw c sasawst l7yas. W. J.6r446 rt. liu0a - aM srrasl Law~ials ZM Age"*" sa~as+al rws asst las abs aseat loss. 1. C.L.asl llas- M lot. a~ im a Vas. 11 as M vomits of a *seem sissiaa. 2. Ik. Idec"s sw oboe be halt do P "W as Possee al UDWW ps* t to ? /+ ' Mott s. At U Mt>19 as ANN, Ma soma" I. ssM "art is Mr"/ we f Mt MaMil." Me. J.Mrra rirt Oft aft., !tsar weir aft l be" be lrL.dad as xuaft up to that time vita aft bias tart ft vrsM "WW W- tbw abort M1lMrtai*La riawti be 20 see" aba of fa I Ii ells Paararwl 1w as ^wltill at rt,. aoi Jsty, via as amwLtiara wes"Snrrf dbM. 3. It u" of w" $ * Mr. JrlMst wsU sat as~ villa R. "O k ?M/OM lam. *Jpass", s. NY M asrs is tlr *URN 11 es banter sea" _? tstars a tlia "Nose, uttt? awlaa. #r sar> arlarw via as N up I" so staNdile ors _ tstl~alr an" be wasted Is ..sear. It Ow 25X1 uptw that for >R a" art sat tlt Imr AR 25X1 1! 1913 (satlrtri m wmW rw. M I. =ft Mod&" by 25X1 tm ssl 1l9. J.Vaaa me s>co lrfas oleo" Ara ?.a. s~aits~a _ Is aM pt.J.et mast M ~"*IF , sMirriar u Ulm bm NSC review(s) completed. Approved For Relea Oe 2006/03/17 : CIA-Pr.DP80B01676R001900120028; 1 Approved F$,elease 2006/03/17: CIA-RDP80B01 R001900120028-1 SECREL xl 1 ilrs arot[eei tars lob a so this room* i.*. tie or of C. iat-dir*st rd lsi..trirtlmu art twelain we 2X1 ws a very aiSmifts..t docaaoat. Mr. McC.oeet said that be pygpe"sd to ohm a csairnsed wofim of this tab to biiba aathowity. . m1aft I. iiu ri. foe t>r hiekel+r! Gaaaral Taylor sotsd that the p .have of roosibla Chase Sa t teca I hat spesatioer s staat the walalsM has wa Nis man- to tbt juries#i c ttss of the ipecia l Ore". ter. hicComm t.v a brtaf pwftress saga . otatitttt that siseo the oca.ptawCa by Chia*a Kai-shek of V.S. stipslatiws, aethueriratlaat r-s !wave Over to fit see ttre C?L23's with assetars1 stsssis SOME at the oayrrw of Wouse. mod that min g" ad pieta at the omlpemoo of CiA bee low ar tint . Gemmel taylror wtpeetwl tint ft. U AM oft suM at =mt reek's rehash, alts/ IiE. !Basso oeowrteset. i. N" 12 The Gas aagosod that this psttrSO"h is hhMa h ita wl s to the possillo Malt ad the ipetial One" ~'L~rMe~~rlieii Mme! ms hardly pair$ but r atwteirut ad t 7. ~ieer~pal !q-loit oa11~M this ihw~'s attto~grwe M at atatwlieatie~e there the $ecreft" SC this Air Masao. Me d 2s ads a+scial W.-US save a t to the swalfla b is q~ a.hi. am lost teats. 11E. McCew oallair 4 that Ma! is ar $ nos a sp$ of this type try awsLlsi-ls ad d" i# to 6MlhlMtM mob shins to remove is ftem, the I Se r iii pawsoo. re a sa that assOtrt a*gaar tf she err type to ho be VMS& is this ver7 new 0 - - ~ ad Wit Miio sill M 41spbeIVII 1 MM 1k. * .ss dos s lass s queaftem, as to OM W wrhl t~R- of the #retlsi ft+ew did vent r+ofska it to mew has airs of arlti~itLas hats ao tsla sear path art siraMiy/ ~s h ied ?eesW at abio U. the Gr+orf assosd Met dde rove am asses 1 *WSW "Awes" to saw " or Official. as shish "Pwt Of do *mew Noun so* 23 April 19f1. iao easier/. Approved For Release 2006/03/17: CIA-RDP80 I 676R001 9001 200 25X1 25X1 Approved Fr elease 2006 IA-RDP80B01 900120028-1 p001 at A" 9. C:?, "'le C "p mud this forecast fah Mel. ILLEGIB Gwwr&I tiq1K Ss1Lni am attafttss of the - is AM's C4 A. 0? 2305M. as the aharsa sa j scs. ,"IV Y ? ~ , ariar SO" V"ld rs+laiWe coatiad silt vssvpt-l y. #r l4 r tiat Lis twit rt s.tLslta/ With this prrpoar! am us"" at this Ua. 912017 CO Call it tar the auastL W Of Js. Jtisass. McCaw mated bristly some st the dif[l,..I*t ttlMelv", a. .: +t got: ~a Cbe pa.bl,s, a iaia wmat is aq otbor atl"""AM of f"a tsees, 85 W411 a-a the rLdW 01 suaaiaw,tae air a perasLsss, Ob" he M std ,s,aire .brit sit artetia a airoeeth. No alas w"sUS hm V hM toll hither a heft" that air Maas of We MM aseW an be r.r astol to the vote" a j.Lat aesa ttet bras" be _f wt With the IMt..a. No ss~elatnod that as lattat W M tr b ieyosaibld, stares the Ysitw Lt*alU&omw ase lae htr ss of jots in of thta hi4 VAMP* arotsI Is VU" eMtis D.fowoo *stab Mar. JeMsssa wood that ck offlawt ftsom" t fs S* officials the aspalf1lt1 that the Mists qua itm on* Loan. t'lbwrt. M so" that be vouM talk with ftfts am Amboseadw Stahl s as sots as the Lttat 4wwjw" 111E The opporittss of Ambassudw islerrith to a[ this rrtos+r Mo,s vested. Wier. Pstostt ss14 tfiot it had bees lilt mW* am 40660064sr'a letter dial see ratrrim as asty r, at last reatil a Is ems as to, Ow *vmumol teems, st this P"Jass. at Now tlrts a taxi dad at ttnr has sew peer by sad that the alrset iw G# as snow to it " rumi toe. a pemb . to rrro: x be libetm?sworr'LII* tarts, am located server I LLEG I B tear. MaCa s Milt that he had taasimed a Na ra tleaet Odshfia Ou Approved For Release 200 PjL7MOqMjQjLO