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December 19, 2016
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August 16, 2005
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March 15, 1962
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ApprovedVFr Release 2006/03/17: CIA-RDP80B,76R001900120048-9 25X1 15 March 1%2 tale: lr SULJ*CTa Minutes of Special Group Meeetiug, 13 March 1962 POST: General Tayioi , Kr. MWW", me. Gtipatric am Mr. f7cCons Dr. Scoville, of Cut said colonel Staakley MW Major Notes* of DED3, w!e present for Its* 1. Mr. XtC+ s stated his opinion that all orenerflig s should be considered by C and thence by 501$ before presentation, to the Special Group. Mr. Gilpatric agreed that this we reasonable; he c ad that in ease of basic disagreement the way would always be open to appeal to the Special Crowd. Mr* GdGws touched bristly on the Kist project and stated that be proposes to allocate another out of FT 62 fords. This would make a total of ox cusrreat fiscal year. Re noted that this amount could be absorbed by savings in the Agoacy budget and, therefore, the project would net have to be discussed with the bureau of the est. Be also said that he has tentatively budg eeted for FT 63. The Group approved. 3. kesettlae ,et of tie bps Kr. Johnson said that Mr. FitsGerrald, of CU* bad reported that it would be impossible to resettle the M&** In Southern Leos without moving then through Thailand. The Group agwood that there was no requirement to discuss further with the Theis at this time either resettlement in their country or transit for movemaet to Southern Laos. It was agreed that in view of the current fluidity of the political situation, there. is no point in planning further than the broad gen esalitLe s envisaged is the paper tabled last week. this pap" was coeaside red to be acceptable in this context. NSC review(s) completed. See Special Minutes for additional items. Approved For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R001900120048-9 Approved*r Release 2006/03/17: CIA-RDP80B 76R001900120048-9 4. ltfth& It me agreed that the Gr+ could not usefully desl with this subject at this tbwg sad it was deferred until later. to iM fiat Piers tgr ,,,tt s moload It was agreed that the Gig could sat usefully deal with this subject at this ti s, and it was 40forrsd until later. Distribution, Mr. Johnson Mr. Cilp atrie Mx. McCans General Taylor Approved For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R001900120048-9