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December 19, 2016
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August 11, 2005
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January 5, 1962
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Approve Release 20bd&3rf7-- CIA-RDP80P6R001900120065-0 5 January 1962 FOIL RXCORD 9VlLAiCTt rtes of Special Group Meeting, 5 January 1962 PUS=Tt Gssnral Taylor; Mr. Johnson; Mr. Gilpatric and General Lemaitssr; and Mr. Mccoue Mr. Bissell (Item 1 sad 3) Items 1 and 2) Mr. 111m-* (Items 1 and 2) 1. Baltic 6eissa Mission Colonel Stesklay outlined details of mission CLYDE, scheduled to go into the Baltic during the period 8 to 11 Jmiw'ry. So emphasised that this varies from other approved Battle missions in that no flight plan will be filed; the dish off Soviet territory will be 30 nautical miles rather thane the customary 50 (the established limit being 20); and the aircraft will traverse the target area at an altitude of 1,000 feet. The Group approved the mission as presented. 2. ted , so.utt nonSatellites The Group discussed the resolution on satellites, approved by the united Nations in December. It was noted that the resolution itself does not require the revelation of sensitive information, but that the State Department has prepared certain ground rules covering the information that should be submitted. This is primarily an attempt to forestall the ON Secretariat's producing a requirement which would be much more, stringent. The consensus of the Group was that the purpose of satellites should not be given to the US, and that the best way to comply with the resolution would be simply to follow the Uttar of it, i.e., only to register each piece of hardware put into space. Mr. Johnson undertook to discuss this position further in the State Department and to talk to ?mbassador Stevenson within the limits of appropriate security clearaeses. It was agreed that this would be taken up again at nest week's Croup meting. NSC. review(s) completed. 5X1 Approved For Releast 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R001900120065-0 Approved Release 2010 CIA-RDP80B 6ROO1900120065-0 4. Or~anisins to Dire at Co sr- '~r`- The Group then discussed this probisa, with particular reference to General Taylor's rsorandu s of 2 Jaaaeaary. The members of the Group agreed to general that there is a gap in existing govsr>I:aeentael nchinery to cops with preblaew such as insurgency. On the other hand, none of than appeared to feel that the current draft net the many questions that areas in their minds as to exactly what such a group, if constituted, would do. SECRET Approved For Release P80B01676RO01900120065-0 Approve Release 2 13 7 :eCIA-RDP80B 68001900120065-0 It was a reed that a committee of assiata*ts to t nsnbera should be convened to work On the paper at further length and to try to clarify such ph rasa-logy as "aonitor" and "coordinate." It was agreed that Central Taylor wo uId as et briefly with this cow ittee at an appropriate tine. tt was alas agreed that whatever kind of committee is eventual l art up, General laaaits er should be a waWor and probably 3., 2M-1!21.QA UtIou This paper was put over in view of the hour, awd also because Mr. McCone enpreased some basic ress on the principle of n.e night lead simply raeaen tam-wars. 6. Last week's mutes were approved. In answer to the Chairman's querys the members expressed general Satisfaction at. the degree of detail contained in the nlnntes wak, by week. Thomas A. Parrott Approved For Releas DP80BOl 676R001900120065-0