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December 14, 2016
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December 2, 2002
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September 8, 1952
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Approved For Release 2003/02/Z 7t Clad-RDP80B01676R002300110073-7 Deputies' Meeting !bnday, 8 September 1952 PRLS.N T: General 'mith, Messrs. Dulles, Wisner, Wolf, Becker, Hedden, 25X1 a. Referred to cable IN 33563 and stated he had discussed the information contained therein with Mr. Ladd of the FBI and had also asked Ladd to limit dissemination of this information within the Bureau to a need-to-know basis. After some discussion as to the purpose of the meeting referred to in the above-cited cable, the DCI asked Messrs. Wisner and Becker to coordinate in the collection of further information on this subject and, in this connection, directed that in particular our Senior Representative 25X1 be queried. 25X1 d. Referred to a cable from the Senior Representative concerning 25X1 MSA and covert activities and, after some discussion, Mr. Wisner undertook to further discuss this matter with representatives of MSA in Washington. e. Deferred decision on the employment until after the meeting with members of the scheduled for 12 September. 25X1 f. Asked Mr. Becker to have prepared A esicy estimates on tie fallowing: (1) Ibanez' election as .President of Chile; (2) "resignation" of the Prise Minister of Egypt; (3) probable events if Kashani breaks with Yossadeq. Mr. Becker noted that a study of item 3 was already under way. (CONTINUED) Approved For Release 2oiV0C~-RDP80B01676R002300110073-7 suurity jnfof i tsor. Approved For Release 2003/02/27: CIA-RDP80B01676R002300110073-7 a. Stated that in view of the heavy schedules of Deputies and Assistant Directors some difficulty was being experienced in convening Loyalty Boards. After some discussion, the Director approved D/DCI's recommendation that at his discretion a limited number of designated individuals from the Board of National Estimates and the Inspector General be used for this duty. The Director stated that (1) there was no necessit fo o continue 25X1 as the Recorder of this Board; (2) he and his principal assistaits 25X1 would serve in rotation as members of ya y evi.ew Boards; (3) Deputy Assistant Directors would serve as members of these Boards; (!t) immediate steps would be taken to clear the present backlog of loyalty cases; (5) in each loyalty case presented to him, he desired a recommendation as to whetapr the individual concerned was, in fact, a security risk; (6) too much time would not be consumed on Loyalty Boards convened as a result of antonymous letters; (7) the record of each Loyalty Board hearing would contain inforrnat:Lon concerning the subject's office of employment, grade, rate of pay, and length of service. b. Stated that Col. Baird had recommended that "VIP employees" be given separate and special indoctrinations pertaining to security, organization, policies, etc. The Director noted that indivi is in this category employet by him had served periods of temporary duty ireveral overt and/or covert offices as applicable; however, he had no objection to the above-mentioned briefing as a supplement to these temporary tours of duty. c. Called to DD/P's attention an item in the Daily Worker regarding Gen. Donovan's trip to Europe. d. Stated that NCFE wished to drop the word "National" from its title, particularly since there were a number of "National Committees" on the Attorney General's list. The DCI approved. N~9tp-ra6sr1~ an article in the NEW MURK of 7 September concerning and stated that the information contained therein might be goo Mr. Wisner undertook to look into this matter. a. Reported that certain legislation requested by the Director would be ready for his review tomorrow. a. Briefly discussed reports of possible coups in Iran and Lebanon. (CONTINUED) Approved For Release 200 !Q 27 .iQ+AARbP80B01676R002300110073-7 ~?r. cu'' iy E, et, 1 Approved For Release 2003L 212.7 : G A-RDP80B01676R002300110073-7 y :formation }'. Wisner (Contid.) b. Raised the question of the Executive Order lur The Director tated"" that it was presently on the President's desk and wo e s ed in-the next day or two. c. Briefly reported his recollection of the award of a second Medal for Freedom and, after some discussion, undertook to look into this matter further,. In this connection, he noted that there was a recommendation in MPD for the award of the Silver Star to a U.B. Anrq Warrant Officer who had performed meritorious service for this Agency. d. In response to a query from the Director, stated that Was not 25X1 going back to but it was contemplated making further use of his services in a capacity. After some discussion, the Director approved. a. Briefly discussed the present Commie offensive in Korea and stated that no other indicators had been received and the situation in Korea was not clear at this point. In this connection, Mr. Becker also noted there were a numbBr of "bonfires" in the offing and particularly noted possible Approved For Release 201P2f)E6 DP80B01676R002300110073-7 25X1 25X1 25X1 SecurifY Informalui