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December 14, 2016
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April 25, 2003
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August 5, 1953
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TOP SECRET DN-189 Approved For Release 2003/05/61:norma tCIA-tion RDP80B01676R002300130024-9 .:-cur: DEPMIES' MEETING 25X1 and Wednesday, 5 August 1953 PRESENT: Mr. Dulles, General Cabell, Messrs. Wisner, Amory (part of meeting), Colonel White, Messrs, Kirkpatrick, Helms, Sheldon a. Stated we had now received a letter from Congressman Benner re- questing that the testimony given in Executive Session b. Reported on a co g gption he had on 4 August with Dr. Milton 1 not CIA. pu c. be vetted by CIA with the view that it might be made Director said this letter now raised two questions: (1) what portion, if any, of this testimony could be released in light of the security implications involved; (2) what portion could be made available to State in connection with the I affair. Mr. Kirkpatrick said in going over a part of the testimony in question it was evident that by and large it referred more to the operations and personnel of the Agency than it did to 0 The Director expressed the opinion that we could not make public testimony which was originally made in Executive Session and asked Messrs. Wisner and Kirkpatrick to be prepared with recommenda- tions on this problem not later than 7 August. The Director also noted that any information respecting 0 obtained from this testimony and furnished to the Department of State should come from the Committee and p to South America and stated Dr. Eisenhower Eisenhower respecting hisr was concerned over the situation in Bolivia and also bad expressed the opinion it might be wise to invite some of the labor leaders in Chile to visit the U.S. After some discussion Messrs. Helms and Sheldon undertook to have prepared a round-up o a Mr. Helms undertook to discuss the Chilean labor problem wi c. Noted a cable from the Senior Representativ (IN 47421) regarding the appointment of a Political Advisor to and after some discussion, wherein Mr. Helms pointed out the problem involved, the Director asked Mr. Helms to find some device which would permit to remain in II particularly during the period the Secretary of State is there. d. Noted he had received the recommendations of DD/P and Colonel Edwards on the problem of operational clearances and stated that after General Cabell had had an opportunity to study this subject he wished to see DDCI, DD/P, COP and Colonel Edwards -- at which time a decision would. be made on this matter. e. Stated in view of the recent events in Iran we should leave to Ambassador Henderson's discretion the date he should return to that country. Mr. Wisner suggested we first touch base with State on this and the Director approved. f. Asked Mr. Helms to call Mr. 3hanley at the White House respecting 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/PCIUB01676R002300130024-9 =-i-A 'iv Information Approved For Release 2003/05J C A=RDI 0B01676R002300130024-9 ecurity Informsr,'n Mr. Dulles (Continued): Dr. (NOTE: This has been done.) a. Briefly outlined a proposed procedure respecting the allotment of funds from the '54+ Budget to DD/P, DD/I, DD/A, AD/C? and the Director of Training, and recommended this matter be discussed at the Deputies' Meeting on Friday, 7 August, with the above-listed officers present. Colonel White suggested that Mr. Saunders also be present and the meeting be held in the Director's Conference Room. The DCI approved. b. Reported he had received a letter from USA, Retired, accepting the Director's offer for the position of Senior Representative noting 0 had indicated he could not remain with us more than two years and would like our decision as early as possible. The Director said he would like to consider this matter and discuss it with D/DCI and DD/P prior to his departure for Europe. The Director also said as a matter of policy he would prefer that individuals appointed to positions as Senior Representatives be available for long-term and/or career assignments. a. Noted that appeared to be running ahead of Headquarters on the designation of Senior Representatives in= and after some discussion of the cases in point the Director stated that in the future no such commitments should be made without first touching base with Headquarters. b. Suggested that General Smith make public a statement denying the allegations of General Del Valle that we had approached his with a proposition of going to Tokyo to undermine General MacArthur. The Director said he did not believe we should fight this battle in the newspapers, but noted he would discuss it with General Smith. b. Noted that Under Secretary of State Lourie and Mr. West (State) were going to Central America on an inspection trip and suggested they be given a briefing by DD/P. The Director approved. 25X1 25X1 25X1 Noted the 0 wished to send one of their officers to discuss and observe our training techniques raised the question as to whether we should accede to this request and if so how much information 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/04CB01676R002300130024-9 Approved For Release 200310Q! cU80B01676R002300130024-9 Mr. Helms (Continued): should be made available. The Director stated there was no objection to extending the invitation and asked Mr. Helms to work out with General Cabell the extent to which we should go in releasing information on this subject. General Cabell asked Mr. Helms to furnish him with his recom- mendations in this regard. 25X1 T PSt:K% Approved For Release 2003/0510 : CI~y;F~,B01676R002300130024-9