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December 15, 2016
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October 10, 2002
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January 11, 1953
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- D - - p - - tra-FiA -- ---------------- - - F T 11 January 1953 : 3 A MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence SUBJECT : Planning 1. PROBLEM: This paper is submitted in response to your request that this office make a study of whether an adequate mechanism exists within the Central Intelligence Agency for the purpose of planning the future intelligence activities of the Agency and the Federal Government as a whole. 2. DISCUSSION: There is no single unit of the Agency at this time charged with the function of over-all planning for future intelligence activities of the CIA. Nor is there a group charged with advising the DCI as to aeticn needed on a multi-agency basis to insure the proper die- charge of the responsibilities of the "Intelligence Community" as a whole* as In actuality, the top-level planning body in the Agency exists in the form of your daily meeting with your Deputies, the Inspector General, Chief of Operations, Executive Assistant, and Assistant Director for Current Intelligence. Here problems, mainly short-range in nature, are discussed and decisions taken. If further staff work is needed, action is general:iy referred to a specific Deputy Director with the responsibility resting on him for coordination both within and outside the Agency. b. The Project Review Committee cannot be called a planning body. from the viewpoint that it reviews long-range plans or programs and analyzes their relationship to long-range intelligence objectives. The great weakness of the PRC system is that considerable work may be cone on a project prior to submission only to be rejected on policy, practicality or financial grounds. -2- 670 O Z 5-/ Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R002500070004-6 Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CT1'RD'P80 01676R002500070004-6 . c. All other planning in the Agency, except that which may be done by committees, ad hoc or permanent, is done individually in the offices of the Deputy Directors. Some of this planning may actually be done in inter-agency committees with the consequence that the Agency may be discussing advance plans with other agencies before there is top-level intra-CIA planningo d. One of the structural weaknesses in the Agency today is the lack of cross-utilization of the considerable expert talent in nearly all fields of major intelligence interest. This cross-utilization should be undertaken only with necessary precautions to insure the compartmentaliza- tibn required to preserve clandestine and covert operations. But some mecha- nism should exist within the Agency to insure that the best available talent is utilized in developing plans on all subjectso e. Coordination, both within CIA and inter-agency, is closely related to planning. The former DD/I constituted the Office of Intelligence Coordination as his planning office. It is felt that OIC is neither properly located, nor properly constituted, to perform Agency planning or, for that matter, coordination. It is wrong for a "line" office to be performing solely staff functions; it places AD/IC in the position of negotiating with his fellow Assistant Director and being an ambassador to the DD/P area. The need for close correlation between planning and coordination is even greater with the pressing need for CIA to engage in greater coordination of inter-agency activities. f. There is no one focal point within the Agency where' the views of those intra-governmental bodies whose deliberations affect CIA are brought together and translated into long-range plans. These -intra-__,.__ Bove ntal bodies include the National Security Council, perations AT l Board, IAC, USCIB, etc. Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 Approved For Release 2002/10/22: CIA,Ia[,166002500070004-6 3. CONCLUSIONS: a. A CIA planning board should confine its work to broad questions Agency on the PRC. tion on the NSC, IAC, OCB, etc., and within the ? ` of Agency policy, establishment of general intelligence priorities, and long-range intelligence objectives. It should assist in maintaining the required compartmentation of the Agency by avoiding operational details and current activities. b. Planning staff members should be included in Agency representa- c. In order to insure close and intimate knowledge of Agency problems and to avoid creation of an ivory tower group divorced from reality, a CIA Planning Staff should consist of the smallest possible nucleus of imaginative but tough-minded professionals and operate generally on a panel basis utilizing the experts on the particular subjects under consideration. This will also insure an equal work load on.the top officials of the Agency. It should be under the direction and guidance of an individual on your immediate staff. It should have a small secretariat to handle the paper work, draft reports, etc. d. PRC should be purely a review function to insure reasonable and proper programs. With a properly constituted planning staff, it should review plans before they are developed into projects--thus insuring policy approval prior to the bulk of the work in preparing th71pro ject. ff e. Planning on the Deputy, Office, Staff and Divisional level should be continued but closely coordinated with the CIA Planning Board. A study should be made as to whether the number, of planners in the Agency could be reduced. Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 Approved For Release 2002/10/22: CiA'-RDP80B016761002500070004-6 d. A CIA Planning Board would insure proper cross-utilization of ouf professional experts on all subjects, e. The coordination function now performed by OIC should be very closely related to the CIA planning board. 4. RECOMMENDATIONS: A. That a CIA Planning Board be created reporting to the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence* b. That an Assistant to the Director for Planning and Coordination be appointed, to be selected from experienced senior Agency officers nominated by the DD/I., DD/P and DD/A., and that this officer have two assistants selected from each of the other Deputies offices so that all three Deputies will be represented. c. That the present Office of Intelligence Coordination be abolished and its functions other than the secretaryship of the IAC transferred to the Assistant to the Director for Planning and Coordination. The IAC secretary shall be the Deputy AD/NB. Lyman B. Kirkpatrick Inspector General cc: . DD/ I DD/P DD/A Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R002500070004-6 ~!R Approved For Release 2002/10/22 :ZIf~~ DP80B01676ROO2500070004-6 12 January 1953 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence SUBJECT : Composition of CIA Planning Board 1. It is recommended that the following constitute the CIA Planning Board, and be assigned on a full-time basis.: Assistant to DCI for Planning and Coordination (to sit with IAC) Mr. James Q. Reber, Member c Member (to sit with OCB) 1embr (to sit with NSC Planning Staff) 2. It is recommended that the Chairman of the Planning Board be given authority to call for panel members on any planning problem any officer of the Agency with the concurrence of the appropriate Deputy Director. Lyman B. Kirkpatrick Inspector General cc: DD/I DD/P DD/A Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 UNCLASSIFIED' P STRICTEF CONFIDENTIAL ( SECRET (SENL~R WILL CIRCLE CLASSIr...ATJON TOP AND BOTTOM) CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP TO INITIALS DATE I DD/Intelligence 2 DD/Plans s /DD/Acmm l stration 4 5 suggest aone hour meeting on Tuesday., January 19 n+ O.']n _- or a Planning Staff and that the four of us of you personally this redraft of the proposal f Inspector General APPROVAL ACTION COMMENT CONCURRENCE INFORMATION DIRECT REPLY PREPARATION OF REPLY RECOMMENDATION SIGNATURE RETURN DISPATCH FILE Remarks: The DCI has asked that I submit to each c SECRET) CONFIDENTIAL CIA-RDP80B01676R0025000700T-6 S J LBK RESTRICTED UNCLASSIFIED Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIALRDP80B01676R002500070004-6 (t(13 DIRECTIVE FUNCTIONS OF THE OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES 1. AUTHORITY By Military Order of the Commander in Chief, dated 13 June 1942, as amended by Presidential Executive Order of 9 March 1943, the Office of Strategic Services was established as an operating agency of the Government under the direction and supervision of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 2. FUNCTIONS The Office of Strategic Services is designated as. the agency of the Joint Chiefs of Staff charged with the functions and duties described hereinafter in paragraphs 3 to 10, inclusive. 3. SECRET INTELLIGENCE a. The Office of Strategic Services is authorized to: (1) Collect secret intelligence in all areas other than the Western Hemisphere by means of espionage and counter-espionage, and evaluate and disseminate such intelligence to authorized agencies. In the Western Hemisphere, bases already established by the Office of Strategic Services in Santiago, Chile, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, may be used as ports of exit and of entry for the purpose of facilitating operations in Europe and Asia, but not for the purpose of conducting operations in South America. The Office of Strategic Services is Approved For Release 2002/10/22: CIA-RDP80BO1676R00250007004- O I c` Approved For Release 2002/10/22: CIA-RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 authorized to have its transient agents from Europe or Asia touching points in the Western Hemisphere transmit information through facilities of the Military Intelligence Service and of the Office of Naval Intelligence. (2) Establish and maintain direct liaison with Allied secret intelligence agencies. (3) Obtain information from underground groups by direct contact or other means. (4) Establish and maintain direct liaison with military and naval counter-intelligence, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other Government agencies engaged in counter-intelligence. 4. RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS The Office of Strategic Services will (1) furnish essential-intelligence for the planning and execution of approved strategic servicesiX operations; and (2) furnish such intelli- gence as is requested by agencies of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the armed services and other authorized Government agencies. To accomplish the foregoing no geographical restriction is placed on the research and analysis functions of the Office of Strategic Services, and the following specificic activities will be x As used in this directive, the term "strategic services" includes all measures (except those pertaining to the Federal program of radio, press, publication and related foreign propaganda activities involving the dissemination of informa- tion) taken to enforce our will upon the enemy by means other than military action, as may be applied in support of actual or planned military operations or in furtherance of the war Aplf C :@& For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 Approved For Release 2002/10/22: CIA RDP80BO1676R002500070004-6 performed: a. Accumulation, evaluation and analysis of political, psychological, sociological, economic, topographic and military information required for the above. b. Preparation of such studies embracing the foregoing factors as may be required. e,= Preparation of the assigned sections of Joint Army and Navy Intelligence Studies (JANIS), together with such maps, charts and appendices as may be required to accompany these sections. d. Preparation of such maps, charts and illustrations as may be requested by the agencies of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and authorized agencies of the War and Navy Departments. 5. SECRET OPERATIONS The secret operations included in this paragraph will be conducted within enemy countries and enemy occupied or con- trolled countries, and from bases within other areas, including neutral areas, where action or counter-action may be effective against the enemy. a. Morale Subversion The Office of Strategic Services is responsible for the execution of all forms of morale subversion by diverse means including: False rumors, "freedom stations", false leaflets and false documents, the organization and support of fifth column activities by grants, trained personnel and supplies Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RI~11801301676R002500070004-6 Approved For Release 2002/10/22: CIA RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 and the use of agents, all for the purpose of creating confusion, division and undermining the morale of the enemy. b. Physical Subversion The Office of Strategic Services is responsible for of the execution/approved special operations including: (1) Sabotage. (2) Organization and conduct of guerrilla warfare. Personnel to be provided for guerrilla warfare will be limited to organizers, fomenters and operational nuclei. (3) Direct contact with and support of underground resistance groups. (4) The conduct of special operations not assigned to other Government agencies and not under the direct control of the theater or area commanders. (5) The organization, equipment and training of such individuals or organizations as may be required for special operations not assigned to other Government agencies. STRATEGIC SERVICES -- PLANNING, EXECUTION, DOCTRINE AND TRAINING The Office of Strategic Services is charged with: a. The planning, development and execution of strategic services for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the development of doctrine covering such services. b. The training of personnel for strategic services. Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-4bP80B01676R002500070004-6 Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA=RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 7. WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT The Office of Strategic Services will be responsible for the progressive and orderly development of operating pro- cedure and the characteristics of special weapons and special equipment for special operations not assigned or pertinent to other U.S. Government agencies. When approved by the Office of Scientific Research and Development, such special weapons and special equipment may be developed by the Office of Strategic Services in collaboration with the Office of Scientific Research and Development. The characteristics having been so established will be presented to the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-4, War Department General Staff and the Vice Chief of Naval Operations for transmittal to the appropriate supply agency for further development or procurement. Weapons, equipment and supplies for the Office of Strategic Services will be programmed and pro- cured in accordance with the pertinent Joint Chiefs of Staff directives and current Army and Navy instructions based thereon. 8. CONTACT WITH FOREIGN NATIONALITY GROUPS The Office of Strategic Services is authorized, in con- sultation with the Department of State, to maintain contact with foreign nationality groups and individuals in the United States for the purpose of obtaining information. 9. COMMUNICATIONS The Office of Strategic Services shall be responsible for the planning, organization and operation of essential communica- Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA51 .DP80B01676R002500070004-6 Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA4RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 tions required for field and training activities in connection with approved projects. Existing communication facilities will be utilized wherever possible. The programming and procurement of communications equipment will be made only after approval therefore has been secured from the Assistant Chiefs of Staff, G-4, War Department General Staff, or the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, depending on which service has primary interest in the particular type of communications equipment under consider- ation. 10. LIAISON WITH OTHER AGENCIES The Office of Strategic Services is authorized to maintain liaison with other interested Government agencies. 11. COORDINATION OF STRATEGIC SERVICES PROGRAMS Strategic services programs are supplementary to and must be coordinated with military programs. To insure this, a planning group to act as a joint medium shall be set up in the Office of Strategic Services for supervising and coordinating the planning and execution of the strategic services programs. The Office of Strategic Services Planning Group shall consist of: a.. One member appointed by the Secretary. of State, two members appointed by the Chief of Staff, U.S.Army, two mem- bers appointed by the Commander in Chief, U. S. Fleet and Chief of Naval Operations, and four members, including the Chairman, appointed by the Director of Strategic Services.. The members of the Office of Strategic Services Plan- ing Group shall be available for full-time duty and shall be fre(Ap FMdW M ,fMaId c B01676R002500070004-6 -6- Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA4RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 co An Advisory Committee comprising representatives from the Office of Economic Warfare, Coordinator of Inter- American Affairs, Treasury Department and from time to time representatives of such other Government agencies as may be called upon to serve, shall be set up to serve with the Planning Group, either as individual members or as a committee when requested by the Chairman of the Group, to consider matters affecting the respective agencies represented on the Committee. Members of the Advisory Committee will advise the Planning Group as to how their respective agencies can be of assistance in insuring the success of strategic services plans. d. All major projects and plans for strategic services will include measures for political, cultural and economic pressures to be applied. In the case of economic pressures the projects and plans will indicate only the results desired from the Office of Economic Warfare. e. All major projects and plans for strategic services will be integrated with military and naval programs by the Office of Strategic Services Planning Group and, after approval by the Director of Strategic Services, sub- mitted to the Joint Chiefs of Staff through the Joint Staff Planners for final approval. 12. GENERAL PROVISIONS a. Interchange of Information. The Military Intelligence Service, the Office of Naval Intelligence and the Intelligence Service, Office of Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R002500070004-6 Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 Strategic Services, will provide for the complete and free interchange of information, evaluated as to creditability of source, required for the executive of their respective missions. b. Security Control. The timing of strategic services measures initiated in the United States is subject to the direction of Security Control. c. Control by Theater Commanders. All activities within organized theaters or areas are subject to direct control by the commander concerned who is authorized to utilize the organization and facilities of the Office of Strategic Services in his theater or area in any manner and to the maximum extent desired by him. Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 Approved For Release 2002/10/22 ~ CIA *DP80B01676R002500070004-6 25 August 1945 Mr. Harold D. Smith, Director Bureau of the Budget Executive Office of the President Washington, D. C. My dear Mr. Smith: In answer to your communication of August 23, 1945 in reference to further reduction of personnel, we are working under what is in effect a liquidation budget. Within its provisions we have taken steps to terminate many of our operational (as distinct from intelligence) activities and to reduce the remaining parts to a size consistent with present obligations in the Far East, in the occupation of Germany and Austria, and in the main- tenance of missions in the Middle East and on the Asiatic and European continents. As our liquidation proceeds it will become increas- ingly difficult to exercise our functions so that we have found it necessary to set up a liquidating committee with procedures and controls to provide for the gradual elimination of our services in step with the orderly re- duction of personnel. It is our estiimate, however, with the strictest economy of manpower and of funds the effectiveness of Obb as a War Agency will end as of January 1, or at the latest February 1, 1946, at which time liquidation should be completed. At that point I wish to return to private life. Therefore, in considering the disposition to be made of the assets created by Obb, I speak as a private citizen concerned with the future of his country. In our Government today there is no permanent agency to take over the functions which USG will have then ceased to perform. These functions while carried on as incident to the war are in reality essential in the effective dis- charge by this nation cf its responsibilities in the or- ganization and maintenance of the peace. Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80B01676R00250007000it 5 O / 3 Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA}RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 Since last November, I have pointed out the immedi- ate necessity of setting up such an agency to take over the valuable assets created by Obb. Among these assets was the establishment for the first time in cur nation's history of a foreign secret intelligence service which reported information as seen through American eyes. As an integral and inseparable part of this service there is, a group of specialists to analyze and evaluate the material for presentation to those who determine national policy. It is not easy to set up a ;Modern intelligence system. It is more difficult to do so in time of peace than in time of war. It is important therefore that it be done before the War Agency has disappeared so that profit may be made of its experience and "-know-how" in deciding how the new agency may best be conducted. I have already submitted a plan for the establish- ment of a centralized system. However, the discussion of that proposal indicated the need of an agreement upon certain fundamental principles before a detailed plan is formulated. If those concerned could agree upon the principles within which such a system should be established, acceptance of a common plan would be more easily achieved. Accordingly, I attach a statement of principles, the soundness of which I believe has been established by study and by practical experience. 'Sincerely, VVilliaa J. Donovan (Sgd. } V illiaw J. Donovan Director. Enclosure. Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 Approved For Release 2002/10/22-: CIA-RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 PRINCIPLES - THE SOUNDNESS OF WHICH IT IS BELIEVED HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED BY OUR OWN EXPERIENCE AND A FIRST-HAND STUDY OF THE SYSTEMS OF OTHER NATIONS - WHICH SHOULD GOVERN THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A CENTRALIZED UNITED STATES FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM. 1. That the existing service intelligence units be left as they exist. 2. That in the CIA there be established a Central Agency of Information as a depository of the long-range intelligence material which bears upon the national in- terests. 3. That in the CIA there be continued the Secret Intelligence Branch with sole authority to collect intelligence by secret means and to conduct its operations outside the United States. 4. That the CIA should have the functions of Counter-Espionage solely for the protection of its personnel against penetration by actual or potential enemy agents but should have no power of arrest. 5. That the CIA should have sole authority for conducting counter measures against enemy subversive warfare [not to be confused with the functions of the FBI within the United States against subversive operators] Approved For Release 2002/10/22: CIA-RDP80B01676R0025000706t4r?/ 3 Approved For Release 2002/10/22: CIA-KDP80BO1676R002500070004-6 and to that end organize and carry on special operations (including psychological and morale), resistance move- ments and other activities behind enemy lines. 6. That there should be established within the CIA an Evaluation Group - in which there should be military, diplomatic and scholarship representation - the members of which should possess a high degree of linguistic and regional competence to analyze, coordinate and evaluate incoming information, to make special intelli- gence reports and to provide guidance for the collecting branches of the agency. 7. That the CIA should have its secret codes and use of passport facilities. 8. That the foreign intelligence service and internal police service directed at enemy subversion should not be joined together. 9. That the Director of the CIA should be imme- diately under the President or the Secretary of Defense and should have the assistance of an Advisory Board on which the Secretaries of State, War, Navy, Air and Treasury should be represented. Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R002500070004-6 -2- Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RD~80B01676R002500070004-6 vailable Approved For Release 2002/10/22: CIA-RDP80B01676R002500070004-6 AMERICAN COMMITTEE ON UNITED EUROPE 537 FIFTH AVENUE ? NEW YORK 17, N. Y. MURRAY HILL 2-1084 3, AVENUE BOSQUET PARIS INVALIDES 21-13 *WILLIAM J. DONOVAN Chairman *ALLEN W. DULLES Vice-Chairman *EMMETT F. CONNELY Treasurer *GEORGE S. FRANKLIN, JR. Secretary *WILLIAM P. DURKEE Executive Director DIRECTORS RAYMOND B. ALLEN *THOMAS W. BRADEN HOWARD BRUCE Lucius D. CLAY CHARLES S. DEWEY *DAVID DUBINSKY *ARTHUR J. GOLDBERG A. CRAwroRD GREENE CONRAD N. HILTON PAUL G. HOFFMAN *CHARLES R. HOOK DAVID E. LILIENTHAL HERBERT S. LITTLE * WALTER N. MAGUIRE STACY MAY CARL T. NIXON *FREDERICK OSBORN WALTER BEDELL SMITH *ARNOLD J. ZURCHER *Members, Executive Committee WARREN G. FUGITT Representative in Europe -s - ? Neil ~ l e,ash'n -on, .U.rC. blim ty D/DC! Cable Address: AMANCUE, N. Y. AMANCUE, PARIS r'..__s is ?O notif- you that there u_il be a _ ee J_ 1 C' the Board of Directors tulle, A-C-j on 'nesday, for l cn at 12:30 at e Dr ol: Club, ill last, j)-"th D uree t, _Or >. tha u t 1i. a coioplete l epoi tl, Of Jii?11- t" e activities 1-Till be ,?resenteci. and future plans IT_1 be C't=i scussed . -`oss=..IJle a en !' to Seefn;_; you. 7].Cere1-', -2-,5- 0 zI Approved For Release 2002/10/22 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R002500070004-6