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December 19, 2016
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August 11, 2005
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December 3, 1958
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Approved For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R002700050006-4 SUBJECT: Resume of OCB Luncheon Meeting, 3 December 1958 PRESENT: Mr. Allen, Mr. Coughran, Mr. Dulles, Mr. Gray, Mr. Harr, Mr. Irwin, Mr. McCone, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Saccio, Mr. Melbourne 1. Nuclear Testing Mr. McCone distributed a report which indicated that the extent of nuclear fallout from Soviet tests is many times greater than that produced by U. S. tests. There was general agreement that this disparity should be capitalized o in the State Department objected to pursuing such a campaign, on the grounds that it might be counterproductive and could result in harm to our own plans for testing. Mr. Murphy said that he did not agree with this view. 25X1 25X1 Mr. Harr questioned whether current inter-agency deliberations regarding the course to be followed in meeting the Berlin situation were taking into account as much as he thought desirable the existing OCB mechanisms. He said that appropriate working groups exist within the OCB framework. NSC review(s) completed. Approved For Release:2006/03/17 CIIA-RDP80BO-1676R002700050006-4 '24702-0/ Approved For Release 2006/03/17: _CIA-RDk0801676R002700050006-4 Mr. Murphy said he thought that the present ad hoc group of State, Defense and CIA was the appropriate forum for consideration of this matter at this time and that it should continue as now constituted. There was tacit agreement that the OCB working groups might be given the problem at a later date. 3. Overseas Internal Security Program Smith of on the Overseas Internal Security Program. He said that the annual report of the Mutual Security Program had raised certain issues of policy regarding the implementation of the internal security activities and that Mr. Smith had apparently felt that some modifications in ICA policy were indicated. He had told Mr. Smith that he recognized the latter's concern as to whether ICA should supply equipment for internal security programs, but that it seemed evident that without equipment of this type the programs were futile. He added that he suggested that the OCB examine various facets of this problem and that he thought this would be a useful thing to do. The Board concurred. Discussion then turned to the conferences under way in Geneva. The consensus of the Board was that while the U. S. should not take the initiative in breaking off these talks, it is beginning to be evident that they cannot go on forever. It was recognized that a problem exists with regard to the recess that will be taken for the Christmas holidays, since it will be necessary to describe the adjournment in some manner or other. It was agreed that if possible the burden for any cessation of discussions should be placed on the Soviets. 5. Minutes of Previous Meeting The Board then turned to the minutes of the meeting of 26 November, with particular reference to paragraph 5. b. (2), which covered the discussion about what the U. S. might say under varying conditions surrounding termination of the Geneva talks. Mr. McCone objected to the statement that implied that the OCB working group would deal with policy problems involved in this situation. Approved For Relepe 2006/03/172: CIA-RDP80BO1676R002700050006-4 Approved For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R002700050006-4 The minutes were adjusted to reflect the clear decision of the Board that the assignment should be not a determination of policy but rather a consideration of how this situation could best be presented to the world to enhance our position, i. e. it is a matter basically of public relations. M ALLEN W .,&X W. Distribution: Orig. - DCI files 1 - DDCI 1 - BA/OCB Approved For Release 2006/03/1,:. CIA-R DP80BO1676R002700050006-4