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December 19, 2016
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August 11, 2005
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November 26, 1958
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Approved For p /O 7F -9A-PR~ Q)501676R002700050007-3 26 November 1958 SUBJECT: Resume of OCB Luncheon Meeting, 26 November 1958 PRESENT: Mr. Coughran, Mr. Dillon, Mr. Dulles, Adm. Foster, Mr. Gray, Mr. Harr, Mr. Smith, Mr. Washburn, Mr. Melbourne The Board went over the latest developments in the Berlin situation and agreed that various actions that could be taken by the U. S. should be reviewed. It was noted that there have been previous PSB and OCB papers bearing on various aspects of the Berlin situation. It was decided to establish an ad hoc group with representation from State, Defense and CIA to examine various possible courses of action. (It was later arranged that the NSC Staff should have an observer sit with this committee and that an OCB staff member be kept informed of progress.) The Board discussed once more the progress of the conferences which are currently under way in Geneva, on Nuclear Testing and on Surprise Attack. As a result of this discussion the group came to the conclusion that it may now be timely to be working on the position which the U. S. should take publicly with regard to nuclear testing, after the conclusion of the Geneva talks. The OCB Working Group on Nuclear Energy was indicated as the proper forum for early considera- tion of this matter. Adm. Foster distributed copies of a memo he had addressed to the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, giving the AEC's NSC review(s) g Gc#or R~~a 8 /03tf T $(01676R002700050007-3 1,ua))Lj -a ZO Z Approved Fore(eaie2006/)D3'/1TCIa4#P0B01676R002700050007-3 estimate of progress in connection with the Geneva talks. The Board concurred in the AEC suggestion that during the course of the conferences there should be more official U. S. Government publicity, in order to take the fullest possible advantage of the opportunity to influence world public opinion. It was further agreed that the views of the AEC would be communicated to the Secretary of State, and that the Special Assistant for Security Operations Coordination would examine the possibility of a Presidential statement on the Geneva talks. It was also noted that Senator Gore's proposal for unilateral U. S. suspension of above-ground nuclear testing is receiving detailed consideration within the Executive Branch. Mr. Dulles gave the group the latest intelligence on the internal situation in Cuba, with particular reference to the actions and cap- abilities of Fidel Castro. The group agreed that the situation requires interagency attention and that State and CIA should consult on possible U. S. courses of action. 25X6 5. Sedition Trial of John William Powell Mr. Harr called the Board's attention to the pending trial in California of John William Powell, who is accused of sedition. It was pointed out that the charges revolved around statements made by Approved For Rel.pase..2006/03/17 CIA; R P,>~iOB`61676R002700050007-3 Approved For Rel 5 2Q 6/,"3/1 -1 -,G[ RD 501676 R002700050007-3 I Powell about alleged U. S. actions in Korea, in the "China Weekly Review, " which he inherited from his father. It was stated that prosecution is complicated by requirements of security, and that Defense should consult with other interested U. S. agencies in arriving at a position which the Government should assume publicly in connection with the trial. Distribution: Orig - DCI 1 - DDCI 1 - BA/OCB Approved For Rd` a~e`200/03/,17.': ^ff,1- 1676R002700050007-3