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December 19, 2016
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August 11, 2005
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November 19, 1958
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T ill ~r'P ii i) n i V Approved For Release 6f0 /f 7- qlA-F~ P8080116 6ROO2700050008-2 19 November 1958 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Resume of OCB Luncheon Meeting, 19 November 1958 PRESENT: Mr. Allen, Mr. Dulles, Mr. Gray, Mr. Herter, Mr. Irwin, Mr. McCone, Mr. Saccio, Mr. Scribner, Mr. Melbourne The continuing developments affecting access to Berlin, and the Soviet maneuvers to force recognition of the East German government, were discussed. Mr. Herter said that the State Department was examining this problem in detail and a number of staff papers had been prepared or were in the process of preparation, leading toward a delineation of U. S. policy. The DCI expressed the opinion, which seemed to be concurred in generally by the rest of the group, that if the Western Allies were forced to deal with the East Germans on such matters as visas, clearances, etc. , without any implication of diplomatic recognition, this should not necessarily be unacceptable to us. He pointed out that the East Germans have the capability of making overland access to Berlin virtually impossible, by such means, for example, as removal of major highway and railway bridges. The Defense member said that his Department feels firm U. S. action may be necessary, but that in any case discussions are proceeding with British and French military authorities, and it is planned to advise NATO of our views on the situation. 2. Geneva Conferences on Nuclear Tests and Surprise Attack The progress, or lack of progress, being made in the two conferences under way at Geneva was again discussed. The consensus of the group was that it is still premature to take definite action to capitalize on the probable unsatisfactory end of these conferences due to Soviet intransigence. NSC review(s) completed. Approved For R lea 6 6/03x1 T 'c A- ,,$q 01676R002700050008-2 Approved For R[fl 6/,03 ,1 ' Some members of the group felt that Senator Gore's proposal for a three-year moratorium on above-ground tests was worth examining closely. The majority seemed to feel that the U. S. could not afford to take such a step unilaterally without reciporcation on the part of the USSR. Mr. McCone particularly expressed dissatisfaction with this proposal. It was agreed that it would be most unfortunate if one or both of the conferences should collapse due entirely to disagreements over the agenda rather than on substantive issues. Mr. Herter briefed the Board on the latest developments with regard to financing of the planned U. S. exhibition in Moscow. He noted particularly that Congressman Rooney had given general approval to the plans for the exhibition and that the President had also expressed the opinion that this was a very worthwhile project. 4. U. S. Bases in Morocco Mr. Gray called attention to press reports of the speech by King Mohammed V of Morocco in which the latter apparently called for "total and unconditional"evacuation of our bases in that country. The consensus of the group was that the situation is probably not as bad as reported and that, although we must not underestimate its seriousness, we should wait for the text of the King's speech to see whether it goes much beyond what has already been said on this subject. 5. Request from the Chinese Nationalists for Aid to Make Chinmen Impregnable The group then turned to the request from Chiang Kai-shek for substantial military aid designed to make the island of Chinmen impregnable against Communist attack. The implications of this were examined. Among the points made was the feeling that there is a danger that should we grant military aid for this purpose we might then find ourselves in a position where we were committed to a course of action beyond anything we had intended. Mr. Gray said that the White House has the impression that the military buildup on the offshore islands has been carried out over U. S. protests. Mr. Herter said that he did not believe this was the case. Approved For Release QQG(03/,1 1 66ROO2700050008-2 Approved For Rele rY7,02DQT676R002700050008-2 6. Intelligence Report on Crash of Military Aircraft Mr. Dulles gave the gist of an alleged eye-witness account of the shooting down of the American military aircraft lost in Soviet Armenia in September of this year. Distribution: Orig. - DCI files 1 - DDCI 1 - BA/OCB Approved For Release 2006/03/1-b: CIA-RDP80B01676R002700050008-2