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December 19, 2016
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August 11, 2005
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November 12, 1958
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~~1173 V. ' Approved For Rdte2 /03/ 74:' ' - 1676R002700050009-1 12 November 1958 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Resume of OCB Luncheon Meeting, 12 November 1958 PRESENT: Mr. Allen, Gen. Cabell, Mr. Gray, Mr. Harr, Mr. Herter, Mr. Quarles, Mr. Saccio, Mr. Scribner, Mr. Melbourne 1. Racial Segregation A lengthy discussion took place on the general subject of racial segregation in the U. S. and its impact abroad. There were no particularly new points developed. 2. Aftermath of Geneva Discussions The Board then went into the matter of the two conferences now under way in Geneva, on Nuclear Testing and on Surprise Attack. A question was raised as to what the position of the U. S. should be on these subjects after the conferences have run their course, and how this country might capitalize on whatever occurs as a result of the conferences. Mr. Herter said that the State Department is following these discussions closely and is trying to remain. continually alert to possibilities for capitalizing on whatever developments occur in and after Geneva. He said that it is hoped that we will be able to place the onus for failure on the Soviets, but that it is a little too early to take positive steps in this direction. Mr. Harr referred to the item in the Turkey Report having to do with the problem of Kurdish nationalism. He referred to reports NSC review(s) completed. Approved For Rele Q, 03 1 : C1 R r > 1676R002700050009-1 Z1ozo~ ? Approved For Re103/1 -R 1676R002700050009-1 that the Soviets may be planning to stir up feeling among members of this ethnic group against the governments of Turkey, Iran or Iraq. He speculated as to whether or not the OCB should consider recommending action to counter activities of this kind. General Cabell said that CIA is currently gathering information on the Kurdish bloc, its leaders and its aspirations, but that we do not yet have enough information on which to base any recommendations. The Board expressed an interest in having further information from CIA whenever it might become available. The Acting Executive Officer called the Board's attention to an item in this week's Activity Report which refers to Ambassador Hickerson's cable from Helsinki on Soviet economic threats to Finland. The Board merely noted this item, as there was insufficient time to discuss it. 5. Implications for the U. S. of Recent Military Takeovers Gen. Cabell distributed the joint CIA-State report prepared in response to the Board's request of 29 October, which lists countries believed vulnerable to assumption of power by military elements. The Defense member stated that the companion report requested of that department- -having to do with information on individuals who have attended military schools in the U. S. --is being prepared. U. P. UABEA_,L General, USAF Deputy Director Distribution: Orig - DCI files 1 - DDCI 4C 2)C /_ '%n/r7/ Approved For Release 2006/03/172: CIA-RDP80BO1676R002700050009-1 .7 T L " L111 0 U