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December 19, 2016
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August 16, 2005
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September 17, 1958
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71 ~ 71 7~` '17 !4 J r Approved For Releh's ' ~Of 1 3/17' 1 17 September 1958 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: Resume of OCB Luncheon Meeting, 17 September 1958 PRESENT: Mr. Allen, Mr. Gray, Mr. Harr, Mr. Helms, Mr. Herter, Mr. Smith, Mr. Sprague, Mr. Staats Mr. Harr raised the subject of the projected visit to the United States in mid October of Soviet Air Marshal Konstantin Andreyevich Vershinin. He said that a question had come up regarding the desirability of having a high Soviet officer come here just prior to our elections and that General Persons of the White House had been queried as to the validity of this point. There ensued a lengthy discussion as to the necessity for inviting the Soviet Air Marshal at all and whether or not the United States actually had a commitment so to do as a result of General Twining's trip to the Soviet Union. Also, there was much debate about the timing of the visit. It was finally decided that the President would be informed of this proposed invitation and that if he approved, it would be extended to Marshal Vershinin just after our elections with a proposed date for the trip of December first or thereabouts. resumption of testing, particularly in view of our own continuation of such tests. It was, however, the consensus of the meeting that The contingency statement for use in the event of possible resumption of nuclear tests by the USSR was the next point under discussion. It was generally agreed that the United States would not be on very firm ground in attempting to capitalize on Soviet NSC review(s) completed. Annroved For Relea1: 3/,17-:`,CD D B01676R002700050016-3 ~b8f~ 3Oi 676R002700050016-3 -2-4707-11 Approved For Relea 2006/03/17 ;:61A- dQR'$0801676R002700050016-3 There was some detailed discussion of possible ambiguities in the proposed contingency statement and these were referred to the Working Group for resolution. 3. Ad Hoc Working Group on Formosa Straits Regarding the activities of the Ad Hoc Working Group dealing with the public opinion implications of the United States position in the Formosa Straits, it was quickly decided that this was not the time for such a group to involve itself with contingency planning for more serious involvement of United States forces in the area. It was rather agreed that the Working Group should concern itself with the two particular pieces of business for the immediate future: a) The preparation of a factual statement regarding the Warsaw ambassadorial negotiations, to be released in the event that there should by any chance be a leak about the content of the talks and b) the examination of ways and means of getting across in the United States and the Free World the position of the United States Government with regard to the use of force by the Chinese Communists in the present situation. It was the sense of the meeting that despite the President's TV and radio address, the comprehension of the rectitude of the American position was not clearly understood inside the United States as well as in the Free World at large. It was agreed that much greater efforts should be made to see to it that this and the other points which the President and the Secretary of State have made be given wider dissemination not only through news media but also through Ambassadors, MAAG Chiefs, and any other resources at the disposal of the United States Government. 4. Further Plans for the Pan American 707 As a followup to previous Board discussions of possibilities for exploiting the technical superiority of the Boeing 707 jettransports now turned over to Pan American, Mr. Herter mentioned that early in October Mrs. Eisenhower is scheduled to christen the first such aircraft to go into service. He said that it is also planned that she and other prominent personages, possibly including the Vice President, will fly in the 707 to the Brussels Exposition. 5. Possibility of Lifting Travel Restrictions on Soviets Mr. Herter stated that he was weighing the possibility of Approved For Release 2Q..06/03/17 CIA7RpF80B0'1,676R002700050016-3 Approved For Release,2J6$i03/17 : CIA k DP80B01676R002700050016-3 lifting the travel restrictions on Soviets in this country. He pointed out that they had little security importance and that we might well achieve a psychological gain by unilaterally doing away with these regulations, thus pointing up the fact that the Soviets are still continuing them in the USSR. RICHARD HELMS Acting Deputy Director (Plans) Distribution: Orig - DCI files 1 - DDCI 1 - BA/OCB Approved For Release 2b66-/O.3/`1,7,: CIA-RDR60B01676f 002700050016-3