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December 19, 2016
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August 18, 2005
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May 28, 1958
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Approved For Relea e_2Og6/,Q3/1l MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD 28 May 1958 SUBJECT: Resume of OCB Luncheon Meeting, 28 May 1958 PRESENT: Mr. Allen, Mr. Cutler, Mr. Dulles, Adm. Foster, Mr. Gray, Mr. Harr, Mr. Herter, Mr. Smith, Mr. Sprague, Mr. Staats 1. Compromise of Document on Biological Warfare Mr. Sprague told the group about a possible compromise of a document issued by the Biological Warfare Center at Fort Detrick, Maryland. This document, entitled "Intelligence Agencies Biological Warfare Briefing 20-21 November 1957, " classified, Secret, was recently sent through the open international mails to the Army Attaches, including those in Iron Curtain posts. It is not known whether any compromise has actually occurred or whether by good fortune all copies reached the addressees un- molested. The Board was informed that Defense (General Erskine) is conducting an investigation as to the extent and significance of a compromise, if any. The Board agreed that appropriate agencies should follow this situation closely, in order to be in a position to take counteraction of a psychological warfare nature, if indicated. (General Cabell will follow up on the compromise an le, as soon as General Erskine has given him the pertinent data. will then see that any appropriate action in the DDP field is arranged. ) 2. Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Explosives - Alaska Harbor Adm. Foster informed the group that the AEC, as part of its program for developing non-military uses for nuclear explosives, is investigating the possibility of creating a harbor in northwest NSC review(s) completed. Approved For Release 20061/03/fiT : Cf 1-RUP81 BO1676R002700050031-6 Approved For Ref ase? 2006/03f 17 A- ~ 01676R002700050031-6 Alaska. He said that the AEC wants to proceed with a survey of the feasibility of such a project and that they feel it necessary to make an early announcement of these plans. Mr. Herter pointed out that before any such public announcement is made, the USSR and Canada should be informed. The Board also discussed the possibility of inviting foreign observers to such a demonstration. It was agreed that State and AEC should consider the matter further and that any announcement should be coordinated through the OCB. It was agreed that, from the point of view of impact on foreign opinion, the OCB could perceive no objection to proceeding with the survey. Plans for the blasting include at least two devices in the megaton range and two smaller ones. 3. Trip to Cape Canaveral Mr. Sprague said that an orientation trip to the Missile Center at Cape Canaveral was scheduled for June 10, and expressed the hope that members of the OCB or their alternates could be on hand. (The OCB Staff, which is coordinating responses to these invitations, has been informed that Mr. Dulles will not be able to attend but that General Cabell would like to.) 9-~'~+~?.. C " 4e&k. . 4. Publication of Radiation Study Mr. Straus referred to the forthcoming report of the United Nations Radiation Committee, which is due to be released about July 1. He said that the report was a pretty good one and that an eight-page summary of it covers the essential points quite well. On the other hand, a one-page summary which has also been prepared, is quite misleading, in that it leaves out certain qualifications which appear in the report and in the longer summary. In view of the possibility of public misunderstanding, the Board felt that someone of the stature of Dr. Bronk, President of the U. S. Academy of Sciences, should be urged to make a public statement summarizing this report, at least three or four days in advance of its release. It was felt that such a statement could emphasize the fact that the UN report confirms a similar one by the Academy of Sciences issued in June 1956, and that a coordinated information effort with the UK should be developed. Approved For Release 20061 3/17 2CIA-RDP80B01676R002700050031-6 K '~ - ? iyf )d YY Approved For ReIea ?3/17 3;, QIA RDE Q 1676ROO2700050031-6 7 1 It was pointed out that some parts of this report have already reached the press and there is a probability that more of it will become public. 5. Latin American Youth Programs Mr. Allen informed the Board that the Vice President had expressed some interest in arranging special programs for Latin American students. One of the suggestions which had been made was to hold a Youth Congress in this country. The Board felt that the disadvantages of such a Congress probably would outweigh the advantages. They felt it preferable to try to develop mechanisms for making it possible for Latin American students to come to this country for longer periods of study, and in greater numbers than is now possible. It was agreed that an ad hoc OCB working group should be established under the chairmanship of USIA to develop concrete proposals for consideration by the Board. 6. "Winter-Summer School" Institutes In line with the above discussion, Mr. Gray said that the University of North Carolina had conducted several years ago an exchange program with Latin American universities, involving reciprocal visits during vacation periods. He said that this program has been dropped, largely for financial reasons, but that it might be re-instituted. 7. Education Programs for African Students Mr. Allen referred to a situation recently reported from Cairo. This involves a number of African students who are currently residing in Egypt and who have been approached by representatives of the USSR with offers of scholarships or jobs in the latter country. It was pointed out that a number of these students may be political refugees from their own countries, and without substantial resources, so they may be particularly susceptible to Communist overtures. It was agreed that the situation of this group and of other African groups, in Paris and elsewhere, should be investigated by the OCB Working Group on Africa South of the Sahara. Approved For Rel as6`2b?WO3/1' ;f",;ICI R B i676R002700050031-6 Approved For ReI s e . /3/17,. -,CIA, RD M In this general connection, it was stated that Dr. Sproul, retiring President of the University of California, might be available to head the overall student exchange program under the auspices of the State Department. ALLEN W: LLES D' ctor Distribution: Orig - DCI files 1 - DDCI 1 - BA/OCB Approved For Release 2006/03/17,4CIA-RDP80B01676R002700050031-6