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December 19, 2016
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December 18, 2003
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October 12, 1962
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On file D release instructions apply. Distribution: Orig & 1 - addressee 1 Exec Registry I 2 - DD/I SD/SI 2 -':AD/ SI Science and Technology U. S. De st of Commerce a' ashingto* 95, D. C. Assistant cr6 ark y ar. J. Herbert Hollorn OSI:SD:SASB T n ~~ ltr- prepared on 5Oct and 1tr prepared on 11 October were combined into one, by O/Exec Director. (Note: ltr prepared on 5 Oct was in O/DDCI awaiting signature when second ltr, prepared 11 Oct,was reed; consequently, letters combined and changed for signature Exec Director) Dear Dr. }=o1lomon: With further reference to our letter of 22 September, and in com; line a with your request of 12 pterx ber, we are enc1o izig our comments On the weather modifltlkUon program of the USSR. We were somewhat delayed 1* answering the other questions posesef by your G ? ittee because the background materials sent by your office did not a re: h ae un til G ctober. Our comments on this l believe this completes the ~.^ "letter. F-~e~r~sver, pd~ease call on us if we requested in reference be of further assistance. Sincerely yours', sl~~ Lyn B. -Xiikpatrick Lyman B. i irkpatrick Executive Director urest 10 copies of weather.'study 2 copies each of com hor#ts on OSUGINATED BY: 111- -&-.12 Oct 62 Chief, a iv Approved For Release 2006/1`0120: CIA-RDP80BO1676R002800100004-5. Project STROB. and IV Report p ce OSI CONCURRENCES: it 12 Oct 62 12 Oct 62 /s/ Albert D. Wheelon AD/ SI All signatures on, originalversiQ] Approved For Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80BO1676R002800100004-5 0 Distribution: Orig & 1 Addressee; 1-DDCI; 1-DD/I; l -Exec Reg; l -Exec Dir; 2-SD/SI; 2 AD/SI office to its r review last ~, fade .oaa~e3i We have forwrd ea c is Dr. J. rt Btt13, Assls t ire retexy fbr ffie s~2iao~ U. 0.. test of Cmmrm Wushi 25.. D Q. Dow W. enclose e on two asp the WMerr me di.f3.cat i the *uppert requse , in your "r of 12 septaubw 'lease can an us if we can further aesistanee. l ~ Mitt ,tu yours, WI* i . Q&rtAW Lieute $` , . U" Deputy 800100004-5 Approved For Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80B01676R002800100004-5 'met policy over the pstt s& _ _ _ - .. ~- as it~relates to flights of b ,s and a well defit" tiM tes cWriT Q over ths without pemis cian. it is unli Caly that t 1m &mlot attitude will &v viably under pi sent cold war canditiai> . C umIst China and the European Bloc a ntries can be meted to fbllm# the Soviet 1"d in aq' negotiations relating to o' f1fttht fil4" &j%4.m44W_ ~l Capability., is .. ~; WyMpt asp may' : p rbls that they would shoot 4*WA selected 8i10iP 1 ynytft fluted from tiWj?rarin; and tecia~fitis??itn Approved For Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80B01676R002800100004-5 ? 'ie ' : This fi a report r%Xft the World Jflte gcr1 O zii , station to the United 1kttane proposing se"rs]. 1 - rr "tic" relating to the ateea*ph&ric sciences. Th re acrt is In response to Resolution 1' $i (XVI), eentit ;ed Intee:msttitmat Cpcpustion in tin P""fui Ums Of qtr 91400," ww fed by the Genaera . Asa ly of the United J tions 'm 90 U member 1961. The r lurks deeeels with se:va eel, aspects of spce 6MIO event and leciwies a spe ifie section an the atmospheric scie s, wesather Ming, and ed r aeeet i+aeae. MW to the report ea seises that it is p"ljj"Wy and is not ink to present a fi*d or final Powma. The Mftts in reviewing devetiopaests in "outer space," calls attention to the conisi b] potential offered by artoorojogical satellites for advaseiug knwledp of t)o nature at atmospheric processes. As the basis for most of the actions pi s the report states "MID believes that the full itsti of the new met gEca l date which can be provided by artificial. saes necessitates an expansion and resrr*z a nt of the prat system Eby em vitiemal meteorological o beervatIons are air and end - procedures d damn by MC- The report Proposed ? "World Weather ; liettch" to ene'vre that each country will. have mstemelogtcal data. thin %moth er elatollite s and am- ventieueal ems to met its needs. It proposes world and rem, centers as the first steps in establishiey the World Weather Witch. t tshiastaft and eooar are 4.s1gaaateed as rld Centers* e d: *stab____ ant of a third World Canter In the bra memispbe re is saviesged. several regieans], Outten we ,i eereed, with the first preferably in Wsateern ptuopee. Certain funding pqposals axe wee Zlwding the,, establia nt of a tp1 World West rmd *lab vwAd be used to provide technical eassistaxwe i'iw the q4mmeAgtift of the per. r In caeteersideerri ng r+e s U.S. ppi of view the proposals lst to aestse~aw,2 satellitLUte s there seers fIctcars seed i ,iae-ttons other t tbmw of a pa y scientific zest's which, should b tkmm e ecaidered. As zegeessted, we a.teall *=4% m e? mumets larsely to non*scIentifto ecmeee deeratioees and to the probable Soviet actions r e s p a e s s e to the 1 pales. r spaect to military a sis3derstioae it is ll ed that w a-ther kttft bas , reca bees n withheld by the ire ant exmay nations In wing World. ftp I and II. a asts or other disclosures of weed ettiome *04 forecasts unmr wartime conditionsr~ to Obviously would to ng slid to the eeneer r that wee shell not dwell Approved For Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80BO1676 ?, 3 tat. Mode= +~i whrf is t t o raa r tctrstststleeg Attt! u.. et a WO lgoulem of aeathar ftftmtlAg for so-called "stiowt areas m tMt is, armor ft= tech icwaae are a l w ab e. Ville asat aatej]jtr at beset known '12144 t .. t I _ - ant o13 re nation fpp all"t me"- _'-4000 .mss wjua #1Otl1/tal" m.. It (Mum o ). Fort l a r w r t t the t fuu co we a iaitr ra att a e ], of its watbar- ~~t. aM all flits f Li awditioll to UND PO"Um 'e" ~t, o' wa y, my be a # their use ~# }, t - oer !'2 L tia ;! COIti Possibility. ,, ShMIA an ONNOW nation l own the 1y rmwUd migmal of OW s cb A ig the data read t o is s s ate ns that nation mt be able to wee this senr of obtaining i+eeat r daft over per terrritoiy t'rrert O"r apt satellites. seem to iMiaa re that I* Should ei ntat strict tseln is al. t *l ever the tom, cf each of Ate' Aatsl].itAtr. Certainly f "ther investigation is iMiaat , to d.t ;ar ahlthft to . is a real probi a. The Soviet the ts& Otatem in initiating t i buts, to at Irtea-oerater bl Varimm Soviet to berme Leer e U "a" P%PM* tb*Y PM "Other MOrUm a et in that arms and me expect them to orbit e- "tsar.; sateJlibr 80 04- The Sorts are awnra" of the mi,itwry adlant of such a s*telutes alc the entire al+ace ~ and t e-ir ~ to add tr a s i s o f t h e i r n e w s achiwvemnt w ll, probably Contribute to a that trtla t or mablae tC*' to ful r to the 1 proposals Outlined in this rem, Based u pwt saris, erts33t" or evasive tactics rather outright rein, to pro eroeeeo now be ' -cr . Such an anti o~~ the ln~ its that this ,mmm'z'y ups course or action on their shoal+d ~+ait Smd mptiato dtvoctly ?i th the Soviets a tl*t than to which might 3~ us at a elite lass ttoererttaerezrts to the htastilitieesf eyed to the in acre of - - save w a IAWthat b" + ---^"- - "0 hft ? It erg ttt~. ,.. not cooperate ?_rti saweer or - ? , a~,ea araO.ur Or can be ftund to satellites and at the lass time ett we vrograft routing to wather rNWORD"JA sAeet r that over awwvw&m nrttiasal interest* airs full e a y r ed. **0""49 full +esonsideaatican +erg dtetwaosIM of is *Oct of t is A* other viers brat U-0- aPOsIft iddah have 1049 Idexed aet+eorologltesl Approved For Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80B01676R002800100 thst its on the obUmr j- ? , AW' 2 ~t 5erv#Ce{?,, C- 10 '+ 'ktam + ut . b 8 0 cctitxib! c tea ri ltt AWM7 %vWA be obio to t~ro1s. We as ?b *ftt a to Mbft" ,o , . nsttlljt* O8wdz*tions !bs? rev"m , ,.n_ . *' P # 3s masse Approved For Release 2006/10/20 : -CIA-RDP80B01676R002800100004-5 'MEMORAN'DUM 'FOR: (DATE) F 1DAUGN54 101 REPLACES FORM 10-101 Approved For Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80B01676R002800100004-5 'mac t& bs*kgroww tUlv Approved For Release 2006/10/20: CIA- on or rrevei:~'+iaza 03 v: rj WEATHER CONTROL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Uq i ssu ed' on 4 October 29 62 by the Office off 1WX, 10 e i g e n n e 0 C e t i iigence Agency,) jog. Use of the Hoop We91her Control Co ttee) a General By uuat on of Soviet Wea Cor te ~ m The Soyyet Union has a age and competent weather coofrol reseap d developments prog ?am. T he Soviet approach consists of eclezWfi0 research.. largely In the area of cloud and prep p ;aeon ph icsa and field experiments. Modern methods of khoral=W research used to support the basic sc ienWlc progr't , MeteolVloggjc . ra D planes, and small Pockets used the e erbne al work0 2 vet ~~~ ?+ a ec f d Achlevem ?~ a o There are no -indications that the Soviet U on has achieved or is about to a eve any large scale control of the weather at this time? he greatest Soviet accomplishment to dare has been in devising techniques to dissipate low super-ccooled cloud's and fog alld In se .ng up an operational program to ai ze these techniques to clear air fields in the USSR. Soviet efforts to Induce precipitation from clouds have be :n simTh r to those of the United &ates and results have been rather inconclusive. The Soviets have claimed some success the prevention of bx%il by use of rockete, carry9mg pyrotechnical devices for producing and dispersing ellvrer-Iodide particles but the accuracy of the claimed results is questionable. SECRET WHO- Dioludod from automatics dl n;rcdins and II deUl~c ifir.?Ucn Approved For Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80BO1676R002800100004-5 SECRETS 3e eve ?? ~o Sm ~~ o With external axpeat ash cea a Agency for the past Six years has conducted a Izatan s ey of the Soviet cloud physics and weather mo ' .cation s of results were pubUshed in 1958 and 1960 and a amp repot 13 nearing completion at the presest time. Ka each of ?Og spa gft&es met Scientific research cloud h ted as Ol1ghtly be ind that of the United S-aces while $ovict work radar meteogolo d weather modification has been judged to b is ly Qapproxaaely two to five years) bead that of the United Scat The fact that much of the Soviet work Is classified conside on An r g at these comparative Stan ecrecy in this are does lit ice has. been been take: mewbat our confidence this appraisal. pig to project these relative standinIto the ?a e is the fact that a weer mo c Son breakthrough is - - 10 xu4y a sae near ?utmre? Xe either the United States or the Soviet U na However a because of the effi ous amounts of energy involved in weather processesa such tyre e era ~ as e ? Certain eaeo The Soviet press has carted a number of articles proposing schemes aimed at Influenckg the weather and climate over substantial areas. Examples of these schemes are those proposing the d g of he Bering Strait. the melting of the arctic ice caps and the creation of an SECRET 4. Soviet Schemes for ~l~~an Soviet PO Approved For Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80BO1676R002800100004-5 -.mod sea fm SS.be a by.da g the no va -flowing Ob Rveg,o : of t bete propoeaflk have been expeziom Even wig the 3vet Union. le disagreed or, the p i PDA ad Ott that long de by reptabie p oplea but not by weer ee Wo be requlwd t o deter x e of some of their schemes. mere have woe the effle s of sztph age@e 1e en ee g p jeta At pro at the Soviet UUdoi t Intends tot ler ake pro jecst off to Mat V ttd sae] oe the weer arm cM 5o SovI(st llea?Ave and Fomsgb~e ~L ~Il3~ a? 09 eathsT controzo oipal ob j Lvea Of bw t work AM the level _ pme e1- to ove me the rgavor 9e weather and C at c oor t rm which gder oe the auatlrte.? At the PeaseaA tame there aye C T d de e . over ae read, deleve a aE! A me ate of the Uiited tateeA ? met owalotm have A that ut a flair degree ,f efr e for m to Of krrg@w0oae went e ' wnuwaga loth that they ro use At a flog nvlM hold atrmp3: t to quee be deve owl eat ad-war on 10 also ad otpo~ ~ ty0 SEC TJ ero' to Mde a such pzojeote wit An peao age fm came 'peda Sov nee of wa Approved For Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP 6. Cksoffied ??as of m et Research, much of wk an ram M46ozzlav fm -99-aedp apps a y 9 once o f C eg dew United ,8em0 1 eQ The qp of Somewhat egior An MoRA, ticegiQ no Saea ,g ~~,e hogs?sc ewe er Mo wa.21offi =POr al IM atmftfto ?r duad role's org to y amd m o 1o ea rid M2cm~Md&e RQ54 AQI?0d'CM~o a T?SQ O gUM (t c Fob -9M3 09 to 2atte ? e were sups? 61IM e vgve a ~ w e me e ke w1 e e: gadso eq d p m t b d at 903 CIMOSM, lode e e eve conducted e tie rye gog a d cloud aftdies" ft prbthb became ?t $e o the d am Y0 . 2,=w to The lese wen b1 ioe tywo me of =ilea the meets have c ores AM the ,w&ffIC r -r e2 oleQ aadeQ There are MO Xe 02 e Approved Fo lease 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80BO16 8002800100004-5 CET have lagged to v dvga up b speed eel se&T*t wm COMMbote &gy qd d ffi o such mpntte Would be neeful fa Chit wQ (Br> mad3(p, ?m pnzp*o o o to Jet. b o m b e r , M-28 t d t h e j z 4 iTp s ? TU 1 4a 402 rc ag, r kod f M e r a ~o e"M f soma SOVI(St L1900 agg w a g . GUOSS4 p ei pO e mead azMde a IFO-2 & 1948,9 M?12 sal thc L44 am 10560. th LO- 3, &a W?da a MM-2, Md th iUo4 i 1950; t s ZL?4 from 15' 1988? -~? t 4t w wgagedfin cloud physics and whew mcdMcatli 'UGS-k &Z-3 &cS I e of ?puedl Geoph iez, id the II t e of pheFrIc sio0 M?Ocow; the mom GODY and the Cep gh o de matwmlc SOT pee Aaro1o CaR Oboerva:_ _Z7o now M ? t s i W w ? T h e fint two . ,_ tt ee ere s to to AC Academy of SCIMC der two ?hee toriam are Mder the P.9 USSR rate of the Hy - e t M10 c . Se ge, U L Apps ely 40 *other Mutes, a eve sites are iwolved to some extent In related research. The p c,pa SECRET ~o U00-d Wea&w Rem Oho The Use SAUCS 1960 Approved Far Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80B01676R002800100004-5 o *? 0 tltu e of Applied Geop adca w from the former Kahavdfa B Branch Geo VOICE an x b 191w eather the rumsutate of X43 29Ha 43 37Brm Weather moaft a tdee have been co id acted at these alter for severd y o The elevation of the former branch to the Maas of an ~mstftute dLcatet dncrc ed emphasis on weather control reee m The do .tate has four laboratories, a high mowtaLn geophysical station and a er exper.me. SECRET pe an t sites for 1a ratory and exile rsa work In modiS eation are located on or near Mt. E ro under, e Mourftft ~ field sitea, 1?m The P lamed A-11-Union Clo ~ear~ 1964-0k nn ~ommt c m et ~ ~~ o ~~ M? ~" ~ 0 Since 19 9 v eteoroll g100 have pied an AMmUni n Cloud Years a period of inteneive research on cads and flog. A res lto coaterence stated An p 0 "The taeke of the Year ern of the ffon Lust be aad of our knowledge of clotdt and ffogs.. for the ft we perfection of pro, osd of c and then for a ve co rox over them. o0 Am now scheduled, the Soviet Claud Year will coincide with the nter- national Quiet Sum Year (2 ) and wdLl thereffore take advantage of the va ty of world-wide geophysical data supplied by coopereMng natons. AM lea g co n rde Including the United Mates, p to paz cIpate SECRET/ Approved Fo.r Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80B01676R002800100004-5 an the ROY. T h e ff a o ~ Qat the 937W U oo app Me i?10 P g ffor @ dy off vIgu aid ffo of we er ffox!oc g and wea*sa- oo 1 asm of a oa i.c ~Pa~~~ regowoas i c eIr a a t doa d P 91V ca4901% of pproved For Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80B -1 I DD/I LS /0 9 ~,y D E 2 Exec Director LBO lI ~~ ------- --- 4 See notation on ER fil co of inal lette 5 6 ACTION DIRECT REPLY PREPARE REPLY APPROVAL DISPATCH RECOMMENDATION COMMENT FILE RETURN CONCURRENCE INFORMATION SIGNATURE Remarks : 25X1 (.Proposed letter to Dr. Hollomon and memo from AD/SI to DCI dtd 4 Oct got to O/DCI simultaneously -- memo is attached as background.) 25X1 O/Exec Dir has copy of the study) FOLD HERE TO RETURN TO SENDER FROM: NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NO. DATE Assistant Director/SI UNCLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL I V4 SECRET FORM I A R 55 237 which may bemused. SENDER WIL; CHECK CLAS ATION TOP AND BO TOM UNCLASSIFIED FIDENTIAL SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP TO NAME AND ADDRESS INITIA (40) U. S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE : 1955-0-342531 ,Approved For Release 20 5 )`1 4 O C T 1962 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence SUBJECT: Report on Meeting with Hollomon Weather Control Committee REFERENCES: (1) Letter from Dr. Hollomon, Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology, U. S. Department of Commerce, dated 12 September 1962 (2) Letter to Dr. Hollomon from dated 22 September 1962 Acting DCI 1. the VtticP n ,,, me with committee memb ours e 4487 ecutive Registry , p em er ers Dr. Thomas F (USN), and Mr. Frederick L. White F. Malone, Captain Daniel Rex of the American Geophysical Union aSF). Dr. Malone, President' Meteorological Society, chaired the meet pas nt President of the American g in the absence of Dr. Hollomon. 2. The committee was established at the request of Dr. Jero and the Department of State to formulate U. S. polic me Weisner y and to proposals before the United Nations and the World Meteor logic relating zation nation for international cooperation in large- oogical Organi- weather control research, 3. The meeting of the committee with CIA determine the specific needs of the committee for intelligence was to to present informally some of CIAts fin g advice and control research and development. The Cogmrelating ias inntere ere weather to Soviet obtaining CIA opinion on the followin was in capabilities in weather control as g questions: (1) What are Soviet compared with the United States? Ersolndad from t afamntfc do:rn~radin; cnd dectassificntlnn .Approved For Release 2006/10/20 SUBJECT: Report on Meeting with Hollomon Weather Control C ommittee (2) Would the Soviets (3) What are the gain or lose by cooperation with the United States? Prospects for Soviet cooperation in such a project? 4. The CIA representatives expressed some informal opinion but emphasized more detailed information would be presented in an A g e n c y ncy letter to be forwarded soon. The no indications that the Soviets have achieved opinions were: ere, to (1) g achieve any no indications s that over Soviets weather. There are modi- fication research program but it is behind that of the United States; therefore (2) the USSR would have more to Program of the type pro gain than the United States in a cooperative o ion in a posed. (3) The prospects are not coupe involve a Proposed program because good for full Soviet w and other over -flights as proposed, the program Union; (b) it would require fights over the territory of th -fie equipment it o disclosure of Soviet the Soviet significance to air defense; Progress diradar and xacr and(c)itwoulddsclosethe exact status of Soviet knowledge of weather control tee will receive elaboration in our reply.-, piques. Thesepoints 5. The committee expressed satisfaction with our approach a indicated that our opinions would be ver nd y useful. I-LUbERT D. WHEELON Assistant Director Scientific Intelligence _-- `~ h1DER WILL CHECK CLAS ATION TOP AND BOTTOM '' - T-~JNCLASSIFIED FIDENTIAL SECRET CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP TO NAME AND ADDRESS DATE INITIALS I DD/I r C 2 ExecDirector 3 DDCI 4 DCI 5 6 ACTION DIRECT REPLY PREPARE REPLY APPROVAL DISPATCH RECOMMENDATION COMMENT FILE RETURN CONCURRENCE INFORMATION SIGNATURE Remarks : 25X1 FOLD HERE TO RETURN TO SENDER FROM: NAME, ADDRESS A 0. DATE ol/S?_-=2Q Hdgrs~, P OCT 3'E UNCLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL SECRET FORM NO. 237 Use previous editions (40) 2- 1 J / U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE : 1961 0-587282 or KPIPr,CP 2f)fA11(117fl ? r,IIl_PnPS2nR(11P7~I~nn")Qnnlnnnnn c Approved For Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80BO1676R002800100004-5 CONCURRENCES: ambt ton 25. D. C. Deputy - 'Yac a e igence ?" Aesietant Directorl5l Date: 7 nate.j_8 SE.P 962 Dr. J. Herbert Assistant cr s y U. S. Depsrtrn nt of Comn er+c it Science and Teshme1ogy Dear r. 1io1lona n: Yo% foreign referre action. +er at fng our praisal of a and ingesq* r in Wither trot has been tinganharic m4 spice sciences group for indicated Uud ON p u for a prelinnxinary &acussion of ayrsitlable information and to learn how his poup can bit star" your needs. I trust that these arrangements re saRtiafactory and we can be of assistance. with members of Your committee at 1000 hours on 26 September ? Fred Whiter of ? your staff and I ade an appointment to =Set chief of the group. has s 4, 6 tag-, , 40--/ under stwW for several pared and forwarded to you on or about 1 October. In the meantime. he haw contacted years sad that a report can b 25X1 M r$h^U S. Carter ens Gene `e1+ USA Distribution: OSI/SDI 2-AD/SI; 2-SD/SI Orig l addressee; 1-DCI 1--DDCI; 1'-DD/j; 1-E ae ; "Acting IIirss r_ 1 Sep 62 ,~ Executive Be,'sa. THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF COMMERCE 7WASHINGTON 25, D.C. September 12, 1962 Acting Director Central Intelligence Agency Washington 25, D. C. concerning the feasibility of this and a general recognition of the possibility of some day doing this can not be excluded. lessly are aware, there has been considerable speculation Resolution made explicit reference to exploring the possibility of large-scale weather control. As you doubt- approved unanimously by the United Nations. The U.N. sciences as proposed by President Kennedy last fall and to an international cooperative effort in the atmospheric Wiesner, Waterman, Dryden, Cleveland, Brown and myself, as chairman, to formulate an official position with respect the Government an Interagency Group consisting of Messrs. As you may know there has recently been established within An official statement issued by the American Meteorological Society emphasized this with the comment: "Development in recent years have suggested that limited control of weather and climate may be scientifically possible." Against this background, I would be particularly interested to have your appraisal of U.S.S.R. activities and intentions in this area. There are three reasons for believing that this is an appropriate time to make a careful review of this: 1) It is well known within the scientific community in this country that the Soviet scientists have been interested in this matter for some time. For example, after a visit from Professor Eugene Federov, Director of the Institute of Applied Geophysics and Scientific Secretary to the Physical Science section of the Soviet Academy of Science, Dr. Harry Wexler recalled: "I received a definite impression that under his direction and stimulation, Soviet scientists were making broad attacks on the scientific basis of weather modifications on a variety of scales." Approved For Release 2006/10/20: CIA-RDP80BO 76 R002800100004-5 2) Among the resolutions adopted at the Sixth All-Union Called Conferences held in 1959 at the Institute of Applied Geophysics of the Soviet Union Academy of Sciences was this statement: "Needed is a more daring approach directed toward completion of studies of influencing large-scale meteorological processes and commands." 3) The draft program of the Soviet communist party presented to its 22nd Congress last October carried this statement: "Under the Socialist system of economy, scientific and technical progress enabled man to employ the riches and forces of nature both effectively in the interests of the people, to discover new types of energy and to create new material and to develop means of weather control (emphasis added), and to master outer space." Since it is essential that our position be prepared within the next two months, there is some urgency in this matter and I would appreciate any light that you may be able to shed on Soviet intentions. Y H e o ss stant Secretary for cience and Technology 1/4pproved For Release 2006110/20: CIA-RDP80B01676R002800100004-5 DD/I AD/ SI Please prepare interim reply for Acting Director's signature, and see if we can't have a report for them by I October. Please route reply through this office. Asst ER 62 - 6734 - ltr dtd Sept 12 from/Sec'y of Commerce J. Herbert Hollomon re Interagency Group to formulate official position with respect to International cooperative effort in the atmospheric sciences proposed by President last Fall - asks appraisal of USSR activities and intentions in this area. Executive Director 14 Sept 62