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December 21, 2016
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January 2, 2009
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October 28, 1963
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=n' bh/S 63-95 Approved For Release 2009/01/02 CIA-RDP80BO1676R003100170006-6 Executive Registry OCT 1963 MEMORANDUM FOR: -f)irc cte,r of P.:'rr:olinF' -,r ()i ]IT n! C:11 !,1T1 `'t TBJECT P(op:)rrit)fT I,tt pie)?.;e C i rne'- ('T). e 1. For several vea .s .Vo. leave he'll r i . s i r n - n :cr tc -r) ??f repo tin emplovec' emergencies by telephone, is the ccrner',e'nci.'s occur. to i:his G "fire and to the Office of the Fyecutlve I)ircctnr ac Well i~ t(> (Ai. r ir'rr rl (-- fir), t' q.t T>nn^nts of the Agency. I am tt)Ici that - a4 h of foul lrmy a , ,i rate: ln,l in sorb" rar ns. ~. somewhat more tornioeji .'ed ti,V'?t.:'TTl for ii: yin. T,'rrr noH- re'-nt'j-p I to -,Toll_ For the most part, f, an su ? e i list those _vc,teni -' `van en' ire1 r pi -;fac`orih, There are, however, times w'ien th=' s-ism_'IT! of to buts ;T r' r1t11lni ni('atjc)n tO this Office and to the Office of t1ee? I'X(r ll iVo i?+re 'tnr 1 ., :,nt 'v-n letelJ serve its purpose to evervo le''s _satisfact m. `Vit'1 n iev'r tewrir4-1 irlurovil)n our average for cuss o"ne'r s itik- f.irtieln. T '' iT:}ti fr ''r) fdev^leneri for by each of your office!; in rt nc)- tines r'nl1=)htVe(, r~rn rer"?,ic s~imliltar-e(1n51y* to this Office, the Office of rhE T?xe>t iitivt I)e r( rrnr ,1.,r, r :ffi,-o of the (v,her Dentmr Director concerned. and n ieiviilla] Tln.`i rne-t~rs rile ?ihh~rtinn n c-, ef('terl-niried by the originator which mici 1 incindo, re eXr'rn1'. t! As,-si.stant to the Director for nuhlic information 2. l have no desire to (1i;riirh your c-&,tincr i ,tr if e?l~ort nrT :;vste ns nor to superimpose a new st 'ni over th+?rll. The ohi ?c-*i` e is to nrovfde a tiietil(xf somewhat more, .ivsl fills ized thrrl+ :1 ~r i if-, CA, . ?lfnb"lls, to permit simultaneous renortinc to all inie's4' tt?r1 rt1; tir,, T ,i1rr. tulle fnT .)9 `: hichever of your oifl(:os TO ' 'i VC's iiitra; *1 _t~e':l ~1i lit f' 'rr~l'wee t`rvn-ere nc~~J 'it'r?t Would comnh'te the ren:iirt'd nilnlhC'r of env'rie of Est, fni-?l _n.nI f!isi-rihtire `hem immediately and siruuir.ui1".(niuly t}) (?lltrii Hit, i)t!t>1 :r ati! 111F(.' 5v;;teni, fr.cidents Which occur dltrinc milt'. nie*hlt h1't 3ro r)i -;(? i !IQ r'nr)11o} rr; .! T ^l a_nt ;using the interested party -wild to re_C'rrrr(',1 On rhI, Fr) m fi-r?sr ^f, the following morning in time for the i1) fflrrii r i011 te, I,e iv ri no 1.,itoir thin 0845, A few examples e;f thr kind of thine T trn['r, j, r) i ci 1?.4), ili,,r.trite the purpose: a. Recently an cmi;i( co- who "Vi" s1TC'11>n'Cr'tl tr lit, -,,-Nv,lxj or 1+e weekend visiting, re1( sent 10 v.'hic1 th.: empl'wcc: was assigned. In this case, there wouJc:; no no. d tr_ no liv the Director of Security or tt?2 Ass stunt to the L"ireett r. c;, An employee svifercd a heart attack Whi.lL. of duty and away from the Headquarters auildin skis Office c,f E'crscnnoI was tlle first ' qr. component to receive d~e reaort of iit i.5 irlcLit, nt. i'ii new form would he cornuleted by the Office of Persolh-el in enm'urrh s- 01, ics to mate simultaneous distributi'in to the l~xec:.ltive Pi-:ect, ,-. the Deputy Director (Support), the Deputy D?rector coil e -red, a n.1 the t=:1,ief, 1V1, Staff. In this case, notio-icatio!l to the Director o Scour; .v i rid the Assistant to the I .X-rector would b- discro,tior:ai v acid tie :icic a; cordinrq to the facts and specific circemsta.rc c of the irlc i.dent.. The Office of Personnel has a'? s.lf t',,cse fors: s ~.nd will make there available upon request, iJn' i.l we havo :some cxoe-ienc , v,itn the use of these orms and introduce refincn,ent: which w 1l, no tl'arht. he desirable, the creneral rule of thumb shout! be: when in ciouht -- -epoa- t_ Meanwhile, if you have any questions i;lcasc ci' &;cliss them v. ith alai %1.> can be reached on extension Unless you have some specific object ion i ,v,)idld start using this new system immediately. Attachment: Report of Employee Emer;.:encv Form Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003100170006-6 7 iYtrT iK i,Y,Y I.. i?YY i+h ii$ > ? ?+I/rrr.\.. ++?.? ?IrIIar.+\\\ \+vrYrl/rrr ?.+\.++~ ?rII r ++++rr ? ~"?: -7F 13 F! RY Y 1F}?!;};h i;!?F ///\\\\\++?r ///r:\\\ \+ ++?r\ ++~?FYrr/ + ih f ii; ~r {} ii;h~ i!,h }i \ 'L'~:~.~1' //e..:\~ 1~. i ? ll.(.} \ } ih ~' ? \\+~ /rrr.\\\N+1'r/I/N.44N+++'YY/II/ +\ YY +i'i'~{?~~3 / 1~1~'h `j ~i?~}F" I,.4~~\ ~i.}.}rirA4\\\i+~#.}ir/rr...\\+++Yrr .}}4\\ ~1 ~////r.44\\\~ ~Irr/r.4\N\+Y?/I/JJr.!.4~\\~y'rrl//!.!.!.!~4+\1]?rYJJ1.a!.!.44+1+_~i?h~~~t .4t~~i!}h~~~ ~ i i?h},'~~J _ 1 {{'E.h~ ! ~ ?. ///?~,.,\1.++++?rY///J.4-\++++?rrrr?~I~~~! +~ r//I//.\N\\M+Y r/I.........-"--"----.. -..- ;N+TYY/r+/+/'1'i' +++?rrY {?fi h'} t{#}} Approved For Release 2009/01/02 CIA-RDP80B01676R003100170006-6 r~+ fi+h .}}N FF%Jll:l: Y\?~'~ :''.rlFF/'J"4NN++?JY%%%J}'.. \ ~+h'%%%% (Nh e n Filled - 7n )`F} i h)? ii' ?1,# \ '~#~' / .+\S++'~'L /. ------------ t?N:~'}~~'~'~l~' ///a.y\\'C'L'~.. i//r,'.?.\\\\++ ~i///r.\\\\++tivYl \ +++?:'ry \ _ _ Irr...4++ E L O Y E E M P L O Y E E M E R M E R G E N C Y EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR DEPUTY D I RECTOa;(3Uj'dORT) DEPUTY DIRECTOR ( ) N C Y 901 a ' MA i'fi~`Y `rd+MrY~r+/+r+r'rYz '+/+'#1Z`i`+/+\~+r+~f #YSrC'~l/ C IuZ +~M1 ri'~.~I'} +++rrr f{t:} ++~}hYY/} + ~,i~ r/ (~1~"3 $7'rr` } fit"} r+h r}} }h L1#1 /r ~\++t~.#~? / / +\\ #}J {{#l'F kfi~li~/~r+/w'''i1'y 11014 C}II3}i#.i`,`i.j{~3?i/?+i+i+i\-Zr~L?~~!+!r'w~i\+/+"?r~~!!~i,}/+i;~d+r+y\Y+?r+,;r#.Z};i+/r~}~yl~~?i//+i+}r+Y\+/f~tir~}/+/+L/+'r\r\?%f+CSC+t'~rrr }'4'i +.,:... 1.1~4i 11.1a1SS{ 1111.cLSSS{... }}`~Jffa.SS{S.. ~Y1,r'.drlSS.... ~}}1Na~kS S ....11.~~? Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003100170006-6 Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003100170006-6 Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003100170006-6 Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003100170006-6 TRANSMITTAL SLIP DATE 28 October 1963 Executive Director ROOM NO. I BUILDING 7D59 HO For your information. Deputy Director (Suppp:rt)__-_ ROOM NO. I BUILDING I FYTFN JnM 7 D 26 j Hg FORM O 24 I REPLACES FORM 36-B it rpo. 19571 0-439445 WHICH MAY BE. USED. Approved For Release 2009/01/02 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003100170006-6