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February 14, 2007
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November 12, 1958
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Approved For Release 2007/02/16: CIA-RDP80B01676R003200200018-8 ?,XQC13tSVE SlE`r? Niominations of Candidates for non-CIA Awards Director of Persozmel 1 morandimi, same subject, dated 12 November 1858 The Office of the Deputy Director (Coordination) does not in the referenced memorandum. wish to nominate any candidates for the non-CIA Awards listed L. K. TECO1`T., JR -- General,, USA (Ret. Deputy Director (Coordination) Approved For Release 2 W2P_ 1~~ f &_,F ZC~PJ0 301676R003200200018-8 12 November 1958 MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Director (Coordination) Deputy Director (Intelligence) Deputy Director (Plans) Deputy Director (Support) SUBJECT: Nominations of Candidates for non-CIA Awards 1. Attached are announcements for nominations for the non-CIA civilian awards listed below. The criteria for the awards have been marked in red in the attached brochures. Rosters of names of those who conform to the basic age criteria will be transmitted to you in a day or so. The basic criteria include: NATIONAL CIVIL SERVICE LEAGUE AWARDS (10 available) a. Exceptional competence and sustained efficiency; evidence on part of candidate to prepare himself for a U.S. government career; evidence of participation in community activities. b. 15 years in government (preferably continuous including military service,but not necessarily all in one Agency); evidence of career intent fo4 government service. ARTHUR S. FLE[4ING AWARDS (5 scientific; 5 executive) a. Male; age hO or less. b. Specific accomplishment in one of following - material improvement, financial saving or significant technological progress; general accomplishment; outstanding executive, scientific or technical performance. WILLIAM A. JUMP MEMORIAL AWARD (1 available plus 3 honorable mentions), a. Either sex; age 36 or less. b. Unusual competence in administration leadership; creative thinking. 2. As you know the Career Council decided to consider nominations for these awards simultaneously so that more judicious recommendati "a in the for 25X1 of Central intelligence would be made. Please advise Mr. by memorandum or telephone on or before 18 November 1958 whether or not you wish to name candidates for any or all of the above-named awards. The Career Council will review all nominations of candidates for these awards and make its recom- mendations to the Director. GORDON M. STEWART Director of Personnel C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T-I-A-L e4um Zewice 4&4m*& FIFTH ANNUAL PRESENTATION TO OUTSTANDING FEDERAL EMPLOYEES ZWo"t &tE Sewce Ied9ae 1881-1959 eaee4 Smltce 4uan'd The National Civil Service League, a non-partisan citizens' organi. zation for good government, announces its Fifth Annual Career Service Awards program. This National Civil Service League program is undertaken to strengthen the public service by bringing national recognition to significant careers in the Federal Service. The League will grant awards to ten career employees who exem- plify in an outstanding manner the primary characteristics of the career service: competence, efficiency, character, and continuity of service. Awards are granted on an annual basis. Extensive publicity through tellevision, radio, magazines, and newspapers will be given to the competition and the presentation of awards. 74 '1404lud The Career Service Award will consist of a scroll. In addition, award winners will be guests of honor at a dinner in Washington, D. C., to be addressed by a nationally prominent speaker. Name 4 Seeeca 1. Competence A record of exceptional competence; evidence of sustained effi- ciency which demonstrates and emphasizes outstanding careers. 2. Character A record of integrity and devotion to the principles of public service both on the lob and m pnvate life. 3. Continuity of Service ~ At least 15 years (including military service) snotnecessarily a ii one agency. TThis must give evidence of progression in e nomineers career and not merely re1l ct length of service. Consideration will also be given to : Special efforts by the individual to prepare for serviceand qualify for advancement -both prior to and after entering overnment service. Agency and Department heads are invited to nominate candidates. Men and women in all grades and salary levels are eligible. Nominees must be employed in one of the career services?of the. federal govern- ment (e.g., competitive civil service,. Foreign Service, Tennessee Val- - leY ,Authority, Federal Bureau of Investigation,_Library Of- Congress, District of Columbia), or by their.records_of service must be clearly ees ~vha-.are--m ix gQygrnnent service i oy . career - empl their life work. (Many lawyers, for example, would fall into this category.) In such cases, an individual's career status must be estab- lished by his Agency and recognized by the League's Committee of Judges. The decision of the Judges will be final. No more than five employees may be nominated by each Agency or Department. A written statement, in duplicate, with a photograph (5 x 7 glossy) must be submitted. The statement should include: 1. Justification for the nomination in terms of the primary con? siderations already noted as the basis of selection. 2. Pertinent data about the employee: Name (verified spelling) Date and place of birth Title and grade Organizational location Residence address Marital Status - Number of children Education - High School - College Academic degrees 3. Comments on civic or other similar activities or organizations in which the nominee has participated. This can include par- ticipation in professional societies, social welfare activities, church activities, etc. 4. Human interest factors especially related to the career service. emu, Dot& Nominations must be submitted by December 7, 1958, to the Awards Committee, National Civil Service League, 315 Fifth Avenue, New York 16, N. Y. Present plans call for granting the Awards on March 2, 1959. ",I / 6 1" A special committee, appointed by the Officers and Executive Committee of the National Civil Service League, will serve as Judges. President NICHOLAS KELLEY Kelley, Drye, Newhall & Maginnes Treasurer JOSEPH I. LUBIN Eisner & Lubin Chairman of the Council ROBERT'; L. JOHNSON, President Temple University Executive Director JAMES R. WATSON Chairman, Executive Committee DANIEL W. BELL President & Chairman American Security & Trust Company BRUCE BROMLEY Cravath, Swaine & Moore CHARLES BURLINGHAM Burlingham, Hupper & Kennedy ROBERT D. CALKINS President The Brookings Institution WALTER D. FULLER Walter D. Fuller Company DAVID L. HARRINGTON Chairman Reuben H. Donnelley Corporation DEVEREUX C. JOSEPHS Chairman New York Life Insurance Company ROBERT S. KERR, JR. Kerr, Conn & Davis JOHN W. MACY, JR. Executive Vice President Wesleyan University JAMES P. MITCHELL (on leave) U. S. Secretary of Labor SAMUEL H. ORDWAY, JR. Vice-President Conservation Foundation WINSTON PAUL President Domestic Exploration Corporation WESTON RANKIN Price Waterhouse & Company SIDNEY W. SOUERS Chairman General American Life Insurance Company CHARLES, B. STAUFFACHER Vice-President Continental Can Company JAMES E. WEBB President Republic Supply Company WATSON W. WISE Petroleum JAMES C. WORTHY Vice-President Sears, Roebuck and Company NATIONAL CIVIL SERVICE' LEAGUE 315 Fifth Avenue New York 16, New York Eleventh Annual ARTHUR S.-ILEMMING AWARDS PROGRAM Honoring OUTSTANDING YOUNG MEN IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Sponsored by JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF WASHINGTON, D. C. and AMERICAN SECURITY AND TRUST COMPANY WASHINGTON, D. C. he Junior Chamber of Commerce of Washington, D. C., announces the Eleventh Annual Arthur S. Flemming Awards Program honoring outstanding young men in the Federal Government for 1958. PURPOSE OF THE ARTHUR S. FLEMMING AWARDS PROGRAM The purpose of annually honoring outstanding young men in the Federal Govern- ment is fourfold: (1) to recognize young men who have performed outstanding and meritorious work for the Federal Government; (2) to attract outstanding young men to the Federal Government; (3) to encourage high standards of per- formance in the Federal service; and (4) to enhance appreciation of our form of government and the opporunities and responsibilities that it presents. The United States Civil Service Commission has enthusiastically supported and assisted the Junior Chamber of Commerce in the furtherance of this Program. ELIGIBILITY OF NOMINEES Any male civilian, officer or employee of the Executive Branch of the United States Government who will not reach his fortieth birthday before January 1, 1959, is eligible for nomination in the Arthur S Flemmin Awards Program. Employees heLibrary of Congress, the General Accounting Office, Office of the Architect of t' of the Capitol, the Government Printing Office, the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, and the Botanic Garden are also eligible. Nominees may include officers or employees in either the departmental and field service throughout the world. Awards will be made for outstanding and meritorious performance during the fiscal year which ended on June 30, 1958. BASIS OF AWARDS The following general criteria will be considered in evaluating nominations: (a) Specific Accomplishment. A specific accomplishment, for which the nominee is primarily responsible, resulting in a material improvement in service, ubsxanri l -fin, ncial savings ors mficant social or technological One or more nominees may be-submitted if, such nominees were grogress. equally responsible for the accomplishment. (b) General Accomplishment. Outstanding executive, scientific or technical ability or outstanding, performance evidenced.-, by the nominee, even though such ability or performance isnot _necessarilconnected. with or refated to as ecinc acomplishment or project. Specific examples and details must support each nomination. Supporting data should be limited to facts, insofar as possible, rather than opinions or conclusions. It is requested that supporting data be limited to three typewritten pages. DEPARTMENT OR AGENCY ACTION Each department or agency may submit an unlimited number of nominations. For the purpose of this Program, the Military Departments of the Department of Defense, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense, will be considered as separate departments. Announcements of this Program will be sent to the heads of each department and agency of the Federal Government. Implementation of this announcement to sub-departments, services, offices and bureaus including field activities is the responsibility of each department or agency. Nominations must be submitted by and have the approval of the head of the department or agency concerned. PRESENTATION DATA The following data must accompany each nomination: 1. Personal data, including: Name Age Title and Grade Organizational Location Residence Marital Status Wife's Name, Names and Ages of Children Education Degrees 2. Justification of the nomination. 3. Comments on any significant extra-curricular activities or organizations in which the nominee has participated. This may include participation in professional societies, social welfare activities, church activities, etc. 4. Five copies of a recent photograph of the nominee. Nominations should be sent to The Arthur S. Flemming Awards Commission, 1616 K Street, N.W., Washington 6, D. C. Nominations must be received by the Commission not later than December 1, 1958. GENERAL INFORMATION Ten separate awards will be made. Five of these awards will be made to out- standing young men in scientific or technical fields, and five to outstanding young men in administrative and executive fields. Winners of the awards will be chosen by a panel of distinguished judges. Each award winner will receive a suitably engraved plaque. Awards will be presented at the Arthur S. Flemming Awards Luncheon in Washington, D. C., on February 19, 1959. THE ARTHUR S. FLEMMING AWARDS COMMISSION OF THE JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF WASHINGTON, D. C. HENRY M. MOORE, Chairman JOHN M. DALTON COMPTON SETH JONES KENNETH WELLS PARKINSON WALTER FRANKLIN SHEBLE JAMES R. STONER RICHARD C. VIERBUCHEN copies Jlvai[ab[e CHAIRMAN, THE ARTHUR S. FLEMMING AWARDS COMMISSION 1616 K STREET, N.W. WASHINGTON 6, D. C. STERLING 3-3669 STERLING 3-3535 El Approved For Release 2007/02/16: CIA-RDP80BO1676R003200200018-8 WILLIAM A. JUMP MEMORIAL FOUNDATION Washington 25, D., C. TENTH ANNUAL AWARD TO OUTSTANDING FEDERAL EMPLOYEES Announcement for 1959 Awards The Foundation was established in 1950, in honor of William Ashby Jump, a distinguished career public servant and a pioneering leader in the improve- ment of governmental administration. At Mr. Jump's untimely death in January 1949, after 42 years of government service--27 years as Budget Officer and Director of Finance for the Department of Agriculture--he left a heritage in the ideals he fostered and a challenge in the memory of his devotion to democratic public service. The William A. Jump Memorial Award is presented annually in recognition of outstanding service in the field of public administration, and for notable contributions in this field to the efficiency and quality of the public service. It will give special recognition and encouragement for sustained interest, growth, and development in the field of public administration. Such public recognition should be an incentive to young people for increased interest and high level performance in this field, and will add quality and integrity to the public service. The award includes a gold key and certificate of merit. One such award is made each year unless unusual situations, such as especially meritorious candidates, make it desirable to make more than one such award. In order that wider recognition and encouragement may be given to exemplary achievements in public administration, and especially to the younger group of administrative personnel who indicate greet potential as future executive leaders in the field of public administration, the Foundation will grant, in addition to the principal award, not to exceed three honorable mention awards each year. This award will be a special honorary certificate and citation. A special recognition certificate will be given to all other nominees for the award who, in the judgment of the Awards Committee, meet the qualifications prescribed by the Foundation. AU ",ploy" of the Federal Government who is not over 36 years of age, aa_of December 31, 1958, and whose performance over a considerable period of time demonstrates unusual competence and interest in public adminis-111 tration,.,endowment for leadership- ,.creative thinking.. and,close.adherence to the basic principles of enlightened public service, as generally described above, shall be eligible to compete for the 1959 Award. A "William A. Jump Memorial Award Committee" is named annually by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees to make the final decision of the individual, or individuals, to receive the award. Approved For Release 2007/02/16: CIA-RDP80B01676R003200200018-8 All Federal agencies (Executive, Judicial, Legislative) are invited to nominate candidates for the award. In order to facilitate the selection of a candidate it is suggested that each agency establish such internal procedures as may be appropriate and effective. One candidate only may be nominated by each department and agency. It is suggested that this announcement be given wide circulation at every level of organisation in order that there will be the widest possible opportunity for participation and to assure the selection of the most deserving candidates. The recommendation should give full particulars concerning the nominee, as follows: 1. Name and address. 2. Bureau and department or agency. 3. Date of birth. 4. Salary, grade and title of present position. 5. Resume' of employment experience and educational background. 6. Statement of past and present work performance, including evidence of progressive development or specific accomplishments, personal qualities for leadership, and other factors indicated. above under "Awards" and "Eligibility" that warrant nomination for the award. The recommendation should be signed by the head of the department or agency or other responsible official. In addition to the information requested above, the Award Committee may, to the extent deemed nedessary, personally interview the candidates or if they are located outside of Washington, the Committee may make special arrangements for interviews at the candidates' field stations. All nominations to be eligible for the 1959 Award suet be received no later than February 2, 1959. The Foundation recommends that department and agency nominations for the award be given wide recognition in appropriate agency publications and otherwise for their achievements and exceptional services. We believe such action would help to stimulate active interest in fostering a more effective public service. The award will be presented in May or June 1959 at the time of the annual Department of Agriculture Honor Awards Ceremony, or at such other time or place as the Board of Trustees may determine to be appropriate. Send nominatiops to: ............ William A. Jump Memorial Award Committee (OOrijjinal and five copies-- Room 103 Administration Building exhibits, except one set, will U. S. Department of Agriculture be returned if requested) Washington 25, D. C. Additional information respecting the above announcement may be obtain from: John L. Wells, Secretary-Treasurer, Code 111, Extension 4580 (Rep t 142). Approved For Release 2007/02/16: CIA= P80B01676R00320002000.18-8 ER 10-8 (13/a O M M I M FM t *. Rum 8o lton SUBMT I Identifyit . POrSOM Relative to *].iaibility for +Clvertii f C E t l f M O V e n i u s for-ftuty Director (Coordination) fsc Director of -ftrsowarl, arm subject, dated 4 November 1958 identification of individuals in the Office of the Deputy Director (Coordination) relative to eligibility for ovortine Is as foila"s (l) No individ in erodes GB-11 and above *a Nouid be authoria.d to receive ove, in pay; (2) Do individuals in frodss 05-10 and below who would not be a wised to receive overtire pay. 'S-DD/C : mfb 0 & 1 - Addee ER 1 - mfb file i:vihh!.. -1L- L. K. V4NMM, JR. General., USA (?At.) Deputy Director (Coor"nation) L`L UNCLASSIFIEroved Ft R%hMA1007/02/16 : CIA-RDP ^ USE ONLY 01676R003200200018-8 CONFIDENTIAL SECRET ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET SUBJECT: (optional) FROM: NO. Director of Personnel DATE TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) DATE OFFICER'S COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom RECEIVED FORWARDED INITIALS to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) 1. DD/C _ 202 Admire Attached are two copies of the 2. proposal on overtime pay which is being distributed to the Heads of all Career Services. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. SECRET ^ CONFIDENTIAL ^ UI SE ONLY El UNCLASSIFIED Approved For Release 2007/02/16: CIA-RDP80B01676R003200200018- S-E-C-R-E-T Executive Registry 4 November 1958 1~1E!,1ORAiMUM FOR: Deputy Director (Coordination) SUBJECT: Identifying Persons Relative to Eligibility for Overtime Pay REFERENCE: Memorandums to Deputy Directors and ExO/DCI, from D/Pers, dtd 7 August 1958 1. The CIA Career Council discussed at its meeting on 23 July 1958 the need for a uniform Overtime Compensation policy in the Agency and agreed that a system of identifying persons in particular categories relative to eligibility for overtime compensation should be established. 2. Subsequent to the dispatch of referenced memorandums, I met with representatives of your Career Service to discuss special problems involved in granting or denying payments for overtime to persons in your Service. 3. I have come to the conclusion that probably the most feasible way of identifying individuals or groups of individuals who will or will not receive overtime compensation is to establish a grade level as the basic cutoff point. This Ls with the understanding that Heads of Career Services will identify by name, members of their respective Services who should be considered as exceptsons because of the nature of their work or particular circumstances involved. 4+. Attached is a proposed statement which I believe would be accept- able as an Agency overtime policy and would also be relatively easy to administer. However, prior to proposing a policy to the Career Council, I wish to determine persons in each of the Career Services would be identified as exceptions in accordance with paragraphs 2 and 4 of the attached policy statement if such a statement were to be implemented today. 5. Please forrnird to Mr. before 1 December a list of25X1 the people in your Career Service and their present jobs who would be identified in accordance with the attached policy statement; e.g. (a) the persons in grades GS-11 and above who would be authorized to receive overtime pay and (b) the persons in grades GS-10 and below who would not be authorized to receive overtime pay. Gordon ewar Attachments Distribution: S-E-C-R-E-T Heads of Career Services Annrm,ar1 Fnr RaI ca 9nn7/n911F ? (CIA-RfPRfRf167AROfi2Of7fOC1R-R Approved For Release 2007/02/16: CIA-RDP80BO1676R003200200018-8 S-E-C-R-E-T OVERTIME COMPENSATION POLICY STATEMENT 1. Persons in grades GS-10 and below may be directed by appro- 25X1 prate supervisory authority to work overtime and to receive either overtime pay or compensatory time off according to Regulation No. 0. Exceptions to this policy are noted in paragraph 2 below. 2. A person in grade GS-10 or below may be identified by the Head of his Career Service as a career trainee who will not be directed to work overtime and receive overtime pay. 3. Persons in ,grades GS-11 and above will not be directed to work overtime and will therefore not receive overtime pay. Exceptions to this policy are noted in paragraph 4 below. 4. A person in grade GS-11 or above may be identified by the Head of his Career Service as one who may be directed to work overtime and receive overtime pay providing that the normal duties of the individual involve special circumstances and conditions which make it necessary for him to work more than the 40-hour week regularly or with recurring frequency. 5. The identification of persons in paragraphs 2 and 4 will be made by the Heads of Career Services., approved personally by the Deputy Director concerned,, and reviewed by the Director of Personnel. They will be docu- mented in Personnel Actions (Form 1150). The identification will be valid only while the person concerned is in the same grade and same position as he was at the time of identification. A promotion or transfer to another position will automatically cause the identification to be reviewed. 6. The administration of compensatory time off at Headquarters and in the field will continue essentially as it is at present.