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September 18, 1960
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Approved For Release 2002/08/21: CIS A-_RQP.i 0 6 0360912005 j THE;~ORKER, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1S, 1960 Rattling the Sabre `Behind Enemy Lines' By MIKE NEWBERRY It is not easy to coo as a dove of peace if you have a dagger between your teeth. That is the stance of the U.S. Army Reserve's "Special Forces" units who are undergoing step- ped up training in sabotage and guerrilla tactics and propaganda "behind enemy lines in tame of war in order to train, supply, and direct guerrilla operations", reports' the July-August issue of 'The Army Reservist'. "Operations conducted by Spe- cial Forces trained guerrilla units", notes 'The Army Reserv- ist', "will be primarily directed against enemy .rear areas... " These nefarious operations con- sist of: ? "Military operations-raids, ambushes of ene'ny military ele- ments and des 'uction of enemy military suppl"; and ? The orgizing of "con- trolled guerria,,as'" that are "friendly" to thechind the lines invaders. "Policy and d'Ce4ion for Spe- cial Forces activities cone from the Office of the Special War- fare Division", 'The Army Re- servist' reports. This office is directly responsible to the De- partment of the Army, and thus to the high command. Incredibly and callously boast- ing that orders for this stepped up activity and activating of sabotage units were issued on March 21, 1960, Army propa- gandists reveal that this policy was put into effect two months before the summit conference in May! This "Damn the Summit!" at- titude of the Pentagon sheds further light on the bellicose, warlike acts of the brass hats in Paris'. While Washington talked peace, in Paris and Geneva, it hid be- hind its innocent, "Who me?" smile, not only the U-2 provo- cation, but a devious policy of deliberate war planning com- plete with Quisling and guerrilla hallucinations. The 316th Special Forces De- tachment is typical of how these sabotage units plan to work. According to 'The Army Re- servist' this unit is trained "to act as paratroopers operate be- hind enemy lines and acquire any necessary addit'onal sskills." It does not say what all these "ad- ditional skills" are, but it does say they include: "knowledge of tactics, techniques, weapons, de- molitions, communications, and foreign languages." Knowledge of a foreign lan- guage (which one?) is a require- ment for volunteers, for propa- ganda is' one of the main wea- pons of sabotage work, it is re- ported. "The mission of the 316th", reports 'The Army Reservist', "is' to penetrate deep into enemy territory in order to develop and employ native guerrilla forces." That is to establish Quisling-type units. Composed "entirely" of Wash- ington, D. C. men and govern- ment employes', who are in the Army Reserve, this unit is train- ed "in every aspect of guerrilla warfare." One wonders if any State De- An Jir-1VitnessAccount ofAccount of Dulles-Ike What By ART SHIELDS ALLEN DULLES, the "Master Spy," is a sort of acting Presi- dent. So James Reston of the New York Times once suggest- ed. But Ike has the title. Ike meets the Dress'. Ike faces Khrush- chev. And Ike has to get brief- ings from Dulles. We must he frank at this point. We didn't hear the latest brief- ing. No reporter was admitted. We just did the best we could. And the reader may believe this report - from our telepathic recorder - at his own risk. The scene of the brief'ng was a spacious "cabin" in the Colo- rado Rockies, where Ike likes to rough it in comfort. A big log was blazing in the fireplace. Guns, golf clubs and f's'hing tackle hung from the walls. Tall glasses stood on the heavy oak table. But Ike looked unhappy as the fol- lowing conversation began: A BAD TIME IKE: I hakl a bad time today, Mr. Dulles. A church delegation got in. I couldn't get rid of 'em. It was a perfect day for fishing, but they didn't care. They just fretted and fretted about our overseas bases. Said the bases made nothing but trouble. Said there wouldn't a been any trouble about Powers and the RB-47 if we hadn't those bases'. Said they'd get us into war, and the American people don't want to die. Said we ought to give 'em up - can't hold 'em long any- way. DULLES (sternly): How did they get past the Secret Service, Mr. President? IKE: It's hard to stop preach- ers, Mr. Dulles. DULLES: We ought to replace the Secret Service with my CIA boys. They can spot a pacifist a mile away. IKE: But what about those bases, Mr. Dulles? Khrushchev will be talking about 'em in the United Nations next week. Can we hold 'em? That's what I want to know. DULLES: We got to hold them, Mr. President. We can't destroy Communism without them. HOW. CAN WE DO IT? IKE: I want to destroy Com- munism as much as you, Mr. Dulles. But how can we do it? They're getting stronger all the time. DULLES: We first have to locate the targets, Mr. Presi- dent, to know where to strike. The Russians and Chinese are very secretive. The; don't give us any military maps. And we can't photogranh targets with- out bases to i;y from. IKE: I agree with you, Mr. Dulles. I always said you're the smartest mar. I ever knew, out- side of your brother. And you can't say I didn't back you up in the U-2 business. I backed you although it put Dick and me in the scup. But I can't help feeling a little let down, Mr. Dillies'. You told me they cculdn't hit Powers at sixty-eight ti^ousand feet DULLES (flush'ng) : I didn't know they had that new rocket, Mr. President. But we'll lick them next time. We'll get a plane that can fly at. one hun- dred thousand feet. THE CIA CODE IKE: But you said Powers would never let himself be taken alive and confess. DULLES: That wasn't my fault, Mr. President. The tramp didn't followe the CI,,cgde. We gave him a poisoned pin, and put a stick of TNT under his seat. He saved his miserable life instead. But don't worry. We'll have a better man next time. IKE: I don't know. Look what happened to the RF-47 this sum- mer. The Russians say those fel- lows confessed. * * * The telepathic recording broke down at this point. When it came on again the Master Spy's em- phasis had shifted. DULLES: We've got a million men overseas, Mr. President. They're scattered all over the world in eighty-one bases in sixty-five countries. IKE: Maybe they're scattered too much. In a war - - - "NO MORE REVOLUTIONS" DULLES: They're not just there for war against Russia and China, Mr. President. That's part of it, of course. They also have other jobs' to do. The people in those countries are getting out of hand. Our Army, Navy and Air Force have a duty - - - IKE: A duty to keep the peo- ple down, Mr. Dulles. DULLE: Right, Mr. President. 11 I a "BEHIND ENEMY LINE" guerrilla tactics demonstrated by Sgt. Richard Miller, of the U. S. Army Reserve "Special Forces". In private life Sgt. Miller is an employee of the FBI. partment officials, who are sup- policy", are members of the posedly in charge of shaping "peace-loving" unit in their spare We can't have any more revolu- tions. IKE (heartily): Right! They got to stop. You know, Mr. Dul- les, each revolution seems worse that the last. That's what Rocke- feller tells me. He says we're losing a billion in Cuba, DULLES (bitter): Some of it was mine, Mr. President. -'fhe- Schroder bank - Foster and I were in it, you know - lost two big sugar plantations. When I thank of those four hundred thousand acres I get sick.. "THE OLD ARMY WAY" IKE (clinching his fists): I'd like to settle Castro's hash in the old Army way. But they won't let me do it. They say there'd be more Latin American revolu- t`ons. And therl those blasted rockets! It's a terribly frustra- tin.g would, Mr. Dulles. DULLES: We'll get Castro yet, Mr. President. My boys are busy. They're doing an inside job in the CIA way. IKE: I know that, Mr. Dulles. I never begrudged you the billion a year - or is it two billions - that you're getting. But still - :K * :K (Another breakdown! I'll have to turn the old machine in. I lost an hour before the psycho- mechanic arrived, and Ike's though again.) * * * IKE: I still don't feel good about those bases, Mr. Dulles. I don't know how to answer Khrushchev. I wish you'ld give me a written report. But please make it brief. I'm going on vla- cation. The strain of this job is too great. I got to get away from it all. * * :K (Our contact broke off again. It didn't come back until Ike was dreaming in his billowy bed of- the jolly vacation when 'he'd "get away from it all." And the following meditation came from the guest room on our telepathic tape: "I WONDER IF - -" DULLES: Poor old Ike. He was nice to work with. He never butte'd in. . . I wonder who's coming next. I wonder, I wonder if it matters much to me. I'm as good as Republican as Foster, I guess, but I never had any trouble with Truman. He set up the Central Intelligence Agency and gave me my first CIA, job. Well . . . Presidents may come and Presidents may go, but the FBI and the CIA go on .. . (And the Master Spy fell asleep.) COMING: Dulles's Report ox the Bases. Henderson Strikers Still Holding the Line By a Worker Correspondent HENDERSON, N. C. - The textile workers here are at the 21/2 year mark of their strike against the Harriet - Henderson Cotton Mills. The TWUA main- tains picket lines at the mill gates in spite of the injunctions of a company orientated judge. (Workers say he is married into the mill owners' family). The workers are suffering many hardships, but they are confident that if they can hold out they can win the strike. They base their hopes on the Com- pany's difficulties in hiring first rate textile operators as scabs. Because of a big labor turnover, scabherders have been :kept busy finding personnel to keep the mills going. The result has been a large number of rejected or- ders due to poor workmanship. The number of guards' around the mills give the impression of an armed camp. Mill workers have been forbidden to talk to strikers on pain of discharge. Truck drivers ha,'e told the strikers they have been threaten- ed likewise. Union members be- lieve that at least some of the drivers are members of the Teamsters Union and are. hoping for some concrete help there. The union maintains a com- missary at the Union Halls, but the workers are hoping for a re- newal of outside support from the AFL-CIO. When the strike first broke, many unions sent aid, but as the strike has' dragged along, interest has badly fallen off. There is constant communi- ty pressure against union mem- bers, led by the City Administra- tion. In one community formerly comprised of 420 textile families, 200 have been forced to leave town in search of other employ- ment. Unemployment compensa- tion payments ran out long ago. The strikers are aware that they are not only striking in their own behalf, but in the in- terests of all Labor, particularly in the South. In their own State, the unions are under a constant drumfire from the anti-labor tex- tile bosses who dominate North Carolina. In an effort to attract more industry into the State, the industrial and political leaders are committed to a pol'ey of of- fering low-paid, non-union labor as a major inducement. A number of Textile Union leaders, headed by Boyd Payton, international vice president, are faced with up to 10 years in prison as the result of a con- spiracy frame-up that was part of the strike breaking. The case is now before the U.S. Supreme Court. Page 5 __-_ ^ a LAJ W Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 "WE, PEOPLE' URGES; BREAK WITH RED BLOC Parley Ends, Blasting U. N., Foreign Aid We, The People! - a na- cal conservatives-proposed I III States cancel all diplomatic relations with the soviet gov- ernment and all its satellites. " Their embassies in this nation serve as nests of 1 being used as instruments of the organization said in a resolution adopted at the closing session of its na- Salle hotel. Income Tax "Evil" The organization, which reelected Billy James Har- gis, a Tulsa evangelist, as its national president, said the income tax law is the " root of all government evil " and " The spiritual morale of this nation has never been crime, and alcoholism are at for all-time highs," the resolu- for tion said "our nation should t?ol~ have a spiritual rebirth in ors order to save its soul and its ses favor with God." ow The organization called for peg Ito friendly nations such as 1he adoption of the Mason-Bailey 120 tariffs, aid removal of all government regulation and supervision of agriculture. " Agree " with Nikita '_`We concur with the Khrushchev that-the?Vff#C4 recommend that the United States withdraw from the We, The People! also voted against federal aid to educa- Maj. Gen. C. A. Willoughby, lower creases ompeti- along. exported owns the an what lers out hip- the ed on This xport o the inited ition Poissy. within facility col. 21 PUT I es in {{could l~ction pillion billion Ipite hog the ssing the x/08/21 : CIA-RDP80B01676R003600120056-1 Where Russia Stands in Machine Tools Far Behind U. S. and May Slide Farther, Expert Asserts BY JOSEPH ATOR Two previous columns by this writer, devoted to the National Machine Tool Builders association's quinquennial exposition that closed Friday at the Amphitheater in the competitive. advantages that American in- dustry has derived from improved tool de- signs. But what about our rivals, the Russians, who boast that they will soon out- plans? A visitor to the show, whose business lt. is to know such things, is of the opinion that' the Russians are not only far behind us in, their present machine tool designs, but are certain to fall farther behind if they con- This is despite the fact that the speaker voiced great respect for the talent and imagination of some. of the designers in the machine tool institute that rules Russian d e s i g n and pro- "The Russians are trying to standardize all of their machine tools, first, to fit them more readily into pro- duction lines in any part of their empire and, second, to cut costs thru mass produc- i tion of the machine tools! themselves,". he said. "For the same reasons, they have frozen designs to some extent to achieve lower costs thru quantity production." This, of course, is the exact opposite of the course fol- lowed.by the pumerous, rela- tively small, American ma- chine tool m a k e r s. Their genius is for the manufac- ture of specialized tools to perform specific tasks more efficiently. Their diversity of ownership, and resulting competition, produces a greater diversity of new ideas than can possibly come from a single central plan- ning agency. Impedes Plant Rise That centralization of, Rus- sian planning has even im- peded the construction of the plants in which the Russians intend to build their tools. sov, chairman o# the state ing to the central committee; of the Communist party, at a meeting on July 15 that 53 of 77 machine building plants were still unfinished after 5 to more than 10 years, and. that as a result of these de; lays equipment for new in., dustrial installations some- times was obsolete before it was installed. At the last machine tool show, held in Chicago in 1955, a few tool builders were just beginning to make machines with what the in- dustry calls numerical con- trols. Punched tapes trans; mitted electronic impulses to servo-mechanisms which op- erated controls of machines that formerly had been op; erated manually by the mas chinist. Numerical controls this year had come of age; and had been supplemented by computers with memory drums that cause a machine to repeat the same complex operation over and over. Progress Has High Price This progress has a high price. In the average mac chine, the cost of the nest controls is half or more of the total cost, which frequently exceeds a quarter of $. inill lion dollars. The machines yg? Oapgoo&6a.gcuracy. It [Continued on page 11, col. 11 THOMAS HUGH LATIMER COUNSELLOR & BROKER 5031 SOUTH DORCHESTER AVENUE CHICAGO 15. ILLINOIS Is Life so Dear or Peace so Sweet, as to be Purchased at the Price of Chains and Slavery? Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 Looking Ahead (1) Release for Publication After Noon Wednesday September 14, 1960 ., by Or. Georg. S. Benson PRESIDENT-NATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAM Surey, Arbnsu RED POWER THROUGH AGITATION The Communist-led "student riots" which halted the House Un-American Activities Com- mittee hearings in San Fran- cisco last May 12-14, indicated the tremendous power of the Red Fifth Column within our nation. For 20 years I have ad- vocated the outlawing of the Communist Party and its mem- bers, all of whom are dedicated to the destruction of our na- tion. The fact that only a handful of skillful Red agents can con- trol thousands of American people, with propaganda and agitation, and use them as in- struments of power to crush an agency of the U. S. Govern- ment, ought to be evidence enough that the Fifth Column endangers our security. Upon reading of the power wielded by the Communist-led "student riots" in Korea, Japan, Turkey and other nations recently, too many Americans say to them- selves, "Oh, but it can't happen here!" The facts of the San Francisco Communist-led "stu- dent riots" show emphatically that it can happen here. Seeking Recruits Here is what the Communist forces within the United States are doing toward controlling American students as one in- strument for seizing total power in our nation - as stated officially by J. Edgar Hoover, FBI director: "In 1959, the Communist Party, U.S.A., launched a major campaign with youth as its target. On May 30-31, approximately 20 Looking Ahead (2) young Communists from New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Phil- adelphia attended a conference with national leaders of the Party at Party headquarters in New York City. The purpose of the meeting was to devise a program to attract young blood - teenagers, students, and working youth - to the ranks of the Party. "After those May 1959 con- ferences, campuses throughout the Nation became prime tar- gets for Communist infiltration and recruitment efforts. The Party began operating what amounted to a regular lecture bureau, with Party spokesmen seizing every opportunity to project their views on cam- puses across the country. Propaganda Program "To establish a closer link between the Party and its youth groups, two of the most promising and active young Communists, Mortimer Daniel Rubin and Danny Queen, were included on the Party's nat- ional committee. . . A new Marxist youth organization, Advance, was organized in New York City. A drive is currently underway to estab- lish a new Marxist youth pub- lication, `New Horizons. " It is well to pause here and contemplate the fact that just a few months ago a smiling Nikita Khrushchev, leader of world Communism, was being sumptuously entertained by leaders in our governmental and civic life here in the United States; thus Commu- nism was made to appear re- spectable to impressionistic American youth. They can more easily recruit new mem- bers. Their objective is to use the recruits to gain control of masses of non-Communist stu- dents. The Trap Mr. Hoover's report con- tinues: "The plans for the for- mat of `New Horizons' reveal the nature of the trap Commu- nists are setting for campus Looking Ahead (3) students. Reporting on the pro- posed format to the Party's national executive committee recently, Rubin pointed out that `New Horizons' will not be labeled a Marxist publication. The purpose of this is to avoid too close identification with the Communist Party. But it will, he said, give a `Marxist analysis of the youth move- ment and a socialist, Marxist Leninist outlook.' He express- ed the conviction that it would be extremely effective in clos- ing the gap between what he termed democratic youth and the youth on the left. "Further illustrating the tre- mendous drive the Party is making to infiltrate student groups is the agenda for a youth conference the Party held in Chicago, June 11-12, 1960. The major points on the agenda for the two-day con- ference were (1) `mass devel- opments on the campus' and (2) `l o f t-student d e v e l o p- ments.' Discussed in relation to these points were ways and means by which young Com- munists could exploit such con- troversial issues on campuses as civil rights, academic free- dom, and other so-called peace issues." What is being done in our nation to counteract these in- tensive Communist activities among our American youth? Not much. Next week: What you can do. Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 LATIMER & CO. LTD., ACCOUNTANTS 1010 South Cuyler Avenue Oak Park, Illinois COAlAf(i,y/g,j1 A D/SE4SE by Fred Schwarz. M.D. Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 The Author Dr. Fred C. Schwarz, Australian Physician and Surgeon, began in 1950 to alert the free world as to the de- signs of The Commu- nist Conspiracy. In 1953 the Christian Anti-Communism Cru- sade was formed with a fine Board of Directors. With him now is a fine staff and hundreds of support- ers. The CRUSADE is a non-profit, tax- deductible organization which fights Com- munism at many levels through educa- tion, information, evangelism, and dedi- cation. This is accomplished with-Anti-Com- munism Schools-Seminars and Clinics- Neighborhood Study Groups - Radio Tapes and Films-Literature Distribution -International Programs providing dedi- cated Nationals with knowledge and tools -Lectures in Churches, Schools, Clubs, Military and Civic Groups. Personalized You may procure these pamphlets with your advertisement on back cover-$12.50 per 1,000 postpaid. $2.00 per 100 reg. cover. Order From Christian Anti-Communism Crusade _ P. 0. Box 6422, Houston 6, Texas COMMUNISM-A Disease Address given by Dr. Fred Schwarz of Sydney, Australia, before the combined Houses of the Texas Legislature Re-Printed from the Fifty-Sixth Legislature HRegularuSession Austitn, Texas, March 25, 1959 Dr. Fred Schwarz was escorted to the Speaker's embrostrumth ea Committee of ers by H o f ouse of Repre- fivesentatives. Speaker Carr Presented Honorable Robert Hughes of Dallas County who introduced Dr. Schwarz to the House with the following words- Mr. Speaker, Members of the House and Distinguished Guests: Today it is with great pleasure that I have an opportunity to present to you a distinguished gentleman, doctor a,nd lecturer. This man is from Austra- lia. He is a medical doctor who, some years ago, left his profession because Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 he learned, first hand, of the dangers of the Communist Ideology. He has spent the time since then going all. over the world to bring this danger to the attention of everyone who comes within the scope of his magnetic personality. He has addressed the joint Chiefs of Staff, the National War College, Cen- tral Intelligence Agency, Congressional Committees. and many other organiza- tions and groups who have come to recognize him as an authority on this subject, and I think that this House will, do well to heed the message brought to us this morning by Dr. Fred Schwarz of Australia. I give you Dr. Schawrz. (Dr. Schwarz then addressed the House as follows) Mr. Speaker, Representatives and Guests of the State of Texas: You can confer few greater honors upon a citizen of Australia than the one you have conferred upon me today; the privilege of speaking to the repre- sentatves of your vast,. uniquely gen- erous, and hospitable, sovereign State of Texas. I am, by profession, a physician and a surgeon; concerned with the preser- vation of health and life. Communism has already killed many millions of people and proposes to kill many mil- lions more. Therefore, by definition, it is a disease. It is a three-fold disease. It is a disease of the body, because it kills; a disease of the mind, because it is associated with systematized delusions not susceptible to rational argument; and a disease of the spirit because it denies God, materializes man, robs him of spirit and soul, and in the last analysis, even of mind itself and reduces him to the level of a beast of the field. The disease of Communism is mak- ing fast epidemic progress and we are confronted, not merely with the pos- sibility, but with the probability that at present rates of expansion, within a generation it will have consumed the entire Earth. The most essential feature in the treatment of any disease is accurate Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80B01676R003600120056-1 diagnosis. We have . a saying in the medical profession: "It is better to have the right operation done poorly than the wrong operation done very well." If the trouble is in the appendix, you can gather the world's outstanding surgeon and he can admit you to the very finest hospital, gather together superb assistants in nursing and anesthe- siology and together ithey can do a perfect operation to remove your gall bladder. That operation may be the very finest ever performed, but it does suffer from the minor disadvantage--it will not cure your original appendicitis. It is quite obvious that our treat- ment of Communism is a colossal failure! The enemy advances from strength to strength. The free world retreats. The area of freedom continually shrinks. Every move that we make is appar- ently unable to halt this advancing force! I would like to ask the question: Is it possible that our failure in this struggle has rested upon an inaccurate diagnosis? If we diagnose wrongly we are certain to treat ineffectively. What is Communism? I am a salesman of a very simple idea. This 'idea I find very difficult to sell, and I have never been able to understand why. It is no hard to sell the idea that the football team desires to make touchdowns, that the library has books in it and not groceries; that the hen lays eggs and not grapefruit. But I find it tremendously difficult to sell the idea that the Communists are Communists; that they believe what they say they believe; that their organi- zation is the organization they outline; that their objectives are the objectives they proudly proclaim. Once we take the simple step of acknowledging that the Communists are precisely what they say they are, the entire mystery vanishes, ,and their entire program derives a pur- poseful integrated unity that is not only comprehensible, but is almost mathe- matically predictable. Nikita Khrushchev recently said "anyone who thinks we have forsaken Marxism-Leninism is crazy. That won't Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80B01676R003600120056-1 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80B01676R003600120056-1 happen until shrimp learn to-whistle!" What is Marxism-Leninism? It is vitally important that we should understand precisely what this alleged science is. To put it very briefly, Marxism- Leninism teaches that there is no God; that men and women are animals de- void of soul, spirit, significant individual value and continuity of life, and that the human animal species has been divided by its economic environment into warring classes and that the basic dynamic of capitalist society is a state of war which Marx called the "class war." The basic doctrine of Marxism- Leninism is simply this: War is uni- versal. This war is between the two classes-the proletariat and the bour- geoisie, as they were originally called. The proletariat allegedly represented the class of labor; the bourgeoisie rep- resented the class of property owner- ship. Between these two there is a permanent, truceless state of warfare. Now according to the Communist theory of Marxism-Leninism the class of property ownership controls the state government. You gentlemen and ladies represent, according to Communist theory, the mechanism by which the bourgeoisie enslaves and exploits the working class. On the other hand the proletariat generates its higher com- mand, the Communist Party. This war manifests itself as war between the Communist Party and the government. Now according to Marxism-Leninism, the Communists did not declare this war; they did not even necessarily de- sire it. They simply recognized it and recognized their historic duty to con- summate it in victory. Originally this war is within a state manifesting itself as war between the Communist Party and the Government. With the progress of history, Communism has come to power in the name of the proletariat, in Russia, in China, in Eastern Europe; the bourgeoisie remains in power in America and in associated countries. Therefore the class war has transferred itself from the national to the interna- tional, plane. The fundamental doctrine of Marxism-Leninism is that Russia and America are at war; that China 9 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80B01676R003600120056-1 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 and America are at war. The war is universal, truceless. It embaces every facet of human life. The weapons of this war are multiple not merely the traditional weapon of guns and bombs and military science. Trade, language, cultural interchange, sports, arts, edu- cation and religion - everything is a weapon in this class warfare. War is universal,! Since the basic Communist doctrine is that Russia and America are at War, what do they mean when they talk about "peace"? There is no word in the Communist lexicon used more frequnt- ly than the word "peace." Wherever Communists are gahered you find the word "peace" displayed. They have "Peace" movements, "Peace" prizes, "Peace" festivals-the dove of Peace is their symbol. Now since war is the present state of being what is "Peace"? Most of you think the Communists are hypocrites, that they do not genuinely desire peace. With that I cannot agree. If you took a Communist and gave him a lie detector test and asked him if he desired peace with all his heart, he'd pass it with flying colors. They live for peace; they long for peace; they yearn for peace. Peace is the golden day of their dreams; the fuffillment of the yearning of their hearts. But what is "Peace"? During the war against Germany and Japan didn't you long for peace? When I ask normal American citizens if they desired peace, invariably the answer is that they yearned for peace with their whole heart. I ask "What was peace?" They say "Oh, the end of hostilities." I ask, `Do you include the end of hostilities in enemy vicotry?" They reply, "Oh, no we had to win it." Peace, by deffinition was the end of the war in American victoy, not in defeat. The Communists believe that they are the historically ordained class that is to consummate this class war in world Communist victory. By defi- nition peace is: Communist world con- quest. Since peace is Communist con- quest, every act that ministers to Com- munist conquest is peaceful. If they Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 shoot you, they take, a peaceful gun; they put a peaceful bullet in your war- like brain; they give you a peaceful death, and they bury you in a peaceful grave. When the axmies of the Coin- munist Chinese advanced with tanks and guns and bombs and bayonets, littering the field with dead, it is the advance of the forces of Peace. Peace is wonderful. When Khrushchev or- dered the Russian tanks into Budapest to fire into the apartment buildings reducing them to rubble, entombing men, women and children, in his heart he was confident that he was consum- mating "glorious" peace. The Communists can use the word "peace" with total sincerity in their own sense. We interpret it in our sense. And we are the pathetic victims of their deceit. The Communists are not hypocrites. If they were hypocrites our task would be infinitely simpler. A hypocrite can make a bargain; a hypo- crite can be appeased. The Communists are so totally committed to their pro- gram of World Conquest, so totally committed to the concept of the uni- versaliity of class war, that they have crossed the borderline of sanity and we are dealing with paranoic mentality beyond the reach of logic and reason- able appeal. This class war is universal. From it every term derives its definition. Lenin proudly proclaimed that Communist morality is related to the class struggle -;there is no such thing as good-there is no such thing as evil-there is no such thing as truth-there is no such thing as falsehood. Proletarian good is that which ministers to Communist World Victory. Any act that assists Communist Conquest is by definition "good." Any act that advances Com- munist World Triumph is by definition "peaceful." And any statement that advances World Communist Conquest is by definition "true." The Communist never tell lies in the interest of Communism. If a state- ment is in the interest of Communist advance by definition it is the `truth." Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80B01676R003600120056-1 Here is an example of the Communist truth-proletarian truth-with which they are deluging the world. This is a magazine put out in English by North Korea. The major part of it is given over to an alleged record of achievement by Communism in North Korea. As we near the end, we have a, page entitled "Massacre Committed by American, Brutes." On this page there are six photographs of bodies taken from a mass grave and the weeping relatives of the victims. Now the truth-what they call the bourgeois :truth is this: When the Communists retreated in North Korea before the advance of General MacArthur, they took with them all able-bodied personnel. But those who belonged to the untrust- worthy class and who could not stand the rigors of the northward journey, they simply massacred and put the bodies into mass graves. These included old men, pregnant women, mothers of very young children, etc. They have desinterred one of (their own mass graves and are accusing the Americans ofthis crime. Listen to what they write: 14 "Mankind remembers the shocking atrocities the Hitlerites perpetrated in the concentration camps in Majdanek and Oswiencim. "Recently another case of atrocities by the American murderers which ex- ceeds in its cruelty the atrocities by the Hitlerites was discovered in Korea. "In a shaft of the Rakyun Mine, Jangyun County, South Hwanghai Pro- vince, some 800 dead bodies were discovered. "During their temporary occupation of Jangyun County during the Korean War, the American murderers rounded up miners of ,the Rakyun mine and the peasants in the nearby villages and put them through severe torture. Then the American devils kicked the tortured .ruiners and peasants into the shaft 100 meters deep. - "In the shaft corpses were piled up on top of one another, and the torn pieces of the bodies bore bullet holes and scars made by the bayonets. Many mothers had their babies tied on their Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80B01676R003600120056-1 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 backs.. The shaft presented a rrrost grue- some scene. "Honest-minded people can not but hate and condemn the American Im- perialist murderers whose lust for blood knows no end. "Funeral services for the murdered took place in, the Rakyun mine in the midst of children's crying for their lost fathers, old women wailing over their dead sons. The people's enmity and curses upon the American devils rent the air. `Avenge us of the American imperialists.' This was the cry of the 800 murdered. "But even at the moment in South Korea, the American murderers are slaughtering our brothers and sisters. This we can not tolerate: "American cannibals, get out of Korea immediately." Tell a lie, make it big, repeat it often, and the majority of people will believe you. lit was Hitler who said this. The Communists have translated that concept into a vast science of proletarian truth. The tragedy is this: 100 people in the uncommitted areas of the world will see and believe this evil lie, for every one that reads and hears the true story of the shooting down of the unarmed American Trans- port Plane over Soviet Armenia by the Communist fighter planes. Be not deceived-evil communica- tions corrupt good manners. When we realize the vast distribution of this literature in every country of the World, we get a little insight into why the American Vice-President and his wife were stoned and spat upon South of the Border, why the American Embassy personnel recently had to flee in Bolivia from raging mobs. The harvest of Com- munist lies is being reaped and frankly, the apparent program of the free world, which seems to be to provide electric light in these backward coun- tries so that the Communist literature can be read, scarcely makes sense to me. The Communist programs go on cease- lessly. Everything is a weapon. Com- munist ideology crowns the ugliest and 16 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 most evil of characters and acts with garments of virtue and beauty. Never was this brought out so ef- fectively as in Khrushchev's speech on .Joseph Stalin. Khrushchev revealed much about Stalin in that speech, but he revealed a great deal also about Khrushchev. Most people missed its point entirely. They think that Khrush- chev condemned Stalin. He did nothing of the sort! He depicted Stalin and finally commended him. Khrushchev said in effect, "Stalin was a murderer; he was not a reluctant murderer, but an enthusiastic murderer. He enjoyed murder. He got a thrill out of the torture of his own friends. When the .Jewish doctors were arrested and ac- cused of, poisoning Zdanov, the Com- munist leader, Stalin called in the man responsible for examining them and indicated the type of torture to be given to each one. He gave three fundamental rules for getting the confessions: "Beat, beat, and beat again." He said, "If you don't get a confession by this date, we will shorten you by a head." Khrushchev indicated Stalin was a stark, raving, madman. "When you went in to see him in the morning, he would look at you and say, `What have you been up to? You've got a shifty look in your eye today.' You never knew whether you would leave as his friend or under armed guard to be shot." Then he finalizes as follows, "Don't misunder- stand me. Stalin was a good man. He was a Marxist-Lininist. He did these things as a Marxist-Leninist." In the class morality of Marxiin - Leninism Stalin's personal individual idiosyn- crasies were immaterial. Stalin is the man who set up the educational pro- gram in Russia which today is graduat- ing three times as many engineers and scientists as America, and, when their China program matures, will gradute ten times as many. Stalin is the man who set up their submarine program that has brought the shadow of impen- ing doom over the lives of every one of us from missiles launched from the Gulf of Mexico; Stalin-.set up their scientific program; Stalin organized the conquest of China; Stalin organized 19 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 the infiltration of every institution of American life. Stalin deceived the American and free world statesmen; Stalin brought them to the very eve of World Conquest. A few generations hence when Com- munism has triumphed and man is being remolded according to the Com- munist goal and universal hapiness covers the earth the name of Stalin will be honored and revered. The tragedy of Communism is not merely that it murders; it makes murder a moral and a righteous act. When they deny the foundation of civilization, our Christian heritage; when they deny God, and His creative and redemptive love; they destroy the very foundations on which our individual value is built In its place, the cold scientific morality of mathematical statistics emerges. When the Communists have con- quered the world, they will be left with the residual capitalist classes whom it is their duty to destroy. This is their proletarian moral duty. A few years back the American Com- munist party would openly acknowledge that having conquered this land, they would need to put to death one third of the American people. This is not an act of punishment; neither is it an act of revenge - it is the fulfillment of Marxism-Leninism. An act whereby the surgeon takes the scapel to cut away the diseased social tissue that the new and Communistically perfect may come to glorious flower. We are living in an era of great danger, of vast peril; an era when the very future of our children is desperate- ly menaced. Communism is the literal fulfillment of Psalm XIV. "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works. There is none that doeth good." Emerging from this bottomless pit of Godless materialism, captivating by a glamorous vision of a regenerate man- kind, utilizing the perverted religious fervor of youth, and every scientific method, this torrent is sweeping the Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1 Earth, and Freedom- stands "menaced and home and children stand in mortal peril,, and the challenge to every one of us is this: "What contribution can I make that tyranny may not triumph and liberty may not perish from the Earth?" I submit that to every individual motivated by love of Freedom, Christian philosophy, dedication to home and family, and love of country, every other issue has become secondary. The simple question is: How can we mobilize every spiritual, ideological, and moral force we have to halt this Communist ad- vance across the earth? The Communists say that victory is certain-certain for this reason: "We are the product of our economic society. Capitalism is in its dying stages. It has created us without survival value. We are so selfish; so shortsighted; so in- toxicated with entertainment; so con- sumed with our own immediate, per- sonal objectives we will never have the honesty and intelligence to understand the evidence, or the courage and dedica- tion to do what is necessary to survive." Is your, life; is my life; an argument for or against the accuracy of that Com- munist thesis? As the great men and wonderful women of your fine country come face to face with these dangers, you have the unique responsibility to lay the foundation on which liberty shall triumph and tyranny shall fail. I would like to finish with this poem: Where the northern ocean darkens, Where the rolling rivers run Past the cold and empty headlands Toward the slow and westering sun, There our fathers long before us, Armed with Freedom faced the deep What they built with love and labor Let their children watch and keep. By our dark and dreaming forests, By our clear and shining skies, By our green and ripening prairies, Where the Western mountains rise, God who gave our fathers freedom, God who made our fathers brave What they built with love and anguish Let their children watch and save. Thank you very much for this great opportunity. God bless you all. Approved For Release 2002/08/21 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003600120056-1