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December 12, 2016
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January 11, 2002
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Approved For Release 2002/01/30 : CIA-RDP80B01676R003800110 Mr. for yum kind letter of 3.5 8s w Ond far to iD8 ims .b I emwau to you for your hiek spirit of patriots ch the 1 its? C. P. Cabell Gonerali Y Acting Dtr`*d%Or a/DC Distri onz trig Addressee I A/ I X- IR/w;1`basic sit; ( E,UTtVE s tip.: --- ~ Approved For Release 2002/01/30 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003800110012-8 -Einar Kam mann-Arnild 02/01/30 : CIA-RD pt. de. 15th, Lt. General C. P. Cabell, Esqr., USAF Central Intelligence Agency My dear Sir: May I have the honor of sending you under separate cover in mailing tube a scroll with a flag picture and a poem I composed some years ago. Not being able to give a scroll to every soldier in our armed forces, to which it is dedicated, I am sending out as many, as my veteran's total disability pension will permit, to as many General Officers, as I c can get the address of, to show my personal apprecia- tion of their distinguished services in the defense of our country. I served overseas in World War One with the 135th Infantry of the 34th Division for 2 years. It gives me and all loyal Americans a feeling of confidence and security - and admiration, pride and gratitude - to know, that soldiers with your eminent knowledge, intelligence and zealous devotion to duty are in charge in these perilous times and are day and night on the alert, giving your all in the efforts to guard our nation's safety, especially as I am 72 years old and not able to shoulder a gun myself any more. With my best, warm wishes-for your health and happiness, I remain, Dear Sir, with my kindest respectful regards Respectfully and cordially yours And: May all the good that here on earth is found And all the blessings heaven has to give Together with God's love and grace surround And follow you, as long as you shall live. EKA Approved For Release 2002/01/30 : CIA-RDP80B01676R003800110012-8 Approved For eeaeg?~/3 S ;1"dr -R003800110012-8 'k 9 Music and words by Einar Kampmann-Arnild America, God's blessed land, The homeland of the free; United in thy cause we stand To live or die for thee. With loyal hearts we will defend Thy flag, thy soil, thy name, The lights from 'hundred watchfires blend With freedom's radiant flame. No faithless foe shall us confound Nor make us cringe or quail, The anthem of the free shall sound From mountain, hill and dale. America, where freemen fought For liberty and right, Our land, with blood of heroes bought, For thee we stand and fight. Let foes of freedom boast and brag Of conquest's bloody deed, When challenged we shall hoist the flag, That never saw defeat ; The dove of peace shall fold its wings And vanish like a dream, As from the mountain-tops there rings The eagle's battle-scream. PRINTED IN THE "MINNESOTA LEGIONNAIRE" JULY 26 , 1950 (NOTE) - According to Comrade Arnild, who served over- seas with 135th Infantry of 34th Division, in world War One, Einar had the foregoing poem copyrighted in The United States in 1941; it was selected by USO music committee as one of the ten best songs (Out of 300,000 received) in 1942; he has rejected three music publishers offer for it. Comrade Arnild oo#oludes his note "with best wishes to all buddies...yours for God, Flag and Country...'? Approved For Release 2002/01/30 : CIA-RDP80BO1676R003800110012-8