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December 14, 2016
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July 7, 2003
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May 29, 1958
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STAT STAT Approved For Release 2003/07/08 : CIA-RDP80601676R004000110021 5 OSI z 1 1(29 May 1958) Dist4bution: Orig. - Addressee 1 - Assistant to the Director 1 - Office of Security 2 - DAD/C/SI 1 - ASD/SI Lim& V. Berimer President Aaeociabedtrniversities incorporated Rate 17304 Wise= Tower 10 ?Columbus Circle law Yost 19 New York E,:ecutive Registxy liak 33rd street, 3. V. iliesixington 7, D. C. 29 NW 1958 Dear Lloyd: Vitae is an *dation to wy letter of 8 itor, =warning thewe to you frae *b. Davidson* and will also reply to your 19 Key letter to me. Since X wrote you ce. 8 Mity, Kr. Davidson has kept the pot boiLixig hard sad many things have occurred. One of the most important of these is en exchange of correspondence between hi* and roll Robertson. I as weelasing a cow of the two lettere they eceehenged and nicoment strongly that you espleor the general tenor of Bob's letter in your reply to Davidson. I est also writing the other three panel aewthers, Alvarez. Coudsaito Obi Pege# and sending the* copies of the Robertson/Davidson exchange. las is bang done in enticipatbn of their being bombarded by Davidson al you and Bob have been. Perhaps a solid front erected 'between the Patel vitelbari Oug Davidson will discourage his. Re is taking far too anda of all cur tine and effort. Zn th040 eases store ve have been resuired to correspond. directly with DaVideCets MIX reply hes been merely one of acknowledging receipt and *hieing his that his veriee had been fbrauided to the Air Payee for viaroIgetate action' Please contact as if you continue to be embrolloi in this iliest regards STAT line3.osuree; 1. Letter to Davidson 2. Letter to Robertson Approved For Release 2003/07/08 : CIA-RDP80B01676R00400VR921-5 Approved For Release 2003/07/08: CIA-RDP80601676R004000110021-5 STAT osid (29 May 1958) Distribution: Orig. - Addressee 1 - Assistant to the Director 1 - Office of Security 2 - DAD/C/SI 1 - ASD/SI STAT 9614 3324 Street, I. IT. waiktugtca 7, D. C. S9 *Kr 1958 Deer Dr. Alvarsal Recently both Lloyd Deemer sad bob Dobertsca have loan imseigita by a lb. Lora Dudes= pith cp.sestioss relative to their activities aa sad the results of the UTO panel Oink ecavened ia liambington early is 1.953. la +Latta's:Lim *it you might sooa be bombarded. similarly, I au enclosing ivies of int of correspondence between Robertson emd Davidson, alit reecusead strcagly that you employ the gionza tenor of Dobis letter shoulft the occasion arise la them cram lame ea born beet required to connected directly nit* DIRVIaiaik OUX reply has bees merely cae of scharidaeging receipt sad advising kis that his queries had hese forwarded to the Air Tom for appropriate action. Please advise as Is the event you become caught up in this matter. Beat revirds. STAT lhvelomareet I. Utter to Davidson it. Totter to ildbertson Dr. Lida S. Alvaress adversity. of California et Iterhaloy Dordialw California Approved For Release 2003/07/08: CIA-RDP80601676R004000110021-5 Approved For Release 2003/07/08 : CIA-RDP80601676R004000110021-5 STAT (29 may- 1958) Distrdbution: Orig. - Addressee 1 - Assistant to the Director STAT 1 - Office cr security 2 - DAD/Cita 1 - ASD/DI 3.110. 33rd Street, N.1. Vsakingten 1, D. C. 29 mai me Desr Dr. Pawl lesasertly both Lloyd Darkeser matt Rob Robertace been busetsed itrf Kr. LO011 Davidson ierith gasstiona relative to their activities on said tars results of the UFO weal shish ocavaned in timshingban wady in 1953. Isaticipatice that you .it soon bs bombarded sisibmay, I as srmiesing copies of en arclemags of vorrespeedenese between Robertson and Davidson, end rsocamend straggly that you amploy the gancral tenor of Bob's latter Amid the occasion arise. Is those? cases where we bate been rsgairsd. to coreesiNed directly with Despidsce, cur reply less teen semearly one of achoostiseging receipt and advising Ms that his iperies had been forwards& to the Air Remo for appropriate action. PL ames *bias no in tire event you becalm aught up this matter. Rest regards. STAT Etta0111UNIS 1.. LatPar to Dawidsce 2. latter to Roberstson Chevy Chow* Itemised Approved For Release 2003/07/08 : CIA-RDP80601676R004000110021-5 Approved For Release 2003/07/08 : CIA-RDP80601676R004000110021-5 CON Nay Mr. Leon 94 Preneet Street White Rolm Mar York Deer Vir. Davidson: It has my lot for some or another of the executive to those requests en is thus I booms lovolved to be called 1j fee so satI have so I thought 1could penel on 'UFO. la this respect mato, n evaltation t, which s ide end duly reported to the roquestieg authority. active zones= with the porWas soiled; our results and it thereto (Inaluding disclosure) became aid, so far WA remain the concern or that authority. Yoe must therefore memo me from enteringtn ta1 f the questions you bring up in your letter of WI Incerely yours, Approved For Release 2003/07/08 : CIA-RDP80601676R004000110021-5 Approved For Release 2003/07/08 : CIA-RDP80601676R004000110021-5 .;;Itrietet 3.T. Ir. a. P. fiebertdKel mot4 a nithisatUal Movies 13caIlbrrda Taetitwbe at logIndow .maadeolt4Went% omur Dr. ficberteou ars told by Nr. pa alllors of Leo logclees as embetantlelly *arra* the aosount at the Noel on thidentlflod If Wing Cbjeets In lbla you partielpeteds Omen in Chapter 16 of the book "The ?ism* a tMi?tUlM 'Ulna Ob4sete by v. Z. Poppet (Podbledeys Garden City, 1956). Knee yea were ebalreon of the Panels aeocreing tow the enclosed releases I hope that you will find it poneele to eielighten no en too pedalo. Lip. 275 at laggpeWs books be quotes three "seDePtlibill verdiete the Puma wee egoarently embed to Unit itself to. Witbout aokring whether thee* ray aemeites Is it your generel recolleation that. the Panel cae regpeeted to Malt Its emaulawdone absig Nadi USW Far aelegan. if the Panel bed felt that acme "0411=er matte were dam to sighting of real eerthig salter/ vehicles or research devices, Deco of the three verdiets gaoled by *wen osp. 2rr5 wea3A have been eppropriele. Abet weld hove been the Ponelle recneree In such a easel raj Om p. 291 at Seppeltte heeht he votes a peregreph Which be states me the Mitt parcarephat a domunent containing the Pmeel's eeneleat000s und which be Motes that each Pawl eneher aimed. I. paragraph beglaa: ee a group do not believe that Is impeemible fair some other eels-stilt/ body to be inhibited by Intel:lima creatures. . However, there Is nothing In all at the. ? . ." aoto tlant there is no mak paragreph In the enclased -Wepart. It would appear that aceeend distinct% Sena report Is Involved, vide*, lemma to desporibing? or else tbert the enclosed enterial evo eindeemed frcat a ecombet lengthier report which Mai panel wrote end eland. eharren? I vender if you meld recall for an whether coy additianal mterlel woo writhes and oftearibeit to by the rarra, as deeeriboi by 7i13,vait, *doh dote net mow verbatim in the enclosed report. aloas yiat desire that I ibraish yea with ono of the detailed 1v:wow eaceern in this cotter, I would be not givi to do so. artgroosly yowls, retvidocrt Aripeevecr4z0PRgasgulfilVATAPPO4Atik[OPSOM460**411082119werochet trvert.' acift14 yes2 14,ntity thUweal itir me: