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December 15, 2016
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June 24, 2004
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December 12, 1977
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Approved For Relea a 2004/07/08 : CIA-RDP80M00165A001'900080004-3 ;.Ir. James F. Steele, Jr. Regional Commissioner, Region 3 Public Buildings Service General Services Administration Washington, D.C. 20407 7, UFO 1977 The information furnished below is in response to your letter to the Director, dated 17 November 1977, regarding a new procedure for the acceptance of reimbursable work performed by GSA Buildings Managers in excess of $10,000. We are looking forward to the successful implementation of this procedure which hopefully will provide us with timely and quality work performance and a participative role in inspection and acceptance. In order to assist you with this endeavor, we have established focal point officers who are authorized to sign the acceptance memorandum for reimbursable work. that is satisfactorily completed for us. The focal point officer for the CIA Headquarters Building and all other Agency-occupied buildings in the Metropolitan Washington area is Mr. ief, Space Maintenance and. STAT Facilities Branch, Logistics Services Division, Office of Logistics, and his alternate will be STA he focal point officer for Chief, Logistics Branch, Pda. Iona o ograp_ is inter- ion Center, and his alternate will be Please rest assured that we will support and assist you in this effort. Thanks again for your continued cooperation and assistance. Sincerely, cc: -ER A-DDA 1 James H. TvMcDonald James H. McDonald Director of Logistics Approved For Release 2004/07/08 : CIA-RDP80M00165A00190008000A 7-/0c2&7 L''NYI Washington, DC 20407 Admiral Stansfield Turner Director Central Intelligence Agency Washington, DC 20505 DD/A Registry, I am initiating a new procedure with respect to work performed for you by our buildings managers which exceeds p$10,000 in cost. We are hopeful that these new procedures will improve our delivery service to you in a more timely manner, ensure higher quality of work, and provide you, our customer, with the opportunity to more fully participate in the acceptance of these projects. In order to do this, several administrative procedures are necessary. Accordingly, if you will look at enclosure 1, you will note that this is a letter that my contracting officer will send to you notifying you that the work under your agency identification number, as shown on the GSA Form 2957, has been completed and ready for final inspection. You will also note that a joint acceptance inspection will be arranged by the GSA's building manager whose name will be on the letter. At the time of the joint inspection, reference enclosure 2, the building manager will have prepared for you an acceptance memorandum. It is requested that you certify on the memorandum that the work has been completed to your satisfaction and return the memorandum to the contracting officer. You will note there is space for additional comments if you so desire to make them. We feel your feedback will provide us valuable information such as: did the work start when promised; was the workman- ship satisfactory; or any other comments you might like to make that you feel would help us to improve our service to you. I solicit your support and assistance in this effort. Sincerely, Public Buildings Service 'JAMES F. STEELE, JR. Regional Commissioner Uer,~,al Services Administration Regqi 3 Release 2004/07/08: CIA-RDP80M00165A0Q1080004-3 Approved For Release 2004/07/08 : CIA-RDP80M00165A001900080004r-f ( 'S l7 Gen_l Services Administration - Reggio Release 2004/07/08: CIA-RDP80M00165A001080004-3 Washington, DC 20407 NAME AGENCY ADDRESS Please be advised that all work has been completed, as authorized by your agency identification number and GSA's (PBS) order number assigned by our buildings manager Your acceptance of the completed project is requested together with any comments you may have relative to the manner in which work was performed. A joint acceptance inspection will be arranged by the GSA Buildings Manager, It is important that this inspection be made promptly to assure timely payment to the contractor and avoid claims for delays. KENNETH A. JACOBSON Contracting Officer Approved For Release 2004/Of1O8 -CWRP$0M00165A001900080004-3 Release 2004/07Io : C IV- P8rdN 66165A` 4*080004-3 ~lv I~UL~~ Washington, DC 20407 To 3PT Subject ACCEPTANCE MEMORANDUM From 3PF Contract/Order Number Dated Building Location of Work Type of Work I have inspected the contract work that was authorized and performed under our agency identification number and GSA's (PBS) order number and found it satisfactory. Date Authorized Agency Contact Date Buildings Manager, 3PF COMMENTS: Approved For Release 2004/07/ 081 oCIIA RDP~0M00165AO01900080004-3 Approved For Release 2004/07/08 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO01900080004-3 GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION Washington, DC 20407 OFFICIAL BUSINESS Penalty For Private Use $300 POSTAGE AND FEES PAID U. S. General Services Administration GSA-361 Admiral Stanfield Turner Director -`entral Intelligence Agency Washington, DC 20505 e-, go Approved For Release 2004/07/08 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO01900080004-3 Approv OFFICIAL ROUTING SLIP ~:D / /,c) Approv For Release 2004/07/08: CIA-RDP80M00165 QI.LA3 1I r FORM NO. 213)7 Use previous editions 1-67 LJI