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December 15, 2016
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April 7, 2004
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October 15, 1977
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The Director of Central Intelligence Approved For Relea OO4tQ5 5 : CIA-RDP80MOO165AO02% 020020- 15 October 1977 TO THE ASSOCIATION OF OLD CROWS: I am well aware of the close and continuing relationship which exists between the Intelligence Community and you who are actively engaged in the development of the Nation's electronic warfare techniques and systems. I very much regret that I am unable to join with you at your annual meeting, but assure you that your many contributions to the security of the United States. are well recognized and greatly appreciated. My very best wishes for a pleasant and productive meeting and for the future success of the M.ociation of Old Crows. ..,1~''" STAN FIEL TURNER Approved For Release 2004/05/05 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO02500020020-4 Approved For ReleaM 2004/05/05: CIA-RDP80M00165AO02500020020-4 TO THE ASSOCIATION OF OLD CROWS: I am well aware of the close and continuing relationship which exists between the Intelligence Community and you who are actively engaged in the development of the Nation's electronic warfare techniques and systems. I very much regret that I am unable to Join with you at your annual meeting, but assure you that your many contributions to the security of the United States are well recognized and greatly appreciated. My very best wishes for a pleasant and productive meeting and for the future success of the Association of Old Crows. STANSFIELD TURNER A/DCI/PAO/HEH/kgt/7 October 1977 Distribution: Orig - Addressee (A/DCI/PAO will mail) I-?- ER 1 - A/DCI/PAO 1 - DD/S&T E8 Approved For Release 2004/05/05 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO02500020020-4 2300 Ninth Street, South, Suite 300 Arlington, Virginia 22204 (703) 920-1600 August 31, 1977 Admiral Standfield Turner, USN Director, Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D. C. 20507 Dear Admiral Turner, The Association of Old Crows would like to have you as the featured speaker at our annual award banquet. The banquet will be held at the Washington Hilton Hotel on October 26, 1977, with 2500 or more AOC members and guests in attendance. The AOC membership is composed of people from the military, govern- ment, educational institutions and industry, who are involved and concerned with the field of electronic warfare. Our national or- ganization, with some 9,000 members, is an individual membership organization which is not affiliated with industry, in fact we do not have any corporate members. The AOC as an organization sponsors national and local symposiums and meetings concerning electronic warfare. These symposiums, which are classified are designed to keep the people involved in electronic warfare aware of the technical advances in the field as well as current and future requirements. Dr. Perry's office, DDR&E, is sponsoring the 1977 DOD/AOC Electronic Warfare symposium, which is our National Annual Symposium. The sym- posium will be conducted on the 25, 26, and 27th of October at the National Bureau of Standards at Gaither'sburg,Maryland. Mr. Lyn Cosby Superintendent of Tactical Electronic Warfare, at NRL, is the sym- posium chairman. Mr. Cosby and his committee have structured a high technology program that should be of great interest to your agency. I have enclosed a copy of the proposed program for the symposium as well as a general information sheet on the convention and symposium. I sincerely hope that you can find the time in your busy schedule to honor us with a presentation at the banquet. In the event that you desire additional information, please give me a call. Yours very truly, 'TP Warren Austin Presi deRptproved For Release 2004/05/05 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO02500020020-4 STAT Approved For Release 2004/05/05 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO02500020020-4 Next 4 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2004/05/05 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO02500020020-4 it A. +001cwropto FOURTEENTH ANNUAL CONVENTION and DOD/AOC ELECTRONIC WARFARE SYMPOSIUM Washington, D.C. ' 23 - 24 - 25 - 26 and 27 October 1977 CONVENTION Convention headquarters will be at the Washington-Hilton Hotel, 1919 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. Registration will start on 23 October at 2 p.m. Social activities are planned for the evenings of the 23, 24, 25 and 26th. The annual banquet will be held on the 26th. SYMPOSIUM The 1977 DOD/AOC Electronic Warfare Symposium will be conducted at the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) facilities at Gaithersburg, Maryland on 25, 26 and 27 October. Transportation will be furnished from the Washington-Hilton to Gai- thersburg. Lunch will be served at NBS each day. Transportation and lunch costs are included in the registration fee which is $75 for AOC members and $100 for non-members. Mr. Lyn Cosby, Superintendent of the Tactical Electronic Warfare Division at NRL is this year's Symposium Chairman. Lyn, with the assistance of an outstanding committee is preparing a "high technology" symposium. Emphasis will be placed on strategic requirements. The symposium will be held at the SECRET level and admission is restricted to U.S. Citizens holding at least a SECRET security clearance. The enclosed form must be completed and submitted for access to the symposium. -- 1977 SYMPOSIUM MASTER SCHEDULE - TUESDAY 25 OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 26 OCTOBER THURSDAY 27 OCTOBER Red and Green Auditoriums Red and Green Auditoriums Red and Green Auditoriums SPEAKERS' BREAKFAST - 0800-0900 PLEjARY SESSIONS SESSION IV 0930-1130 ADVANCES IN E.O. TECHNOLOGY SESSION VII EXPENDABLE EW TECHNOLOGY 0930-1100 0900-1100 COFFEE BREAK - 1100.1130 SESSION II SESSION V PROJECTED SERVICE NEEDS PROJECTIONS IN DATA PROCESSING FOR ESM AND RECCE MILLIMETER WAVES 1200 - 1300 1130-1300 1130- 1300 !._ LUNCH - 1300-1400 SESSION III STRATEGIC EW OPTIONS SESSION Vt SESSION VIII 1430 - 1630 RECEIVING SYTEMS TECHNOLOGY J/D TECHNOLOGY 1400 - 1630 1400. 1 rsn EXHIBITS Unclassified exhibits will be located in the Washington-Hilton Hotel. Exhibits from both DOD and Industry will be open. The exhibit area will be the focal point for our hospitality activities. Bernie Jackson is Exhibit Chairman. For information and exhibit packages call him at (703) 685-2583. BANQUET The 1977 AOC Banquet will be held at the Washington-Hilton Hotel on October 26th. Approved DOD invitational proce- dures will be observed for the invitations and seating of DOD guests of the AOC. The provisions of DOD Directive 5500.7 (Standards of Conduct) will be complied with in all aspects of the convention. AOC members are requested to submit the names of DOD personnel to be placed on the AOC guest list for the banquet. When names are submitted, please include title and address. Guests will be selected and assigned to tables on a random basis by a drawing to assure compliance with DOD directives. The cost of Banquet tickets has been reduced from $35 to $30 for this convention. AOC members pur- chasing tables are urged to make seats available to the AOC in order to provide seats for our guests. HOSPITALITY The concept of industr~epp O ediFwssPAI4 gsAii Q41U gugIS47PPc 99ro65/00c2o500020020d~OD guests are advised not to accept hospitality from industry. The AOC will sponsor hospitality suites for the convention and pro- vide a social program for you our members and DOD quests. Since the convention is nlnnnart a Approved For Release 2004/05/05 :CIA-RDP80M0016 X002500020020-4 SPECIAL. ACTIVITIES Daily events are being planned for the people who are not attending the symposium. Information will be available during registration. tennis courts will be available at the Washington-Hilton Hotel. HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS The `.'Dashing on-Hilton is the center of our convention, The hotel has reserved one thousand (1000) rooms for persons attending th FLOC convention. The closest Metro station to the Washington-Hilton is at Dupont Circle which is four blocks from. the ho el. The Metro makes accommodations in Virginia and other parts of Washington, D.C. facilities accessable to the hotel. N TE: All matters concerning hotel accommodations should be conducted directly with the hotel of your choice. GOLF The annual OC golf tournament will be on 24 October with headquarters at the Indian 6piings Country Club. The two at Indian Sp ings plus a third course to be selected will be utilized for the tournament. Tee-off times will start at 8:30 a.m. and run unt 111:30 a.m. Cocktails at 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Indian Springs Clubhouse followed by the buffet and the prize awards. Completion of events is scheduled for 9 p.m. Golf costs will be $25 per player which includes green fees, golf cart, bu fet and free beer on the course. Separate banquet tickets will be available for non-participating guests for $12. Bob Keene, Control Data Corporation, 6003 Executive Blvd., Rockville, Maryland 20852, Tel (301) 468-8504 is the Chairman o the golf tournament. Fill out the enclosed registration form and mail it to Bob Keene at the above address. Check shoal be payable to AOC. TENNIS Tennis cour s are available at the Washington-Hilton Hotel. In the event there is enough interest a tournament will be conducted, probably at Indian Springs Country Club. The costs of tennis which includes the buffet will be $17. If you wish to play ten is, please include your intention on the golf registration form, please do not include money for tennis. CANCELLATIONS The AOC makes a final commitment for facilities and services on October 21st to the National Bureau of Standards and the Wash-ngton Hilton Hotel, therefore, registration cancellations requesting refunds will not be'ihonored unless a written notice has been received by the close of business on October 20th, 1977. These cancellations will be honored at the end of the convention. NOTES: 4OC Hospi invited to mentary. The exhibit a/ity consists of three hospitality suites in the Washington-Hilton Hotel where ll AOC registrants and guests are l i- eet after the close of each day's activities. The AOC is host, and all refreshments and entertainment are comp area will feature complimentary food & beverages at indicated times. A cash bar will be available at other hours. Buses will el from the lower side entrance each morning beginning at 7:30 a.m. Complimentary coffee and breakfast pastries will bed fable in the bus departure area. AOC Hospi a/i lounye will be open each day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Bridge set-ups, coffee and breakfast pastries, and information serves are provided by the AOC special activities committee. Golf and tennis arrangements can be made with the hosts /denti,icati n ba Jges and AOC buttons will be given as admission to all activities with the exception of the banquet, ,vhere tickets are equired. Guests buttons will be provided to any EW affiliated guests upon presentation of suitable credentials ,such as DO ID o'jjusiness card from an EW company. J. AOC comp lance with all applicable directives. The AOC will invite and be host to all DOD guests. Seating at the annual baguet will he assigned by a random drawing so as not to favor the interest of any contractor or individual industry repre- sentative. n AOC/DOD guest list will be prepared from names submitted by the AOC membership. Any DOD organization may submi suggested guests for any or all AOC activities. DOD Spon orship The EW symposium is sponsored by OSD/DDR & E Questions Please call the AOC office or write if there are any questions pertaining to this year's program. Approved For Release 2004/05/05 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO02500020020-4 LINCLAS IFIED CONFIDENTIAL SECRET Approved For Release 2004/ 5/Oc f-IAMPIPOM001 65A@2500020020-4 EXE`CUTINE Remarks: To 16. Please_ develop response for DCI signature-In coordination with- and DDS&TQ`, D/ExeEutrve esretory Approved For Re1ease-2004/05/05 CIA-RDP84M0?1~~(1500020020-4 Routing Slip