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December 16, 2016
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January 24, 2005
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October 14, 1976
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Approved For Release RNI,Y__00165A003100M004-5 ,ADS 0-0 q 3S3-176/1 14 October 1976 MEMORANDUM FOR: Assistant for Information, DDA ATTENTION THROUGH SUBJECT REFERENCE SA/DDS&T - FOIA Appeal - IPS F-76-374 Appeal Letter dated 8 September 1976 1. The reference imposes requirements which cannot possibly be fulfilled by the 18 October deadline. As there are now several requests -- all for essentially the same information, and as Marks imposes a requirement to review the documents prior to copying, it seems ap- propriate that a course of action, and a tentative schedule,be established to comply with his request. 2. The Office of Technical Service serves as a repository for specified (1 a, b, c, d) drug files which have thus far been identified. Although OTS has been assigned the responsibility to maintain and search the integrated drug files, the Office of Scientific Intelli- gence, the Office of Medical Services, and the Office of Security have specified a desire to review the ARTICHOKE papers prior to release. The Office of Technical Service cannot estimate the time that those units will require to complete their review. 3. As to schedule, years 1949-1951 have been re- viewed and forwarded to IPS for coordination. The OTS sanitization of the 1952 BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE file is virtually complete. It is anticipated that the 1953 file will take about two weeks and the remainder of the file should average about one week per year through 1957. There is virtually nothing in the file for the Approved For Release 2005/03/07 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO03100020004-5 Approved For Release''05/03/07 : CIA-RDP80MOO165AO0310MO004-5 INTERNAL USE ONLY period 1967 through 1974. The 1975 file consists of the plethora of memoranda resulting from the request of the Director for information on Questionable Ac- tivities and memoranda summarizing the available files on those past activities. Thus, the entire sanitized BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE file should be available by the end of November. 4. Regarding Reference ic, MKULTRA was a funding mechanism under which all of this work and much more was done. There is no one central file for all of MKULTRA other than possibly the one destroyed in 1973. As soon as the known MKULTRA documents (those in the BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE file) now in our possession believed to be of most interest I lare sanitized, CIA archives should be searched for a of the projects funded as part of the PIKULTRA umbrella. It is unknown how much time such a search would require. In short, equest is more extensive and inclusive than even e realizes. There is also some question as to how far one must go to comply with the reasonable effort required by the FOIA. The Office of Technical Service would like a legal opinion stating how much research we are required to perform to satisfy this type of request. 5. Re Reference id, very little of MKSEARCH (part of MKULTRA) escaped destruction. What did escape can be sanitized upon the conclusion of the BLUEBIRD/ ARTICHOKE effort, and could be made available in sanitized form in late November or early December. 6. Re Reference le, MKDELTA was a policy approval mechanism, which should be available as the outdated CSI 220-10 dated 22 July 1960. Beyond that, it was only a routing indicator and there is no MKDELTA file in OTS. 7. Re Reference 2, a memorandum dated 21 April 1960, Subject, "Scientific and Technical Problems in Covert Action Operations"; it is not known if this specific document is in OTS files, if it is it should be revealed in the above search. 2 INTERNAL USE ONLY Approved For Release 2005/03/07 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO03100020004-5 25X1 Approved For Release 2605103107 : CIA-RDP80M00165A003100020004-5 8. Re Reference 3, no personal files in the name of the individuals mentioned are known to exist. There is no method to retrieve documents by author. As it was a common practice to prepare correspondence for the Unit Chief's signature, much of the correspon- dence of the units involved was signed by the specified individuals. Such a request therefore would be too broad and non-specific regarding subject matter to be a reasonable request under FOIA. David S. Brandwein Director Office of Technical Service Approved For Release 2005/03/07 : CIA-RDP80M00165A003100020004-5 STAT Approved For Release 2005/03/07 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO03100020004-5 Approved For Release 2005/03/07 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO03100020004-5 Approved For Release V5/03/07 : C,IA-RDP801.O 10 65AO03100 000 -5~ ~.r 1 RiEn, FxzA.Nx, HARRTsT uRivEr 1zRF.L'1A'u i33/ S ":T ~ iy a ~ ; R/CNAPO P.. OEPPrMLR "LLIkN JOSERM30M O4+ID T. 3.KMd+U.Y MAX N. IU. P!LNaM JAME3REUi-Ao,r FEIINET$ S. MRAH!R GETC. O. Cl.R!M-IArT AKINUR LAZARU3.JP. MILUOM !. 5ENBERO RICHMO SCMI TKP JOE,. P. FEIOELMAM 5.ROENT SNRN_R RATRIC A Pcsem*S MARP13 DANIEL M. SIMGER CD U. D J. BECAWPN LAWPESCE R. 310NAR S. 6090 SEAM WILLIAM P. SUOOA R:OECCA A. OOMNELLAN SCOTT A. SUGAAMAM SAP 9"* 0040 71MOTMY 9UwVAN WILLIAM P. MOFI'i.AH JILL WINE YOLhLR HENRf A. I+U9SC.4 EAJ HOWAPO WEIMMA4 JAY R K.AL, ER VL RICPUACI WEST, JP, r.UCl3 J. O^OaLE CHRI3TOPWER D. MHITNEY JOs,RM J. P!TPILLO JULIE L WIL.LUMS M!LV1N K+SME KAREM HASnE W UJAMs VLYESSA RUL. ERIC J.7.AWLER SUITE 1000, THE WATERGATE 600 r_ _. ----- 600 NEW HAMPSHIRE AVENUE, N.W. 1`1113-D, RnNZ(,II61~cls, WASHINGTON, D.C. 20037 5J7ISIVTR & I\COR90 7 1202) 960-9400 CABLE "STERIC WASHINGTON" TELEX 892,405 .September. 8, 1976 CERTIFIED MAID NO. 645529 Return. Receipt Requested P THROGMOMTON AVTKUE IONPOM.EC2K L7.O GLAM. 100 027'710.1 TEI.EY. 537505 .0 - Mr. John F. Blake Chairman, Information Review Committee Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D. C. 20505 Re: Appeal of Freedom of Information June 10, 1976 Request of 25X1 Dear Mr. Blake: We are writing on behalf of with respect to a 25X1 Freedom of Information Act request curren y pending before the Central Intelligence Agency. This request was sent on June 10,' 1976 and received at the CIA on June 14. A copy of the request letter is enclosed. Because the CIA has not responded to the request within the ten-working-day period provided by law, 5 U.S.C. ?552 (a) (6) (i) , we hereby appeal this implicit denial of the request under 32 CK.FK.R.. ?1900.51 (1975). According to law, you have twenty working days to decide upon this appeal, unless extended for good cause. 5 U. S.C., ?552 (a) (6) (ii) ; 32 C.F.R. ?1900.51 (e) (3) (1975) At this time, we also wish to clarify the June 10 request letter. First, that let-ter should be understood to be a request to inspect the documents described therein with the right to copy any or all of the records reserved until the time of inspection. condly, after review of certain documents released to Mr. 25X1 .n your letter of June 30, 1976 (in response to another FOIA. MEN YORK. KY. IOPW. 1212) SPA SSO0 TEIE%: 620x53 Approved For Release 2005/03/07 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO03100020004-5 Fxx a, ~ IA -. 1F0rF;Zef6a1WNAPO,41 03/07: CIA-RDP80M00165AO0310 0 0004-5 25X1 STAT 25X1 I'ir.. John F. Blake Page 2 September 8, 1976 request by Nir_. Idated June 30, 1975), we are able to describe more fully some o e documents-ciirrently? sought. The documents referenced in the June 10, 1976 request include., but are not limited to,-the following: 1. All documents dealing with the CIA programs bearing -the following cryptonyms: Applicability of Special Chemicals and Biologicals to Clandestine Operations." 3. Documents generated by, and presumably in the personal (a) BLUEBIRD, (b) ARTICHOKE, (c) MKULTRA, (d) MKSEAR.CH, and (e) MXDELTA. - 2. A memorandum, with appendices, dated April 21, 1960, entitled "Scientific and Technical Problems in Covert Action Operations, " mentioned on page 16 of the Inspector General's report on MKULTRA dated August 14, 1963,-, especially Appendix B of the memorandum, entitled "The files of, r. S. Gottlieb and Messrs. Laschbrook, I land Shef Edwards. . STAT 4. A January 8, 1975 memorandum to the Inspector General from DD/S&T known as a "Compliance Statement with Regard to Questionable Activities." We hope to receive the reply to this appeal within the statutory deadline of twenty working days. Furthermore, we wish to appeal the decision by Gene F. Wilson, Information and Privacy Coordinator, in his Jux~e21 1976 letter, not to waive search and duplinni-inn fees incurred in fulfilling this request. As you know, Mr.I_ s a professional journalist and the information, sought Approved For Release 2005/03/07 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO03100020004-5 FxztED,?Fxz.&N , HFLr xs, SH Ivx;xt & ICe~1 rxr~rr Approved For Release 2005/03/07: CIA-RDP80M00165AO03100T20004-5 1-4r. John F. Blake Page 3 September 8, 1976 is for eventual public dissemination. Please inform us if you require additional information relative to the request for a waiver of fees. Respectfully submitted, FRIED, FRANK, HARRIS, SHRIVER & KP MPELNAN By cc: Emile Julian, Esquire Approved For Release 2005/03/07 : CIA-RDP80M00165AO03100020004-5 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/03/0 7(Ol - DP80M00165AO03100020004-5 FRIED, FRANK, HARRIS, SHRIVER & KAmPELNAN P.CS, a::O N. CCA'LT++A4 WLUAW J09EPH984 L{s 0 F TiaChiu:4 AM M. IU4P-L444 JLweY:#uHAB?/ )Ev HETH 9. A.U,K4 F=-.?!P A E,RF4MAPT AWTHUR LAZAR09.JA. NIL:O+E%9EH8r.KY RICHAAO SC. M,rTER JO L H. FZ:O'_LH_ 5AROE4T g4R V^_4 PATTOA P04EttT9 HA3aR19 DA41Ct M.SINOCA NAAOLO R GREEN C'JY'~D J. IICCRW,T4 NELV14 RAMC 9. DO60 D1A4 VANESSA AUr2 MAPSA:a4 GOLD LAWAE WCC R. 'JIDMA4 WIIUA'.. D. HOr) A4 WILLIAM L SUDOW N Eh4'T A. Nu MaG+MA4 TIMOTHY 9ULLIVAM 'JAt P. -Z .to JILL WIMCVOLUCR MICH,Wt,40 ern OAM HOWARO WEIWMA4 /PAnCt! J. o-1 ,ow W. RICMAAD WWI in. J03E?+Y J. PS'TW.,..!.O IIAAEM HA9T)C WILLIA95 W ll!.:Aa, 9. RMODC9 Er,IC J.z. u.= FRED SWiC 19A99.JA. , COUM!!L 25X1 SUITE I000,THE WATERGATE 600 600 NEW HAMPSHIRE AVENUE, N. W. WASHINGTON, D.G. 20037 (202) 965-9400 CABLE"STERIC WASHINGTON" TELEX 892405 June 10, 1976 Certified Mail No. 645545 RETURN :RECEIPT :REQUESTED Freedom of Information Coordinator Central Intelligence Agency Washington, DC' 20505 On behalf of Iwe hereby formally request, under the Freedom Uj_ Act, S U.S.C. Section 552, the following documents: believe that any search or duplication fees to be incurred in the fulfillment of this request should be waived, and in connection with his activities as a journalist, we 1. All documents relating to the CIA's. drug and behavior-modification programs, whether equests of June 30 or not within Mr. L and July 17, 1975 concerning documents delivered to the Rockefeller Commission. 2. Any CIA index to or abstract of the documents described in 1., above. 3. Any documents mentioned or referenced in the text of the documents requested in I. and 2., above. Because -these documents are being sought by I'Rn n, FRANK, )I {R usr.. SHR=V1 N 8, LJACOBSON ro L4OADWY II EW YOAX. M T. IOD09 )Zia) 0Sh6300 tc[[x:0.'att) 1N R00kORT