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December 22, 2016
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October 27, 2009
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January 31, 1975
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/27: CIA-RDP80MOl 133A000500010025-6 31 January 1975 MEMORANDUM FOR THE STUDY CRr J P , PILOT STUDY ON NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE SUPPORT TO FIELD :~ '.IMANDERS SUBJECT: Minutes of the 16 January 1975 Meeting of the Study Group 1. The minutes of the 16 Januar- Study Group meeting are attached. 2. The Study Group is tentative' y scheduled. to meet at 1000 hours, 5 March 1975 in the DCI Conference -.oom (7E64), CIA Headquarters. In addition to the members, the ChaA men of the Working Groups and the computer program support officer -xi, 1 attend. The tentative agenda is: a . Working Group reportE on progress toward implementing Study Group guidance of 16 January 1975. b. Modifications to study iarameters recommended by the National Working Group. c. Revision of study mile: d. Form and content of preliminary' and final Study Group reports. e. Intensive review of Stx: dy report prior to Study Group. approval. 3. At the 16 January meeting of -he Study Group, the members agreed to continue their effort to identify studies that have been completed., or are now in progress, that relate to the t=.tical/national intelligence interface. JCS review completed. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/27: CIA-RDP80MOl 133A000500010025-6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/27: CIA-RDP80M0l 133A000500010025-6 Request that you provide the Study C: oup executive officers by 25 February 1975 a list of the additional studies the ~ t have been identified . This list also should include the name of the st _idy; its purpose; the authority directing it; action officers; the date, or expected date, of completion; and the classification. Attachment: As stated Distribution: 1 - Each Study Group Member/Ot server (12) I - Chairman, National Working Croup I - Chairman, Theater Working Group 1 - Chief, Research and Anslysi Branch, .MPRRD/C 3 - Each Study Group Executive f;f icer 1 - MPRRD Subject 1 - MPRRD Reading 1 - MH Chrono ~e (in turn) egia ry DCI/IC/MPRRD:I (31Jar_73) STAT STAT STAT STAT STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/27: CIA-RDP80M0l 133A000500010025-6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/27: CIA-RDP80MOl 133A000500010025-6 STUDY GR SUP PILOT STUDY ON NATIOI-AL INTELLIGENCE SUPPORT TO FIELD ;OMMANDERS Minutes of the Secrnd Meeting Room 2E1010, Th Pentagon at 1000, Thursday, 16 January 1975 MEMBERS PET- ESENT RADM Robert P . Hilton, Co-Chairman, J c int Staff Jr., USAF, Co-Chairman, Intelligence Community Staff Central Intelligence Agency, representing the CIA Member Mr. Merrill T. Kelly, Department of the ~ rmy Capt. R. W. Bates, Department of the Na' y BGen J. S. Pustay, Department of the Aii Force Col. J. A. Macinnis, US Marine Corps, r :presenting Col. Quisenberry RAt)M J. A. Walsh. USEUCOM/Deputy J2 Defense Intelligence Agency ational Security Af ency/Central Security Service Capt. Ronald P. Good, Department of the Navy OBSERVERS PRESENT wlr. . Howard Chinn, Defense Mapping Ag ncy Working Group OTHERS PF ESENT Defense Intellige-ice Agency, Chairman of the Theater USAF (ret.) Inteligence Community Staff, Chairman of the National Working Group Maj Perr Intelligence Community Staff Intelligence Corr-.-,unity Staff Central Intelligerce Agency W. Miles, III, USMC, Intelligence Community Staff National Security I gency/Central Security Service tional Security A~; _~ncy/Central Security Service Col. B. H. Davis, Department of the Army , Intelligence Community Staff Study Group Executive Officer Capt Gerald W. Dyer, USN, Joint Staff y~:udy Group Executive - Officer Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/27: CIA-RDP80MOl 133A000500010025-6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/27: CIA-RDP80M0l 133A000500010025-6 1. INTRODUCTION Admiral Hilton and opened the meeting. Admiral STAT; Hilton noted that he had replaced Bri radier General William L. Nicholson, USAF, as the Joint Staff co-chairman. and that had replaced STAT USA , as IC Staff co-chairman. Admiral Hilton briefly reviewed the background of the Pilot Study, and the Study and Working Group activities to date noted the personal STAT interest of the DCI and the Secretary of Defense in the Pilot Study, and said that the co-chairmen would be prepaxed to brief on its progress. An outline of the briefing will be given t) the Study Group members. UNCINCEUR PROGRESS B UIEFING RADM J. A. Walsh, the UE EUCOM member, discussed the theater commander's submissions: tie study scenario, the EEI, and the identification of theater assets and their tasking. USCINCEUR has forwarded the final submission of EEi received I rom the component commands. . The theater submission of assets is now ::.)nsidered adequate, although this is subject to review by the Theater Wor ping Group. RADM Walsh explained that the timeliness of USCINCEUR's Study inputs was affected by the sequential nature of the development of study methodology, difficult communications with Washington, arid unawareness of the urgency for the Study in Washington. He also noted `hat USEUCOM's TDY funds had been significantly reduced. He recomme_-~ied that the Study Group transmit the time constraints for the Study to USC NCEUR. 3. DISCUSSION In the discussion that follc vved , PADM Hilton proposed, and it was agreed, that a message from th CS forward the approved Study milestones to USCINCEUR to make hire. aware of the time constraints for the Study. 4. THEATER WORKING GRCL P REPORT reviewed the i iembership, the assigned tasks and the progress of the Theater Working :group . He said that his principal focus is on shortfalls in the theater c,,mmanders' ability to satisfy command information needs for the scenario sit jation. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/27: CIA-RDP80M0l 133A000500010025-6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/27: CIA-RDP80MOl 133A000500010025-6 a. He is developing, in coordination with the National Working Group, a methodology i o identify, in a static display, specific information needs derived from theater EEI, the theater assets available for commitment against them, and judgments on the capability of each asset agai? ist each information need. b. His progress depends upon the theater inputs identifying EEI and the tasking of theater assets . Not all EEI have been received. Component command EEI received on 15 January have not been analyzed. He estimated that wh,An analyzed the theater EEI will result in more than 10,000 specific statements of information need if all phases of the OPLAN are considered. c. I requested guidance as to the level of organization and detail to which theater assets are to be identified in the Study. It was agreed that in considerin;, the expression "commands ,:apable of independent sustained combat" in the Terms of Reference, the Working Groups would analyze theater forces at the level of Army brigades, Air Force wings and i navy task groups, and consider theater collection and reporting assets responsive to that level. d. I (pointed oL.t that the Working Groups, on recommendation of the co-chair-rien, had focused their test of methodology on the last ten days of OPLAN Phase 2, defensive operations, and Phase 3X, convt ntional offensive operations (time period C+25 to C+48 of the scena ?io) . He said that he now believes the Study must be limited to this time period if the scheduled completion date is to be met. 5. DISCUSSION In the discussion that follrwed,l said that he is using actual weather (stipulated in the sce:lario) and that adequate communications are assumed. Communications prob.; ems in crisis--availability, capacity and accessability--were discussed a` some length. It was agreed to assume com-.,unications for the Pilot Study and to identify this as a 'serious problem area for further study. It was agree I that the Working Group reports will include this and all other assumptions they make regarding national and theater collection and reporting capa:)ilities. STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/27: CIA-RDP80MOl 133A000500010025-6 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/27: CIA-RDP80M0l 133A000500010025-6 6. NATIONAL WORKING GRt )UP REPORT Group. reported th progress of the National Working a. He discussed, in some detail, the methodology developed by his Working Group, which hiLs been adopted by the Theater Working Group. In many cases, assets of the same type and capabilities, such as US Army SiGINT stations in Europe, are aggregated as a totality. His Wcrking Group has identified ninety entries for national assets and 2)0 theater and JTF EEI. The resulting 18,000 comparisons will be sign-ficantly increased when the component command EEI are received and factored. + modifications to the Study para: niters (attachment 1). His Working Group believes that parameter 4 type of response/output, need not be specifically identified. The sensor type will be evident from entries in the matrix. After discussion, the Study Group agreed that this will not identify product type, and that the Working Groups should address product type where it h