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December 16, 2016
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January 12, 2005
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January 1, 1975
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Approved For Release 2005/02/02 : CIA-RDP80M01133AO01100090061 '1 DCI/IC-75-0526 MEMORANDUM ?OR: CNNAR Olmer, PPIAB Staff UBJECT Mr. Cherne t s Questions re the Motion Picture, "Scorpio" 1. Reference is your request for information on which to reply to questions posed by Mr. Leo Cherne of the PPIAB concerning the "Scorpio'' motion picture. 2. The questions you posed, and responses are as follows a. How did it come about the movie was filmed in part at CIA Headquarters--an obvious break from past CIA practice? The decision was made by Director Helms as an exception" after the original request of 17 February 1972 from Senator John V. Tunney of California was followed by a meeting on 25 February between David Silver, production manager of the motion picture, and a CIA official, and then a letter of 28 February from Mr. Silver. Senator Turiney wrote that he had been told the filming at CIA "would be a gar driving through the entrance, past the guard gate; entering the buildin walking down a hail and entering an office.` fir. Silver's letter stated: "The story deals with field agents of the CIA and while it must of necessity have commercial ingredients, It is in no way an exploitation film or designed for sensationalism. " We hope to secure permission to photograph, in establishing long shots, entrances and exits of the building, and closer covering shots in the main entrance .lobby. Approved For Release 2005/02/02 : CIA-RDP80M01133AO01100090061-1 Approved For Release 2005/02/02 : CIA-RDP80M01133AO01100090061-1 Mr. Arthur B. Krim, Chairman of the Board of United Artists Corporation, and a personal friend of Mr. Helms, also requested that he agree to the filming at CIA. It is believed that Senator fey was the main reason for the approval which was given. b. What did CIA expect to get out of Its coopeerati i--- sincee the motion picture has such an anti-CIA focus? The correspondence never mentioned 'Scorpio'--the title given was 'Danger Field, : with no reference to a novel or author. The production manager's letter said only: The story deals with their (CIA agents) work in be field and their relationship with their immediate superior, who, it is never suggested is anything but an executive in the Agency.., Senator Tunney's letter said, 'There is a portion of the movie which deals with the Central Intelligence '' Agency. Mr. Helms, in his letter to Mr. irm, in which he agreed to allow the filming, said, "I do want to be sure. . that your associates are not under the illusion that we are changing our policy. We are not. 0. Did the author of Scorpio --Mike Roote--_have any background in CIA? He did not. 'Fusee novel was published in 1972 with United Artists Corporation (which produced the film) listed as holding the copyright. Since correspondence r* filming shots at CIA originated in February 1972, it is assumed the novel was developed from the film script. Assoc is ee pu .y to the DCI for the Intelligence Community 25X Distribution: Orig. - Adsee. 1 - AD/DCI/IC 1 - CS Subject I - CS Chrono I - Chrono --I'- ICADF $r Release 2005/02/02: C?A-RDP80M01133A001100090061-1 25X1 25~1 ACT/ICS/CS (L# Feb 75 )