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December 19, 2016
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October 20, 2005
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February 10, 1967
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Approvedr Release 2 05/11/ 3 : RAX 4A001800010034-0 10 February 1967 Morning Meeting of 10 February 1967 DD/I discussed possible problems resulting from a call to the Director from last night. No further action was neces- sary. DD/I noted a CINCPAC message concerning an increase in water transport from North to South in Vietnam. The Director asked that this be continuously watched and carefully analyzed. DD/I called attention to a Soviet statement in the New York Times reflecting concern over the maintenance of the rail links to North Vietnam. All major military equipment from the USSR to North Vietnam is moved by this mode of transport. DD/I called the Director's attention to an Air Force contract with the University of Colorado on UFO's. In this connection, Dr. Condon called Art Lundahl to ask for technical support. The amount of work would be minimal. DD/I was inclined to offer NPIC's services. The Director agreed. Godfrey reported that OCI will be coordinating today with ONE a draft paper on the possible effects of a disruption by China of Soviet supplies to North Vietnam. Godfrey briefed the Director on internal Chinese developments. Kent reported a call from Allan Evans asking for a crash up-date of the pre-Christmas Estimate on withdrawal of forces from Europe. The Director is not disposed to handle such a paper prior to the regular USIB meeting next Thursday. DDCI felt that, prior to undertaking any Estimate, we should have a coordinated, written statement of require- ments. (See Action 1) Kent noted that ONE is preparing written conclusions for the disarmament Estimate and also a spread sheet for Admiral Lowrance in accord with the Director's wishes. Approved For Release, - > R01284A001800010034-0 VV, Ulm Pr Release X06 -bR014A001800010034-0 Approved IF. 0 reported a request from James Webb's staff for brief- ings. He and the A-DD/S&T will meet with the Director after the meeting for guidance on this matter. Allen for Carver reported that 58 percent of the cease-fire incidents are directly attributable to U. S. initiatives. He described the role played by the Tet practice of setting off fireworks in con- tributing to the number of alleged cease-fire violations. DD/P called attention to an exchange of cables between the Depart- ment and the Embassy in Saigon. Warner noted Ashmore. spent 90 minutes with Representative A-DD/S&T called attention to a New York Times article in which Kosygin did not appear to close the door on ABM talks. The Director called attention to an article in last night's Washington Star on ABM's. In reply to a question A-DD/S&T assured the Director that we are relatively certain of our facts on the Soviet orbital bombardment system. DDCI noted a radio news item this morning alleging the theft in China of some documents concerning nuclear weapons. The Director said that he will be away Monday and Tuesday, returning Tuesday night. ACTION: 1. The Director asked Kent to call Gene Rostow and/or John McNaughton to ascertain the reasons for such a crash request. Approved For Release 2005/11/23 : CIA-RDP80R01284A001800010034-0 n? ' E Ue