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December 19, 2016
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October 24, 2005
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February 8, 1968
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Approved Fo IeaseE~:2~005/11123, CIA-RDP pR012 001800040024-8 8 February 1968 Morning Meeting of 8 February 1968 DD/I reported that Bruce Clarke briefed General Goodpaster in connection with the General's briefing today of President Eisen- hower on the world situation. 25X1 DD/I reported that the Task Forcel report was negative. Godfrey advised that cable traffic concerning the Panmunjom discussions indicates that little or no progress is being made. D/ONE drew attention to a JCS request for an SNIE of the capa- bility of the ARVN to provide internal security under various circum- stances, including the withdrawal of U. S. forces. He suggested that, in view of current events in Vietnam, this request might be deferred. DDCI advised that he would speak with General Spivy to determine the priority of the request. D/ONE distributed a summary of Jean-Jacques Servan- Schreiber Is Le Defi Americain. The Director asked DD/I to review the summary for possible dissemination to relevant people outside the Agency. 25 25 Approved For Release 2005/11/23 CIA-RDP80R01284A001800040024-8 Approved Fo0lease i' 3 ' CI 3 $,11012 001800040024-8 tl Carver reported that the interagency group formed to deal with South Vietnamese elections has been reconvened to cope with the aftermath of the Tet offensive. DD/S&T advised that CINCPAC has urgently requested addi- tional OXCART coverage of North Korea. 25 25X1 Executive Director called attention to the fact that the Freedom of Information Act prohibits denying the release of any document which does not bear a defense classification to anyone requesting same. DDCI passed on to Godfrey a request from CINCSOUTH for an analysis of relations between Argentina and Chile. (See Action 1) 25 The Director expressed his thanks for the support provided in his briefings of the Defense Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee. The Director noted that Congressman Reid had expressed his gratitude for the recent briefing provided by 25 Approved For Release 2005/11/23 : CIA-RDP80R01284A001800040024-8 Approved For lease 2 /1-1/23 :-CIA-RDP8 128#01800040024-8 L;J L]l..ia ucu It {... .. ~ ) LU The Director imparted his strong feelings that recent and cur- rent events in Vietnam dramatically emphasized the indispensable need for developing and recruiting knowledgeable VC and North Vietnamese intelligence sources. DD/P advised that he already has dispatched a message to the Saigon Station which establishes this overriding priority in the Station's mission and allocation of re- sources. 1. DDCI requested that OCI prepare for his review a paper on Argentina/Chile relations. (21 February) 25 Approved For Release 2005/11/23 CIA-RDP80R01284A001800040024-8