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December 19, 2016
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December 15, 2005
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January 24, 1969
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Approved For ReQ4 A6h~4 ? 24 January 1969 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD Morning Meeting of 24 January 1969 DD/I noted that the briefing of Secretary Kennedy will be held today. DD/I briefed on yesterday's meeting of the NSC Review Group, noting that it went well and that it appears the mission of the Group will be similar in function to the role of the NSC Planning Board under the Eisenhower Administration. He observed that the Review Group will make no decisions but will identify choices and options. At its meeting yesterday the Review Group considered the NPT problem. DD/I reported that the President is extremely concerned about the security of topics discussed and the handling of related papers. He noted that Mort Halperin will act as secretary to the Review Group. He has been assigned responsibility to synthesize the returns on the twenty-eight questions connected with a thorough review of the Vietnam situation. Godfrey noted the heavy press play of Commander Bucher's treatment by the North Koreans which led to his "confession. " Godfrey reported that there have been no new major develop- ments on the Czechoslovakian scene but that the situation will remain tense over the next two days. mentioned that the Chile Estimate will contain a State Department footnote which incorporates State/ARA's views with respect to the economic outlook and the future of the Christian Democratic Party in somewhat more positive terms than the basic Estimate. Approved For 51-12/24 r7, M11 reported that the memoranda requested by the Director L-- I on Chinese intentions in Southeast Asia had been completed. reported that General Cabell will be in the building this morning to discuss matters pertaining to Vietnam in response to NSA initiative. and observed that he had suffered an additional heart attack prior to his death. DD/S reported the death of staff employee Carver noted that the Vietnam overview paper requested by Bill Bundy is now in final. Carver informed that the NSC briefing paper for Saturday's meeting has been completed. Maury reported that Bill Woodruff has suggested the value of the Director's briefing the full membership of the Appropriations Committee once again this year. The Director concurred and suggested that the briefing be put off until February or early March. Maury noted that Senator Ellender will be having lunch with the Director today to be followed by discussions with DD/I-designated Soviet specialists. DD/P noted North Vietnamese disapproval of Bertrand Russell's plans to call an international conference on Czechoslovakia. DDCI related General Wheeler's interest in some topical rundown of the points to be covered in the Director's briefing of the NSC. The Director concurred. DDCI related that he met with Russ Blandford and reported that we have no pressing problems with the Rivers Subcommittee. Approved For Rel Approved For Rele#;4`-~0OA01 : CI ? C q.QII : CI -RDP80R01284A 01800080082-0 2 ~ ~ I 1 ' j ; jIARDP8oRO1284fOO18OOO8OO82O 25X1 Appro4 For Rel DDCI noted his plans to pay terminal courtesy calls on Senators Thurmond and Russell and Congressman Rivers. The Director strongly concurred in the DDCI's suggestion that he take advantage of his call upon Senator Russell to vent Agency understanding of various ramifica- tions of the Pueblo incident and related SIGINT problems. The Director noted Senator Symington's intention to visit the Agency prior to his forthcoming trip and asked Maury to lay on the details of the briefing and participants in the near future. 25X1 L. K. White *Extracted and sent to action officer Approved For ,I~ se Q5/12/24 : - 001800080082-0 25X1