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December 19, 2016
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December 15, 2005
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January 21, 1969
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'~ 'tin ` ~l Approved f2eIa , (i@~'2/24 21 January 1969 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD Morning Meeting of 21 January 1969 Godfrey briefed on the crisis situation in Czechoslovakia, noting that developments were too fluid for a wrap-up in the NSC briefing book. He described the situation as tense in the wake of the second student 25X1 self -immolation 25X1 0 reported that the SNIE on Korea has been withdrawn from the USIB agenda, leaving for consideration only the Chile Estimate plus the Watch Report. DDCI suggested that a USIB meeting therefore not be scheduled for this week, and the Director concurred. DD/S reported that the two CAT pilots in Taipei were acquitted and credited the thorough background work by OGC as being an impor- tant factor in the favorable disposition of this case. Carver reported a marked increase in terrorist activity directed at U. S. installations in Saigon. He observed that we had anticipated this increased activity. Carver related that Secretary of State Rogers is to be briefed on Agency operations in Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Approved For Approved S ReI ~t 2 i-j w Carver noted that the findings of group essentially 25X1 support the MACV position of.official Cambodian government approval of easement of the arms flow. Maury reported that Senator Stephen Young's recent attack on the floor regarding the Pueblo incident created little concern in the Senate. Bross called attention to Budget Director Zwick's letter to Secre- tary Clifford on the Eaton report. He commented that the letter seems to place NSA in the position of having the primary SIGINT role. DD/S&T called attention to another Soviet space failure over the long weekend, stating that the launch was unable to place the vehicle in orbit. DD/P called attention to a recent cable from Ambassador Colby in Saigon with respect to the future management of PHOENIX operations. Executive Director noted that we have recently received copies of Mr. Zwick's letter to Congressman Mahon and Senator Russell on the Agency's Fiscal Year 1970 budget. DDCI reported that Admiral Arleigh Burke called him this morning seeking information on the value of PFIAB. Admiral Burke stated that he was calling in response to a suggestion by a White House staff assist- ant. DDCI suggested, among other things, that Admiral Burke might wish to consult Admiral Sides. The Director called attention to the recent memorandum on NSC organization and mode of operation and questioned its distribution and Approved For ReI ,% 25/24 : CI - 1800080085-7 Approved Rel 4~7 e ) .2G0Si12/ : CI 1 staffing. Godfrey noted that five copies were received and were pro- vided to the DDCI, DD/P, DD/I, OCI, and The Director expressed the hope that a coordinated response to the memorandum will be formulated tomorrow. Goodwin reported that he received a call from Bill Small of CBS requesting a backgrounder on the Gary Powers case in connection with a planned television interview. The Director questioned why we are obligated to provide such a backgrounder, and it was explained that, while Mr. Powers no longer seems to be interested in writing a book, it appears that the CBS interview is fairly firm. The Director cautioned against providing material which could conceivably be misinterpreted and requested that no further steps be taken in reacting to Mr. Small's request until DD/S&T has consulted Gary Powers on his intention to appear on television. Approved For RI,e i ~~4 : C - Z64~