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December 19, 2016
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November 16, 2005
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March 19, 1969
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Approved For4#v 19 March 1969 Morning Meeting of 19 March 1969 will conduct the briefing, which is scheduled for 3 p. m. on Monday. The Director concurred, and the DD/P noted that he will have a repre- sentative at the briefing. Godfrey recalled his report of last week on the movement of MIG-19's from North China to South China. He reported that six of the thirty-four showed up at Kep and returned to China. *Godfrey related that they have nothing other than press reports on the fourth Soviet/Chinese clash along the Ussuri River. Noting 2Pj: CIAQm1 (0 01800090114-3 that publicity on this dispute may somehow be related to the May World Communist Conference, Godfrey related that they have no hard information that the Conference will in fact be held. The Director asked the D/ONE to prepare by 21 March a memorandum assessing the state of Sino/Soviet tensions. DD/S&T called attention to this morning's "Today Show," which contained Soviet news films of Soviet/Chinese demonstrations related to the Ussuri border problem. The Director asked the DD/I to obtain the related film. raised with respect to Ambassador Korry's exceptions to the Chile Estimate but commented that they are well prepared to meet this D/ONE commented on the 20 March USIB agenda and said that he anticipates no problems on NIE 80/90-1-69, The Potential for Revolution in Latin America. He noted that some questions may be contingency. DD/S reported that the first showing of color films of the President's visit will commence in the auditorium today. Approved For Relea 25X1 25X1 25X 25X 0 001800090114-3 Carver noted that Hue was dusted. He commented that press reports describing a four-division operation in South Vietnam really involved only sixteen U. S. battalions in sweep operations. Maury reported that the Director may have no requirements to appear on the Hill until after Easter. The Director. expressed his thanks to all concerned for their fine support to him in the many hearings which he has undertaken during the past several weeks. The Director asked whether has completed his briefing paper on reconnaissance aircraft capabilities. DD/S&T noted that it is in the Executive Director's office, and a comment was made that it arrived there yesterday and will be delivered to the Director today. The Director complimented the DD/I and Godfrey on their use of new formats to describe NVN enemy strength. The Director called attention to Secretary Laird's scheduled televised appearances on the Hill on Thursday and Friday. Approved For Rele VT "i~ t CI A T E !!! rf ~v I 84A001800090114-3