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December 19, 2016
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November 16, 2005
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March 13, 1969
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~~~ ~~ A~ ,4(~! Approved For R s 05 ~'4~ IA-R~~800090117-0 13 March 1969 Morning Meeting of 13 March 1969 DD/I noted that there are two aspects of Task Force which are worth reporting: (1) the identification of a 122 -mm. , self - propelled weapon capable of direct fire, now in use in East European Bloc countries but obsolete in the Soviet inventory; and (2) in coordina- tion with the Navy a GIANT SCALE mission was undertaken on 11 March and will provide the basis for some production. DD/I noted that North Vietnamese MIGs are being flown to evacuation fields in China in probable anticipation of a renewal of U. S. bombing. Godfrey alerted the Director to the deteriorating situation in East Pakistan and highlighted reports from the Embassy describing the Pakistan government's position as chaotic and close to collapse. =D/ONE called attention to an airgram from Ambassador Korry in which he raises thirty-seven specific exceptions to the recently pub- lished Estimate on Chile. Most of the questions pertain to economic considerations, and D/ONE underscored his view that the Estimate is valid. He noted that DIA shares this view but that OER and others are preparing comments on Ambassador Korry's exceptions, which will be made available to the Director. The Director noted that he is not sure he wishes to avoid further action on this matter and asked that he be kept informed. Carver reported that Philip Habib was here yesterday and that their conversations went well. Carver noted receipt of the missing State cables of last October (see Morning Meeting Minutes of 12 March 1969 ). Maury reported that, utilizing selected portions of the Director's briefing materials for today's appearance before the full Defense Approved For Release -RDP 1 01800090117-0 {!; ~A ' al- as h ar d ~ ~~ ~~ Approved For R 1~A1~slf-'-R Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, Bruce Clarke briefed Senator Stennis yesterday on ChiCom and Soviet missile capabilities. The briefing went well. Maury related that he showed Senator Ervin's letters to Senator Stennis, who suggested that the letters be shared with Senator Russell. Maury alluded to Congressman Richard McCarthy's call to the Director yesterday and reported that Congressman McCarthy is inter- ested in receiving a briefing on Soviet BW /CW capabilities. After some discussion the Director concurred in D/ONE'S su estion that 25X1 ndertake the briefing in the presence of 25X1 Maury noted that Congressman Sikes, Chairman of the Military Construction Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, will probably ask the Director some questions on the U. S. Navy's projected use of Diego Garcia as a communications base in the Indian Ocean. The Director asked that the DD/I be prepared to answer this question if it is raised at today's hearing. The Director observed that he is scheduled to attend a meeting of the Congressional bipartisan leadership at the White House tomorrow. He noted the possible conflict in schedule in the event that today's hear- ing is extended into tomorrow and mentioned that he will discuss this possible problem with Congressman Mahon. 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release ~ RDP80R01284A001800090117-0 p '~Qa 9