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December 19, 2016
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October 26, 2005
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June 3, 1969
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Approved Fo~leas~~5~~ MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD Morning Meeting of 3 June 1969 3 June 19 69 The Director was at the White House. DDCI was in the chair. Godfrey pointed to two cables from Uruguay and one from Chile assessing the situation there in light of Governor Rockefeller's pro- jected visit. He noted that Ambassador Korry had observed that every political group in Chile has expressed opposition to the visit and advised that there may be a ground swell of reporting which argues for cancella- tion of Phase III of the Governor's mission to Latin America. DD/S reported that last week they completed the review of con- tractor files at ten universities, encountering opposition to the removal of excess material only at the working level at Columbia University. In the case of Columbia, however, when senior officials were consulted, they asked that the files be purged. In response to the DDCI's question DD/S noted that the files at seven universities remain to be reviewed prior to completion of this task. Carver noted that it is relatively quiet in Vietnam. He reported that he spent one hour with Secretary Laird yesterday on NSSM No. 36, Vietnamizing the War, and commented that State is dissenting from the paper and disassociating itself from the DOD position. Maury reported that er the Director's request he advised Frank Slatinsheck to contact for the figures he requested com- paring the Agency's budget with those of other elements of the intelligence community. Maury recalled that had briefed the American Republics Affairs Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Com- mittee on insurgency in Latin America. He noted that Pat Holt is now requesting a similar briefing for the full Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere. Holt has made it clear that they do not wish to bother the Director with this briefing, which is tentatively scheduled for 16 June. Approved For Rele~'0(~~~ CIA-~~~ 4A001800100045-8 __ ~ ~ ~ E= Approved Fo leaser ~ /'I~~'3'?~~A-RD~ o d 01800100045-8 Maury to consult with the Director on this matter. ADD/I noted that might be available, and the DDCI asked Maury reported that the Director's appearance before the Defense Subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee is now set for 9 June commencing at 10 or 10:30 a. m. , with approximately two hours having been set aside. He noted that is working on the briefing, which will be concerned with the Soviet threat. Maury reviewed his problem in responding to the request of Alton Frye, Senator Brooke's staff assistant, for a briefing on the SS-9 and ABM problem. After consulting with several staff members on the Hill, Maury noted that he called Mr. Frye and advised him that our ground rules prevent the briefing of staff assistants, therein leaving the ball in his court to appeal this position. DDCI asked Maury to raise this problem at tomorrow's meeting. Maury noted that he will be with Senator Baker in the morning but that ill comply. Houston called attention to the item in today's Baltimore Sun reporting on He commented that he will be happy to brief the on t e background of this case at his convenience. o- DD/S&T initiated a lengthy discussion on what appears to him to be an inconsistency in prior approval processes connected with over- flights vs. peripheral flights in terms of 303 Committee approvals. Bross noted receipt of a memorandum from Deputy Secretary Packard pertaining to peripheral flights and noted that the memorandum has precipitated a study group to be formed under the chairmanship of Gardiner Tucker, Acting Deputy Director of Defense for Research and Engineering. Bross noted that the addressees on the memorandum include the full membership of the 303 Committee and that we must decide who will represent the Agency on this study group. DD/S&T noted that he had a good session yesterday with Paul Nitze, who recently joined the DD/S& T Strategic Intelligence Panel. Executive Director asked that each Executive Committee member serve up his summer leave schedule. Approved For Relea 0 IA- r? _ _. .I ~~~~ Approved Fo~lease ~ 5/~11/23~ A DDCI noted that he visited briefly yesterday with General Westmoreland. Their conversation was almost exclusively devoted to Vietnam, but the DDCI noted that he did have an opportunity to make the suggestion that DIA's stable of expertise include a senior scientific advisor . 25 25 Approved For Release 2005/11/23 : CIA RDP80R01284A 01800100045-8 25 ~~ .. ~~.., . Approve~or R~'iQ~5~W23:CIA-RDP80~284A001800100045-8 3 JUN 1969 ? o the cow?t in closing out the case. ,...~ ~~~~` ~.' ~ ~~i~4 ~ ~ In the yuestions, Mr. Helms j' 1'~ ~~1 `was asked whether he was ? ~ s aware?that Mr. Raus "jumped ~~~~~ ~2` ~ C I~ .up from a scat at a table" at ??~~ VII...ttt~~~... the New York meeting to shout!. ? _..__ ',the information about Mr. Helms Wants Query On $~py;xeine' Lawyers for Mrs. Heine, who Accusation Disa{lowed are seeking to reopen the case, assert that Mr. Raus was drink- ' ii S' TlllipUOnt~, w. ;zt?:~nnicxs ing an "intoxicating beverage" The director of the Central In- at the time and attributed his Snurce of information to the telligence Age:;cy asked the Fed- I'J3I. oral Court ~?estcrda,y to draw~a ~??ederal statutes proiiibit the veil of sccrec}~ over urlher at- CIA from probing any security tem is to p: obe leis role in branding a 7;ian as a Comm;;gist matters in the boundaries of the agent. United States, it was said. Thin Richard ieh.~s, now head of its reserved for F'BI jurisdiction. _' the s;;acr-sec'rai, sp!; .~gcncy, ad- According to, the CIA, the in- miiter, in a ;rt'r. affidavit filed'tormatiost was passed on to the in `rederal C:e.:rt tl;at he gave~oPcrative in an attempt to pro- +, test aforeign-intelligence source . iustructica wi;ich led to namingifrom infiita?ation by a Soviet a n:an as a IiGB, o;' Soviet se-,agent. curity pclice, ageca. ~ Chie: Judge R.oszel C. Thom- '~ Living Iu Canada sen will hear on Friday a special ?i The man, named Ecrik Heine, plea that the case should he dis-.:: IG, sued a CL4 operative for missed on grounds that the '; 4'_iO,000 da;nages, claiming he yuestions asked by 114r. Heine's . was s:-:ecced by statements lawyers are ?improper. ,L,auE .; ~ dew York meeting The CIA asserts that Ivi.r. ? ~~ Hof a^. ~~-~'=~~".;a"? e"'?iJre group. ree~u rementsasf ~elled~outf by the! ! _lL?. ..::-~~., who =.~ow lives in y P ~Caz;ana,1~~~?s refused permission rourth CircuiC:Court of Appeals ~, ~~' m upholding the ruling ? that Ito prosecute his suit - ;~ ~. ? Juri Raus ?~ hyattsville, on _ _ ?-,_ aground; :':'.at CIA secrets would . be reve..:':~;: 'n ccur!: testimony. The :~ curth Circuit Court of Appeals reviewed an order dis- missirg ti:e ease and held that the matte: :~i;ould be reopened - to alloy .. ~lA ?oiiicial to .con- firm insti;:c!-ons given concern- ing :vlr .,:;;;;e. ~` t;;iestiors Cpposcd ? After ;:r,? CIA head fi]ed an. affidavid, i~:vycrs propounded a series o rn:~stions to him to !challenge his legal authority for ? . such ordc:. - , j Mr. Iicir.~s and attorneys for{ !iv4r. Raus complain that they aeries of yuestions were not role- avant and s:~ould be? ignored by ~ ~ ? Approved For Release 2005/11/23 :CIA-RDP80R01284A001800100045-8