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December 27, 2016
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March 27, 2013
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50X1 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 P:avel', ?r`~ ~ 8a~h~ ~:aa~~khai ~I'rou~~-~_con~~nl.~ . ~''ps~eva Cas. x~d-vrs :iel'ak~tCk:arim~i~~~rax~s~ai f~ft-r~T,~ ~'r~nfllatdd PrAQi . t;~ip fiua~ian day S. t3. ~?nflr~r~ {1'rr~:~ t!~o iiix~trary of ~4~rr~r rah ~tr~ Gnt~~~.~ ~~' '~'.inirxt~rs a!F tt~ ~ ~a~~ tYxr ~:P(~9~. ~cr+~ 1~~t t;t~ eic~ai.1~d c3at;~ that c:~~r~a~~i.~ees ~~E' +~~Y~a:t~~ee+~t~ nP the 3~sa3c~o3~~:~~z ~c~.E1~t~.~is:-~?e~~~reli ~~gti~~~~ 4~ tYz~ ~.~ntra:~ ~'E~~ ~3~A ~ ~#"c~rc~sr~,y tha f~~.s~~~~pna.~*a ~~~ora-~~:ee> ~~p~r~azc~t ~tz~~~ a ^~.~~^~e. e~n~~~t~~ ~c~~t ec~ra~a.stE~r~t3.g. ~~e h~~tc~~~" ~f t~ ;~t~~-S~~ is a~ar~t ~.r.~t;r~~c~9ve. . 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Y;~ I:ta~ac;Y:~.~v ~~~n ?x;' ark csvp~a~ vr~.~f~~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 the 8~elr2 ~~~sn far ~n ~f~et~eiuc~ A~i~~t ~'~nve:~', ~. ~~ ~or~ba ~ axa~xkhQ~.::.., ~'~'h~ e~ru~.e v9ith drt~u~ht~ . ~?d. 2, ~~~9. sro7ta~ac~t ~bser~ret~._~sne., uc3jr end des~cript~.nn ~~' th$ `~~~.~,. the co~pcr- ,s~t~:?sn of ~ai~.l. r~ap~, user ~ztudy ts~' th?~ ~tErP1~ ~icsra~ e~~' f~~r~~; the ~r,~.ter eacaneay: the cditi:tsx~ cc~~aple~a~ 3.t~ ~r1~ ~.~ 1:~3'~~w 4tse Stone-steppe f,'ar ,~r~~.~~xd . ir- ~.~31,, ~i~to ~ the ~e~e ono; c;hat~~'~ Q~e~r~~rr~ts hac;t ?~aut~ ~c~Q~n'tif.5:~ axau~ pr~-et~~~.'1 aenae icar ~:}se e~xplsuxa~fa~z~ tai' t:he. ceu~e~ cif poor ~iar~e~'~e t~;~t ~'regazentfy ~. the a~~r~t ~Q~c;rnirent ho;a ~i~hi~ e~ulue~cl -the- ~;~et ec~nn~i~ ~ign5.- 3'~t}CC13rr~d ~.Ti, ~iVit3j~kl7'~~~,~k3 ~t6~1jkS 9:1~21~Z3, t1?3 ~~ #:td ~'ar a ~t~bie ~~r~+~cx~t~?re ~,~ ~r~ru~~~~ ~~ppe~. fa~eence e~~ the b~rir~t~l ~rrsr~? per~`dr~e prtsued naeY~istory, h~~ e~asi~a+~d ler~,e ~-~aua~te ~~ ~~aney fcr .tom ~~ne~.~n a~' #:he mrs~~saati~5.awres~e~reh vaork ~,~~ t1~e_ ~'ul~ exe~s~fi~~i a~ ~A~tarh~xev''a ~daa~s. 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'~h~.t ire pre.. tc~etcsd by ~c~raz~~ belt, miles plax~~~f rte.. ?'Yrld?s Wires 4.r. irtd~.~;~~ual ~~.oxts zsr~a~~d . is apa.~~u b.~ ~e~est firsts, t~;e yie~~,~9e; ~+~.~~,~'se~a'!'~~~z2?r1ogY, agro-atrsmistr3r, eta. `~hesa 3,ar~;e ~atationa work oltisely with dorsal agrarian l.u~atl-. tutions, supervise the m?rh o#` ragioxzerl etritians, f fs lde, machinmr-treater labors- taries,~ cottage-~2aboratari?r$, eta.). I#o ether irtstitutiana a~c~uZd ~rfarm t~r,a~ on agricultural products crutsiQa of thA net~nark. Seieativ~s st~a.tions on Varietal 8i#~in~,etratioa should, alvn Frith the vest o? the stations, iae transformed S..nto cosiplea+ee, rsirsCe ~.thout a lsrsarrledgm +c#" agro- technique there asnnc~t be grtod s?lectora or agro-chemists, eta. Paono~ics and. agro-technique era the foundation. of everything. ^he gredo~ninance of problens of seleetion !r~ sub~eot matter at so*~e lard statia~zs is to be tolerated, but the guperfluoua opeoialisatiat~ em+ang th+~ varis~us agricultural experiment stations etas to bn dog ams-y ~rzth. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27: CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Honstantinov~, P. IJ. (prof.) Agricultural Vt13'Y (higher eduoational inetitute~ should head the :fork of lnrge research iastitutiona (local statians, machine-experiment stations, sto.). Varietal Testa concerning every kind of atop should bs aozabined under a single government aoma~fasivn of varietal testing and beoome part of the Ministry of Agri- vulture of the USSR, to not in the capacity of aA rotor-departmental organisation, or by drafting representatives of various other agricultural departments with divisions relating to grain, technical, getable crops. Connected with this coaimiaeion should bs a single agrioultural institute on varietal testing Pot the regionaliastion of agrioultural oropa., This institute should further handle the teak of distributing agricultural aropa together with the All-Union Aoadamy of Agrfotiltaral Soiences and the Counoil, studying productive foroes under the set-up of the Aoademy of 5cienae. tyre The moat expedient arrangement~of~sub3eat natter in the higher, aediurn and loner network of researoh institutions is only possible following the rogional- ization oP production aocording to the separate macro-and micro-regions. i'he results of a two-year period of work by a brigade I3E3 under my ,guidance, devoted to tt~e distribution of agricultural atop: in Siberia (1941-45), as xell as ny familiarity with the practiael work of experimental institutions oonfirm me in that belief. 4'hero may hardly exist a diversity of opinion ooncerning the enor~cent, ~lt~.lrs ~?v~ i^~~. ~~;~t ~ ~r,.~ sr.e ~ ;~~~~-~ off` . _~~-~r ~. ~:~ s~~ r~ca~t ~a~.~"~,~1~~d 9B Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~ LL - ~ c~e3i~er~ cxP ~h~s e1'~te. .de~i ~~- ~c~pt;e~~~~r. ~~', 19~i b~ ;~ xs,t.~rx~ .~~'. ~:t~ ve.z~-Q~e~~~~k~~a t~S~ ~aac~dxxc~d ?mot} parc~r~3 3:~5 .pc~~sasi~~; ~u~:x~~sr.~~a _ '~8~, ,:x?c~~~; ~~cx~o--r~~s~~e 1.~~ ~~r~~~~. ~~~ t?~cas~~t ~'oa-~~ r fihc~ ?~~ ~;~ ~~ist~~e,, ~~ .~~~tr axt t~~:~. xstsi~~'~~~, v~i~s~ ~ra~t~~~d ~~1~~~~~ ~~ ~~~r;~ ~.~ ~~:~.I~:a~n ~:x~c~,u,~~r;~ a ~~-ac~;i~z~3.~~ :~ ~. ~4~~c~r~cx~x$ ~t~~~i~x~axef~~a~:. ~. c>~~~tr ~~~ ~rh~ ~~ c~c,~:~p~~i ? ~~; ~ ~=~~,, .3~i'3,~r~rex~~i~a~~, ~~~t=r~~r .?~ ca'~fZ~r ~~~t~~~s. `r~~~ -~ ~ie~ab~:~t ~~~''f'~.~:xx~'~'ts~:es d>~~;W~ ~~.~1~a~x~ rv~~a~: ti~e:~i~ ~at;~:~~tlc~~ '~,? 1.9~~ att~ ~~l~~ S,S, su't?ffi~~~,ecl ~ ~ar~~~:ics~ f`~~ ;t~~arn~;+~rtt. ~1EtR ~ilila.'1~t?;l1t~ tQ the Gay t;et-en 3..922-I9'S~i - 13 ~~sricztiec oi' ita r~elactf~rn; frca~ 19:58 - 19~~ inclt~sivr, _ IQ; t~r~ hectare. 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Lyeeuko, ho~re~sr, aontrar~r to this theory, atreed `rar~e~ie~e a~f plants i.r, t~xe- fall, that du~itag e. so~-+:tn~ in t?~o Mine had rxasaagaif td arsour~ulete their dos~.gnetad "temperature ratin~i". o by tlae erxl of eu~aer. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ttolgueh~ni Iurt.i. ~.t the seuz~es c~~ th~r 1'hls t~:p~ned ~~ the P~11 oP 1~~: In the s~rix~.g the e~pari? ~te~nt ~? r~t~m~l+~ttsd. It s3~aeed .t}~it sizacses ~nn.~ eahievcd only - iaa+~aus? Lyr~ez~o tom! planted experime~~tally Ihcs~ wry ~`3~r~pelsas~ vartiti.+r~ ~xr~d nat alone the _e.exl3:er oz~ea~. Contre~xy Its all rotes of bote.t~tca~l ari+,atfa, rror.~e of the earl3.ast t3te~ral.nlae; vaz~t,eties oS pes.? pxav~d the latr~s~t ;~. 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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ._ ~ Dolgus4ain, Puri. .~ti tho +~ouroea ~~ the new biology, {3~P? zt3-+iZ}. ~o ~l~ed ~.rc~uod ~~ie plots +a3` experirnta2 peas, lcc~~d nt t}~e~, ec~ur~.tting i'or ~- long tiz~, tauching ~sbeas ~ leaves. ~ ha8 ha~apsnod is t3aes~ pew ~r 2~o errr~r ht~d been c~~it'~ed, nothing. been railced up. `~"83C6 thin n~Qn pees ihd lBe2otee~ko~ ~Jlcrainlan hc~t sir it ~ lasd d3~~f~,ouity in ripsnin~;, it bid 1act~d sut`tioient inaat -says aciex-~, re~~rrring to ita Afgkten s+rigiu. but here it end rrintc+r - i~a e~an aao3er surraut~- i.x~gs, a~ in the ~~~~ar it was ahead of, ~ne~ny eearlier ~r~arieti+ea. ~r c7id thi~t ~,,pp,~p~ Did the.- va3r~ety prove untrue ~ it~eli`4 They rest oP the zrarieties e~ua2ly ~ai1+aQ ~ psr~~'cr~ in tie ~n~r tYxlry ire ~aaed to in, .the ~crai,z~a, Ths "ia~" of ~-atastieal arith- metid had lti[3t ~~ad atoot~ra't1e. ~av+rsrtha-3.ess, n~ ~'llr~~~y is 8l sta,r9.tsty", its ch~re,e~ C #lOt $uppOSed fi~ {fh~n~+~0 tai th ahm~nges in the olirnc~,to - sty ~~,~ ~iansse, - 4the2~rise there :zee. be no v~-riet4s~ nt a1:1, xfo~ -any selection. t7nly hem ~ oocur~d a vialatitn aT one ~~' ~} pr~.roipai, poet oharaoterietitt traits .o#' a pD~nt var~.ety .. f.,~tz~st c~i' the 3,~ragtn of its veget~-ti~-e p+ervd, i.e., ai` that tfii;oh ciistinguiehea sn auzt~al plaxtt i'rc~ a biannial, a auger plant i`rors~ ~ tenter ort~p, Zt' ~rhe~t happezzed tv the peas ~w~ae right, thorn ~icis~uer~ ~erx~r. 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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~algcseh~:s, Sur3.i.~ At the eaurce~s of. ~: ~e~r bic~~.d~y, ~~, 9.t}-42}. }74 ~at~r - in. the ,year of 1926 - ~.i~pee~d, eif aouree, Chet ~ exper~zaents peri'cix~ecl ~r3.'t~, ~a~u~e at t~rand~ha ~vuld ix~e~itEZb~.y expaa~d irxto a aaienti~io h~:ets~rical event. ~sast oP nil the ag,ranrx~t~:st Ly~az~t~. ~ had ~tk~er ~~:?ir~~,c td. th~ik ~~'. Tiaa irr~$~.etik~~e paa~ion of ~ reeeaa~ohe~, ~rhioh liac~ already bc~ora, ~,~ the ?3kxtxisae, ~lc~r~.;~ ta~an p~a~~c~~t~ion ~~' hxrn, aanr #'le-d up 4th partS.QUIax' ~t'tra~r~~th. xhaz~a rezaarkext~lo, uc~~s~cetrs~~u~., yae, u~au~s-~ vea~sSul s~prtr5~~ lied di~nloeed a ~yet~r~.a~s aect~at ref the ~naturs o~ plants, ~rh~.ah o~auld ~~~ by 'by-pa~+aed. Tc~ eal~ve it r~cauld :Wean to rnal~a a sf~p t0~tnrt~e ~o~ornin~ the ue~~~.,abiv+~ li~~e ~~ pl?~x~t$. end thin fx~ turn ~roulrl Ie~ad to axt unhoar~ oi' period tit nraeperity zaf thc~ cs~uratry's ecmTlOaty. Ly~en~:o did nod cc~rtaea3 ~~.~ t~xou~-t~s. ~~ dream i~rary~,ne rrh~ . approao~d h~~ lnta th~r net ~~' h~o ~o~ive~l think~in~, cc~p~s~.l~t1 them ~~ pander,, search, try to e+~lv,~ the.~yxtery. shi?~ ~ rebe~Yian~ 8uvh thougb~e mare hereay. Tnda~r, a~taz' alb. the e~rcnta that ~~~e ta~an Mace in hiolagy in tIze past fet~r _ years, ~ ~'3.nsi it d3~`?icult tea u.ndoratr~r~d "Prom. a ecianti~`ia die of viei~r'~, harp it had 3sean ~~ ocne~ider, hbeurd at the ti~tse,tti t+a'1i~tr+~. that the var~:a'~y of ~ plant ~.ay, t'b~` 'zbi~t~tse,. transform i chr~~-atarigtics b,~~uee ~sf t~xterxtaZ cocditic~; that at~~- szay eoontrol" the ~,~~~~~~ pari.od ~rhiah once ~'or till hs+3 bean es~b- li+~h+,d bar in~-ture tar every plant. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ,+ ~ - ~ - - Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? . ~ ._ ~ ~ n t~al~ohi~t, "~~~.. At the+ souroe? ~t thi Ito ~~e ~:rt~x, - ~hi~ ~ tact 1~~~ wrl.tten ~~ ~~ _- t1v~s trez~en= dcus at~~sunt ~~' ~rc~~~ perf'~~ed by iysezdco sn tt-a aa~arr~e of ~h~ stxc~crsec~3~,~ ~~ jt~+~rs. It, ~a~~arthsl~ir~~, ro~aa, na de~ub~, t:~ .~tas'~ :i~n~.tits~nt ~~xiat~ in i:~i?~ z~~c~sa +aP the Ixz tk~aao~ y~ar~, ~ta~$essed b~ +~ thixst toy nnct~eriza~ th~a Bator}* of a ~l~e~tt ~rc~;~at~iti,'are ~.~.~'~ 'tie saw b~tnro. h3Lat ?i rs t ~~ fan tt~ f ar~tu? ls~te s+~;e slea~le u'~ataz~n+~s ~~t proud sur~r~:s~Q13+ to ~a~.enoa. ~~~ were, by that ~`o~arkab3:~ ~`eatur~ re~rea~~c~ a~ actually wger~ ta2~ir~~ p~aee~ to late ~nr~ rtaturo. ~h~c~o tor~uln,tlc~r~ ~,pt aacus~ulat#n~ a~ ~rvre tea each other; noxt l~e~an tno laying cat' the .~'+~unQat~.on ~~' 'the ~"uture strua- turo of n naw sni.ex~c~:, as ~t utas~a~r~. .. T~~sre ls~ hour cn~ oP hia ~3:rst t~srmula~.~ons was tar~naght ~:ntt~ ~~ c~~-t~. ari ocnot~zatrat~ng up~-n tires ~tu~ly of the 4egetati~ per~.t~d, Lysenl~cs,. ?ir~ ~ of ail, trfed tc co~tprr~~a,~nd she ~'ory ~t~anln~ cat the "~?rm. ~$hut tn~e~e ~ln~se ~~ tho p~.acnt in t~Ze course of -its 13Pa7 It grcr, devolops, ~a~t~tatos - gays t~ratany. ~~ wcr#fe - ~'~ and de~It~p we~a nynonvtas, I::~-e~csr. ~t~ ~;rcw giant. ~o dt~~lop, to de~lc~g:~ea~at to grr.. ~o oru+ ~tati, ns ,yot, osro~'as~.2y ~n?trate~d ~:nto tihe+ wary ~i~~steracte cat t:hc~ r~rr~aoa, aavnrec~ hit ~he~o '~exz~~. ~~ se~na~~ $~is had nod boen ccnaSs3arod rteoea~:sry ainoo evervana ur~r~er- stccd what waa want. ~ro~h Meant it gre~r large: , fr~r~ed stcrna~, ' Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~ - . ~~ ~ . ~ ~algushir~, ~urii. ~t this t~aurasa ~~ the aetar'biolt~gy, (gip. lE3-tai:}. l;s~.~rae, it blac~~d, S't~if tad. his x~~ p~eri'eat9.~r clear and any eup~+r~`lous ~dantry v~auld aause a ~aian:;lut to did ~rther into tY~r prab~.~. 1~~I1, ~yse~~tkn kntt~ hcrn to Y~rr pedaltics trrhos~ :~ae~sr~ary. 'phis arras pu~rta-~~,arl,y x~at:iceab3+~ in hie attitT;iBe tanards the vairi~+~z~z sai+~mtlfics de#`init9~ons. ~r$ hg booa~a exactiag and uatwtcaazcia~i2s. saientg.~'~.a 8e1`ini.tian- at' every phena~~-ns~n g:ad tt- ~ simpte, dear anal a~rrc~Zat+~d affi c3.o+ee9.y, mss passiisi~ to srF~nt it dssigz-e~tsd its aotiiali.ty, ix~ sae.turc. ~til~, this ~s n?t the m,t~~t .i~pc~rt:xzt gaai~'~. Tho min ptsittt ~ to ha~.ti tho. d? wortat~le~ it sho~xid d3,e- alvss iii its_ ~`nr~ulatior, t#ae ~r?sry su'hstanco of tl~ phenoyenos~, r~rf l+cct the pate tts its "a~ntrag.. ?~ysaan~.b aontribu~d a great dsa: oP att~entit~x~~ thb fax~n~alae tiara a~ this theor~stiaaA canc~.u~ivrr, this tseapan far a prt~atical aantrol of nature. ~'~~ s~,on a~ a. nerr 3.dem, tts~ gerierali~r~tio~zs, praaent~sd the~s~+Iv~'rs, h~ ~rau~,d draov, into thar ~Qr~ his oollabarestars, aacas3cnu2 ~.s~.tor~, prrsotfpa3 r,~arkere,, az~yaner ~rha ~auld ao~st~ 1rzt~+ hie fxalcg fl~ vi~5ian. ~rould put t,~ese questio~xs tc~ the~~ 1~`hat . 3a a vts,getati.~ per3ad~ # is t3:~s c~if'~ex+erzaer het~szt de~?e'lap~ent aaad grah.t '~o~ ie one to dvfirze~ ~h~t ~9.e a variety or a race ~" Paapls tF:ought it os~rz~, prasant~d their cc~rx~idarati.ans, armed cyv'ar here ~ ragly ~czre~ r~caurato].y, Treat ~rtorda to ueo. Lyaenlco Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Uol~shin, luz~.i. ~t the e~rureee . oi' _ tiae. nt~x b Tole, app. 14-42 ~ . usualxy }c~cerr the e~-sw~r to tha ~~stian, but evern if it r-e;s e3ft'erad, hs Qontint~rid tt~ at~~e carer it et length. 3`he forrntlation xaer ~rified ; ~.~ ~hhse debates, ~olie2~d f rc~n dvery csrx~le to tha r~ec~~das~;~ ~af~'iaaoy. ~o ~. Mtcr hc~x iznparte.nt en idea was thmt eac~pied liim, k~ ,never kept it to h~.nst~~.~' but ~.x~ey~i~-te1y, freque-ntl~ yet in the f~rxn bf ~ raw con~uetuzx~, a~aald thror~ it eat to ~ulti? Ludes c~P pearles to thitt~ it bust, .ar~,ue, 'erii'y ~.~, 'fie acted thus ~'~ tf:e be~innin~ ~f .~,i~t ectiei~'~it3.~ r~c~tSvf:ty d t3i~,m trait x~;a-ir~ed and o! ~f.e rest r,~rke~b3e o~~re~~ateri~tf:~s~ in saientit'#:a tac~tioe. . ~ ~8+~tativ~s peried - frar~t}t and de~velep~ea~t. to it ~as~-i'b'le nat to ncstiae th~.t this ecr.~pliaated a~.~in of trans~'oz~ ~e~tian - frtr.~ seerd to seed ; di~as3.sts ~~' altesget3~r different, oQr~tn+d3.etory procesttett'i! `the nriasl e~1~n~es stride one first. ~'h+~ seedll grows lar,~c~r, tzhan~ea into re ,~te1m dnA leaves, then ot~ sha?te, , runmera, flc~rs, fruits. the "gram ~sss" of the plsnb is enlar;~d 3.n an~i~ht and vo3:a~. ':his oonatit~xtes "grc~t~c', th+~ a nau~ezl~t'E:ion ref sells. But the lit`e oP a plant 8aea- zzat csoaaist of thi~r alone. the times of its growth it passes thxou~h eta ex~tir+e rcx of tradsfor- nati~-rxs and gaslitat3~~ Sags f4re*s stex~ in that hail Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 xtew biQ~.o~~r~ ~~~'. ~U-~2) . ~'ol~uuhin, ~ur9:3:. ,At the saut~ce~ off' ~'~5rth the ~'I~i~ear+~.~ce ~~ r~e-~ ~ar~aFZ~ ~c~p~~ed a~ at3~+~~ arx~le. .urn eay,, -~ ~1 ~hru~r ~~` lr-~i~, n~.^rarr `lee~~+as, proc~uc~~ f rrr,~ ~ ~.r-cs~ea~e a~` ~'~~ tar zse12~, i~. e-~~3 be~r~~ae ~lar~et~, tit~~kex', ~e~re ;~r?~ir.` ~~ ,~ ~er+~~~ erap, r~-ill. ~drzti.nt~e '~~ ~ro9- ~-~ the ~sxgttn~e ~~` the ~ri~. 'i'hEtt~, x+11 cs~ ~ s~tt3dv;; ~ses~ ~h~ r~n~ ~e~ ~~1 ~I~.~te off' 'the apera~e~ e~rter the bncating ~}eta. Siam bre~~ ~s +ncaurred. . ~h~a c~1~s the+~ ~~~ thia e~~ nxe rout t~ic-ea that prod.ue~e the 113~1'4li~, ?~ ~~~ n+~~rox' pr~u~ ~ ~rc~~e~yr, the ae~+d, d~+~t~l~~ the o~i~~xa~ pr6cs~ss t~k~~ p~~ces ~`ar some-~~~e ~h~ ~~,~ ~~ t~.~~:e~- ~~~ errs ~:3?ferlr~t, rat`. Brother gexality. mhe s~~. +~~~ ~ircn-~.n~, i~~ai~~ acrd ~v,ltiplyi~~ ~im~.1~:r rsx ea~3.~. A epi'~e deve3o~as. Anil +an+~e~!t~~+ tke~re l.~ ~ delay, the r~i?- new to upt~~,r, t~~ra ~s~ 03 ~.r~d ~am~r i~t-ia3:bles, ~n~e~r~sntible cventa ~l~e pleoe ~.a t~?ts - nr~e.z~iam xsr - tote p~.aiat tirhiah yn.thr~r~e strength tsar :tha+ t'~rll~~.r.~ ~tep~, ~'~.~~, ~I1 d? ~ suQden, tha ~ieo3d ~.~ izt blc~o~+.,~ ~~:e 1`tar.~s a~e~, end a g~riervu~ ctlz~ud eat' fl~~~ pollen ~s d,t~riex~im~d t,~ the vri~,t~ `der the fields ? ~r~turally,, ti2~t is ~uat ~~t ft ie; the de~relarp~ae~at raP the ~al~ittt pra~ee+r~es bar in?2f t-i.~ual st~g~~ ~rhich,, hs.~e to b+~ ~tegrr? ~~~, #.ndiQt9uar.lly ,~bser~ed, since their ire dif~'ere~nt. De~lop~snt i got ~;rra~th. ~rh ~.~ n. quant$It~tS'~ tr~tr~~o~a.tlar~; da~lot,~mettt ,. ~ qusli~t~.~r cn+~. ~u.e a~tiuld .taut c~aot'us~e this ar,d xai~.e then alk Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~tt~~gushS~a, luril. dt the s~,uroes oP tit rote etbs heap. Qthera+r~ee osae w3~11 never mete' mad. c;r ~.i2 of ~~ ~ge~i~iv~+ perf~. Stl~~.l ~.~ is neeseghry ~d do sa, eivio+~ ~ithoutt ~+~ cane gannet er+~t to csoa~tr~l ~ile~r~ts. ~:flr~r is 3.t ~'~ nt~ ens until mfr abeer~ed the d~..f'~'#~sxo~r between grh and dev+slep~rnt? ~n~ s~ny ti~rea Bid _c~:a. see, ~~- ging ist the fa~I ~ozs~; fields, s ema12 witherad d~r~-epfkelet, s~.ost~ tv thrr road? altnt~at wader taz>se'~I i'Qet. ' ~'~ so#~ l~en~r~-th it ~~.attexz~-d srnd dry, tho lee~trer~r tern. shd ~und+sd by the fiest eP psi~se;~sb~r. 'lt, .tw~verthe~.ess, Pulfill+rd its. detstinat~,on. ~t heed grew to e~uw s~sa but h~-d p~ss+ed ths+r~ugh all tha stages that ler-6 ts~ ~rui#ir~g., It cs~rie~ t~- to thre+ei r~ie?clg i'brvtili~ed ~-ir3s. " entir+~ c~pale o~ de't~tilornt hnd been acaa;ple.3 this dr~e-ri' after all 3~d ahi~.~ predu+cetl ~ p~gen3~, Over '~hl7l'~ ~' 1-iltfthe!" p1Lari~'i, al$c~ "+rhsls;t, aC1~' the i8~ ~"`~~ ~~ pow~ez~?ul shru'# e~ ivsa~ros, ~ot-g, ~nioy, ~:de. ~I~e ~-?il fr3.s-`t~, slolst. But ~ t~i-+s is eo s~3tta; ~~ ~~a~e~r~3,1.a ~st~riah, merely grwse. the de~reieps~nt - arrested,. while grst~h ha~ci oont~,nueds..or~e sat of lea~res dime ~~'~', ot}~ra replace them. Cdr the fSs~et time in ~ths of .pl~t~i, . tht~ agrenos~ist Lysea~ce put sos~ ~rr8et~, inter thsrx. Hs eegre,gs.ted the oar~P-used 3d~+ae egad ga'w them sp~oific t'brrsu3ation. l'he gres~r':th ref a seed pleat is the increase of its mas~i ~o3a ecaurs iaxdepesxd~rntly, irrecepaoti~r Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~al~ueh#~a,, lurii.. dlt the eot:roee Of ~~ x~e~,r b'iologYs ~~~-, l4.42) ~. ~~ the ~'in;~! ~f r~rgane Or chereoterieLioe ~-~ the expe~set of tith~sh the ittarea~se ~dC~L'~ ? lle~rel~gmeAt ~ ~.~ the ~'~~.! ~P eeeentie.l qus~;~.'~otsxe+ trt~aaFort~tio~t of Mlle +~nd pz~c~eee~se vrhoh 2eald to fx~~n tie ~3esztec~ ~-ee~ to the r'ipenin~ Q~ rie~ eeed+~. ~t i~t csleas t3~t i~ t2us~ .very quMl~,t~-ti~+e tr~-nef~-r,~ati ~ia~~ et~t~~ed each +~$her ~rf;th e~ ux,~'aeilin~ nans~iteta~y ie hf@fle~a tha ~ya'~ry +~f the xe~etntiR-e ?~ to f~fl the a~-ur~ee I~t t~rQer .to diealt~se it, tt~a~i~f a~a~ti gone . at e~svrS.~eat wi].'~ diaalvse them fibs tae was d~,t~`iault. It xs;s~ x~eoessrary t~ di~ride it ea~~ e+~gre~ate the eu-~ part ~`o~ ply ~'ir~st? 8aisnae end the ~~t~.-o+~ntu e~c$~r~r~ena;~ of f+~rar~rrs Urfa- featly s ts~-t+e that t~ auze d its ~rt-rm ener,~~r . in ang~ ~sver~t acre tk~e sae,;~~r i'wcstore in~'luead3r~g 8evsla}~mea~t. .'the cz~aftiy tl~eor~r cif the . ~are~tfi~n flt` x~e~r +~r~aas ~ the ~a2e~~t 'E}tre~u~h~ut ~.te li~'e tS~e - oeessry to ~"ind the pauses t~f e~ti~tiar~ te~pexetux~ee" had inat been 4r~ate~ 3.r~ vein. Althvu~h the recent e~aeri~er~te hid ~e~anetra~d that their+~ ~e ~tx~,e error .in i'fr, ~ the~+ hsc~ at the see b#me stressed Frith ~ati12. ~re~-ter ee-phra~rie the weti~re role vP heat i~z tha +~evalopeent df ter r1Rr~t. Iri ~araeic to eetr+--blis~h this role ~-nd thus the error of tt~e thecryr it r~~-s rtlear~:y t~eeeaea~y tc folloxr tl~rou~h the 1~adiviclt~a?. rtn~ee of Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Ilol~;usahr;, iur~.i. At th? saurae~~ +ai' the aYar~ b 3ola~~~ ~pA. ~~3-~2 ~ ..' dev+o.Iopra+ent in ~rariou~ spets~,es +~~' ~t~.~ts water s3lfferer~t heat troets~nts, ~~.'~: }rho rest e~' ~oriditirrns res~-3.~ia~ the ~am+-. 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This hack bo be crvntiouerd evea:y t~.~eti dada throu~;hcrut aee ~eer* T'he z~+~sult mould eha~ that pZc~te? oP dif~`exent ~erietiee, irithout ohan~irig their geo~re~p'hi.aal he~bite,t, witho~t~tr mo~ia~~, ao to aay, ~roulc~ het ~.xtto lti?i`~orszit oliiaates alax~ arith +ahatnt~~s is ~Ele-~CSt)JI~, ixz wxay +es~ent submit to dt~terrent aonditiozasc at' t~pez~ature. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ._ ~ ., ~~ ~al~ehl~, ~ux~~.i. 1~t aaurrs~u oi' ~~ tae ~ laloGY? {Fi~? l{}-~~ ~ . ~ftar aot;tan -, ~hcr pr~.naipa~: la~al va~,et~v~ -~ ~2~ ~ollaar~t~ crone oaes~pied hat~arti+d ~laeat~ lrt tea aha~a~t acta wrl~~t, ryn,. ~+erlcy ? all cer~+~I cra~~. they, taoturall~y, ca~~ada~! f i~r~~ p~~r~r~ ~n ~h3c ~r?a~ uric. t dui a~-u~~r~r r~qur[~t~ dread b?,~c~r~, et~yChi~~ ~il~a~-. ~~uah bra~-d.. ~d ~3,~ai~ +~.~ ~a ?a, ~~ ~~ ~ea~+~~ nary ~a ~~k flr+~t c~ a1~. Frith c+~xea~ craps. ~8 ec~ iri July. ~,~2d, he~;ixaa~ a~a. e~ger'~aeaxt ~raadSas+~ ~`ar t3aoa?~ t3oye. ~9~~th each e~~aatta . tYie ~rar~ ra~'ti care ~a~mg2ics.ted, ~r3,der, e~c~ra ~tx~t. ~~e~a hia' +~allabarat+~~ ~~ 3~~rd~y aiala ~+~ aapf troth 3~t. ~~ 'mss necessary ~A pre~,re ~~ st~e+de, ~ha a~a~l, mark tY~r p~cats_ c-ttancl to the sa~rin~, oa:~r3cxat _, ? aax~etazitT-y eke x~at:,era~ atf aT,~. wary ten Faye ~. ~~ rtc~tl,vt- gz~aup a~ glace a~ lip ana dendir~~ clads s~f aarbh sae ;added.. ~'~ tho . +~xul o~ the e~tperunaut, th~ra ~?u1d ~~ ~d of thaee ~ro~z~s.. ~h~ wont that wary ln~~tr3.dtu~l vr~r~aaty a~' ~rh~aat, far icotactc~e, erau~,d be requ~r+rd +~o rep+rst ~uf rtr~tircc+ cya~,a of ita datreia~az~t ~~ ti?~~ k~ . a~urao cat ?r~ly ome ~?aar. 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'~o air ~sa~r it in ~.~~ hands. buy i~. oz~+v_ ~~~~d h~ sin t~ eeaaud a~pe~? ~~ a ootbpn o~ a d~fin~~ sag ~r ~~t var~,+sty cr1' ~~at ~.d i~e,gun to ~tit~~r a~ a h3~;h~rz' te~tporature, ~~- rrou3d reply x~~thc~ui~ heeS,t~ti,c~.n. E~ryth~:n~; ~e~,u~.~s~ in ~ra~r~-.~.a.~~ rs~~ idea ~t~ ~x~od~~y a'Ii~or'~td by ~~~ s~maz~y a~~d px~s~zd.~hcx~+e. ~ ~~t a pe~ac~l ~thaugh. Ctrsoas csxtal~.y, an aooltd~~'~al, ~ha~rp db~~r~at~em ~rou~.d ~cttrac~t his. at't~nt~:aaa ~h~ Zo pr~oo~aupaesd ~.~h_ ragu~ar ~ar~. ~~aen }~ ~r~~d ,~~~ .dr~rn s+asneth~ng on ~~~ _ ~sS,~a~trrt base, on s piecQ at boazxl, 4~ ern t~ ,~~, of the ~turs~ry. ~#~ zsc+~Qr ,~Ienaed ~t n~ta a~nymt~re beat h#.~ -ana~ary ~roul~ ~+x~zly ~~~ ~iasxths ptu~eec~. ~a~os~e the edmr~hing ey~a~s r+~ the agronc~is^~~s ~Jltx'B ~ ~~l9tXt.'~8, j~l&n~~, l~t3{~ 1~IICiY'O ~~~'~~. 't"RII~ ~d ~~zst g~l'f4i~37d't~!$, atharec opened tha~.r ~ir~t heaves, tlas third ~ter+s a~re~dy ire bloom. Lysenko, thin, hie ~'at~o #,c~~3;~r.~med, bur~~.ed a rvd?grey, rrh3vh di+~t~.rigui~sl~d h:Em from '~hts x~~+et ~~ ttae ~4~er~ at '~ e~atiran, Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 r Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~3ol~ushi.n., Iurii.~ At the scaur~effi Q~ the ~ ~ dusty. I;usmiaz~ b~c~usr~ sad rur~~led .punts, hired ~'dr hers o~rr his ~r~,~-z~ts. ~~~ arzan~ r~th~r p2.e.nt ~r+srs cou3.d mateh hits r~bi~.ity tt~ dc~ this. Taut ~ao~r ~~~ one to nppr~.Qh ~ pl~uait dthert~S.s+~ ~3.tTZOUt paer3.~t~ i~eto ~. f~o~, tou~hi.n,~ i.ts resu~~i :I~~~a~? St s impr~rte~t tc~ cistrsla tk~e nntL~iez~ a turn Sx~ tlse ,p~.ant~ t?ag? plaa~; a.-ae~,phase t?e.~t~ i~r~ the ~~rm~t'ic~n ~i' tiat~ havtita~, G~ vas about t~ begin -had it ~~~~~ bey ;un ot~ ~gflt3 . ~hti e~vez~t takes p'iace in t1x~ ~nnry haert ~i" .tom c~iwae~., s,t the ~dtr~pth ~~ tha- ti~.~.a~ri,ng "knot" ~~~ 3s ~.r3d+~~x thg so-aa:~.~.ed.: '"ptsiat of ~rs~th", ea~~'a1,y vrrn~p~d first, by te~~er, tr~xap~-rea~t I.agere the emta~ryos ~i` ~'utt~re leases, then by ~`irr~ex~ o~apsules aF alr~iacly ~`~sranaci y~h~ 1eA~~ ~xr3, firaal~.y, fry abars~. , - ~~`th thti etxc~s~g Pciun~et3a~ts ~t e.8ul:t ~:~~ ~s~, dyS~~ig ~ l+eaf blarlss. Lyeesako Wills a erva~.l shrub ~~' p~aut-a rout n~ tk~ ~ sz~3l, qu3.ck3,y te~ers off urzxtertse~saa~r ~^ttnr~r~rn, t~.nd l+~ases and ~e.rei'u~ly, ~ri`Lh thn na3.l ~t hie s?~a~.lest ~`~:t~Lvt', speoial~,,y ~resv-n ~`or th~.s c~peratf.on, s~,paratas the t~zader ~.a~,=~~?s art+~ ai't~tr th~r other, thc~s~ hic~3.n~ ter ~vint oi` grcrsth in tha ~rinoi~.l stem.. bare it ia. ~ small, ~rhite, alz~ast transgs~rent, el7a.rp~.~ poit~'~fl hill, ,~f prapor oort~.rsa2 t"?"t~ti, h~rc32y 'visible tq the ey+s. In this delio,~te, tender c?snter cif thta vsgotat3..~ t~r~an3~m do+~u3~ X11 tha mystcrx~i+~e off` the giant's de~lce,at. ohs cells off' ~. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Dol~ushln, Xurli. ~t tht souraee o~ the eue vonatsntly ssgarato sad ~t+~~a9:iy multlgly; ewe ~timilar an,ea ahanfro #~t~ ter tissue, nee- +ar~ar?e. 'l~hen -the aeraal tili~rd, trerespareat layers geel aft` ane after the other Fran t'he seal3 ooaue whit~h Inter ,~rdre~s rota ~.ang ar~d anrrow lesvett. ~4,t this~,stR~e t;~ tt+ndbr, ~raialy and i~t~iet s~r~'aoe aF the vatius ie sti11 s~iaOth nnd- even. '~gon they aa~:t~nd tsp.`' mope, as yet unkncren, ~"araes Chet aor_trc~1E the devtltsgment, anew "point aP growth" be~~.tze; ~ht tender, traae- parent nonce X11. nes ~.cszt~tr peel oFf lea~P. d~'-ather dny ~oeo by end on #ts e~sn ew~~'ece~ there nudc~enly be~ina to Fore curaec~, lateral ~raarres. `~hl.s ind~cat0e that nee~r organs are ~'t~~fng; outlines of the fi~tulrc+ spi8~t arc+ theme. These are its embryo. Froe, nay an it will grcn- rs-.p~.dly, m~~r3np up to~ardg;, 1'hue th+r txevr s'tn~es the ~rawth ag the r~zltf-~piketl stoma. iysen~to Qestrtsys hundreds of plants, expaeing sad studying the pa~.nt oi'" droxrth cif tt~e ~fcz ata~. 'men he eaYre,~ tso arzathar plat, he lenvee behind a pile of torn eh; cabs, leravrsa, rvc~te, covered 'kith soil, gradually the eye and !^ia.nd het more ex~ri+ersce8, py some elusive wades at` their gre~an, pot~slbly by the elasticity or rigitlty t-F the ieavsrs, Lysenko sanses that a turnin,~ point kzs,s been reaahrd ire the or~anie~n of the p`lent. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 T3o~~uahia, I~ut~i~. ~.~ t eQU~~se~ ~f they "pf~iulr3 you likes men t~ ~~1~ ~r~u 3:~ ~-de~~ue"' a~sie~te~x~t. "~'~~~~ ht+r~ ~ril.l ti2le~r. ?thc-~e- #.~.'~ Cher~k the prtr~t~c~~3e ~~ rtcinf. ~.r~eyc~. i?hat ~.p~e~ed ~ the ~di~t 4~ ~ovrth ref Ie~t~ u~ou the +~xt~rr~mi ~~` the p~.a~t. ~h~ tur~ix~~, ~++a~.z~t tet~ ~a~er~~io~ ~at',the or3:str ~ ,~ ne~~ $ue~:Sty. ~ha set~l +piabort~ in ~~i~~le ~te~ pl~oe~ '~2~et ~i ~~r~r,r at~c! +~:n ~xperisncec~ e~ ~~22 ial~y~ at~ee~x c~~~i~ by +~~te~~~l e~~tsar~~ . ~~ ~.~~t e~11 ~.~t~~a~e end v~rie~t~ts it isle~rly eht~s that tl~p .~~:t h~~ stualiy e~~umu~a'~erd shwa .he~t:ita~ e~x~r,~~ a~ tY~ ecu~, x~ e~rQet~ tt~ pr~cse~d trn~~a the nett ete-g i~ its ~e`~::v~'aex~~. I~ t~ ~ua,tat~1 ~~ +~~a+s ~dia~t d~~.i~ ^~e~-pertz#;ure~ est sll ~tn~~e t~~ t}i+~ ~de~~~.c~~t~t ~.~ ~a~xcat~d, ~ doeen*'; ~hi~ xehc~7 T~:es~ ~ tc~t>~ie e-x~ of one k~.~d fc~~ ~ ~r~i~~rr ~ri~f n~ t3~ yec~~ ~r:d a di.~'~'~rt+rrt i`or ~ ca~sie~r p~rio~l, e:~t~+~~~h ~"~~~~ a~ ~e ~a~~ ~pe~~ieei Sl'fl be}S~~ +b~CI2p~.Y'D@ ec3~~, ttid k'l1Sfa dA ~~ Ctt~Yid ~,'~~ C+S~'3 f.}~~`~tae3ritt theis~ d!-~t,!'s cc~~e-~rnti.~rrtl~ a3ikes. ~hc~re is na an~erer tb e;3:i~ as '~. The experi~eel~ x~c~r~tinu+~s. ~'~ao~t~ue #`vlio~s SS.~.2+~d .the r~t~~v?t~ ~~' ot~e~r~r?~tiatx~. ~r Lhe ~.abrr~,tat~ tl^.? ec~f.earttl.4`Se ~+~ ,~ '"I~.~4retor~ of Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~a~:~uehin, larii. At the o~aura~le e~ the new b3,r~lo~y, {p~. '~~-~~~. the Theix~-1 Faatsr`~ any beerin~ ~sound~ of tl~e ~cngry sr~art of the erithe~ax~ett~t~, the er~aited and deepexete alntter of aicade+~ ~d ~rnsshap~e~~. Zn the ~yee~ak,~ me-r~e.~ee to lt~t~~c tixrongh ee~eral ~e~~-~, ~utgasiues, "bu~.letins" cr ~-ublis~+d ~ror~g - in a de$ire to ~in~3 other ~ebple ~s citin~e sc~ettiing of use, lead~.a~g tai e. h3:r-tw And ~kien bedtS;zre arms sad eyes stop ~ls:z~ts~ ~rymo erns reeding ie nr~ lnn~+~r possible,- i~ngfnati~an ta~c~s hold. 'The nabntal ey+e ~isu~-li.~s .the gain. ~t h~-s fsllen s~nty ~oiet soil, its goet be,~ina to sxell, the ~aisture apprts?~ehes the gex~ta e~iah sleeps peeeafully cltsse try the viery endaaper~ -the eu~-ply aP fob. reaei.~ed' ~'rora it+~ ~nc~t~er t~ start out on _ life- ~,e path. . Zt caauld sleep in this acsndii~tian f or a ~.arig titte, perhaps mats~r hur~rede of years. but moisture ela~r2.~r penetrates it and toughing it lightl~r, wens it, It be~ix~s to move, graer, requires frac~, ..the ~aisture dissolves a herd 1ua~p af' faod far int. phis is thg ~y life be~3.t~s.. ~hst ~;,~ ~noffit important ~ the prooese? xs it asc~letutre4 It starts the sautes of the mystariaus s~eaha~nis~ of i.ife. ~3ad it nat touohed the grain, the utter would he-ve rc~ia~.t~efl dead. Ttg, Fiat dae-d,. ~c~~hf~zg d~:e~~ aer~ cst~-e to life again. Tha grsin +ee~ite only f~sr moisture to start 3ife. xt c~~-s~, ha~tver, alsg Qie~ And in sash sass, moisture vr3.3.1 nut revive it Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~ol~uehin, 3ur~i. ~~ the eaurcb~ of the new biolagy, app. ~~3-~. 3~uti destt~c~y as~d rod it. 'Phis aaeaaa that the ~ao~t 3t~pa~tant ~~ ie is tips var~r n~,4:~are aF tie 13.~is~g eubetaitce, prrlvr tc a~s~ist~xre; eo?~s~hi~~ d~:c-tia~ui~hir~~ it ~'racn a deaf! au`betr~ee.` #~ cc~x~etaat ir~terr+~le,~ie~ae~ip w3:'th the e~te~ai ~~a~r~roxime~a`~ i~ es~e~tiwi ~~ a: . living ab~e.ot. ~~~ture ce~ee fry r~rith~t~$. 3`be ~ers~ te~ttas thrau~h the grai~a tr?3at cad el~ t?ain ~a~riert~. The ~t+ve~ dr~w~ut~rdts'd, . ~totatrda~ ~hCS da~z~ evil? the shQ?~t pat~e~tratee rrax't~th; light aic~a air. ,ill tt~.a ~.a e~teraai ts~ the p3a~t what cox~atitute~e S~ Wisner" l~:~e, ite ir~8eper~d~-n~ sae, ~.~ c~~ture?. Sleep ter~ina~ee die acpliaabed c~haia a t'hc-u~,h~~? c~a th~i s~auroe ?~' lira.. ~3ut "b~rde~ir~ cap the u~acsoaaaicius, t~ at~ti*r6 bra3.r~ oontinues to eearah axsd ncpreher~d in ruder tJuett at erxue ~u~,zre def;e, men _a-~ake, cox is a rece~~.led drer~ aecside~atal~.~ be called Forth. eoes~ar~r idea ~a~r debates ara ~ciz~g cn at the- etabitat~. a3ls~tt~t da9~l~r ~.zst~c~ thrcn-s tint mex tc~ric~s. '~~~ ~rar~ end sat s~ax~tone e-l ~. ~.ead to the ss~-a ~ . - ~an deve3c~est ~sxist vv3.thvut gr~h' Qr gra~r~th w~.t?xaut develop~ea~t! '!that is use di~~f~erence bet~en living and ao~zsli~ia ,+~ is the di.fl'ersx~t~et betveeea esas~ircx~t~rst a~zd r~oxad~.t~.p~us eat exi s tonao Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ,- nealgushin, Itxr~., At the soctrcea o#` they mew bio2a~y. ~~P? l~f=42j. i~; th+a gueat3.on, ~.y+~s~tkea c1oa+~ not dia~ot it to ~Ay~tu in .~rtiaulea~; his yeas are do~cast, hey i~a .sll praoaQUp~.~ with his th+~ughi~s. ~Q hs ~eids~ You ~Y neat re~,ply to these. ~ s.~ at~t wski~~ for your srisr~r, '~h~.nk. ~a~rs it yout~s~rlf sxrd a-ne~re~r cort~,e~roti~~ your#~rl~'. Theq etork oor~ti~ves. 3~Ipre~ a mares ?e-ot~s ae~c~tzmulate. racy t~.ree#ady c~c~t~~.dsr Rras~ '~~ #heuory ai' they eua~, ~~' msdirn c~ee;ily tem~retut~,s s~ thes i'ecat tha'~ r~:~rox~exny i~a ~,enetr~al ~~e got pt~se;l~s 1~ method ~itsh ~rexntits the dex~iriitict~ 4~' .tho s~gtJi11lt e~P heat et~ete~n- ti:w?. tc+. a give>sn p3ant i'or ~tw~siz~g thre~u~, ~ a~ta~es s~ the e~?tir~- tsya3e~ e~~ ita- ~evolopnez~t. Sf ee; crop 3~tta .tee bs iatrsxluosd i~a a rsgie~A, matee~roio~iesr-l ~metars itre~ of x~o help ~vcrr. ~t:staad, the oleg, presvsd ~aud only met~ZOCI -that off' t~estiu~, sowi~zg servera2 pa`wra in euoe~e~,s~d~.9n, is. e~zic~ne rraliti s~ztti prcYie~ee ~ se~lutiort. In tht ~oeentims it bsoane~ mores ~c~ mars svie~ere~t bust tht duration Qf t~?e sta~~rs eisps~ u~o~ ~aas,t. each phs~rs denae-nds its trNa ttu~asber oi' e3wys ~~ its east o#` daily tes~~wre~t~xrers, and th* higlarsr thl- ~.iltt~-r, tai taa+te~r the ste-~ee ria~ by sad th+3 sma2lar the to~i amount oi' temperatures u~eded. In short, the ~o~ssent off` the. eta~,s is sp~esasfl up ttee increases izi te~pereture~. '~t,,y should .~' thesri, hcrrs~rvar, nvt ber arty oeaueatu~t despefldesttt~es bllt`epe$1~ theee expe~ed t~f the stage's pee-ce~in~; and thbses! .saQautats (tcrta~;'~ e~#` heat? Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 I?o~.~u+~hS.n, ~urii,. ;~~ the aaurce$ of the Ly~riL?fl tnkeo the ei~~3r~ "hest" az~ithrastifl upd~ar ~p~cia c~neidcration. ~'lents ae~nnot be ~.n errflr, ea;~ ha. ~h+~y dfl nat brt~+~: their 'awe off' de~~ap~ant , hc~+var, ire canfuee8 ~~'~ the t~~y. ~-re ocux~t~,~~ in~+oaura~tely; that much ie cilae~r. ;t`aata snd abaertratiar~s aoino to the r~ ~teue. `~he~ strne~ of ~hou~fat~r eu~ S'~~a~r ~nta ~c~~h~r oh~r~rels. 3~a~r to eetimate aid ~eaeura th.i~ eut~ pcr e~bs~-rt~ed by t~ `the ~eeaity flf` the, enAr~y' 4~' th~i eur~ ie ~aea~eured ~t the ~uetea~r~-3o~iaal booth with the mid of a csrt~~.s~t~ry e~e~r~ti~~ade thex?~ncametex~. They c8unt begir~e at tez'v, which ~a the9 ~aiait off' tha i'reie~ ~ ice, of w~.'te r, a pa i.~t~ t hest d vet a ns y ts2ose, dir~ot +oann+aatian with tho li~'v of the ~r1.~~t. Thia~ is b~.aic~~;y, nit ~:u~ f oar ea~+ah fl~ ite prt~ttegt~ee. Shia ~:~ czoaf'ir~cefl by ox~z?inesat~s. ~e!'fl but at a chef i~ito ~t}~-ai~-1 '~e~eraturn rer~uired by e~rer~ Pi.oa. ~y ~hc~u3.d 'the enemy a~ the eun, in~ie~-tes~ in ~n~rea~ of C,~2oi,u~a wit3~.r~ the booth, axp~ro+~r~ the degrea cf the eb~eorgtifln oi' th~.e e~aor~; by tha p?,~tt }4a, the p.l~te here nztcshhrsr noc.le~, enci ~sech ttat~ a~.ear3y i~tts c~aru. Mara- ~r? g3~aut~ that i3.~-tt, da~alflp, ~~.~OA~t ~~ ~rui'sv !~~"..~ tBm~lat'Ritu1C`C b83~E?'~ fre~aifn~3 ~rhile fl'~hE33'~, whfl . like x~z~th, ~a~eieh, ire "eaten t~u'~" aC a te~mpare,tura fl~ It3? etbp~e.,~ ~2ar~te afl nat atnrt tUe1z ~ife~ prcraeeaea.ttt a~metaarclc~~ic~cl Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 1pol.~ushin, . Tur#.3.. At the ~ourde~e of t>r+++~ 3,arc~, f'str r~ntc-c~~t~, t~~e ~rar~.c~~ bare ~o. f~~i' doa~ trot ~;~rnq~ tiny a~r3~3er than Sher. the ~mgvratu~t~ reaah~~ t value 2.Ca. ~#: ~'ii~t~lier clads nat tiller unt~.~ tt~e tempe~atut~~ Qee ug. to ?.~~. '~~ 1alaar~ia~ taea~3r~r: at 9,2as ~rh~.~.t~ ~he x~.peni~~ ~f btttr ,~ra~.~x ~ vc~ed ~rr~ly at 106? a~rorre ~ert~. ~hi~t ie t~ acr~Ae~ baa~ley Igo. f~2~. 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Kara, hawe~ear, ~.~ ~rtiat ones nhte~ina ~~' tha eit-~reae3d are e;tauntvd aot Pram the me~teearo3.ta~,~iae~1 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 iki~~uchixz, ?~uri:i. At #:h~ ~aurq~~ ~~ f:hc~ nay b~aZo~ya (pg. ,~t~~-~,~ j ,. hxsi~ the "~3.olv~#.aal ~er~". ~~pz' i~ i~ c33.~'fiauZt t~ ~rh~ix~ thl~ r~ro. ~. ~p~ai~a~ ,~x~~ri~-a~x#r eas~I~- _e~tat~3.i~he~ t}.o+; ~c~~br~n: ~,P ~~ ~,~.van ~rari~a~,~ ~t~x~ina~~ a~ a 1;e:mpar~atu~r~ ~~~ lr khan plug 18.83. ~"h3~s- Y'fipT`~~iC`xt~'i~ thrs c-ont?~~b print Ai t~ap~re~~ur~ ra~,u a~ thy, early ~ta~~ ~~` dav~el.~~~nt at ~h~:ah ~~t^~,~ ~ '~+~~itr~s to ~b~+~r`b h?~~ ~Iile~',C, tur~n~:r~~ .:~.~ intq ~ra~,:t~ ~rr?',y,. neac~e~ary', tharefssr+~, '~Q ba~~ the aaun~ .fxr~~a :exe. ~~ than fallss~a~ ghat ~~ ~ ~ta~eratur? a~ ~rlu~ ~~?, ar~ttoaa, ~n order try mina u~etr only. t;h~'~ ~th3~h oxaeed~ ft~ "a~t~z~taint", i.e. on"~y 4.17' (14? ~ifnu~t 10.8?). In t~ ~aur~c ~+~ 17 siay?~ 3.t ~r`1~. acans~~uent3: rec~~.v~a x~~t ~~5? but nnly ?{3.8~. - 1n t~ a~oand ine~na~t at ~1u~ ~5 ~r~arln~.x~atiar~ 'b~~i~an ~,~ d~ytr. s~ uotual heat r~zti~n i~ natara~.iy ir~oraa~esXg 25? ~~aut~ aarits~a~t a~ 1t7.~~?, }araduao a~ dally. ~~.~:??. ~~ f eve days th~.~ xve~ra- ~entad 7f3.~?. ~~ ~a~a >~aunt cis i~z the ?ir~t verse. 1~hi~ ralrt~~dy' ro~rreaez~t~ ro~ul~rity. A vla~avk 1~ made. ~vat~y~:h;.~ ~tr~s 'p~rt'eatly. ~peaterd ix~ the. ~a.rious ?rpwci~v crf ~Zant~ anti the carious ~~ta~~r~t at them rlevr-l.c~pr~+~~it. E~s~rytrrarr at: ~~ s~tian is slatod. T'he~s n~~r ~rord~ . -~ "sts~es ~.? deaelcs~ent", "~ocrnstants", ~s~~groe?day+e" ar$ heard e~~ryeh#~~+ ~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Do2~u~rhi~, ~uri~. At the soura~~ ~#' t1? ?tx'~er the s~raitx~m3~a tlfat~~r~zxwr~ t`ar tih~ fir~rt tip. 11i~h ~h+r di~~+o~ry ~~ ~~ rx~r~ rs~~~r~i~y, ~:~ ~ +rv~.dsrx~~y '~+tts~r~+ ~a~~i~b~tN ~~~~ t~~ '~et~~t~te'~ t+t th~- ~tag~ffi off" c~e~elt~~nt ~fl ~1;m~n~~, ~~ xisit~,; ~h~ m~ara2ci,g3.+~~-3 fl~~ ~~' ~ ,g3.~~. ~es~, to ~flrete~~ c~e~'in~,~cl~ - ~ rxex ~rc~~ rr3.1~. lie~s3.~p ~n e:~n arn~. A~?:8e _ rc+m tie ~, 3t b~ad~ss arx~n~ ~tnj g~.t~ ar,e ~ar~t~~~s I~g~:~al ~rac+~~~ aezznr~'t ~t~ ~ua~had ~.h~a+~. sn ~.~ c x~n #~!~ ~`t~r or3ti+~e1 t~,?n~arx~cua~cs, "rssxs~~~~s~", wi'k;~soa~ ~i3ch tha zsaw I~~.~? t3e~lay+~td, ~- wie~,t pricsr ~tx e~xx~teerirtg ~ rse7w stt~ge. ~~~ rg~t. ~},is ~t~.uO ~c~xz it ~s ~i~ ? ~C3f#1 !!'ir$?`;~i~3'~.tif; ~i~~.'t13E~11~ . ili3t'~1# '~ilb." l~Efit3LSi~t t?~` ~fi'~`,s "~?'fd ~+kdrad d~' +~t~nearb ~hd+ vfiarm~ ~sxr' ~~rr~ '"h~.~s ~s~.~2~ fix +~ ~~~ebre-t~an. ~~ dt Tra~9.~ '>ti~snis~a~ah?~ ~eraai.~#x~s p~:~.n ~ pnr~y, t1~~~~nal ur~~rr atx~h ~ir~ezrs3~texra~ss. 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They ~a:t~t~. ~~ a~vidently nat ~ . ~ir~g]~e~ d ~xe-~Se3e~s~~.. ~t i~ aeoe;~~~r~ tips' le~rrx ~ r~t+~r erc~pa dt~ re bc~u~.d to ~3~-8 ~cn~~t!;i +~~' rag~l~trity b~ . f`~u~n~, +th~u~b ~t_ ~~~'~.~r~te~ a1~s~r.~.~ ~k~s gea~~ztati~e ~~ de v~' t2ie ~~c~a~ of ut+ lir.3.r;,g ~~ fc~r _ pi~t~s, di!! x~ot ~at?~s~y Lyr~~r~o itz ~* i'~a~3:~`. ~ti ear bv~ to diss~cst ~t~e ~rt~st m~.x~ute r~eteiSltt eP 2i~'ess at~~et~~ar~ at t~ ~ez~ t?ra~+ tbt~ e~:i.iity try p~a~estt ~i~ ebeer~.?. ~ this ~a~ia~ ~~~,. in ~. ~e~e~ of rwide b~v3~gic~1 ger~pe- ~~~i:zz had ~ro~rd tit 'lis~.~,~; t~~~ epea~+~ ass c+mvr~b~~a 4i' tr~an~~'ar~-tic~n, ~.~. ~P ~.~~~.n~ ~o~~ ~~ t~c~q~ziri~g +~ther rgir trt~ite end;e~. ?`~~.~ ie ~nrh~t ~~ e~cae~rrtd ~~. tYie ce.~~ c~~ ~~aas +~t~ ?~~I~r rl~nte~ b~-for~ Lyaerilcv~~ ~aye~~ dur~n~ r.#.e first t`~nd~hec~ r~x~riri~+~st. . f~ar~in tad,, bax~ver, z~rrt e~p3ait~~$ ~~~ PSt~1` thea~+ cs2~r~ga~ tn3~a ~ineb in csr~es~4,~?~. ~zd LS:a~rtra ydiit!~~'~tt~c~ th~.t trim p~abi+-~ roes .~vxr f~.~ing r~.i~ ~~.~. ite i~~~ety. ~~t ~~ ~.,h~ tfxs af' tl~ lost! f`'louxi~th ~f t~ r.~~r bre.n~h ~+~' b~:?2~,gy ~. ge~etiae. the Stte~: ~~' ~ ~iyatet~iatae ?l~texx~editery atxbstaa~~' I1z~t~.Qr~. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 r I~algut~i~in, lots 1. bt the sQUre~~ts of the '3.ta8eper~dently at~d i~oas~~t~ahansl't'ly ~~. ii~e a~ the ~riaw~ ? ~#u11er, caused b "baan" by h'is diraore~ at. an ~.rti o~ganisa~, i.t~r div~rlops-a~t, a~xa;~aotwristicr~, traits - ret~~-d nois ~,ly a~ad supnr~e ~ bi.olo~;i~al ec1~-now,~ l~ndr! *~ laws tYiat seed ae a basis ~'or tk.ES t'und~ntel ~te-taz~ents off' ~or,~-w.l g~tit~~t~*, which in m~~y asses ~Sro~ed i~i~o~,vet~t, rxcwi~,~ nux $tuarwtia~l snpp~,~rt .fit the artful sa~em~s ~~ they ~naariaa~i ?ar,ga~. Ax-..ather al3~r praducwd tx~eu~s~'ermet36n o~ ahaxaatsri~tios a#~_ sw~al sells by Raer~~en x~aye. ~ha prlnaipal and. wle~c~st dal~- ~i93n~ ob,~a~s+~ upon whioh exp~rr~vrnts w~erw aanc~us~t?~d, tY~ Trutt fly, '~rosop'Il~i~.a, i~illea a~.I ~~netit~ lw~az~tarir~e. in the .xorld. -t rrwre they aiz~rr of ~~rnativs'~ It is necleasar~r to point out that it xaa a ~aet aomglicat~rd ~a~a~u~re c t?~a gait a~ idsal~stio ~oiar~a+~, ae c~ppos+~d t+a t~ arat+~rrSal~.etlo eapasitS4as aP i~ar+rin? I~ne ac~uld nc~t be~-t Lea 3~wad-aA: ~i~ at"gumsiit~r and ~aanalusiona xwz'w too olae.r w.nd in+~ontrct- ~+r~ertable. ~aur,~w+al~ eaf~rr~ow tharet'a~e attr~mtatwd to flank it. ~'rotwatdd by its reaa~nitian ot" ~3w,~rxtn .and attw~pting to ts~.~tat;~ at is h3.s raater~.r~lfstia s~thads of research, it tr3~ad to expla3:n in its a+wia w~~ thw '-~rrsohax~eism cf` hwxxdity aid transfor~aatte~n" e-x argw,~is~sr, i.e. to sabre t~iw ~rery prablemm xhtcb ~~ d~.d x~at hav~a taw to eol~s, wand in eutsh saes to ff.ll the prinoips,l bioo lagioal, i8~eas onawrsore xlth leis t idwaliw t~.c aantent ~- Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 i~alguahir-, .Iu~rS~. At tha aou~'ces oi' the near ba3:ogy, ~PP+ ~~-'~~) ? At the t!~ ~rhen Lyaeraka on h~.s t~andzhr~ plots canducter~ hip gra~~.a,re experiment rr~h cerea3.s snd aotton in or3er to undarstand hour nature itse3.f trarui'Qrme tha ~vegatati,~+e p~oriad ~~ p2s.mts, the ~aericar~ ~ulleir aas ~ireati~ hint Rcentgeaa l:ig~t upa~t the ~rosaphila ark ocur~ting hoer e~ny s-vnaters there would ~ izt its ~~~ge~y. Tha none that ~u3.ler suaoeedea in thia~ ao-u-~naex~ to speed up ~thn appaeranp~e of ~snxtat3ane" (Herr tt~ai~r) ix~ a liga org~-x~is~n 3,50 t3saen, flately flea Yntartt iri ~rorld genetics and a+rs aecep'rwd as sn important scientific e~ht~ 3;yeer~lco, n tom a~~ut tYrs #succrs~es~ t~f genetics, shrugge8 his ahou3,~l~ere ~ He ac~u3.~! trsathi'ully z~at underatatu3 rrhy gta~ay pram ir~ent ~t~ among go~oiet sc~erit~.sts fc+ur~d it possible to preach geanetivs and spend tie 3~a praduc4z~g drosophila. Did that' sari- ausly beliaw they could by. wing raditua lights, Roentgen ar ohe~ai- aal reaati~rres,~ dieooverad ix~ an created 2aiaarat+~ry en~ri.ra~nex~t, -produce regulart9.+ss ~.n the orgam!?sm at a fruit 3`iy that waul$ et#:d 'hreederc oP l~;vestc~ck or plants. . His rrery nature oP naturalit+t-transl~o~er ee3nstd the fda~lti- ne-e,s at` the bt~sas and ~thoda of this soienc~r, its Formalism, artit`icia3.i.ty, ~tete-olmsent Frcn~i Mature, artd itr doom t8 Futility. St~,li~ at that time ~.~enkc dit~ Mot }u-ve atty reason to baoon~r ix~tereeted iM da+~ailed ge~s~eties. simply re,~~rcted it becau+~e it Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 3?algushin, ~uri~:. ~'~ tZm et~uresas of ~1~ azza'~her ~~he~ of etuclyr ~;ar~t~c~~ ~ol~v~ssi the pr+mblexa of hax~d~.t~, while xy~et~k~s bus p~nar~upi ~Sth the c3x~3.dua1 de~lapm+ent a~' p7.~s~ts, ~hy~iola.' And ~~a ~sc~~t~.t-ued hf:e '~[a~`k, 'r~r~ti~~xa~ the r`agult~~i~y 4~' nature, ~a~k3:a~~g ire ~ ala~- re-~;atidnehi~p ~rit~a 1~t., thas+~ d3.el~satit~ p~i~toi~~e _[~'~ na ~.atzgar requfred tee~iag. . pia x~?ver rauapeatei4 that acstuaZ3.y ~ heal s~.ree,~~r ~r~m t,~aa et~rt emtere~! iz~ta ~ contrere~ v~'Ith ~- paarez~Pul ~orXd and ~ leading s~ave~esnt ~h~ah ~~ ~ttem~tir~ to e~1~ Ekx~e prabT+~~ l~~t bc~taic~d by Y~ir~:. Tk~d "~ree.t exgerfraent" tc~~toee tc~ ttn t-t~c1~ i'l~e ~laatQ ~e gax~ through a1x ,~-a~r>~~ '~aar~tu~s ~rari~ret~ 'be~ar~ tla~ ayes at the experi~~ntare, Tt~e, 13.fe ai' every epeaiee .hey aithair begun uedex~ a 1Durzz~.rtg boat, ~ri~~ e.I~n~t at sar?~.y t~'aet ~ariada } Qr, on the c~ant~-z~y, hru"i begun ~.n the dater aza~ iri. thn ewa?~sa~ ~Qts ar ~'~, ~ ~ hid tAl''en plane . ?~! ~ ar csa1E1 1G~8t1th91" s Axe enoi~fmauet quantity o~ olisarv~-tic~rw, ~`!t~$~, sta~istiae:l dat~-, ~t+aa~ia'1 four any nunb~x~ of ee~,a~al+~t3arto acid oantrale traa aa~sumu- l~tec~. Ve2uable l~a~a hid ilea been gathered ~`~rax~ ~e~er~I other areas of tl~ Uniae,. A11 this deta grt~la#~e@ loudly: the peas sere righ~~ the ~def a~:te~ t~ut~abicn cr.f bhp ~rege~ab~ve der S.a>~ ~+~ ~ectr~~e3,1~- nab a Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R0098001~40001-2 ~a~guehi~n, Iur3i. ~t the a~cxarc~e~e ~P the ~eta~bLf artd us~c~haug~able ~sharact~r~,eti+a ai' e~~rory eps~Set ~- Under ewe ~i?r~dit3~osns th+~ p~nnt ac~npl~rtee ~~te oya3e ~~' de~~rXci~rcex~~ rap~d3.y~, utader ath~r~ tk~ a plant +~e~nds $ ~ruvh 1ex~er ~~ar3 ~~' ~~e. ~ +~~ a11me~ i~a~e pla~zt spy ripeaz is the oc~urs~ ~~` a eur, ~n anc~the~ - it dc~a+~s nQt ~na~e 1t; ~i~e ~~r the w~.z~~~ eat a~.~.y itz the ~'~rllcnrirt~; year t`or~s frui~b~arlr~~ oxgaz~t sn~ ~roducee s~i~e. Zxz nt~r rKard~, ~.t 1r~h&vcs~ a~ a~ith~r. a ~tunr~ crr wiratarr e~~ ~~~.~., the datinratic~ti .bet,ra~~ rri,~~r ans~ ewer ~rep~ had bs~n a~.vlayc~ +~~nsid~rred irra~~vr3~ile aa~i ~vr . e~-ea~y ~la~st a.~saiee. It ,e~~~ared, hi~x, ~.~ w ~~t~~~le to iderstii'y planter ~-~, thl~ +~h?~rr-ate~riet~.c Maly urid+er der,~~3.tsn oanaib~c~~, in Ge~'~.ait~i area, in a ~i~n e~.3.~-a~te. Or~Iy ire ~t~fetlas ~rra~~rc3 ~~3r r~here~etarie~ti~a ger~ad~ oi' d~valop~e~:t. n a~ ,th~~, this ie~el ~:~t eLl~ye ens. " ~~ acmz+e ,~~.r,~ wh~zt 'the ssu~rto~aa~r climatit~ ~e~nxifti~n~ pro ~rad~,~sally ~zpeet, the ~rlnds ~~' ~alant deve2oeat were also a?rtf'ueed. :'it~te ~a~ erhgrter, s~tk~era - la~+~r. fine ~:ndi~v~dual eta~;ea ~S cle~~+re~o~-enti also grind i.n th~~x arsuree. 1~,at ire ~lae oo~telueivn the-t ocsu3fl be dra~ce~uirig ~rho~ Lyeeu~~ ~1~d ~t~~ k~cnv st tH~+e t3~. . ~n ~~aa~ pe~:a~ ~~ d=in? ~craa~e~~ ~~': ~ex~cd ~~ ~~rmed ~+~ ~].1,, e~ a~' ~ s~~ie~+~t ~~ the ~eoe ac~m~suniet tae. ~'~s ~a~ ~s+c~3ae~~ eha~at~~er~;~t~cs .nf ~&~ ~z+~t$zi~;s se~-eir~rd;, ~c~v~~; ~:a the ~re~,at~~a~alo ~~m~y ~ rt~~~.n#~~~ ~'!1e fro ~cigae~ - ~~aa~y ~~ p~ra~tcae, ~t~~e ~ ~r~s~xli~.~~~i4:a, ~hie~- ~g~ev~~, ~~re c~ni~e~ ~~l~i~ h~:a~ ~t~~ a be~u~~:l mod: ~sac~~a~ely pawss~#"u~ dalsa~3"~ anus~fle~ ~h~at eis~,~~r f~~ .Y~ie re~mer~a8~e ability ~ ~era~t~ k:ar~rw3~~~e, '~hi~ s~e-y bs ~~at~t3et~ . ae' the r~t~u~oe t~f h:ie a~a~ie ,suae~rsee~, ei~crx t~s~~ia~ llg ~:ot r~niy aiy~~t~o~. bud ~x3~fl ~a~ti~e~, 4f eu~a~a~eeee ~~e~ wez~e any. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~0 3.~ush~.,~, Zaari f . It tea !! ourssl~ a t,~ the The evrnal~~rrbfan of vetr~a~ cs~rc~p~ the fimrieti ~Jnicrn ~~t~ ~itlr ~ a~dd~?'~~vna~. ~b m~Tel~.ox~ c~nY,ne~~ iz~ ~r,ield+~. The ~It~er str~.~,,~ c~ pt~ta~c~~v provi8es~, ~rrr the i'lrat tisae. ~t~ history, then ~+~uthQrlt ro~irsns erith ha~,i~~y pv~ta ~srop~ a~~i stcp~rd theiY t3r~xga~'tatinu f.r+~ ~h~ . n,vrth ~`c~xc~rez~. the ~~xl~eka~t-~ (tog pinvh~~} +m~ vott+~an as kre~.a,~ a~rg~.ied its ~~? ~~~,~ a~c~-i.ngs aad ~.e !tacrensed des ~rie~d c~ ~i~k~-g~~~~ ~'ib~~~r `~~r ~,~}.?~~ p+~~asA'~. Ynter-~rarie~F,~.1 c~r~r,~inf; ~xad itacrea~avd .the y9~eiti tt~ cdreai~ by ~?Xtt Bera~ent. ~'~ rade'~ method c-~ ea~rii '1to~-eaghys g?r~-i~ted ~ aanui8er~.-ble exp~-n~i~sn ~f tiba prt~t~a~~ot~ ~sf ~~~ ne~~~v~a '~rnx"~cs~s, ffior~ri~~ orrrax~ ~it~ib'bie hay fiir~t i~xtrod~uci:~d ~txe rsuYtitiox~ off' r~3:~ater ate in the Siberie~a 8t8g~~. _ .~ha ~.~:~'~ io far frog ~c~op~.~t~. But `eh~.c~s ~cieritfvt, e~.t oc~ut~try van Na~,a't: of such suace~~es.. A~td hour mitsex~al~Itr, compared to ib, ate thg atLermp~e of ~hv. Ncr~ania~~ whc~ have .ndt becs~a a~b21~ to o~'f~r a~aythiri~; off` velu~r to +~ ne-tivn eoono~y. I,yt~enko rs~:ssd and.. hv~-d+~d the maas atru~~le a~ the ~3.vhux~in . 'biblo~r ~-~+~~,~~ tbie fiio~r~t-n4:et r~e~ri2ry. It v ocsxduvt+rd anrer geriod o~ twenty ;,war's atac~ kne~r -y ne~a~~s ~rattle~. ~he~ ~~~ cans au~iinated in tl~a deetruotiox~ a~ ~orgar~f,a~e and. laid the foundation of ~- xs+atir egcfa}a taf ~anhaard at prts~resa, nob alone bit~io~y b~xt in ti1~te entira fie~.d ~-? So~riet svierav~: Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~_: flol~ushin, luri9 - ?fit t2~e aourcvn aP tbo Hour biology, (pia. 1{3-~2). i~aovabl~ ohokircg host hfld ble~nl~sted tha? +aapf.tal i'or Hwy +~aye. ^x he sir ~.s boavy toad humid, grey a~,oude avpoartd nottst~tly over tha horix+~n and s1o~~y pae~ed it by-. ~t~ne ~#ai~.y for a etarm to break the heat but it nevtr oases. +~n the last dssy of 3u'ly the l~nin ~,taaclemy of Agricultural floienoofl ogot~+d 3.ta eeeuion ian the large, t~ro?etory~iaigh half. o~ the ttlxristry off` A.griou3ture. It paot~di to diaaues the problem oi' tho pos~.tion al' biologiaa~ soience. ltt the av+axtir-~y, in a. oro~scted hall, tha pxea.sldont of the. ,Acac~ex:>ry, thta laureate of t}~a gtalin a~rard, the e,oada~.ciau ~rof#.m I~+bxti~asoviciEr Lys~enk?r agpeare8 on the piati'c+r~t. fle t~ tea report oxt this prirusipal proble~i. it ~e a taot~a3ueiv~e toad oon~~etent tr[sdtise boaoerz~iizg the t~ichurin bio3r-~;y and fat + ear~t time ;~ i'ierca+~, assvueSn~; speech ag~inet ~esotionaxy genetics. ? ,At thb bcgixining, of the report vsiea could already t`eoI a cux'rerat of air within the k~12. It c~ oiroliug ~'rcxs above, Prc>r~ the tide, tall vsi.sada~, dressed in long fa2d~ ~of dra,p~s. "The 'ldcri8eliet?Ler~aniets clia~, to t~~nerythfng outl3.~d arss~ ooneiderar~ ixrox~ ~,sx ~rr~in~s teachings, they.. ro~oct the living ~,at~rie2ietio ke:rl of hie theory~,...~s if.~arc! frame the platform. "~'~ art aanvinoed that the baa~.o etat+~nsente of the lendeliste? l'or,~aniets era faulty. They dc~ neat. ,r;s~`leot diving nature cad t~-presant s~eta~phyeioe aid ldea~.iie~,..." Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~o1~shMta~ ~~ri4 A'~ tha sa~zr~~a ~~` t:~ti ~t~s~ b ~c~3."a~Y> ~ ~~.. ~~3-~2 ~ ~ "~:' "~ar~J. ourtct~t:s ~~ a~x b+~~ ~~r4r~~r ~Y~ e~~oa dx~a~ ~scsrc~-. +~r~z~r~ad" u~r~~~ ~y t~ ?~~. ~~nd ~~x~~c! ~u~~ ~x~t~a ~- ~'~~ ~s Gh~a~ c~~ nab "fs~e~ apee~d ~~r ~ ~,ot~. ~~. Tt~ ~~~~ ~ ~tx^uck. '~~~~ ~:~ 3~~a~r,., c~,~~cs ~~ ~rix~d~rs", +a~7,'~~c3 vut one c~~ 'ohs I~sr~~'~ cif` g~~~~c~, ha ~~t; ~:~a t~~-~t ~o~ m~. ~t3 _ flli? Ci'tL1YiEf "~+CD :6 ~Zt'~~~~~ fit! T1'~ +043~'i ~ ~~4L'It}271b3~'ir`Ei'~i4'~$~,~' m~.rc~i~i~~ ~,t1ud3.~r {s~ ~ pt~rgt~e~ ~3car. " ; r:~ fz~s~, ~~~tl ~s'?, c~~~3.~d ~~~ ~, ~1~e,er ~rgro~a~~ri~ a~~bdt~~3 'I~tu~;~.te~~. . zany ,r~i~ y ~~n~r:~~sc~ ~~~h Ie,~~tk~~,r area. I~ ~.~ ~o~~~az~~.+~ri m~ .d~zz~p~uz~ nip.. A~ t&~ ~~ a~' ~h~ bgtst~~~, .~ ~r~~re ~ ~~' tc~m a~.~s~~ ~~ a~or~d. ~s31~c1 ~~:~~;~pl~,, a.r+~ne~ ~-~' '~hn ~a~t ~~r~ i~r~r~ ~~~~ a~~ +~ of '~as~~~s~ fi,~ ~Xl -~ 3!'~f'~ '~2~8 ~'Ok'EtB~ bllig8kt, . ~~~~s aid C~~'f11'; br~a~~~ 9~1?~s ~~~~, ~:ox~~s~y. ~tlii~ a~.~b~I.s~ pia W~r~ , ~-o~ ~et~~ :nv~~s'~~ ~~ ?_ a$,x~,c~.r~a~'Iy ~e~i~~ ~~ ~tu~ :3.~~v~~ ~i~~ ~i.rt~.cipa~ed Sri ~ ,~z~+~.t r~vt~z~i~ ~~ ~ttr+~ ~~~ p3.r~ce ~~ ~ai+~lo~i:~~"~ ~'~ :~3':e .tf~e ? Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~~ . `.. ~l~i~~h~,t~, Iur3i... ~,~ ~h~ sauro~~ of ~Y~a nary ~aia~c~>s~'~ ~~~? 14-4: ~ ~~~yot~~+ trht~ attoz~Q~d tihi~ +~cs$i?~n, ~ri11 pas~ra iat~ thc~ himt4ry ~~ ~c~.4~css~, ai:ll ~ut~1.~ r~no~~ar t,~ ~#'ro?~h ~3r# ~T~mrn 3.nbv 'tiha ;~~1 of rho ~.iS.~is try, ~xad '~ ~ tn~ ~h~;1; pas ac~~i t?nat u~~,~t oar ths~ ~cap3t~1. ~'nd off' Ck~apt:~r Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~l Traasl. ~ Entomology ~ubtsav,lvan The Appeara~acee oP a yoz~m of i3ozaos tic fly ~ssie,tant to Dtk~, as a result of a ~?Yese-r .Application flf Ineescticido. Priroda, ],94$ (~~s ~2.6"I. April, 138 430 P9S~ Traatsl~-ted Pram the I~u~s$ian "by >. ~. Yc~nsoa ~kse ~r~drs of tk~' institute ezt tk~ sanitarium {Xnst3.tute fiuperiore Sa~.nita~ at Rome, Italy ~sro prneently faced by then prc~b2em ~~' coatralling the sprea:~ o? a r~r~r i'orm of dora~estic Ply, resistant to IaI3T, which appear+rci following a S?yaar, ~yste7natic, and most care~fui. app3iaatian of an ine+catf- tide st one of t;~ lat~go suburban 'live~toc9c farms rear $c~e. I hark then opportunity to aaqua,int myself on the- spot, on then farm, xith then conditions under which the eagkeriment took piacea~, ta1T~e:d to Professor ~issirs3i, who dix~ecte~d tre: entire irk, and vrith his n?~llabea- ratora who carried out the treatment. ,phis e~}aerimerzt and i.ta re~uits hare, an ~.ctual practioal significance for ui~s as !Nell and are of coxzside-rabla theoretical intereRSt"bae~idee. On an isolated far.~t, Situated at a distance of about 30 Inn Prow ItaDa, xhers dome It)00 cows ors housed in a~ spe:aial assemblage ai' bui~.d.ia~s, it ~.s determi.x~ed t4 gat rid of Plies for s+ani.tary reasons.. gollcrxing the first amazing esuccesses obtaine7d wittz" DI3T, they deQideed to use this insects . . "The first eyxperir.~nt, aiming at a cr~pleste destruction of flies ~on the Earns, etas staged in 1344. 'The insesatfcide teas applied in all the pegas, on a31 animals, Floors, then outside? suri"aces of troughs, poles, all kinds flf bra+eings, as well as the rest oP tho' buildings, pigeon coops, ,,~,;`'d pig pens, down tct the quarters of laborers and thc+ir imn~ediatee eurrouru~"'~' J Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ;~ ~: Raibts trir This object time to d$stroy the flies aompietely on an area vP ser~rai hundred l~eotares; abd Avery squgrti meter tyre taus appearance of flies could be expealced, ~ therafore thoroughly ,~oxta h~+e~r. ~imuleously, anmthear e-isi t~ras yet, thst of d~retraying the mt~stquitoes; the :eaation where the farm ~~ ~t3,taated hash bees ~ufferiug from a~alara ~rcmn time i~emcrSal. Several days after ap~iiication,- the aittt tRas epparesxtly roaehed,- nowhere a there a i~iy to be assn, nor any 2xoaquito. The staf't members of the firiati~ite 'of the eanatc?riu~n, as tlr~sy s~csrr teii, ce,iebra~:ed 3~ a3~4 their vfcta~r oar:th~+ iaalaria~t ~.osquito cad the,, antf dree~ed of . spreading their. ezperiaart~ over th+e a@ jois-Ss~~ areas, chariahimg tit hope to free tlae~tselvee in the future of these two plagues +~! maa~. ~ the foliaw, year,. that of 1954, the acl,~oinitsg ~+raas Hers submitted to an +~qualiy uampla~te tr+aatment. Acs rover, i.n 1945, _i.n the p2s.ces of the previ.oue ye:ar's appl.ioat$~on of the poison, xssd3.vidual fiiaa were observed. ~lricthmr ca~nplete and ali- aver of the sane, ~33T` era-e appiie~ in the placsee arhera the Ply makes its appee.ranae. +fie~rerai daya~ later f lies again be~~e a rarity here but, ~ the a~aset~rerrst of Cher perscnaael, the dissappearanae of flies ~raa n?t oomgle to thin tine, as ,it he~!d eee~ed to be the case in 1844, Ia 1946 there titers e-lready a great mazsy more flies here than 1xt the preceding yrrar. A complete application of the poie+~sas., using the saa,e method, ~e used throughout the e-riea i'or the third ti.ase, but nor the results were definitely ur~satiafactory. Unly n wall r~ber of flies perished artd a considexmbie number of them eurv3.ved. ~ study was begun din oonaectio~a with s ne.turai . ~ an+d reasonable +~uspfeion of :the exi.atence of a new fly, resiatasnt to Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? poison.. l;abaratary testa c4t~Pirined this suspS,oiort. ?~he ne~v flied" di8 not parish from the usual da~s~gss. 1~aviug spextt sev~ara~. minutes on puxet poison, the3~ peris~ad in -parts, while s~thers reaoverad ae soon as they ire r~rmo~rec~ frost iz~ctediate oantaat Frith the poisoxt. I haft the opportunity to visit the farms S,zt 1~7, on the 2nd and. 3rd days foY3.owing the gulve~ri$atio~x 'with the oustamnry deadly mizt~ire of poison ,kerosine plus ~ percent- ~7I7~) . !~ had boesta the oast the Qay bi~fore, a Multitude of Elise vas still around, nor did i~hey exhibit any traces of poiea~ning. Pxo?essot~ tiieeiroli ~sa$ etxtl;y gexturbed over the e~ituatiozt. ~Y~re trere alrea8y tadioatic~ne oP tttp spread ref this i'orm of fly, resis- tant to poison, in thm e~d~oinin~ areas, ~3ich hail. been ~oleared of fYieaw folloeing th~i ~`irst appliogtion of t11~. the appearaaae oP fort~at of ineeats resistant to poison, is not rnr~v. Literai,-ure points to over ten ~timilar oases r+espeat to ooaoidia, butterPliet~, and other inseots. (Sees ~. ~. Haygh - Colorado and Dirgin~.a Strains of Caiiling nth ~.rt l~latio~t to their ability to enter ~prayt~d a~.d Unsprayed Applies. , ,J. of Mgr. Res. l~6, 217-b6, 3934: ~ 3f th+~ a~ahattiem oP bhe appeaxance oi' this ~aistcw+oe ie xtot s~laar as yet, and, it surely ha.s an explaz.~tion at.it8 o~rn is e~retry ease, the general pioture at appearartae sums to follcrpr this pattern. In the usual population there are indiv~.dual species, rosiatattt to poison or di~etirguie2ied by a oonduat that permits them to avoid poisoning. They are 3erts csapable of *oompeting" and are under noi~nal oiraumstances very .rare end stay praatica3ly oat be taken into oartsideration, At a mass destruction sit spenies pvseeeaing.a normal reaietanoe to poison,. the Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 .~ spe~aie~s oi' rare reai;mtance, hawewverr, propa~~ate xi.theut ri~-Is mare ~.~- tens~r~:y on the f'jreeQ Tivin~ e-re~. The rdp?ated treatment paisan only aocelerates 'the .results of this artificial selection (ta resiffitsnce to poisonj. The speed ~nrith the ditft~rer~tiat~.c~n ol` the neu form from the tslxed population ie tedcix~~ piece is atne.zl.sag. ~'he serner3.ty of the grti- tiaial selection has a pasit~va ai.~ificancd - aL~nost all ~xan?res~.stant spea~:es were txttrrrsticsa'ted. 'Shoe, the mare thorough the trestn:ant With poison, then earlier appears tho nerg farm. ~"hia wee equally tsbserved in, the C1~1 with regart~ to Cher Ce~l9:forn3a ecr~le insect a.rd other pests. xt is oP intvreat to paint. vut ttid.t t~ similar i'r~rm of dcimestia fay, resistant to ~IIiT, }mss been also disct~~rerad in Sweden. She existence within a species of fares highly ares~.stant to DID', is s-ast unusual, talring it~tcs aansidt~ratian the extrrz~e~ly high taxioity of Cher poison ai'fecting an entire grtsup oaf insectes beetles, flies, fiymena~s- teret, etc. Sh~s meohaniem of resisteczce, air we~.l as the mr~shanis~n of the c~inzurot+~d here with the struct~zre sad ,the prflaesse: in the cuticule. toxicity of I}T)S, s.s yet net clear. She unslerstandiag of the fact end the nervous tf.ssuee of the insects which u~zt3:l now are, as has been rtetab3.ished, very ,r~a~. Further study in this direction is litely to erhed 1S.ght on a great d~ta1 more. It z~till net clear haw fads rasfstaat to paisoza +cauid have developed in the population. 'Shin stability cannat be explained (aaceptedj as the product of de'velaped ~nutati ono . The .factor oi' stability to poison represents too or~nplieated a ~aechaaism to ba interpreted as a spontaneous and sud8enly developed Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~`r "~ ~u1~ is ~T mutativa, 1r$ is ouch more a~aturt~I era:d likely to s~esu~ that ~~ ta4tor of :stability tv ~poiee~~, ~8e~rslflped~ iaa rx part: ~#" the ~r~pulatiax: is a gt~adua:l, histori.a~cl adaptation that aeGO~pezzi~s ~.t its oextais~ circumatt~r,~s. Sect iiu ~uch~ a case ~ ham to ac+cerpt the exi~tet~ce nP correspc~ndf~.g ezteriaal . +o~+nd$'tions, i.e, at let~,i~t the p~rios~iaa~: and 'I~el e~ie'~ence 3.r~ the s~h~rre ~-~ the dwel,lircgc. (rnhxxurr~, ~or inrtteu~cxs),~,orgr~a3,e coa~binatic~ns the~t s,na~.dgc~us to Tim ixa the reactioxy. u~an the r~r~,anS~ ot` the insact. ~Exzd oi' ~rti csla Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ill Tran~cl. lie ~~-tom?logy Rubtsov, Ivan The Appearance oP a i''orxa of Domestic ~'ly $esietant to DU?, ass a rtsult t~f a 3-Year Application of InB+ecticide. Priroda, 1948 ~4} s Fib-63. Aprfil, 194$ 430 p9S3 Translated Pram the Russian '~~ S. S. l~anaan , the 'r~a,r~:ers of 'the Institutti at the sanitarium Institute Superior~a 8anita) at acme, Italy ire prea~ent;ly faced by the _problesz ot` aontrollir~g the Spread of a nem Yorr~ aP dome~ztic Ply, resistant to 17I~"t, w~hiah appe~xgrc3. follovring a ~-mar, e.,ystematti~c, and mo6t careful application of an inseati- aide at ore of t;he large suburban iivectoak Parais x~ar itcune. T had the opportura5.ty to acquaint myself' can the spot, en the !'arm, the aandi.tions under which the experiment took place, talked to ProPessar ~iQairoli, ~o directed the entire wdrk, and t~rith his aollabp- ratora who aarri+5d out the trdatment, 'his experiment and its results hart an actual practical aigaifiaance i'or t~s as X11 send. are aP rsonslderable theare~tiaal interest bagides. fan aA isolated Fars, situated at a distance of about 3t? ~ Pram 1~0~, where some 100a cow's sews housed in a special assemblage.oF buildings, it was detet~3ned to gat rid of Ylies Por si~nite-ry redson,s. Followiag the First amasix~ successes obtained tvith? DST, they decided tb usa this rose ~c ti cide . The i'irst eaptriment, aiming at a ac~plete destruoti?ri oF, flie$ on the Vann, spas stagedd in 1344. The inseaticidt was appliad im all the pens, on all animals, Floors, the outside surfaces of troughs, polar, all kinds of braaings, as well ae the rest oP the buildings, pigeon coops, pig pens, doom to the quarters oP labartrs and their immediatN surroundings. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 The ab~ect~ ~ta~a to destroy the 1'liea completely an an area of serreral hur~ire~d heatalr~e~; a2ad every square a~'ter where .the appearattoe of i'1#es could be expeeitec~, ~+-e therefore tharough2y gvmr a4~r. ~ireultanevusly, sx-r~ther aiffi was ~e't, that of destroying the mvsquitars. The sect?:vn where the f'wrm wa,s s3, lusted had been ieuffex#cg frorn sewlaria f t~ ia~emvrial. 5e~eral days after applit~ativn, the aim was apparently reached;. nvwlaere was there a fly tv '~ seen, r~flr any racsquitc. The staff members of ~ the fins ti ~z to of -the sanaty r#um, as they nccrr toll, ce lebra~d #n 1344 their victory orrsr .the ~aalarian ~:osqu#to sad the dcsssstic fly., ani~ dread of spreading their. e~per#s~nt over the a8jvs~#ag areas, cherish#n hope to Erse thamseivma in the future of thsse two plagues v! msaaa. the #' year,. that of 1954, the ad~criz~iug areas ,w~ers submitterd tv an equally cv~pl~-te treats~ent. Hatrever, iza 1945, in they places of the previvas year's applioat3vn of the pvSsvn, ittdivid~-al .flies were obsarv;ad. .Another complete anc~ all- t~ver treatmrnt of the sse~e ~#3'C ~a-s applis+d is the planes arhere thi fiy me3zes its appearance. Serreral days Tater Plies again beeaw+e a rarity here but, to the amasa~sent vi' the p~ersonsiel, the- disappearance of flies ass z~ct ovmple to thin ti~ae, es #t had seemed tv be the sass in 1944. Zs 1946 there .,ere alrea8y a great many more ~'#ies here than #n the precedSag year. ~, avmplet~s appl~.catiivn of the pviassn, us#ng the saws method, was used throughout the Brea for the third t#a~e, but nox the ~resu#ta sreri def~:n#tely u~asat3sfaatory. Daly a ota~-11 nuffiber of dies perished and a vvrasiderable number cf them survived. !~ study ~+.,~ begun ire avnnectit+n xith a natural ? - and reascinab2~r suspicion vP the ex#steace of a new t'ly, resistant to Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 .~ stub to ov poisan. Laboratory testa conPiz~taed thin euspiaion. "Thss air Elias" did riot perish (rasa the usual dosages. I~avi,a~ spent seirarai m~i.nutws on pure po3.svn, they psrist~d in parta~, while rathera recovared as soon as ttexy ware r~o~rd trcr~ i~nediate aont:xct with the p~ris?ss. Y had the trppcrtunity tc v3:eit the faz7ne in 194?? 4n the 2nd anal ~rQ days fol~,owing ~e pulveriaatiasz ~,th the ouetosaary deadly mi~t~ire of poison ~kcrps3.r~e plus & portent X7332). IS.s had been tha oas~r the day be~are, a saultitude of flies was; ~atill around, nor did they exhibit easy traaae ~~' poi~-o~xing. Pxofeseor ~iisaira~:i was extr~~a:ly gertuxbed over ~e eitus~tion. ~`ixere ware gi:rea~ly indioatic~nsf of tt-e spread of thin term of fly, res~,c- _ tsar to peisan, itt the d~d~oinin,g areas, vd~i+oh hra.d bran. ~s2eared of Plies following the first application at' ~71~. The appearance oP fcrrae aP roseate reaistaa~t to poison, is not. new. ~.iterai-ure ~ pa3.szt9 t4 over ten similar asses with r~r$pefct to coooidia,. butterPlids, and ether insects:. (Bases A. I~. iloygh - Colorado and Virglni.a Strains of Cad13.x~g Moth in psylatian to their ability to enter Spray~rd and. unsprayed Applies.. ,J. of Apr. itee. 38~ 245-66, i934-;) . ~f the meahaniasn off` the app~eerar~ae off` thie~ r+reistanai i+~ not clear as yet, and. it surely an explanation oP its: o,~rn in every vase, the genera3, pictursr of appearasioe seesttss to fol.lo~t this pattern. Xn thss usual pcspulaticn there a,re individusxl species, rossisstasat to poison or di.etirguished by a oonc3uc~t that permits thew to avr,id poisoning. Thsy aro lees capable tst "cotapsdting" and :Are under norsnsr~l airausnstsinasys ? very .rata: and ~.ay practivally not be taken into consideration. At a ~nasa J' desstruotion oi' apsaifa paaaeeating ~- normal ~resistarsae to ,poison, the. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 t ~btscsw ~speciee t~f rare resiffitar~oe, hoarever, prcpagste ~x5.thout rivals more 3n- teneely can they Px+eod living arets~. 'the resp?ated treat~sent with pa3.gc~n only accelerates the .results c~ this selection (trr resi~tanae tb pcist~n~. ~'he epc~sd ~Sch the dit~erentiatlen of the ~te~ Ft~rm from tha mixed population ie taking place is ar.~azing. ~'hs sa~rity' elf the arti,- t'icial selection has a'icance - a~.:~ast all non-resistant epeoit~s were raxterrr~inatc~d. Thus, the amore therc~ugh the- treatment rr3.tIi poison, they e~ppears the. re~rr farm.. ~`hia roras eque.ll.y observed the CJ~ ~srith regard to the Ct~lii"orni.a scalp insect tend ether pests. It is of intarest to point out that ez si~iilar i'grtn of dbazesti.c i'3.y. ~'esistant to 37I7S', l~a.s been alsa~ discovered in 5meden. The exieatt~n,ad ?rv3.thin a speoies of i'bzras highly resistant. to 37D'i`, ~.~ most ut~uaual, te~gng ir~~ cbaasidi~ratibn the extreme~.y high to~ciaity o the poison ai'S'eGting are entire group of insects: beetles, dies, Hymtnog- tern, etc. The bf resistance, ae rcel2 as the mechanismn bf the toxicity of D17~', rrraa3.n as yet not caear.. ~'he undesrstanding of the. fact is cnr~neated here' math the structure axzd the praeessee in the cuticula and th~r nervous tissues ct' the insects vrhich uaattl nom are, as has 'bean established, very yak. further .study in this direction is Ii~ely to shed l~.ght bY1 a ,great deal more. Zt utill re~aixxs not alesxr ho~v Forms t5et~iatattt to pp3,so~z could have. develbpad ~:n the population. 't'hisstability aaraaAt be explained (accepted) as they product tst' unexpactedly devE+Ibped mut&ti bas . fihe .~e.ctor n~ stability to peSson represdnts too cc:~nnli.catdd a mechanism th be 3;nterpreted as e. spvntan,eaus and suddenly developed. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 "~ ~ubt~4~ ~txtstiot~. I~ ~.~ much. more x~tur~.7. ~~ likdly to ~s~~e tbat th+~ :~?~+abor of ~tabil?ty to poison, dev~slopec~ is a path of ~ba papu2atiox^, ~.~ a gradue:l, hi~rtoricul adapbAtirsa ~t^~a'~ acea~pnnies it is c+~rtaixi cirauzz~t~.nce~.._ but in such a case tt~ acc~sp~G the existrduce at corre~pan~~~.txg extertaa:l oonditzan~, i.e, s:t 1ea~. t t~i~ p~sria~ica2 end. It~t+l sx~~exme~ ~:n tk-e' ~~he~ of tla~ ~3is~ dtrslliz~g~, (r~,ture, for fn~~ence},~,~rgs~rsi.a cc-mbi~z~t~:an~ that erg a~alagous '~ UI}'~ iz~ the reaction -upon the argaraissa o~ the infect. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~. ,~Eorest A71artings Yrs. ~n t33e l~ohsr~i.sati?n of l~ricu9.taxral Korksh t ~lioatlast~ of ~garaio ~t~eral ~srt~: ~:~>~e,rs Qtr Ensuz'~corit~a Stith "8 Xie~.d, itarietsl $eed~ a~ ~:c. ~e..Mt.- ..~ ~iu~ent~-~ and ~ei3 Gro~.~ s '. - ~i ~~. tJu tYte.~?~1opr~ent saF lr.rigatioa ~d ~~ a ~,sm ttr-aatian ai' .. ponds ~ 3~atergheds , oue~o 8hc7lterbelt Farfs~st Growing, gttaahed to ttie ~ ~~.x~3.stera of tht 'CIS Iir~-rro goli.t. ~,3 -ry, 71;8. 4~ P+ 2?i1.X99 ~T~lS,2 f . " T raxYe Sad t'r ~! ~~,., m~a, ~~ lass. e~eltssrt3elt plax-t~in~s, #.xitraducstS~om of" grassland crap f- rcte~~tic~ne, nc~n~str~etior~ of goodie rid resar~ra~irs for r guar+erttaeing hid triad ia~eblt- barveirte its the s~gPe amt ,i F'c~re+et-stegge re fan~t cif ~utresgaa>9 USA . ldDSk?~i, Gos. ~fS.B~~i. Sa~ne,t i.i.~aietrav. tl gl~ gale- ~aa~xch3:t~aykh 2eaos~asa~kideni~:, vne~rez~fia tx~vogo;3 ~ gay sevomborotc~t, stroi~I ~stvs~ prudov i vodoe~a~ ,dli~- abo~ c~g~=d~ae~iia ~,rso~3ch ~. u~etoiehi~r~kh uro~~a~e~t v~ ~'~epa~ch i ,~.e~astepnykh raid:xa~kh E~rrop?iaskai. ahasLi 85~~. ~.flla~a i'or. IZI. ~. the Stabilizatfan ~,d ,~F~restatiot~ aF ~~e ~ress_ 7?`ie7ldia of GQ71lec~ti~re a~ Sts~te ~~ rens Z7:. ~ tha I~eve>~ inga oa tlae ~hgl~rbe3te . Geatrw7l ,Cc~x ;~$ aF .the ~iia it off' ~~;a~.stors c~F the ~SS7~ taf -: ~hc Eaie ~ i'+~r~y. ~ aF T~ffi Sktie?lter p7lamt~:j T. t'!n ~~ Ad p i~a, of s~~agsteia- ?~ 'gat ~.~~~ Tx '~. i~ '#:~ lr troduct3;rat~ ~d A~ogtion of Grac~a-Meld Cco . Rat~:ticss . a.t;d "$t~tes ~`~-rc+ '!`rep ~.i~-?izeries _....._.~. ~a the. Drawing of 8eec1 teri:+~1 'in t~o~erru~nt, x'~`. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 e e its s th+~ ~ox~s tr~u ti cart vP 7'axxis eud ~- t~ the ~:atah3~.Q3~ex~t of a ~-in i:nistratian aF ~3 11of ' Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~T.:1.S.It. ~~ret ~i.nistr4`~. fl pane i.e- zat~hchi~tn~ltit~ le~ortr~ ,axhdanli, vt~ocireniic travcpol'nuk}t SevAiytsc~rt~itn'ta', strdiCal~stvn px~'ti?:c~~ i, vc~dt~e~cty c11ia t~b+~- s,~tcharei;~a vysokifwh i, urtuafahiv~l;h urra~haev v stepny~is i lesostepn~kh rainnaLh ~rrt~cspQi.s~cai ahast~i uSSR~FIan ~~r shal~terrt~aXt ~Xantin~e, intradg~a~ian o~ ~ra;nstanri rrr~~a rotat,otti~ j cp~aat~rcta'~i,nn ag` ,ponds anii sarvc, fc~r ~uaraa,t~:tee i~~ h3~,h and a~a~~.e har~ne~ts 't~;e steppe d i,orest-s~-.appe ra~~.~rsns af' ~aa~cspa~n ~75~~~. ~~skv~, floss Ixd-vca PoI $ t. 1.it_~~r, : 1~,~~'8:. ~'~ is. ~8~. I79 fln~ ~~ the ~ss~la~r~ .by S, ~. L~ot~san `~ha l;~uncsi:l cif' ,i~in~~stQrs ai? the GSSit acid th+e ~r~tra~ CaxarssittQe~ of t i(b) raafl~:~:~~a 'ghat ~~ ~`r~tga~etttly resctur~in~ c3rouht~ as~d dry ~~r~ds {"s~tiehavo~"j faa tIta $tepi~ and 4ix~ber-stepte ~o~i.c~na off' the ~~ropesxa part c-~' the IIS~s3i, aaus~t aons:~d~s~ah~e dam~egrs tes the._ a~riaultura off, tYzase regions. ~~ Sriezicv has prvvetd, t~c~~ervnr, a,nd the. d~parier~~ a,~ agate ~"at~s, Lees ~t is poaaJ~ale ~o eabt~tia oi' grc~gre~ssi~a cal~eativa h~-t with prcrg~r prt3c- tr~b1e ara,p ~?ia3d~ .and ar~ate 8 ~?iar~ t'ora~et uad ~'eoei base for the deve~~a,p~es~t of liva~toak. ~~ aehi:aaa this,. ~reginrinL 1~~~, tt it aecsossary i'nr a~I aol~ecti.vs and state farz~s of the- steppa rind. ti~a~r+ar-steppe rAgfont~ f:cr adtap~ then a~.gric~~2tural susta~ hexed t)n "E~'~ tAt1C~'t~,A~ti _R~'. t~3Q t'!~~ Oe1~#3tAY3ii1i3~; ~l15iS~.~t3 titii{kR~$.SttB V. V.. ~'t~~t3C}'s~C9if, P, ~. "r~atstchev and V. p,. t~Pi.llia~r~a, shade meass~ses,. i;nfl~ ns GFt~~~ 1~4~1tTat;rt~ ~x,?~ ,r, ~cKxct-~3~a-~a~,. aansist oi' ~~~ i"ts~lc?r.ra~;a . std tt~ planting t~f` protc~c;ti:,ore ~'orr~s'~ ~e~ts ~n ~terai:Qd d3.vid?~s, ova boutidarirr;~ a.~ arc~p rotat;it~n t`ields, fln thc~ tsl.optrs off" ~~;u~,lia~s and re~~it~es, axe t~ ksanks Q,f a-fvara and lakes, ssrountt ponds arsd reser?vairs, also a#'far?~a_ tatipn and stat~;l.i:~~tian ~~ sanc3~ arca.e; ..~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~.S.S.u. ~. :3ovat ~inSst~r~~r. ~ gla~o ,... ~~'1an for ahc~Itvrbe~t .p~ant~~c.~, i~.tro**ut~vioa~ of g~a~~lant3 nrop ra~atfone, aanatruc~iota ca? po~xc:s ~zrad rescx~zo~r~ for ~u~;raist~te~n~ h~.~~e s;rx~ stt~hle har~st~ in t strsgp~ and ~'dreeL- ctegt,c- rts~3:ore sf ~urbptran t~S.S~~. ~:9~#$. b) th+~ ga~cipa~r ~a~r~d plen~iu~ and.. ~; Xanci, rate~t3:c~ra ~r~':h ,goref~.a~~~-~, ~-r~-~ses and tS.on tat ara~il:n 2anc~s; c~ a pro~r systt~~s oa ti~3ia~~s, prpg~r crap ~aaaaaga~eztt at~d ~iri:~ar~ly L~:e ~r~dr~apre~d ose. caf ~?z' S'sllo~, !'a~,l gi~iz~~ anc~ o~r~~ c~~ak~:~~; cif atu~~3e-, d) tho grater sy-r~tea~ n~ .ag~~:isat~~an ~Qf ~~-~ani+a_ a~.r~ a:~a~r~l !'ertil.~aers; S~ the, zaao ss~ ~ertif ie~ h:~h yi~sld ~s8c-~ ~e~rf~t~,as ~uitec~ly to 1?G~1 card itiQns; ~~ tihe davnlop~e~it of ~~ri~at~on ut'~XS~in~, ~.~x~a~. nanQ~'~ bye sae~aa'aa crP Bonds sand ~sa~dir~ Tre~aho~ ~.rtii~.catad thin enrr.etz#:t~ty de}~e-ndabla tears of ep~t~~:ttirz~ . drau~;htF. '~hev ~ 2l, hcr3p ~:t~e pr~dnnt~~rS.~t:~* csf ~oi7:s~, dsvelap hi~ror and scam ~s`ah~e ;~ie1c~+~, ~tc~p vrash - rind hlovr flat of eail~, s~ak~a~e ehS.t'tf n~ ~anc~s anr3 be annc3uci~s to proger~ ia~d u$e. ~'~Sis syste?~ ~ri~1-at the s~xrae time, c~Pf ~r t9?e pas?~it~i2~ty Qf de~re~lr~pfr~N a: d~.vara~f`~e~i s~;rie~~,tr~rc ~wit;~ gro~rr re~atioe~sh#v bat~~en fi.aAd arogs,. lfves.t~ gird c~t3~a.r bxatzchtss ?nd snsnro a: ~~~;c~~~'icaxat i.nt;re~se :h pro~ivct~csrs, , aas thv ~ie~ds of the ~?cie~nti:`fo-~esearesh Inmti L~atn ~sf A~.ri cultur8. ot? t3~;e Oentral ~1u~1~ ~?~rth ~3e~.t, nsd u:'~e~ V. J. ~ol~;ahea~~r (thcs i''arr~er s-a~nn~a--st;ep~ c~xperixssra~t Sw~,tion), ~~re t}~f~ ei~ricultural ~ster~ had Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 11. S. S.~i.. Savet ~in3~'trp~. fl ~r3eu~i .... . t`tar ~ialt~ rbcr2't plaizt,in~,s, "~:nt anua~f:idn of grass~lar;d crop rotations, rcu3~i:r~sctian of ponda~ aar3 rss~r~oirs i'ar gu~.rer~teeie~g h~i;h anc~ ~tatat.e 3znrve~~;s ~.~ ~;he et.eppe wnd i`orest-xteppea :rc~g;icax~s rat' ~urapeex~ USB~?~ - 1~3. . be~r~ ~etr t'uly ~ ac2taptoc~, ~ y~a~cl~ ~~' ~;raia~s ire dc~zbl~ad :~rithirz e~.. time e~nc~ ha~'e re~~ahee~ ~an average of ~~-~~. ct~h~. ~Srera in tr,e particul~.rly drat yfsar o~ ~:~~E3, ~~~~ S'iv~dt~ cad tha Inetitez~;e yieldr~d l~,.r o~ aa` at+~r ~:c-~tx 1~ t1? 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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~T.S,S.~. So~ret ~~iatrov. n plane ,.. ~Plen #~or sheltttr`ho~.t pl.tuxt:.rt~a, ~.ntradu~ti~sz~ ~t~ ~rasalet3d. erop roto~ti~t~s, oongtru~-ta.c~n o? ;winds azid raser~-oirs ~'~sr ~.taranteeing fi~i~h.mar~d mtebla harvomta ~n the stegpa ez~@ ~`ar+ast-mtapPe t~a~it~ns at ~urng~een USSI~j , t9~-FI. 7'ha experaeaee ~inec~ in ~estsran~ thim agr9,aultnra]. my~ste~ ir~~3~er~ta~ thet it a.a ~at~r~tlly mtt~-inm'bia eortd~ ~3:,hly.eft'eative. 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ScfSret tit~Sast~o~v. 0 plane ..6 [plan ibr sht~ltertselt p1a,~~ti~s, 3.ntrflductlnn of ~x~e~sel~ atop ratation~s, c~~netructcsn.a~ ponds ~-~t reservaara f~ ~,~aaraxiteein~ h~~h at'~i stably k~ara~s Ott t~ ateppe~ arnc% ~+~rest-steppe re~fcasns a~ &I;ure~Qee~t ~7SS~t]. 1948. ~r18 d~~~~t8 Cia Yl'r+Et $XI~ ~i1r~i~~ ~?A3'3'3l9, ~~1@ ~:"u~, ~li~ t~0 C}3~2rR~t1 t9~ i,`i{P(b~ degree ~. the ~vtiin~s~.~. t~~ Min4.ste~s af. t3;e 'f;~~ snr~ the +~ea~tral ~>~.ttts~r of t5. pdaai~rl+~. aol3.ective f~r~z~ ~ tc~ ?srgr~nl~o 1er~;v s~ele ~rl`.a ?~n ehalt;~,rt~+~It pls~n?-1ne anc3 e~apt the ~;rss~. crap ratat.4on s~~tcm ~f at;x~~.r.~1~~ar~ ~ri~~r~r~ the ~h+~r~~~~ fiPi '?3iC C~T`A1~?~38 ~g A ~"~~fiL~~ ~F ~~,~' ~33~?.'~~:~'~ bn~oit~:,~t~~..~~a~~ ~~` ~h~ ri~~r 'd~1's~,, c~~ a ~id~h ~!' ~.t?4~ "~+a.~s~ e~~c~i end s~ 1~,.~t~ s~f avV ltiila 1i ~ ~ - ~ .-. ~ ,~~rern~nt tree chelt~rbel~: Sn t1r~ dtreatipn. s~f -~ ~'an~e - , ~ke~.xtari:x~d~1~a-~eshenaknirs - ~s.r~etat~k, tin the ~ortherr~ Ds~nets, on tY~e ~te~ . ~hed~ of thy; r~:~rer~r ~h~a~ra es~d, ~e.litve ant ,~3ere~ava~u, .cnnsis- tiny of i~hresa taaZts, of ~ ~.dth ~~' ~i0 tae~:ers eacfl~, 'the d ietan~se k~et~aen the P~~lzsuving Est ~dverr~t3rt tree she~t+rrbe~.ts ~n tht~ y~sara 1~J~J to 298:' ~ ~c~vern~er~t tree s~t~3terbe~lt exndisa~ f`ro~ ~ratrnr ~~ ~strs~l^.r~~, ~ ~.. 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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? ~t,8,S,3~, Scrve't ~i~.nie;tro~r, ~ ... ~Pl?~n for shtzltarb~sl.t ~rlt~:i~~+~, ia~trvtluGtxaxe off' 8resslend arc~p ro~tians, aanntr~~rtias~ gat ponds esnd t'dr ~;uera~itt~ein~; hid?4 d et'ts.`~l+e ~-~r~rests in tha s~t~pT~ at2+x1 t'o~st-steppe. res~;icsns srf F;urc~paaa 1t58I?~ . 1.948,. t1ae~ I~t~ytl and 23isni.~h~k3, ~`~rresst units ~asto~r pro~l:ai~e, the ~a:ter~shed ? ~. ~nfl,fore~~ u.~its n~ t~ ~ulbfehe~r c~zzd T;l.i~,r-c~vm~ pr8~:r~ces, Fcsiar de.ah;e~ the Te3c> fot~ss?r~, the. fesnt~u~,o~ak ~`cresst ~znat~. etc. Zg tho abo~e~ f~rregste~, es ,~s11, e.s in e~-11' fssrc~st rirre~ra~, to strut super~aiel.csn comer. tha lcs'1.1.~~ c-1~ gees !.n order to prersc~r~re~ eync~ impra~re3 t~se: a f~rdlets; b) an or@er ~s inaree~~r~ toes e'er s~pplir~~ Hof pesstuz~ss an the l~-k+~ xet;i.ans ~~ tha bessin o!" 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Faroneah - .1o~tov oaa- thrf Son ion the banlrs a~ the ri.rror 9fln} Pe~.~~aroc~ - ~~ {ats~ t?sa lasnl~e* a~' the ri~sr lForthesrn t'e~bes~. 1iy.'~anutsr~? 2, 391 .- pn t~ shel:~eer be1.t~ - i~tol.ingrnd - t:tapnae -' ~herkes~; arsd dare '~~.e;hn~i~?~~a - C;~'~er1.o~ -- ~ra'iak - ?s 1.tuated el~+n~ they rem rsrec'~ ~f Ceizjpian 9aa; Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? II.S.~.I2.. ~o~ret RSin.~:etrov. +~ ~laxae ... ~~'lan for sheltc~rbt~it plant#zz~;s~, a.r~tarod~at~.tan oP gre~aslattd crop rotatiot~, ao~struatfon oP ponds and ~aservc~irs ~`Qr ~izs:rantoe~r~g .h;..f;tt and sta.blo haroc,ats fs ~k~ at~p~r and ~"rsrest-atiappct ra~ioz~a o#' ~".uropoaa ~~>i3;~. lib. caP ~inistar,t~ eP the Ju~J~, no Z~tar th~-n danuar,y 1?~ 194, eu~,~es~tanr ooz~- c~rnin~ tho ~sP 2+~ni~s ~-~d c~~n~as i~- the at collet- tivo Pura~s and ottx~r }~~aat~halds, i.n~ atint~ect.i.on with tho p~.~ti,n~ of ~overn- ~aex~t P~areat sholtorbelt~e, 5. ~a reclta~ra tbo I;ept. ;eat ~ot~estry oaf t~^~ i~BS~i, a~.u~s~ ~rsth th+~ ~agart- n~s,nt of Lt~r3.eti2tu~ tc~ vrork ~t and .presont t'or oc~a~?~rs~at~oa tQ tho ~ounai.l ~. ~4 z~aq~,ire L?her~ depts. of ~`+~r~+~try ~- A~r.~~ultur~ ts~ nz~gar~.~.scr ~x ~iit~,4na in groups +df l~.dets+sh~az~ts, aons`,.~tin~; e~' s tots ~ru~hsr ~~' l ~~aaa3.a~~sts Par the t~ss~~us~t of ~.~rads f'or tree sheltax~ belts. '~,. Ica t~eq~xiro the I~epexr?t~nent of _la~r~astry of tl~e 7155~d tess.. ~ to organl~a throe ada3~niast~ratloc~a i'~ar the supear~oielon Ves~-oas~:rx3.~x -~ ~rzans~, and ~hepaov~lc ~'ladSnlrov~e~ 4f the ~ercar~ of 1Sle~nt;.n~ uxee sk~altc~r belts: _, In ~ta`13.r+gra+~ -- ax- .^aresst ,pl,a~ztin~s a1or~~ the ban2ca a!'. t~s rf~~rr Voles;. Otl ?~}lt3 ~~'~ Pry ~.a~lyBh~.I1 t0 L~str~har,s the ,~8t'd8t 'beit$ - 1~at~ysbita - a~i~~c~.'~n~. ~ra8, arsd bte.l:n~,rt~d - (%hEat?~Sn6lC.y I~t thn csity of ~aratov - oxt ~`rarerst glar~ti~n~;s o~ the ban~:e off` the rrlver Vora axa the: lat - saratov - ~amys~+'ln~ the forest be~.t ~'anza - ~keterint~vko- ' i.snneva~,~z 3~e o3ty of ~rs.Tsl: ~- os~ ~nr~rst pla~tisigs of th+a-belt -Gory ~ ~kc~luv - ~ral_ sk - Gnspixn : yes; Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~3~3.5.~. Sc~vat ~in4~t,~av. E3 gsl.s~e ... [Plan #'crr ~hal~rt~lt nlantfngs, i:ntroduo::ic~n of ~r$.ts~~at~d crap ratr~t~.tan~, uc~t~tr~ ~st,~.:~n of ~ar3cts ar~d r+s~e~-vcaira ft~r guaran~:ea ing, and ste'hle ht~rva ~t~ ~.n the steppe artd i'vr+~~t-steppe r~g~.t~xse a~ ~urapes~xu tf~,~~ , 194x. a ~} ~d arf; 3n 194 t~,e p2et~~n~,-re~earett u:a;,t Agrnle~pt~rae~t~' (A,~riaUlturail ~c~re~t gro~eat} ~?r reeeeraY: anc~ pra;~eat stuc3~.e~ an foi~eat ;rah. ~~ t3'fi ~}~V~L{~P~'~;~iT ~~ ~~I~ SE~'~`F'~R ~i~A~1K?~$ ~3~ "~ ~ZB~.~tS tts $. ~~t c~ataapt Lhe fait 'ghat one a~ the moat im~ps~rt?~aat acrsnditi.ans of guares~_ a~ dryr wi:rads open t"ire ?~er~st, af` i~p,r~aving t~ ~-atar, and ellmina- ting the pracesees loading to ,the c~eetruatan of tht~ so~.l ls~er ~~aaah-and'E of `sas".ls) i,n the steppe mad tic~~ser~-gte~ppo re$3~ans oP thts ps~ara~+es~s~ it~3p ~. 1, in the c.arryfng out a~ the vent program of ~asuraa unsi$rtalsan far the craatian of ahailtar ~vx`est plantings an the fiel?~s o~ ca].leativ+~ anc: state farr~e. 3. 1t'o astahli~h i'or the -years 149 .~ 185 a gavern~at plan:.f'i~r the c~r?~atfa of si3el~Eer ~'arast plan'ti~ag~ an a territrary ~a~ ~,~'b39,QL~@ hectares, ai' which ~,~92,:~OQ hectares .~,~. be plant~,r3d by tht~ farms thss~selr~s, the?.x expense ur:t~ ~t1i the aic~ at` ~I~ ~,ov+~rnc~ent;, 1,5~~i,~Ua hc~Gtnxea to be ~ . ~+lsatte~' by the tlepart~en'~ .ci' ~?restrL of the ~.`s8~, a~ ~vh~:cP~ 96Q, ~~~Q hectares rill, be an ~.ande ai` ~,~~ ~caslaca~rsnd in try-1~ass re;~~.vna and 576;000- heetaress an ? Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? -1~- tT.S.~.~t. 3cvet &iinietro~r. ~ plena ~`. ~Ple~s fnr shelterbelt plantings, ir~trod~ction oi' ~rasslend crop rotntic~ns, construction of panda a,nd reservoirs fQr ~e~rarzteeln~ hS.~;h end stable harvests in the steppe and forest-etcpp~, regions Ql" ~ttropean SSR~. 2948.. ao~.lect5.v~e fei lands, .planted ~srith the a.d of, ccsllective f~armere, A t?tel of Gg?,El{3i~, hectare to be pla.nved by state farces csf thcr i3epert~ent of Mate ~'ax~s of the 33~Sp -and gistr~:bu'~sd s~c~n~ republ,~.cs, re~icn, r~inc~ ~irc~v3~ncca as ~'o2lowss h~ collective farms ,and at thef.r expenses (t3tourenc~a of 3iecte-z~s pepublics, "'erri.tories, xatel Provinces 3laronezla Ktarsk ~'rov.3.nce 4rlcra Prt~v2nc,~ ~'imbov ~'ravince Rie.aatz Province `TUcl& ~''ro`vince i1?"Ordt~v ASa.Tt Astrakhan Pr~v:i~nce Kuibishev ~'rpvinc+s ~eret?~v province Chkalov province Btal~.ngred Prov~,nee Bashkir ~~~? Uiianc~~rsks Province 215.1 2~s.a 9~'? 0~3 9[l. 5 . ([94.'? V ( i~ i~o. Q 247.fl 2031.5 241.0 14?5.~3 ~3.Cf the 'ears 2949 1950 1951-55 1956-1965 Yi~iV -~ 1f3,0 - ~ 121,5 ~VS{7 6.5 : 12.{3 x.12 ~ : 6 _ 6~' .4 4.C? 9.(3 145.3 ~.~ + 1t3..9 - ~ $O.t3 _ 0.5 4.(~ 23.'5 ~i2, s ~3.~ ~rV 25,E ~'Ye~ l,fl 2.t3 I8.Q . ~3s~. ~,Q ~.~ ~~~ 3.t3 7.5 42.t3 8?. 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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 . ~,s.s,~. soffit ~~~.~~~~~r~v, v ~~.~~ ,... ~P2an t~,r sh~~.ta~rbs2t p3entir~~e, 3~tstrodua#:~o~ oi` gr~esland crcip ~obion~, crshatt~uat~.~~ off' ~pr~nds and reservo~re i'or Thigh .end sta3~le he:rvest~ is the $tc~ppe ems. !'aa~est-a~pPe re;~3:~s~ss off` ~umpeen U3). 3348, S.I, '~,~ thrz ~'epartr~rxta oi',oul'~u:re, Mato ~e~rs~s, e~ pa~estry ~~; {etiparvi.~tit~y) :o~r~et axxr~.l'erty oxgsni~~atisrns .?~'' the repub2~oe, nns earl pra~ir~ae,s ; to ~) ~rrlc eut ~e`~.~t~iiri ~~ thrrse worths period ~ uni~~.ec9 p~Ien rs-^ e~'~'ox~eetet~:o~i ' ? ~xks aer:ard3.~-~~ to prc~v~not~s, reg~Qne, ez~c~ rep~ib~~.o:, i's~r _tZ~a years 13~9- X96"+, aa~ to ~~'orrrn e~r;h re,~iott sLetr3 end c;oll~etf~ae ~+1~3'Tii, sttd Forest AC?- - ~~y ot" ~ -r resgx~c~t~v~s tasks i~ oreht~~~ ~'ore~t shelter plantings, the ~ethr~rin~ oP seats and the ~ro?ar~ing r~~ seed ~tst~ri.a~. et aol2er~ti~e ~ar~s ~- as~8 ~;o~er~ament tree nua~series. b) err eneuro t3ur~ng 153 try 2~~~ l:he r~aans4:r}aat~.nn rsf` all`da~aget9 shelter forest plantinge~ situated on the lards o~ csollbative a~ eteta ~'et~ by t~-~+ labor of t3:t~ir rSe$rs. lam. 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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~s~.~.~'C? ~~U'S~"~~`r ~~ll~:E"~.rElit. ~ ~?3.&I:TiE4 .ws ~'i'3an t"~r +&helte~rbelt lnnt:in~;s, irtr~rdueti4n off` ~t~-ss~nd crap rotet~.~ns, aorastruaticrn ~sP ~ancs and reAer~raar~ S'or ~arart~dit~f; hi.~:~. snd a~tabTs l,~reesta in thQ ate8~ acrd. ~csrest-rtQp~ser isrn:a of ~:uropeaui L~S~j . 1945. bps` to aor+f arm to the purpu~e o~ the plt~tin~s, ~.obal ne;tur,~l ~c~~ditS~o~+zs,. i?oreerst bBlt:t a~: cnllesctx~e end Mate ,~.~rs+s xinds tart pl?rin~ - to ~,tsastare fr~~ ~.~3-2~ ~~~z~s; i~sl~i prctec`.:ian .frcz~ ~a~~ Fcsr~s~t `irelt~ m~~: c~ollect~ive ~.sYCt s'r.~te firr:~s, ~3.tu~i;~d acri~ss ela~ess s~;op ^ar~ahr-artc~ rutcc~f'f' cst' ~~il. ;.~~r-ae~~a1.~+~~ xt~ ~'ar~~~ e.rtd ,~a~rdexr~?i'crrer ? belts,. to z-a~astxr~ ~. ~~ fir. ~~ ~~rs; ~'.rtvizce-~, f srerct ~3e-xztir~~,s izt the ~shapts t~f ire-r~'~irq ~d .,~rr- belts - :~ ~zeas~rs 2Q~-~~f, ~e+tesrs, ard~ in s.dSti~n ~ entxrr, s3srxe of raviztes arrJ ,~ull~a~ to be plated; Forest pl~zn~an~~ ar~unc~ ~e.ers}reds t~ s~a~~ura Ifi-.2i3 w~ter?~; . 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U.S.S.Y~. Sovat l?inietrov. 0 pleas ... [~'lar~i far ehctTtorbelt plantings, S.ntroduatirsr~ a? ~raselar:d crop rotsetinnn, .construotion of ponds and resarvairs fQr guaranteefn~ hS:~ and etabl+~ har~cr~ts in the eteP~ and faraat-ntepper re~fans of ~aropa~ IIBS~] ~ 184$. pltntis~., en~rin~ and caring of trues an c~ll~restive ~'ar~ ia~x@st, under a~rea? moms er;tl; collotttiva farmers. . The work of the ~i5 in preparing ~oSlss,, the so~r3.n,~ and plantimg of tray a~, ar~d the oars of forost ~slas~tfngs to be ao~pansntmd by the csolleati~a~ farms fn s~aoney aadording ?to cstitaa'iweo 6stablielied by the .~apartrssnte of ~grioul- tare as~c3 ~' l~. 1`o reeomr~e~ to collective e~c3, state farms- t~.e organ3~atiazs of ~+ork "lin~CSnf~rfarest plnntinge ~ci the aura ?i` Lrees, . the latter for a period ' . of from a tc~ 7 years. 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Sevet ~fta~~~;~cv. ~ ... ~Fla~n ~`vr ~~gTt+drba~t p1an~;in~;s, ~.a~3~raduat>on. s~~ ,~rasslnrsd crap rt~~at;Qna, c~aztetruat~e~n cad pa~nc3e nn@ raserv~3~rs ..far ~uarnnteaint; i~z~h mod' s~:~ab3e hervert~; ~.ra t~~a ~tePP~' . forest-ste~pv rc~~;fane~ ssf ~'e~rflget~ C~ ~~ ~ ~'~3. b~ ~o~^ the. ac~cs~:i~aet~raticrn ~zthin tta~ first year cst' over 85 .pe~rese~t m tea tata2 tzu~besr cs~ Slanted t;re+a~ euxd ehrubs an the. e.ntiire ~ ~i~ot, aes~ nec1 to ana ~-~.~, tc~ ~d d~~e Pe. of a~x~ ai~dl.~~:onal I~~ wc~rY~n~;. ~~~~ f'~er each lheetare ~~ ~ plt-mte~d trere~> v) ~`ar t~'ie prasur~~ataan. of ~'~re~'~ ~latst off` Irv n~a*~br~r ~f t~e~s and shrut~~ ~aa~~i~ec~ sc~ ~~~~ firet yrsex~ sand tho ~~ a~f r~o le~t~ 8~ ~ereent soGand rind 8h~td Peers, ~ces~,i- aqueli3xi~ ~ ?t~ar~n:~ da~r~c Fr~r each hectare of ntl~"., try add ~~re gayP ~e p~:.e.z~tin~~ 1s ~ ~urepe+e.a~ USR.~. ~,9~~, ~tmcat~xtt c-~ ~ p~a-r~~~ a#' t~v tuts~,~ ~~~.~ rs~' ~r~riz,~-~ c3~~s ~ fizz .~y ~h~ unS.~. 18, '~Iha ,plte~ ~i' e.~~c;~ltur~I. ~v~3: an #:~,r~~.~s~a?~oz~ stat+~ e~na~ css~~~~t~. ;ad ~al~ pox: Go~t}J.t#.a~ ~#^G ~~~ ia:g r~.~s~t~:~vl~i.s end etzgax?v~~~:~r~: ~ ~ee~. ~nter3.r~1 s.~h.. ~~atrse~3~~ x~ra f`33:lecti, ~4. ~a r~quirc~ ~3~v T1a~s~.r~nt .raP ,~~r~:c~~.'~:xxeez., ohs Caunai3 ~a~ ~f,a~5 ~t t3~~ ;~5~ SH, ~ha ~a~anr s.~$ cs~ ';xz~s~~rs of '~h+s I1~rs f~iar~. 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S.S.Q.. Sovet ~Sn3.atrat.. fl piaae .~.. [Plata tzar slselt~rbslt plantings, introduction oi' ,grs.ss3at~l atop rat~.tions, constt~uctica oi' pours aril res~r~roirs ~'?r ~yuarasttesrsing high awd, stsbls harvests. fa tha stspps a.u$. torsst-steppa rsgia?~ a~` I;nr~pssn IT~SR~ . 195. 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M 38. ~"o r+e+rrum ~.:ja ,~spart~+~nta oP as'~- ~ast3.~ig a ~s~d Zs~us~rice of? t~ ~S3R to tr~muit to the. ~eparta~sntgof F'crest~r, 1~rio~~.ture atzd 8te.te Farrss -. i~tsc~s cbtaiaed tron~ troaer~ truifis. , ~9. T.c requirr the ~part~entr~ bf Forsstry, 1~ricn~turi and. Stab Farm to prt~~rid+r goveront oolleative anQ state f'arat tres xturs~rries rwth seeds of tro~ody and shrub ~rarieties. - c 'the Depart~n~ant crt For~eatry, together Frith the departments ct. Agricul? furs and State F'aras to detet~aitae, within a ~ moat2u psria8, ~~~ require- msnts 3n e-csodF-shrub seeds for tl~ years 1949 tc 1955, and to submit proposals to the Ccux~il ct 1~i:r,isters o!" the USSR concerning the organi? cation cat asod supplies sad the s~easurss .tor impro~riag and. de~lopinbr tree-planting. 4Q. 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Drop rotatiflns; conetructic~zt of ponds and reservoi~a for ~uaraz~teein~ high sYtd ast~~il~+ Sn, the atepps sand ~`brsat-steppe re~~rsns off' ~urc~pean USf~~ , 1948. divisians off' tl~ gust '~l~rales-t~rsery~ nee tv he established 3:ta 1349s Qxze at the a~,ty a#` ~r~zsan to serer t~ t~u~s~rrf:srs o#' $iazan oblaet thi city o! ~lt- tcs serves ~'~ula nureeries; end at tha aS.ty a~ i~saa~i to mass of tha ?dardo~ dl~ ~ II+~`~D1.3~'I'l4~ ll 3P2Xt3Ai ~ CRRP ~i'A~1t3~8 #~. ~o g~.~ cans3de~rc~tian to tha taut t7nat the, ~:ntrcctuatiau and ~atcrin:~ of tha ~Y~tem aY ~'d and fn~s.~e grwss ~Piair~ tsrop rota?3.ans ?t aalle~sti~ wzs3 ata;itis facer x+ap~-asttt_ ane of the saost i~pc~r'tant ~eaaurss in xaiet of ~ stable ~ora~ basa ~o ~lr, end then increxss a#' labor . eat? put at ~ttate ,Rnd oa'3lect~,~ 'ureter, ~'o requiareF of the ~rp~rttttent cs~' State I~ux~ts a~' the ~T~BR to oplets 1949 the ~rark of in~+QCt~sig grass-~isld crap rs~t~,cn ~-~ ~e~,~. st~ta t'az~r?s a~ the ert~appa and timber-:titeppe saw of thtr ~~tropes.n t~S. ~'o ~r~irer thci Dapar'~zertit of Agricu2~x-re of the l?SS~t, ~;}s? 1~:1f.~ a~ad pang orgs,na og t~:e repetb~.f+r~r, terrri+tariss a~ 4bla+rts of th+a atappa and tizebsr-steppe sc~zs Q~ the ?~~xtroperan It~iSF? to acatnlete tto lat~pr than by l9!~'} the fattrctdnatina o?" grasp-g?e1d Grog r~tatioias wt all tsbilsa? five ~'arss, s~herrever this erar~e 3~s .not bean peri'or~ed saa tai` agri+cultnral crops, ~az~ the c~ra~-'tioas Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified+in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 j~'l~n.~4r sk~-'~.~aerbol~, ititrodu+~t~ara oP ~oslsaad +axap ra~ti.vns, uesr~~rs~at?~r~n ,of p+r~t3a s~?d a~asc~rvo~rs fir ~uax'~x~teeix~g h3~h s>~ ~-~bld t~x~nests ~ ~h~- ss~~sper ~tl ~or~s~.-st~p~ ~+a~~.~s~as ~~ Eurc~p+ t38SR~. ~~6. ~ol~:~wi~ig a3~trf,~;s~ias- ~s~os~ ,s~p~bl3n~, ~s~?r~x~rS~>i aszd ob3~ets s ~~paxb3i~, Terr~.toacy, ablaut '~it]~1K Qb~a~t ? ? . . Roetc~r f~bie~at. ... . 1~~~re~lrhscu t?b~.e~.~t . ,. ~wrator 4bl~st . I.u~ber o~ C~13~ati~e Farms ~~ Z9C~9 5?8 12 53 ~~' i~~ ~ ~A-~ .AIL ? ? a a s ? e ? ? ~ ~ +Z "~~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~. ~. S.R. Sc~vet. ~'ixl~et~a~:. 0 R3er~e ... ~P3an tar sh~altex~t+e2:t p3.anti~~,a, fntrodu~tion of ~ra~elz~aad csr+~p ratatic~ne,.s~enetruati~n of p,and~a untl x~tsrtrvoi~+B ~crr guc~ranteein~ 2ii~h and s~Lahie har~ds~ae 3n tY~e, step~se at~fl Pore~et-steppe r~a~~oas of t~uro~a~sn T3~~t~ . i94A, xhe fi;o~ ~ it~hr~dua~.n,~ _;~xase-field erg rotatSons ~zt e.3i state farrr:e, ur~e~r tht~ }~,sg~ar~.e~tt of uta~ Fare, to be c?naludeti in 1943. . ~a~3r~~ into cont~idt~ratic~n th? lae~~ of a~,'iruz~xl a~:p~z:da;~+a~ ~f 'end ~tab~.e for ferrate in sts~d ar~d ti~:t~r?et$ppe~ re~ia~s and thef~r I~ productivity, the ~ep+~r"tnt of 14~rieultnre e~P the ~ alt~~ s~it~Y~ ~~ ~partrrer-t ~o;C S`tsbe parrs, tha 1ealling e~v'iet and party ar~anieati,ons of rep,.:blias, #srritvr3.e~t,, cad ablasts arc rc~c~ired tt~ ensure the i,s~troduc? tics ai' farate crRg,, ~ a ma'ttt~r_~f +~+ourx+~, ~ eery csvi~eati~ tcze.~e, arzd 3~y, pt~rage ~raR, rotat3.onsa ars to ~ introduced #'ir~t {tre~'are any n~~r} in pastured cif lcr~ pr~du~tis~3.~y, ~ns~. irs ease of a 3,ack cif thaee epp~nd~~~ - c~a 3.and~s4, - 45. drop rs~tt~tic~tae at coAl~tsti~'~a ~a~~ cf etar~~ ~-~ tuber-etep~ redone n~ this ~urc~pe~-n 3'S tp tie intrc~uced to aoni'cr~. a~ th the decree oP the ~aunci~. ct' ~iriistara , ~~ t~ R~SR, dated July 2T, ?l,94b, "fhi raeure~ l7eetii~ed , tt- laprc the latrodixat~oa ,and ABaptiazi of ~CraR , Rctatfarax at Call~sative ~~", ~sfth a at~pulsa~r inc~lusioaa of perer~~zia3 gxaseou ~a ra3act~xre of ~orgal a?d 3egum~s~ black ~gure~ fall~e. ~, araeae of adeq~te moisture to provide P?r tha increase s~f the area uxe~er Sallorae, t3~e ~sed?~ of ~i+e3~e, is order to Rut Zar~er neeti~+ne, of 2a~1 to uea. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? T1.5.~.F.? 8ovet '`inSetraY. 1} p1~x~e ..+ ~ ? jP~.a~ far sheltcrbelt plattitSn~e, 3mtrodaot~.on of ~rass7.e.x~ atop xa#~tians,. canatriaatiot~ of par~dsa rind. raaar~ofra for guer+~r~~eing hi~,h ersd etabla~ hsY~-sts in the 9~T~~ erd foroet-s'~eppc~ re~iflz~~ Sri' Europoan tTSSR~.~ 1948., 4B~ ;a r;~c~,~xirc+ ~~ Dep~rtmc~nt~ af' Agricu2tur~s,: Stata Fasrz~~, the leading sovSat an~fl party or~;aztSzati~srte, tho d3.rac't~trs~ end agranr~~fet~ t9e ~~ mud }.~S - ts~ o~pla~o,..ia i~hhty yaar~ 1J48 - 19~ti, the ? staff fe.rrne, i.e.,. tc~ provide by 2A5~`4very c41~et~.~ and etrs#~r fermi t~rtth a Bowing aro+a of tx-xet~nis~3 ,gra~see.~, blao3c,: ou~ltf.~rat+e~d fe,3:la~,. rre11 a~ sowi.rt~ b~ cereal s-nd c~tre,~ crop~.~ ~'a aoxioolide.te the fa12a~~g ply af' ~~atering erap ro~t~:r~x~``e-t trensfgr tc~ gr+ese-f'leld ar~d f"brage csrap rmtatr~u~ at X1.1 ec+l2ac ccrllr~otiror~ f'e.r~ea. .. 73epnblio,. Territt~ry gatal '~~ber of Col'ieeti~e ~'ara~ ~rh~,ch Adopted 1)b3ast ~xa~ Ratatia~ (,grarri~g, ~ ~1~ 1.948 1f350 - 1.953 3952 1~gS 3964 1955 i~ra~i,tiiatt SSR 76'9 9013 I800 fiC?QO 110Q0 28000 26625 ~larcnesth 13bleat ?11S 240 ~tiq 800 2QOE? 5200 436 Rurek 17blez~t 113. 290 X00 3010 2500 3700 4964 'P~bov 17b1aet 8a 1213 2517! "~t7t3 1400 2313 3153 {?rlov Oblaet 35 300 210 508 17130 '31300 4132 ~re~r~ador Terx~tory 122 180 ~ 400 7~ 1.250 28013 2203. st.vropol Tex~z~ittiry ~ ~~ 110 230 SOa 700 sOV 1126 Roeta~r Oblt~rst .. ~ 240 300 600 -11811 1400 189'4 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~T.8.8.~t. $overt 3~i.~nistrav? plats .. s {i~laa for sbeltexbelt ~plantia~s, introduotiflr~ a~' ~rasslautt crop ro#~-tlons, oorurtructior~ of ponfls axul rsserroirs far gua~ran~siag h#,gh ~ rtRbls l~r~r+ests fps ~~. steeps aad tot+~st-~tepps r$glan~ aP ~urope~~ t1~:. i9~8. Repribl3~o', '~~erritary 9at~l ibr-r off' G~alleatvr Pam xb3~~sh Adopted Mast Cro _ ~cat~.tio~s . ~ ro~ri. total 1849 29~ 1951 39bZ l9~ 194. 1955' ,~rbrwk?la~ Mast 5 l5 ~:~ 64 9A 110 149 9#~lia~rad Oblast 72 _ 1E3t3 , 3E3O ~ 900 lZt3t3 1591 ~uiblahMV t3blsffit t52 1C>O ~~ $pO 9~ 12tJt7 1496 i~tra~~r Oblast 49 ~ 5~tt3 8E~ 1St34 18~ O}~ale~' Oblast '9l 170 ~ 8Qt) 1240 180 2~38fl C~ri~aapt (3blast ~+! ~5 1.4{3 Z5t3 450 9443 ~ " ;38Z gros~ay ~7blaat 15 Z~3 4Q 1gt3 1t~3 7AA X44.. ~lwst ~1 SO 1pt3 250 } 9Q4 i~`7~ ~'enas t3blwst SQ 95 1 350 700 1~4? 1998 $3;s.~ t3blast 6Q 6? ~Qt3 8Q0 18~J0 .5O4t~ X586 9ulw t~al~ust $+(3 `lam 4t3~D 1E3t94 27413 ~SA4 :375 ~3ashYtr ABSR ~..~ " 180 ~a0E3 ~p40 ~2t3~ 439i~ '~?r~av ASS x,54 7413 12t~? I643 ?artsr ~~ 8t} 1013 -254 900 1'~ . 3tl~3Q 4247 TtITaI.s X125 3lUSS f585 172Sf3 35451? 557.113 775t?9. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 . - ~ ._ i ~.~.~.~. ~.~~ ~I3.aistrt~v. ~ plane ... ~P'ltin for she~.te~rbelt plat~tiags, ix~tr`aduotian. of grwr~s7~,nd crop rotatf.ans, oonetructicsn of poude and reser~rofrs for ~ntee~g high ~-sid stsble hwrve?tss ixt tlae steppo axed ~`s~raa~-steps ~ro~~.c-ns ot` ~urape~n '~SBR~ . X948. r? 1?O '~iQil~ri ~ ~DpRttlcBflt of S#:At~ Fares of the t3SSR t0 trstablish ?. xlthiu a txc--.a~o~ths period ? s. t~uo~ far ~lI s~~te far~a ~lirsa~ed hcn~+.~s t2~s ~f grans-ti,~ld Drop ra~a~ioas, with the prt~v2sir~r~ that this ~taslc be acs~plt~t~1 ~d late:r thnt~ I9~'.5, i~'. - T?~ z~g,uira tk~e Councils t~f ~~nisters of repu~lios, territorial. and oblwat palit#.os:~. , aes~aitttes, tYst CC of the Communist party of t~ xypublics, territorial anc! ablaat oa~aittees of the Party - to tae arsap . with the wrong sx~ hsrmfr~l praotioe of extending aid to 3s~g#:t~~ o?llea- ? tip farms in e~eautf~a~g the set pla3i toz~ ~as~.a~ and the inorcese of yields, brut rather to tr~nsft:r the task of sdw~g R . 7(~E3 Pense~ {fb3aat. . , . ... ... ~~ RC3ft . I9{3 19Q Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 U.S.~.~. ~ ~3.n~.strot. 4 pawns ... ~P~,wn fair shs3tarbr3t plwatis~gs, atroduat#on of grweslwnd crap rotations; construct#oe of ponds siad reservoirs Por guarwntas#r~ h#gh and stab3a hsmsts in the steppe wt~ Porss#-steppe regiane of E~xrcpean U8~8~. 3948. 65. Ro entrust the Ct~uraoils of #iiniatars o~ the. ~tSF~i~, the tll~ra#n#wn SSB~ wd these o~ tha autonocatru~? repub3#cs, the terrf for#w3 and ob3~-st committees .. with gu#d#ng the end construct#r~g of pcade and vrw#~er rep?s#t+~riss, tha e~r~c to ba grafc~ra~d byr oolZsct#ve #'wrmers, 66. 'The ao~tt of plenra#t~g-~raeewreh a~or~ wnd the technicw3 super Vision over the coast~ructinn ~tY the irri.gwtioa systems, ppr-ds wad. pump parv~sr equip?sent, done wt co~.3aat# f~at~ns +~ to be horns by the gove~r~z- ,, ment.~ 67. To r~squixe the ~eparta~nts a~ ~r#oultut~e and ~tata Fea~ns o#' t?~e t1S38, the Caunu ~.Is ~ of Lin3.s'~er~ o#` the. RSFS~, ~ the terra#niar~ BSR,. the Daghaatai~ ,~9SR, ~hr~baa'd#n wnd Bwshic#r ~.SSR. 't}~.e .Staarnppl ar'd ~e.snoda~ tarritar#a3 oo~miittees, the Staff#agrsd, ae~rs~tnv,. Suib#ah~v, At~than, Rostov, Grossxy? Chka3arr, anc3 Cr#mea r~b3ast co~mittess .tea al imprava the e~cploits.ticrn of,,,th~ #rr#gat~.crn syete~sns, to -, organ#~a the piarinad ut#lization crf ~us.~ers ~.t aa32ective- anc~ ste.ta farms, wad t+a ant~nre during 3849. and 1950 the- foal utiZi$atS.Qn ~~" irr#gat~sd 3wnds .f~rr sot~ing and plw~itirz,ge, set apart from the agricsultus~-3 tr~arx-- over b) is appr~av#ng tha techniaa3 projects azad ast#matas fdr the conatructiarn of irr#gati4rs s~-scams +fn ~of ~r~ir~-a3aaai~ng ~aabloer~ and the caap3icaferd gain-cleaning aqui~rnen'~, az~ their oare~ilrts prs~vis3oxt reibb cor.res~uc~ing eierhres and strainsrs; f} to ir~crrrase the aut~nxt +~~` trc+e plantfx~g rchlsus, ht3rsae and the hand s~eedors ft,r sroady anti e~rub seeds, th+~ +~rgst~i~atiora, ofprtxiuc_tics~ of tractor and horse plo~nlr, or~uippad with sai'1 d3.g~rs and digging plcrr~e, _ +r~ traatcr and 2~c+raa au3ti~Ator+~, - to trcc }~3:xntln and ~rsod~:ng at ~xrserisrs. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 U. S.S.Q. ~av~et ~issistrav. tI planw ... ji~~an for stye3te~rbelt placttinge, iz~trot~uati4a of ,~r~sslar~ wrap ratationffi, canstructio~n t~f ~amds and rsaer~airs far guaranteeing hiSh and stab~,a harvests i~t the steppe, at~d foroeb-steppe rs~iane of lC~uropear~ tISS~~. ~~~. ?~ TSE E~`~~I.x~~':7' ~z A `~iiZ~T Jill~I9TR~TI~D~4 9F' FlSL~? S~ELBEI~~' F4~ST ~~tt'~1~~0, ~1t~~ ?~9 ~' Ct~~IL ~ &Z~IS~ ~~' ~'~ ~SSS. 81. 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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~. ~. ~. 8c-ve t !? .n~. ~ tcorr. ~ khads ... , ~~ tha ~progreee +~~' carryis~ out the decroe....j 1n tha biale~ d~.striot aP `6astav ablast E19 hr~ataree of tree welter- br,lts were p~arnted. in ,the f~-1~ cad' tk~ current year a3oae~ ale~ce 13~ heesta~es of ge~rs~et~~, ~.~ addition to irk rant ot~ alear~i~ng axed ~'ert~to3~~:t3g ,plantings o#' tar~aer ye~-rs an ~ area of 1,~3pt3 hreo~taree. ~aah aollsotivs terror, oP the diatriat had .~nign~-d obits for thi p1ae~lti~ axed :Pter its are. 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State ~`s~s . ~n 2~~4$ the ~spa~taae~-ts ~~` ~o~r~sstry arrr~ Agr~.cult~sz~ c~rganiaed } axed 23 g~sverntn~ant agr+~-~ore~t mel~.ot'ati:~a murat~rl~s t~r~ arees o~ ~~6t? hmatares and preparesd t?or the of "72 ,go~rruaent agro-foreet.- meliorati~re+ in 1~9. ~h~ Courao3s ~+t ~~i~.etera of tlaa ~iBlt, this i3kra~,nian SSR, and thc~sg of aaton~nc~ud, the t~~rr~.tor4~ai ax-d pro~:nafa~ ezecutar~ aca~m5.ttae~ of ~the~ st+~ppe~arxd tic~bar~-s't~rppe ,~an~n" of tkta ~ut~op~~-n ~`S; have e~tt+~n~ed try the orgataiaati?n~ ~i? aa~:leet3,~d farm tree nurseries. ~olleative farms ~rhiaa~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~ . Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~3. ~. :~. Ft. 3o~t ~i,niatrov. t} ~htx'le.... {~ the pro~reee d~ ,cagr~y$.ta.~ 'out try Qeoree..,.j. 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G~fi~.Q t011~d j of 228.? tC?X1s rQ oak a.?orx~e ? rl~o qurznt.tie~ of pre~rsd ~aode c-#` ~acfdy' arty shrub by tt~e ~epartxr:ants +~f ~`nr+~~try artd z~icu~tur~, acoo~~.n~ to rop~zb~ia~ j to~rito~~e~, Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~ ~~ ~, ~t3n the ~rr~~rv~o o~ oarry~n~ out rho deora~e.,.. end oDl~st~t arer ex~r+~~~ed in t'Pe~ ,~'oll f3.pure~: ~~n tong) Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~t~ the pro~z~e~4 ~ b~ii~ c~oilt5.#~~ttid,~ - xhe ~~eparratit~~ a, illt ~~ ~~~+~edi~ag. 1Q~,9 th~su~msid haotax~~s at 3.~a Forest tees, Fiox+ ~:o pradats~:na~ og ~~.~ tk~ousa~d 3~recta~et, sgr~o~ w stn l.~ thouae-x~d i~otare-s, tit - on '~~.~ t~sr~- o~ Forea~ry c~~ thcs tj~~ 2~as ;~~r~r~r~+ate~d tree~~red~~ lots' c ~~ ~. - on ~~.~ thaueelt~d ~ Tatars ~~ ~ ~l~t~CIC~'~?~d~ ~it3 ~~ ~` ~T~A6S-P~i.~J CAP ~A~'~4~8 ? ~3raes~~'3a~d arop r?ta'~~.t~z~s #~- d:s ~P ~r~s~d} agd gh~ub vax~i~eti~rs ~r ~ta~t~lua+ed by 60,~S5u dc~lleatly~ P~ a~rgit~se~ ~f the ~~arop~ot+es ~ISEi~. ~aataa~. Melds 3~a~~ been le-ic~ afxt and plus ~~ usia~g ~; Via; fallowl.s~ ?eot Wit) i tares loaateQ its stei~ps~aud ~~ber ~tusnb+~ir ~!' oolleo~l~t trro ~ ~y ~otc~r Italiere ~~ +~,~ ~(~~ ~, ~~ ~~ 20 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 , Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? ~. 5. 8. ~, #~e~rt 1~inietra~r, Q ~Chcx~M.... ~Oa~ ~ha prn~tss cat aerryin~ cut the dea~e....~ ~>t~ ebs~vi~r squi~e.-~t wTiil 'b+m furni+r~~ itx the i'olletri~ pet~it-d~: ~rnctare $-~ ~e the ~ler,~~-rt.~sent~~i d~' Agrl:ouit~re ~di Fora s'try ~ by ~teroh 1, 1949, ~~ ~e the l3e}nrt~n+ant v~ ~~=.~,~ az~e ~y? J~x1y ~~ 19~9~ Tx~-aterrt ~'~-,~'~., tirac~~o~re KD~-~S, traotor~ ~i-~,- t~ nutr~-~ahi~es end auta-trt-iiertit priarc to ii++ron ~, 19l9~ '~r~otor~plo~ar, ~~.m"~tfile~r4, traitor ec~2~ivskGarr, xig-~~~ hRrro~n - grrior to ~i~-roh ~;, '1949; 8U0 tree pltunti~-~ ~aachitx~-~ prior to April,. 1 i~d 1,90t} ~r~-ahi~ee by ~YiptlM~' 1, 19498 l5~0 trwatora '''~(~'" by Apri~~. 1, mad ~~Q traat~rra ~~ the :.tee ty~ try Au~uat~ ly 19~gt ?~xca~r~-te~ raat~t~-r x~oiiers, gra~e~e, ~t~rape~, aa~ 6itoiki d~yi~g na~ohit~ery by !-pri i 1, 1949. . ~ lf~part~urnt ~f i~r~.eult~~al ~+ahee Gpn~t~~zt~.oa ~of -t'!~ 9'S~ ~ril~, d~r11~r ~.n 194~i to true ehelt~r etittie~tuE thce fo11mM-ir~ aep~icfa3 type. hio~r~: yorest (:ulti~atora To p~: off".` ?~-tal t-grioa~turN fly ~~y ~ ~.~e. x. a,~~v 6~ l,zna i~rse Tra? Se?8era 1,200 - 200 ~ractmx~ Pl~rr Frith 8oi1 Ai~,~era 1,660 ~~ ~?or? e T~ept. 6tat~ ya Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 b6 t1. ~: S. ~. ~o~ro'i~ I~4r~istra~r'~ ~ i~hC~dlg... 1 [~#~ the. pra,~r~~s o3' aarry~z~ but tht- dsar~rs.... traut6x~ pTa~r~, ~+~~ t3:l~r~, ~~ ~vu~tivs,taras, .e-~ Z,eS~ Ii~-ke t~!' ~~g-~~gw the ~epsrt~ri~ ~' ,~ri~ult~are hie x~rrrardsd to tree ~~~1ta~r ~tst~:o~. $8r$ trantor~, ~ autt~-m~ah~z~r~ (~-utc~e't3~Ioi~~, ~t~ ~att1~ ~ha~a,__ 5t1. ~uto~tea~c~, h~rr~ t ~~~-tNt3"t~, t~~~e az~d, athi~r ~qup~ttt ,~tt ~t~.~-z~s ire -being #'t~rvr~ax~derl e;2I ~3vrtg. ~~ope ~t tree ro~~~; ~~ pr~uot~ca qur~ter~ ham men ~pravid~~. at the a~z-,~axi'~y ~~ tre~r eheTt~+r e+~ticans.' ~'t~a~eat~ i`or e~si.,~de,rd a,~rents ~ir~tyro+~n trae ehei~r ~tatiox~ ~en~ c?liect~v~ ~~ i'ar c~ru~uc~ti,~ amm tie gas ~~ t~ax+~tdr driv~ra, b`, ~nact~it~~~~ ft~r trek ~+3~ut~.x~~ mar~~ix~~e, ae eu~aet~.o~a~ cs~naern~~n~ !ohs ir~nne~r ~ ~a3eh ~resoius~e shau2~ be i~eua~d to +r3~rre ~t tree ebeit#r st~ati~xt~t -have bs+~a ~rrvr]aed t at th.+~ ~area~eu~t times. ~~~ ~sxn~~ ~~ ~ ~~~ ~~ ~z~~~~ a~ ~ ~s~ ~~: ~~r~c~rmsrias xi,th +~ degree +~~` the C~sutiei:~ ~~ i~it~i~ttez~ ~:~ the t~8r~ ~~ titer ~~ of the ~~~. 8ats~ ~3cstc~bs~r, '~9~8, ~ ~#a~.n .~dm~nia~t+~atias~ a~` ?rao r'~ti~err t~reaxth, attaal~sd tc~ tha ~'buncil; o~ ltnietsr~+ Q~ the v sit, hats 3'?1l~~! iBtA.~7~,~,~haC~~,. ~~ .'~~ 134J~i~}Oifbtl O~' ~~bt$~~ ~1"~ALi~d#~. ~Lit~ ~~6C~.~~i4~l~i ~.n ag,~rr~-~'4re~t-~zsli~? rsor~c, .~az~~ratry, ~d rne~t~~ie~-tion. '~h~e d~es,~,v~at3om (~tt~tutsl ~on~err~ixig the i~a3A o~ ~~-s . 8heltsr ~rcY~otl't, ~rt~achsd td the Council ~~ ?~x~iets~re of t#:s '~ hate bean ~~~Dx'.f'f11~Q ~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 % _ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~. 8. 8. ~. ac~rret t~~.n3atrQ~. ~ kh~d~.... ~On t~^~- pro~~~a ~v~ aar~ryiin~ out ~~~ de~ar+~~. , .. s T~ '' ~za An~s~~rat~.o~ ~~ '~r~e ~~+~1.~r ~rr~r; i:a ~~ Maids a~ +~a~tro~ t~ ~rzea~utian p~ t~ daarvs ~~ the Catax~c~ii o~ :~i~ai~stera c7rP t~ II3~t axz~ the CC ~~ tha ~~~}~ ctt" Ootaixpz! ~?, i94~3~. s~ ~+erf?rs~t~c~ bar, t~ ~xos~gtive~ +is~artmaut+~ ~d +~~.visictas. ia~clude~3 aret~ b ~-~ (p; 26-i~} c~x~ t~e- distribut~ox~ oi' t~so ~bJsTterb~~~. ~o#.~tictu~ aCh~c~ulesi i'ar I9'49, of t~ ~psr~usx~~w Q~ .~~r~.~uiture ~rzd ~Qrostz~y t~f t~ USBRt .,~ x~ap {iz~~ert~rd) n~ ~xeo_sheitsr~lts s~ I~a~--J-~ae~~sk~ df~tx~~:o~~ o~ Sta~.fn~t~ ab2aa~~ End ~F aphl?ta. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 U. S.S.B. Sector Qneshnego i Vnutrennogo garantina Rastenii. Transl. List of pests and diseases subject to foreign plant quarantine established for tho USSR. U.S.S.R. 8ekt. 9nesh. i Vnutren. ~ar.Itast.{Pub.)2, 46 p. 1955. 464.9 Una Translated in part {Introduetion,p.3-5, names, and synozcyma of sash item} (Trans1.25s Plant Proteotion) . Il4TRODUC?IOY (p. 3 - 5) ion from the penetration and Spread of Agrieultura2 and Forest Pests". ber 20, 1934, concerning ttThe Protection of the Territory of the Soviet n` the Soviet Union and approved by the T~KZ oP FT53R, Polloxing the Decree of e Council of Peoples f,~missars of "t2za Saviet Union, Iro. 259x, dated Yov- Translated in part bys 3. A. IEonson. The Sector of Foreign and Domestic Quarantine of A7~{Z of USSE publishes a list of pests and diseases of plants subject to Foreign Quarantine, established IInder the-headicg "Statu,c on Foreign Plant Quarantine", it lists 135 cies of the moot fnportant pests and diseases of agricultural plants that subject to quarantine measures. A1I apecfes of quarantined pests and diseases faaluded in the List ere - ., , ported into the Soviet Union and subject to oontrol. . iv'3.#led into three groups ixhieh aorraapond to gdadinge established far freight The first group consists of the most injurious species of pests and feerses of agricultural Drops altogether absent from the USSR. To for~eetall the impartation of quarantine objects of this group into the Saviet Union an embargo was established on crops ~ehich easy serve as sources of infection. The embargo is either aoaplete, as in the case of potatoes and other root erpps, or root craps trhieh do not arrive from countries of their origin, but from certain localities where individual species of pests and diseases of the above group prevail, such as seed stoat of citrus glante from countries vrherc there is canker intestation of citrus plants, etc. An sxception is made only for scientific-research purposes, in which case Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of psstae and diseases.... ~ransl, 25. s permit ig issued by the ..Quarantine Sector e~f MK2 of t-8S~ for .every in- di'vidual case, determining the type of the quarantine. ~`he ascend group consists of pests and di.~beases absent tram the USSR, as well as of same- pe.rti~oularly herrstul spei~ies that had ~'orarerly penetrated 3.x~to separate $. of the i3nion; quara~ttine measures in these instt+.r-ces .are diraoted tav~arda _elimix:atatig Tarsi of infeaticin. i~uarantiixe ab~ects of the second group Dell tdr an embargo na the ,entire ~. ,shipment of imported freight, u2ienever quarantine inspection .discovers one spaoies of pests and diseases, in the event that the applicat{on oi` e~ist3.rag measures of e+egregatitaa +xnd disinfection .close cot ensure. campldte"safety frox~ - .infestation. In the latter cave, the infested parts of a shipment are returned to the expediter car deatrayed. the third group includes pests and diseases both absent and present. in 5335'i2 axxd therefore representing. objects cf dos~egtic . quarantine . ~ ; - quarantina measures relating to ab~ecta of t#~e third group eozzsist in the .-di$infeatation of freights, the deteriairaation oP points t,f" destination and the. intraductiau of special measures to be spplted to seed azad p3.anting stock, i.e. the passage through quarantine nurserie~r, hothouses and plots, the beep- ing of plants under "provacative" conditions ishich contribute to the appear- secs o.f hidden stages of infestation, and in :.some instances, in the agplicatian of aseptic method$ of propagating plants "under control" ixt isolated places. 'men infestation by pests attd diseases is discovered among imported vegata~sive material absent in USSR but not.agpenris~g in the above list,. the: 3.mpartatidn of thin material into. the T)niou may only be perrsitt~d under terms applicable to the seoand group of quarantined ob~ecta. - - ~11 iustitutians, orgenisatiox~:and indiv~duala are squired to obtain a Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? List of pests and diseases 3 !tonal. 25. permit Eton the Sector of Foreign and Ac~eatia Quarantiae of 1CgZ of USSa prior to ordering or purchasing living plants or seeds and planting stock Prom abroad,, in conformance with point 4 of tho Decree of the Council of Peoples ~ Commissars of ~1SS8, No. 2598, oP November 20, 1954. All freights and mail pr-akages arriving in_the Soviet union which contain living plants, seeds or planting stock, cotton fiber, and other quarantined material from countries having government quaranti~se or pln~nt protection servieos, should be provided with official,certificates issued at thoir respective points of departure. ' Yheae certificates must state that the specific freight iae n) either eom- pletely free frar~ infestation by quarantined ob3ects included in quare~ntine permits, b) or that the orgariitation ~fiich issues the certiP2cata doe: sot guarantee the ,absence of infestation by these pests and diseases. Tho list raprasents the wort of sgeaialists of the Government Quaraatiae Service, aoapiled under the editorship of ccu2rades A. L. EPimov and N. S. ?ShalierbinovsYii, senior specialists. ? ? SEt;; OR. OF I't)T~:IO~i A2dD DO`~S9'IC Qir~NTI2~ bT NAHEO~" OF ACUtICiII.Ti?&E OF USSR. ?~*~*s**e+~*ese#sefses~-~sss*sss~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 jaio 4 Vl rvi7 V6 RL1Ci Niav poVY . li iil1~L ? pia. ? List of Chief Ob3ects of Foreign ~ CRitle and synonyms ~narantine 4 only translated for each ite~ F2av~ G&OIIF' A. El~'IO1tODOGICAL OBJECRS 1. Colorado Potato Aeatle, Legtinotarsa decemlineata Say Synonyms: Doryphora,deaemlia+ee-ta Say; Chrysomsla deeemlineata Say. 2. Potato 1~oth, Phthobrimaea operculella Zell. Synany~s: Gelechia terella ~-lx; Gelechia oporcUlelln Zell,; I,ita eolanella L`egr.; (telachia tabacella Kag.; Lita tabaoellQ; Gelechia solanolla? *'egr. S. 'Pink aanle"; oottony cushion eagle, Peotinophara ~oseypiella Saund; Synonyms; Platy-edra gosaypiella $aund; Geleahia gosaypiella b'aund; Icer purohasi t~asg. ? 4. Australian pink scale, Platyedra Scutigera Hold. B. BAC4'E~tIAL DI SASE S 5. Inducer - Bacteriua aitri (Hasse) Doidge Da--e of di?seaee: citrus canker. _ ? Synonyms: Paeudoaonaa oitri Hasse; Rhytoaonaa aitri (Haase) Borgey; Bnaterium citri (Haase) Jehle. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of~?'e~ts _ and Diseases. ~ 5 - ?renal. 25. . C. PIINGI DISEASlE3 6. Inducers Synchytrium endobiotiaun (Schib~ Perc. 1".ama of diseases cunloer of potato tubers. '?. Inducer: Phlyctaena linioola Speg.; ayn. 3eptorie Iinicola. Nave of dioease: "Paso" oP i`lax. SSCUI~ID GRC/L~P A. E1~T0~!OL4GICAL OBJEC?8 I. STRAY~EREY ~~l1TOI~, ~helenchoides ?fragariae Hits Jos. ~._ Syn. ~hclenchoides oraerodis Rita-Boz. 2. CITRI i!L?ZATUI3E T~lenchulua se~i~enetrans Cobb 3. rOTAT4 I4AflIATQDfi, Aeterodera rastoohiensis 1?olln. 4. (FALL OR &OOT I~Al:ATOTIE, Aeterodera re:dioicoln (~reot; syn. Aateroddra me-rioni Cornu. S. COi'Tti2i. GALL ?.ATE, Er~rophyes goes ii Ba:~Zc. ?'?6. Orange thrips, Soirthothrf s citri. .,____ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Pests and Diseases... 6 7. saraatiacea,e red scale, Aonidiella surantii ~~ask. Syn. Aapidiotus aurantii 1',ask.i Asp. oitri Cosset.; Chrysomphalus anrantii 1"'as~:. gad. oocaineus Jennadius; Aonidiella tacos Leonardi. 8. "l'utovaia ehohitovka" (scale) PseudoQUlaoaspis pantagona Barg. Syn. Diaapis ~enta~ona Tar.-~ozseti; Diaspis .amyRdr.3~. Yryon; Dlea ids lanatus 3~org.; Chionaapis prunicole; Diaapis patelliforssis Sties; Diaspis aurant;color; DiasP1E anygdali var. rubra Zask.; Hoxardia Pruniaola Rirkold~r; SasafasPis pontti~cma Targ. 9. Prontaspis citri Comet. Syn. Chionaapis evonyni Cac~st.; Chionas~is citri~Canst.; IIoxardia citri Ae rle se . i0. Prontas~S.a Yanonansis Xue. Syn. Chionaapis yanonersie Fuvr. . 11? Citriaola mealy bug soale, Peeudoooccus gahani Green. Syn. Paeudococaus citrophilus.Clauso. 12. PseuBooocous ooastocYi Ru~v. 1S. Blaok bamboo scale, Antonina bambusae L'ask. Sys. 3phaerooooaua batabusae ?~ekell; Chaetocoacus baaibusae ?~skells Ant. b_ usae (2Sask) Dupont. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Lists of Pests and Diseases ~ Trans1..25. ? 14. Asteralecaniua Bambussae Boisd. Syn. Planchonia bambusae De Crarm.;Ast. bambnsae Boiad. Hewstead;Ast. bambnsae $oisd. Qreen; Ast. bambuaae Boisd. Bode~heimer. 15. Pulvinaria innumerabilis fiathi. 16. Black scale, Saisaetia nigra Iiieth. - Syn. Le c. nigrua Ilisth.; Lec. degresssut~ Targ.; Lea. begoniae Dougls.; Leo. (Saissetia aigrtai var. bagoniae Ckll and Parr.; Saiasstfa depreaaa Targ.; ? Leo. ni~rum Nerrstend; Saissetia ni;;ra Steams. 17. I'i~ uazy scale, Cerop2astes rusci Linn. " Syn: Coccus rusci L.; Coocus caricae Bernard; Coccus arte~{siae Fossi; Cul;-~tiaus radiates Costa; Cal. testudi.neua Costa; CaI. hydarie Costa; Colum:eea tcstudinata Targioni-Toaa.; Colmm~ea testudini- fords; Cher~s cariaae Baia.; Cer~lastes risai S3.gnoret; Cer. rusci .L. Leonardi. 18. Trionymus di~c~inutus Leon. Sync Daot~lopius calceolariae; Pseudoeoacus dia~iautus Leon. 19. Egyptian ribbed saale, Icar~ra ae~-,yptiaeum Dongl. ? 20. Cc~mnon batata Weevil, Cylas S'ormiaarius Pabr.' 21. African batata weevil, Cylas compresses Fart. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 . Lists of Pests and Diseases 8 Traasl. 25. ? 21. Africaa batata ~reevil, Cylas oanpressus Aart. ' ' 22. Japanese batata weevil, Scepticus insularis 8oe1. 23. Tropical batata Weevil, Fusoepes batatae ~R-terh. . Syn. Cryptorrhynohus batatae i'I`as-terh. ' " 24. Reddish-legged batata weevil, Cylas feraoralis Faust. 25. Elegant batata ~ee-vil, Cylas ele~antulus Serra. 26. Potato ~te+evil, Premnotrypes solani Pieroe 27. potato weevil, Trypo~rezznon latithorax Pidree. .. 28. Potato weevil, Trypoprermon sanfordii n. sp. ? 29. potato weevil, Phigopsidius ~icumaaus Heller. 30. Batata weevil, Slytroteinus subtruncatus F. 51.~ Anthonoaus vestitus Boh. S2. L'exioan cotton ~raevil, Aathonomus grandis $oh. E3. ~risoaa sroevil, Anthomm~s grandis turberiae Bis. 34. .Japanese beetle, Popiiia 3aponica Deer. E5. Eastern rselon fly, Bactrodera cucurbitae Cock. 86. felon Ply, ~'yiopardalis pardalina Big. S7. Olive Fly, Dacus olese Gomel. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 L~stis or res~s ana lnseases a Transl. 2F:. ? S8. L`editerranean fruit fly, Ceratitis aapiteta Wiwi. `S9. Blaok fig fly, Lonahaea aristella peat. 40. Apple Fly, 8hagoletis pomonella 1~-lsk. 41. Solanun fly, 8onosemata eleota Say. ,42. Eastern oodling moth, _Iaspeyresie molests Bus. Syns Cydia molests; Graphclitha molests. 4S. Japanese pear moth (borer), ~tumonia pyrivorella 1Lata. Sync 3~;ephopteryx rafisonella ~'ata. ? 44. Citrus math, Prays aitri rill. $. BACTERIAL DISEASES ? 45. Induoer: Bacterium oitriputeale Smith. Syn: Baot. oitrarePaciens; Phyto~monas aitriputeale (Smith) Bergey. Diseases Citrus blast.; blank pit= :as]. seaco. 46. Inducer, Aplanobaate r michiganensee Erw. F. Smith; Bao.~miohiganense. B. F. with; Psendononas miahieanense (E.F.b~aith) Stevens; Phytomonsa miahigenenee (E.F.Smith) Bergey. Disease: Bacterial tomato aenloer; Baoterial canker. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Lists of Pests and Diseases 10 Transl. 25. ? 47. I$duaer: Baoterium tlaoavmit8aiens Hedges; Sync Phytosnonas tlaoaumPaaiens (Hedges)Bergey; Pseudomonas t2accnmfacieas ~~1 (Hedges} Stapp. 48. Inducers Baoterium medioaginis var. phase liaola (Burkholder) Link. et Hall. 8yn: Phyto~onas caedioaginis var. phaseolicola Burkholder; Baoterium ~_ puerariae {Hedges); Ph~tamonas puerariae (Hedges) Bergey. DiseasasHalo blight. 49. Inducers Baoillus aaylovorus (Burril) Trevisaa Disease: Barn, neurosis, tire-blight] Danker. Sync *_~iorocooous amylovorus Bnr.; Baat. azaylovorus (Burril) Choster; Heat. amylovorun (bur.) Serbinott; Baa. anyrlovorus (Burril) de Toni; Era~rinia ataylovora (Bur.) Con. S.A.B. 50. Induoer: Baoterium translucena Jones; Johnson, Reddy; Anat. atrofaciena P'aGulloah. Synz Baut. trensluaens; Paeudaeionas transluoens, var. undulosa (S~ith, Joaee, Reddy) Stapp. $aat. atrotaoiensz Phytaattonas atrotaaiens (LoCulloah) Bergey; Pseudomonas atrotsafens (E"uCulloah) Stapp. Diseaaez IIlaak ahatP. ? Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Psets and Diseaoes. 11 Transl. 25. ? b1. LnBuoers Baoterium morir"Royer et Lambert. eanend. B. F. Snith. Synoaymas Pseudamona Cori (Bayer et Lambert) Stevens; Phytomonaa mori (Bayer ek Lambert) BerS,eq. ?t Disease: Bunn of,` nulberrir tree (L?orus) C. FtT,RGI DISE~3 b2. Iaduoers 5blerotium Rol~sii Saco. r. 6hperior ~~itages Corticium oeatrifugum, sync ~oohnus centiiPu us (Lev) T. r ? ,Disease; $olerotial rat. 55., Induae~s Phaaa lingam (9~ode) Deem. '~ Syr#onyms Solerotinm sphaeriaefotme Lib., phoma olersaea Saco. Sphseris Lingarn Tole. ~ . ~ Diseases Dry rot, black leg; dkop disease; /~ rioan root rot; Phasna wilt. ?~. Inducer: 3pongospora subterranea {~llr) Joha S~tnonyaas Frysibe anbterranes 1'~Ilroth; Taberoinie- Scabies $erk~eley; Soros orium scabies; Protam __ p yogis tube rsolani; Rhizosporium solani, S~oa~osporx sohani_ Sp. scabies. Diseaoos Powdery scab. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List oP Pests and Diseases 12 56. Inducer: S~orotrichum~citri 8. Y. Butler -_ Synonym: Gloeosporiu~n citri bass; Cladosporium oitri bass.; Sporotriohum citri (Butls); Cladosporium fulvum Ckl, Sphaceloma Fauoettii Jest. __ Disease: Citrus scab, ler~oa scab; ~errucosis. 56. Inducer: Plowrightia morbosa (Sohss.) Sago Synonyraa Dibotryon morbostm (Sohw.) T., Hendersonula morbosa Saco., S~haeria morbosa Sohw. Disease: Slack knot, plum mart. ? 5?. Inducers' Badothia parasitioa (1`urr.) L. .~... sad H. ~. Aader. Synonym: Diaportae parasitica lhirr. Disease: Chestnut canter. r 5fj.~ Inducer: Ph~matotrichum omnivorua~ Sohear; Dug Synonym: 0$onium amnivorum Schear. Disease: Texas root rot. 59. Ittduoer: Ceratostomella fimbriata (Eeth.) E11. /. Synonym: Ceratooyatia fimbriatum S. et H.; Ceratooystia batatae tail: ? SPhaeroaema Piabriate (E. et H.) Saco. Disease: Black rot. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Pests and Diseases lE Transl. Zb. ,? 60. Induoers ~iaarophoma ednlis Alm. Diseases Java bleak rot. 61. Inducer: Diplodia tuberioola {E. et Ev.) Taub. Synonyris Iaeiodiplodia tuberiaola E. et. Ev., Botryodipladia tnberioola (E. et. Sv.) Petr. ' Diseases Java black rot. . 62. Induoers Fusariun batatis Ste. Disease: Stem rat, "die off", wilt, blue stem, yellow blight. ? 6S. Inducers FUsariun hyperozisporum ti'p'. Diseases Stems rot, wilt, blue stem, yellow blight. 64. Inducers Tilletia panoioii,$ubak et Ranojevia. Diseases t9et smut of barley. 65. Inducer: Tilletia horridcr Tak. Diseases Scut of rioe. 66. , Inducers IIrooystis tritioi 8oern. Disease: Stem sasut of meat. 67. Intluoers Uroayoes betas Lev. Diseases Raise of sugar beet. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 y,LO Va Vi ~ svDw sii iiac.~vo a~ ...-,..._~~ ~,... Phyl2o~oera, Phyllo~oera vastratriz Planoh. 4 ~ 2. Glede?xus thrips, Taeniothrips ~le.dioli ~. axd S. S. lgcoly apply aphid, Friosoma lanigeru?. Sausm. ~~ ..~. I. Strat~berry mf.te, Tarsons fragarise H. Timm. Citrus "white f'13r", D3A1ti11rbdeS citry Ashan. Japazxeea camphor scale, Pseadaonidi,e theses ~!aslc ? . Synonyms As~aidiotus these ~,~ask; ",~spidiotaes (~aspidiote~s the-ae Bask. tsp. duplex I'laak; Aspidiotus theece irar. irhododendroni, Green ., ...~ ? 7. San Jose etoale (California}, Ccaastoakaspis permiaioeua Coast. Synonym: As~idiotus pernioiosus Comet,; aonidia fusca iask. perniciosa Berl. 8. Pulvinaria sp idii i~a~ck. Synonyms Pulvinaria ps3.dii philippina Cockerell; Pu3. psidii tdask. ~etwstead; Pulvinari+~ !'ask. Sr.; Puly~ paidii bask. '~akahashi3.. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 bast oP Pests aad Diseasos 15 Yransl. 25. 9. Olive wale (~rorm), Saiesetia oleae Earn. Syaonyta: Cheraw oleae Bernard; cooaus oleae olio; Cxc~us- palwae Oliv; ' Coaaus testudo Curtis; Chern~ee o~yca~dis Boisd.; Leo. cassiaae L'ask.; Beraardia oleae Ckll.; oleae var testudo Cockerell; I,_a. rairandua Ckll. Parr.; Sais. oleae Born. Leanardi; Saissetia oleea ? Bern 3teinwedea; oLeae Born Quayle. 10. Rod-shaped scale, I,epidosaphes gloveri Palk. Syaoaym: Cooaus ~loveri Pack.i gspidiotus~loveri Paak.; Lytilaspis l~ w~eri Coast. 11. Paa~ebraaate aacmma-shaped soale, Lepidosphes beakii Ne~an. 3yno~nym: Cooaus beokii L'eaema.n; 8spidiotns aitriaola Pack.f Coocus .__ an~uiaeus Boisd, t~ ilaspfe flavesceaa TarrYoz$etti; Lepi_ dosaphes piaaa~efotmis Bouahe: 12. Blaok scale, Parlatorfa sizyphi Lucas. Synonyas Cnoaus siLyphi Lucae; Cheraw auraatii Boisd. Perlatoria Lucasii ?argioni-Yossetti. . 1S. Destructive scale, Aspidiotus destructor 8iCu. 1~. Round orange scale, Chrysaaphalus aonidum Linn. ' Synonym: Coaaus aonidua Lirni.s llspidiotus fiaus C anat. . Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? 15. Grape ~ealybug scale, Paetidgcoocua naritimus {Ehrb.); Peeudocoooua oitri ? i ~ ? 26. 28-Spotted ladybird, Epikaohna 28 punatata Pal. J ~f f Synanyas Dorthesia o,~tri,tR~4sao; Coccus vitas 81aso; Daotylopina Pious Sfgn.; .-._..__ ,- 1 j Dsotylopius~~to~i_ae Siga.; Daotylopius i.ndicus Sign.; l; ~ ~ ~ . ? DaotylQpius lavandulae Sign. I ~~~ ~ ~~ ? 16. Cottony scale; Pulvinaria a~araatii Ckll. :~ ~ { , Synonvym: Pulvinaria auranti,i Coakerell Bull; Takahaehia citricola Hum. ,. 17. Chinese Dittos sexy scale, ;Geropleatas sinenaia DeI. Goer. Synonyta: Caroplnsr~te_ a teas Del. Goer. haonardi. 18. Australian ribbedjscale, Iaerya purchasi L*ask. ? r 19. ~'Pide-snout (pt?obgsois) atorelge weevil, Caulophylus latiaasua Say. 20. Fruit bark-eater, Cobo~ ot~ryp~as daotyliperdn F. / ~~ 21. CoPee bark-ewer, S~ephanode,rea hampei Fern. 22. Jnpaneae opol aookohafer,lAserioa iaponfoa l~atsoh. Syn: A+seria/e- oastane~ Ari.; dutoserioa oaatanea Arr. 2S. Carrat ,beef le, Lignras gibt~oaus De Geer. r r 24. Sia.Aese flat-body", Lop~caterna pus illtia glug. ~ ~ '~ 25. Potato ladybird, ~ilachria tnipponica Lewis. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? Lint of Pests and Diseases 17 ~ Tranal. 25. 2?. Peanut weevil, Paahymerua pallidus Oliv. Synonyms Ca ryoborua ~llidus OI.; Spc+rmp~hagns pallidus OI. 28. Bruahus analis F. 29. Callosobroahna Goaaypi! Chevr. b0. Qavilov weevil, Bruahus ulicis Vavilovi~Faeckmann 31. Speruophagus hofh~an6e~~i Gyll. 32. Braailiaa bean (pea) weevil, 3obrotes subfagoiatus Boh. Synonyms Spe rniaphogus peatoralis Say. ? 33. Spermo~ gus pinrne Pierae. S4. Chinese weevil, Callosobruahua ahiaensie L. Synonyms Pach~erua ahinenais L.; Bruahus ahinenaia L. Bruchidins ohinansia L.z. Braahua acntellsria F; Br. pectinicornia L. 35. Calloaobruahus phaseoli Gyll. Synonym.; Pe-ahymarua phaseoli Gyll; Bruahns phaseoli Gyll. 36. Calloaobruohus guadriasaaulatus F. (4-spotted wseril) Synonym: Bruahua guadrimaoulatua F. 37. Bruahidiua ~urivillii Rlaao. ? 38. Bruchidina alfieri Pia. S9. Brnohidiua tritolii trot. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Peata end Diseases 18 Transl. 25. 40. Braahua ornatua Boh. Synonyms Paoh~erus ornatua Boh, 41. Bruohidius incarnates Boh. Synonym: Biruahua iucarnatua Scam. 42. Aoanthoaaelides ~oaae F. ' Synonyms Bruohua mimosas F. 43. Beau weevil, Acanthosceiidea obsoletus Say. Syaos~a: Brushes obteotua Say.; Brushes obsoletue Say..; Brucbus irroaeotus Fahr.; Brnahua pallidipee FalYr.; Bruahus brev~eri (crotch.; B_ c~hns subellfptioua loll.; Bruchna fabne Fitah.; ;,aria irreseata Fahr.; Iaria obteotn Say.; ~ r~labria irro3eata Fahr.; ~labria obteatus say.; Bruohidius (Aaanthosaelfdes) obtectus Say. 44. Trogaderma ~ra~a` riux Everts. Syaoayais ?ro `oderna khapra Arro~r. 45. Peanut skin-mater, Trogoderma tricolor Arrrn-. i 46. Anatralian "make-belie~+er", Ptinus teotus Boisdv. 47. Batooera L,ineo2ats Chavr. ? ~ 48. Calr_s, ~ie,~alcii Sakahaahi . 49. Corn weevil; Calandra Zea sacs ~dotsah. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? `Lint oP Peats and Diseaaea 19 ~ Tran,sl. 25. 5O. Sorghum gall Contr~riaia sorhioola Sog. 51. 8ioe (drugetare) beetle, (grans moth) , Stegobime Paniceun L.: Chilo ~. e lez Butt. Synanyia: Schoeaobius sin~plea Butl. 52. -Olive moth, Prays oleollus Fabr. Synonym: Ateaelie~ oecophore oleella Ft-br. 5S. Soya moth, Euoosmia glyofnivorella i!e-ta. b4. Ball~sora~, Eariaa inaulans B. 55. Inducer: Baateriumm tumefsaiena Smith et ?ownsend. Synoeaym: Pseudomonas tumefnoienc (fiaith ct Townsend) Steiena; P to:nonas tunePaciens (Smith et Tawnsead) Bergevs Polymonoos tusLePaoieas ,... (6k~ith et Toxnaend) Lieske. Disease: Eaot aanYer ~ fruit trees. .s Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of poste and Diseases 20 Yraasl. 2b. r C. FUNGI DISEASES S6. Inducer: Fussrium conglutinans llroll. Disease: cabbage yello~rs. ' 5?. Inducer: Ustilago fieiliana Euha. 8ynaaym: Soroaporiun xeilinaum $.; 3phaoelatheca 8eiliaaa (Euhn) Clint.; Cintractia Reiliana (8uhn) Clint. Disease: Looms await of Dora and sorghum. 58. Inducer: Urocystis copulas Frost Synonym: Urocystia Colchici, Caeoa:a Colohioi Schl.; Uredo Colchici LinY.; Erysibe~arillata ~.; Sporisorium Colchisi Lib.; Polyo~rstis pampholygodes,Lsv.; Polyoystis oolohioi, Straus; Urocystis ca, Pasa; IIrooystis.hypogta Eorn; IIrocpstis copulae Fr.; Orooystis Coichisi, gar ce lae Cooloe. A.I.F. August 14, 1951., End of PatnPhlet. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Transl. 26s Plant Proteotioa. II. S. S.B. 8ektor Vneshnego i Vnutrennego Harantina &astenii. Pereohn' vreditelei, bolotnei i sorniakov s.?kh. rastenii ob'edtov vneshnego karantina, ustanovlennyi di is SSSR na 1940 god (A List of weeds of agrianltural plants - ob~eots of external quaraatinesestabliahedafor and U. $. 5.8. for the year 1940} . 2;oskva, 1940. 62 g, 632,48 IIn34P. Translated in part frog the 8ussian by $. N. l`onson. Title, synonyms, crops affeoted, and quarantine measures translated fvr each 3tem~`' ~- ,~ PIS B~I,L .II'08i3, COTT08 t~?OIH Pectino~hora gossypiella Saner. Syaonyan Geleahia gossypiel2a Sound. Platyedra goesypiella Sannd.~~Dppressari~` gosspyiella 8aund. __ , ~, ~ , Crops aft'eated: All epeoies of oultivat~-~~and~'~fha{~;tivafed cotton; gea~'o`? hemp; okra, and ot}s:r plants of the aa21o~ Family. Quarantine measures: 1) Prohibition to import cotton seeds and raw cotton] 2) Prohibition to import cotton fiber from count rie s and regions infested by the pink worm; 3) Disinfeotion oP cotton fiber permitted ~Por entry from regions non-infested by the pink worm,` aiid regulations for it's processing, but prohibition of its i~port- ation into cotton-graving regions; }_ 4) 8emoval of specimens of ootton seeds, raw ootton, and ootton fiber from parcels; 5) Remioval of artioles having stuffings made from cotton seeds, ravr ootton or cotton fiber; c~ 6} Disinfestation of bales of wool, whenever cotton seeds, ootton balls, raw cotton and cotton fiber with seeds cling to them. ~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List o! Peats and Diaaase8 2 Traaal. 26. '?..ALL01~ GP.AP& BEExY LOTH, Polyohrosis viteana (Glen); Crooidosema plebeiaaa Zell. 8yaonyms Lua_ as~a plebe iaae tYn21a . dffeated crops: Cotton; hemp, .~lthaea~ ~a~ ~*alvaatrum epioattaa; i?alvaviecua druamond if . Quarantine measures: Sane as against pink~~ro~n (Peatinophora goaagpiella Sauud.) CUTTOIt BOLL i~I~Ed Earias insulaQa Iioisd. Affected crops; Cotton sad other plants of the Lalvaceae i'anily. Quarantine cseaauress. Sams. Oeaophora inopisema Eutl. Afleoted craps: Cotton. Quarantine measures: 3e~ne: . MSZICAR CQ'lTOa 'I~VIL, Anthonomus Grandia Boh. __.._.__ AYPeoted ~ropss Cotton. ~ . Quarantine measures: Ss~e. ~;$~'$ ~EYXL, A~th_ Grand is Boh. va.r. 1`hurberiae Pieroe. Affected craps: Cotton, both cultivated and uncultiva*..ed 4hurbaria. Quarantine measures: Sams. r-- dI?'?HO1i0YiTS VESTITIIS BUH. lhffeoted crops: Cotton, Quarantine meaaureas Same. MITE RIt'~rED F3EETIE, Paataaoras Lsuaoloma Boh. .~? . Synonyms: Paatamorua (Gnpho~natua) leuaolaaa Poh. ' .~__ .. ,. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Afi'ected crops: Cotton; corn; batsta; sugar cane, and many fruit and orna.. ~ntai plants. Quarantine ~measuras: Same. With regard to other crops -prohibition to import root Drops Pros infested regions oP Borth America (P&A) and Australia (Ides South Tial.ea}; ftsiigatfoz~ oP planting stock end destruction ~oY tare and wrappings of freights in quarantine; quarantine sanervision at ports, river, railroad, and air caemunicatioa points, as indicated in 1'nstruotions. (Seotioa 6, pp.8,16,51}, aonSirmed 2'ove~e r 23 ~ 185 7. ~ w fiI'ERL:OPIiAGIIS 'HOF~a"?GGI GYLL. Synonym: Snermot~ha~;cis robiniae Ol. Affected Crops: Cotton . Quarantine .b:~easurea: See as above. SPER3-~IIAGUS PIUFIBIAE PISRG'E Affected crops: Cotton. Quarantine measures: Sage. CO?T02~ GALL 1'-I4S, Sriophyea Goasypii Bask ~_ Affected crops: Cotton and other plants of the 1~-llow family. Quarantine ncssures: Ssac. as agrsinst pink worts. ARTHRACAOSES OF COTTON Af'feoted cropas Cotton; upper parts of plants and .seeds. Quarantine a:easuress Sarno. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Lint oP Pasta end Diacmcoa 4 - i ransl. 26. ? PESTS 6ED DISEASES OF POTAT08S: COLOEADO POTdZ'0 BEETIE ? ? Uptinotarsa deaemlineata Say. Sy'nonyMi Daryphora decct~lineata Rogers, Chrysomela decemlineata Say.; Polygraamna (Chew) deceali~ata ~otah.; E~yacorina (Stal. } decem- lineata. APf'eated Drops: Potatoes, .taiaatoea; tobaeoo; eggplants, aolnraaea, thorn- .._.~._. ? apple; henbane, and other species of Solanaoeae. Qnarantine measures: F~bargo upon potato gibers, as Snell as measnras ia- dioat;ed in tr-8truotions oit quarantine essmination at ports, ~atsr, railroad, and air oommunioation points (Instructions, pp. 8,16,31), oonfirmed Bov. 2a, 193?. 2a3-Spattod i.r~D11'NNIRD, tpilachna 28-Punatata F.. 6f'fboted crops: PotatoeE; eggplent,, tobacoo, okra; phaseolas; heap; '4Qamordike". Quarantine Measures: Same as against the Colorado beetle. POTATO LADYBTP.L~, lupilaahna 28-aaoulata y~otsoh. ___ APfsated crops: Potatoes; taraatoes; eg~plaats and other Sole~naceaa; soya banns. Quarantine a~vaeuress Sane as against the Colorado beetle. PCTATO i~~H, Phthorimaea Operaulella Zell. Synod: Celeohia terella balk.; Qaleohia operaulella ZeII.s Geleohia tabacella Iing., Galeahia aolauella b'eyr., Br~yotropha 3olanella Hds., ...._. Liter aolaaella Meyr., Liter tabaavlla, Gnorimosaherma opercnlella Zell. 11Pfeotea crops: Potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, tobaoeo; henbane and other Solanaoeae. Quarmtfne measures: 8nms. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Pests and ~3iaeasas 5 S3~3d SaZ~tdL~?.>r M02H, Gnorianasch~a Plasivsema i'urn. $ynanymr Phthvrimaea x~el~anopli.ntY:a l~ayr., ph. ~lasiosa~u luru., Gnarimaschea~- ~~~ ... tuberasella Basek., C~z. mslanop2intY:a 3l~eyr. iffeated crops: Potatoes, torsatve~s; bl.ac3c solarium. Quarantine ~easurees Sawa. SOUTE A~?RICAN P4TAT4 ~;tYxH, Luss~phera Yilloaa Fuld, J!f'Peoted drops: Potatoes. Quarantine nteaeuress Sacae, ~ . Dl"PLRPA~EEIy Pt3T`APO ~C(~, $ueoph,era ?Osseate',lla. Pr. APf~sated cropsa Potatoes, eggplants. - Quarantin~e nieasuree. Same. PD~A'TO ~~A~ODE;~, rode ra Ros tt~chieat~is 'C'ol i . - 8ytavnym: ~sterodarn schachtii f. salami Ziumi. Lffeated crops: Pflt~utves, to~.s~toes, henbane; black Salanun. , ......,...,.r,.. Quarantine measures: Same. 1'fl2ATU CA2~8, Syxrchytrium endvbioti~zum P+~rs. Synonym: Chrysophlyctis endabiotica Sahilb. effected crops Potntaes. Quarantine rupasures: i'mba:rgo vii potato tubers; transpaanting of potatoes 3.mported under special permits to quarantine gr+senhouse$ yr quearartine plots, provided they da not proT~r inFestetl with oetn3~er. Infested tubers are destroyed. ?ran,s- planting of other root crops, tv quarantine plots; and . tubers originating Prom oountrias infested by potato canker, after cl~aansing and treating the soil. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Peets and BS.aea~ces ~ 6 ~ 1"ransl. 26.? Synonym: S~pangospore soisna Br. Quarentina measuraa: Snore as against potato Danker, P$S'~S A*'I1 DZ~AS~$ t3Tt' GI~R~TS f:RUPS. ? ?~DI'.~ERRA~~~F FRt7Z'~ Pi,Y, G+~ratiti:~ Gapitets plied, Synonyms, Trypetn ce.pitt-ta 1~ied,, 1". punctata 'IFi+ed,, Petelephors oztpitata .. ~S.cquart., Ceratitia citr~erda t;aa.Leay., C. Iii~panice~ Romani, effected crops: Ora~ngoS, grapefrrzit, 7.emonS, to~gerines# heudat~s, ~oaado; figs, cacti; guava; poa~sgranates; wpricota, apples, plums; craarrieS ~Gtnereshztia}; ~ra~s; detee,s; home beans; ,phaceolus, tom~-toes; egl;plante; peppers; aZtagether up to 'P2 plants. Qumrantine a~easuress gmba~go on iafersted sYaipaent of pleats; regulations for , points of entry and areas where Shipments- of fruits ure usad . . ~S".''-Z21DIAtl FELtI'~' F+LY, Anastrepha Fxeterculus ~lfied. Synonyms AtzastrePha Qaidusa Falk. 1~ffected Drops: Gitrua fruits; paacies, parrs, grapes, ms.ngoes, coffee, pere i~uaons. Qusrantin,e xroeaeuresz Same as against the ~?editerranean fruit fly.. ~XIGdI~ T~'RUI~ FLT', Artastrepha Ludeas, ~". Affected crops: Gitrua fruitw, taangoeys, aprieota; plums. Quaraatine ~naasures; 5~e as in the cast+ of t ha ~editerranesa Fruit fly. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Pests and Diseases 7 .? CIT~tUS ArOTH, Prays Citri Bill. Syno~as Prays nephelamir~a Eieyrook., Aarolapia aitri dill et Ragoaot. 1fPeated aropsc Citrus. Quarantine measures: Embargo on infested plant shi~senta. CIT&U3 BElILYBIIG (~CAIE} Paeudocoac~us Gahani Creen. Synoaym: Paeudoooacsus citro hp ilus Clausen. . Affected orops: Citrus; peachos, apriootsi ourrants; gooseberries, persimmons= guavas, palms. grapes, eucalyptus, pronged trees; aagno~ia, potato tubers. Quarantine aeasuros: Embargo .on infested plant shipments sad reguLtions for pofats of entry and areao vrherc fruit; ahiprents ara used. ~TALYBIIG SCAIE COHSTbC&, i'seudococcuc Cores tocki BUi4. Affected orops: Citrus and soed Traits; mulberry treeu; catalpa; pine traesf maple trees; grape vines; persimmons= soya beans; eater- melons; bananas; altogether up to 50 species of p3ants. Quarantine taeasut~ac ~nbargo on infested plant sttip~ents. dIISfRALIA?t RIiiHED 3CAIE, Ice rya Puroh~aai E1aek. Affeoted orops: Leman:; tangerines; oranges] grapei'ruit; pomegranates; tea shrubs; olives, neaoia; laurel; Gl~+ditcYrin L.; roses; ivy; cypress; willonry chestnut; banana; blackberry; barberry; eucalyptus; magnolia; grape; palms; cabbage; hemp; pepped camphor trae; alilcYory; fig; bucktrhost; solanus; potatoes. Quarantine measureae Uiainfeetaticn of irfasted ohiprient and regalations at points oP entry.' Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? List of Pests and Diseases 8 LGYPTTAA flIHBSD SCALE, Toerys Aegy~tiaca Dougl. Synonyms Crossotosama aegyptiaoa Dougl. .. Affeoted Drops: Citrus and fruit trees; palms; breadfruit tree; guava; fioue. Quarantine msasures: Disinfostation of infested plant shipments and trans- planting to quarantine greenhouses. COTTONY SCALE, Pulvinaria Aurantii Ckll. Synanyas Takes hashiu citricola Kuv+-. Affeoted cropss Citrus, stone fruits; tea shrub; coffee tree, oinohona; Japanese persimmons; pistacohio; mulberry tree; guava; mango] figs; ferns . Quarantine mensuress Dieinfastation of infested plant shipments. CHTt~SE CiTBUS WAT-Y SCALE, Ceroplastes Del. ;'uor. ~ 8yaonym: Ceroplastes citripediforaiis Comet. Affected Drops: Citrus; promegrar~ates; corn-l tree (dgowoo3); persf~.on; aheroahnia, (cherry}; pear; peach; magnolia; laurel; vialntuts. Quarantine measurosa Disinfestation of infested plant shipments and regulations at points of entr~f. BLACK SCALE, Saiasetia higra 23feth. Synonyms Leoanium nigrum flieth., Z. degresaum Tara. T'oaz., L. begonias Dougl., Saissetia niara v. be;;onia Ckll., ^u. depresses Targ. Affeoted oropss Dittos, grapo, rulberry, banana, fig, magnolia, coffee troes, ciaDhona, begonia, Bamboo, ootton, asparagus, agave, croton, abutilon. Quarantine measures: Disinfestation of infested plant shipments. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 iist of Pests and Diseases 9 SOD-&fiAPED JAPAn'ESE S'CAIf, Leucaepis Japonica Gkll. Affected crops: Gitrus, lilao, pear, apple, camelia, maple, rase, peony, aagnolia, 'syaamora. Quarantine Aeaeuress Disiafeatation of infested plant ship~enta. ROD-S~BD SCALE, Lepidoaaphea Glovers Pack. Synonym: Coooue ~loveri Paok., fiytilaspia (lava ?arg., ~. pallida Greea., .~ I~. glovers Caast., Le~idoeaphes fLve Kirk., L. ~rloveri Lind., Aspi- diotua ~loveri Pack. Ati'eatxd crops: Citrus, olivo, gape, magnolia, pale. Quarantine measurers Same. pOld;(3&I!SATE COPffiArStiAPED SCALE, iepidosapher Eeokii I;cQrm. Synonyms ~~ytilaspia pins'~aeforwia Eouche, l:ytiles~is Have 1'as*~., 'i. flaveseana Targ., if. oitriaola Const. E?. citricola v. ta~aaniae h'~sk., 13. tasataniae Ckll., Cossua beckii :;eem. C. aasuineus Fsoisd., Arpi- diotua eitricolw paok., I,epidoea~hes pinriaeformis Fern., L. beckii oleae Leon. Affected crops: Citrus, fig, olive, proz~ed trae, piataoehio, grape, fins?lan oliQO rElaeagnus auguatifoli~ orohidne, pales. Quarantine ~earuress Fame. PROATASpIS YA~C~?EE3zS Kun. Synopyms Chionaspir yanoneasie RuR. Affected crops: Citrus. Quarantine r~easurees Disintestation oP infested plant shipments sad traaa- planting to quarantino nurseries sad gxeenhouees. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 . List of Pests and I3i~oasas It3 T rats 1. 26 . BC~II2ib 4RAt~iGB 8CllSl~, ChryROrsptialus Aonidut~ Liao. $yuoaym: Ccsocua aoaidun ~;irin,, Chr;~aomphalus f icut: ,~sah~., ~. aoMidum fet~n.. C Berl., Aspidiotus f": cus Camst. Asp. ficus Bari..., Asp.. aorx~ i;amp., Ae ficus Fiiey. Aff'eoted orope: CS.trus arzt3 spindle tre~+s, laurel, acacia, breadfruit and proa~+~d trees, cemphnr-and pelm trees, Japanese persimmons, Japanaso raedlax~, ~ucalypt~s, fibs, lauz`e~.s, cacti, cork oak,. plus,. pae~r.~rnnmtes, gre:pe vines, ro~si~s, castor plants. Quarantine. measurass Disir~festation of infested shiptoent end regu~:a.tione at poic~ts at esttr;~r and ~aroas wham citrus fruits at-e used. B~tG~B SCAi~, Chr~sor~phalus I7ictyos}~ermi Worg. $ynonyins Aspid3.otus $i.atyospex~t ~'or~., A. dietyopp~srmi. v. a~reeee Piet., ? "" .. A. mangifara,e Ckll., A. dict~ r~ospez~i ~s~a~.s~nsaa Gki2., .~. Chr~-$arap- halos} d;at~os~ermi: C~:II., t:ias~is pira:oulif`era ;.as:~., Chyso~phalus ~. m~f.aaz' Bert. et ~,ecrn., Chr. dictyospermi v. rsrecaa Lear,., Chr. . dict~ospermi v. nan~iferae Ckll., Chr. ~3ic~*as~rasi pin~ulifera Vera., Ct~r'. diat~ros~erini miuox i4arch. Affected Drops: Citrus trees, tees. ehrub, olivre,- prou~;ad +~.nd ~,ulberr~r trees, piu~t, oleander, l.anrel, e;+rsaain, gpinclle+ tree, camel,ia, privet, palm, ivy, laurel-crerrJ. Qut~rat~tine siee;sureas Ili~infestatiQn oP infested pTaut ahipmer~ts. i'C~'RCBABA~ ~b SCALE, Aonidiella Aurantii ~asl~. Synonym: Aepidiotus a~raati~. ~aak., A~citri Cc~east., A. co~cineyus Green, Aani8la ~ a~ii: Teri., A, aursntii Sari., Ghr~so~~,hal::s aurantii Ckll., .A.onidiella taxug IRSOx~. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of feats and Diseases ~ 11 ?renal. 26. Affected crops: Citrus, pronged tree, gersiznaons, olive, gistaochio, mulberry, fig, quinoe, Apple, grape, modlar, laurel, banana, rose, Desk, ' tea shrubs. Quarantine aeasures; Seine as above. Quarantine measures; Disinfestation or infested plant ahi~smenta and reguln- YSLLO~ PC~GRA~ATH SCALE, Aanidiella Citrissai Coq. Synonyms Aapidiotus citrinue Coq., Aonidiella aurantii var. aitrina Affected oropas Citrus and palr~e. tioner at points ~rhera infested dtrua fruits are used. ? itE3FYTJCJ'ZYS SC.~,E, Aspidiotus Destructor Sign. Affected crt~+e:: G9frns, tae shr-lbs , holly; leurol, nenner, Falrs, mango, banana, walnut. quarantine ~a~urns: Di sit~l'astati.on oP infested plant shii?r~ents and rogulations at p Dints of esntry of plants. CI'fRr'S LEAF ~(YtH, Dia~horiaz+ (Fsuphalems) Citri $uw.~ Affee~ed Drops: Lemons, tangerines, oranges, .and other plants of. the P,ut~ s Quarantine mesEUreya: I~ieinfeaCatiou of planting stock and transplanting to ? quarantine greenhouses. CZiHUS "MITE FLY" {E:oth}, Dialeurodez Citri Ashur. Affeoted tropes Le^~ons, oranges, ?tanseriuos, gral.afruit, tea shrubs, laurels, persinmans, gardenia, camphor tree, ?liguatrum", ~as;nmin, 1iLcs, honeysuckle. Quarantino meessurne: Embargo on infested plant shipments. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Lust of Pests and. DiseRSes 12 ~ Transl. 26. ? DT~TFTJF'iODES CIi~?II'OLII 1~Q&G Affected crops: Lemons, oranges, ttangericies, grapefruit, and other citrus fruits. Quarantine measurea: Eahargo on infested plant shigmenta. CITEn9 "JAPANESE FLY", Aleuracanthus Spiniferua Quaint. Affected oropts, oranges,, +,~.ngerines, gra^~:frGit, gr3nes, Japonese persismone, pears, roses. ' Quarantine mea?ures: Same as above. " CI'~$US ~lLACK FLY," Aleurocsnthus sloglumi Ashby. APPeoted Drops: -Lemons;. orr3n~cs, tangerines, grapefruit, coffee, s'ango, ? Qrapea, mulberry trees, custard apples. Quarantine measures: .Sams. ? . _ AI~TTROLOBIIS l~'gRLA?TI QL~dIN~'. ' APfeoted crops: Tangerir:es, mulberry trees, bp1~.nhenthe a:.pcra, Lapbnfphyllnm macropad~. Quarantine tn~aesures: Same. CICADA EINO'PZFEEA URL. Aftboted crops: Iutaor?e, tangerines, olives,; peactics, alfalfa, ootton. Quarantine measur?s: See. . SI?1Tt~I~!'A A.CUTA (CICADiD9E) t~ALN. Affected Drops: Lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, ooffee, guava, acacia, mango. Quarantine measurea: Same. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List o! pests and Diseases ].S Traasl. 26. URAHC,$ TIIDIPS, Scirtothrips Citri Moult. Afleoted orog:a Oranges, lemons, ts~ngerines, grapefruit, pos+sgranictea, olives, pecans. Quarantine measures: Same. . FRAFICLIgIBI.IdI IASUI.lIRIB F$ARIC. Affeoted cropas Lea-ons, oranges, tangerines. Quarantine sieasuress Ss~ce. SILaBHY CITAQS b'I?!~, Phylloaoptes oleivorus Ashm. affected aropse Lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit. Quarantine measures: Embargo on infested plant shipment and regulation at points sere infested oitras plants are used. DIPLODIaL DOT Inducer: Diplo~dia_ natalensis Bvans., physalospora rhodiaa (B. et C.) Cooke. affected crops: Tangerines, letaons~,. oranges, grapefruit. Quarantine measures: Enbs-tgo om~ infested plant shipments sad infested plants.. BART DISEASE OF CI?flIIS.F$IIITS Induoer: 'porotriahum aitri B. T. Butler. affected crops: Oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit, Citropsis, "kinkaa.? -__.._ Quarantine measures: B~nbargo on infested grafts, stalks, podnnales sad fruits; traaaplanting of apparently healthy shoots sad psduaolss fros~ ic~f'ssted shipments to quarantine plots. CaIlE$D OF CI`.~II8 F&tTITS Inducer: Baoterium oitri ($aase) Doidge ? S3-noayms Pseudoaonas aitri Hasse, ph o$onea oitri Haase Be ( ) rgey. affeoted crops: Lr~aaoas, tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, Casimiroa edulis, Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Pests and Diseases 14 Transl. 26. Clansena 2ansium, Chaetospen~ua glutinosun, Atelantia oitriodes, A. ce~?lonia, Poncirrns trifoliate, Fortuae.lla hinensis, F. japonica, F. oraeeifolia. ~~_ Q~rantine measurers Embargo oa fruits and grafts of oitrus fruits from in- Tested countries. BACTERIAL BCTR2~ OP CITRIIS FEIIITS, CITRIIS BIAS'P Inducers Bacterium oitriputeale Smith. Synonyms Bacterium aitrarofacieas Lee., Phytaa~onas citripnteale (smith) Bergey. et Al., Pseudomoaas citriputeale (Smith) Stapp. Affected oropss Oren,~es, lemons, tangerines, jasmine, laurels, Poplars, ashes, bird-elfler cherry, pears, oaf, lilacs, apricots. Quarantine aeasuros: Re~eotion oP infested materials non-infested plants are transplanted to quarantine nurseries or greeahcuses. PESTS ADD DISEASES OF FRiIIT ATlD BE~~RR~Y,Q SIIBTROPICtiL ADD ORRAITSE'PAL PLUS AUD Vi1~Tl" ~7 f PHYLL07~RA VAST~TRI7C PI.~rCII. ' Synonyms Phylloxera vitifolii I'itoh Riley, Bhisaphis vastatriz Planoh. Peaphigus vitifoliae p. Affected crapes Grapes. ' quarantine aessuress Strict observance of "II:STRIIC?ZOES? on anti Phylloxera quarantine. 3~OOLY APPIS APHID, Friosoma Lanigerua Hausa. Syuonyas Aphis lanigera, :`ysoxylus nali Blot., Sahisoneura lsaigera Haulm. Affected crops: tipples, nountaia ash, plans, pears, Ar~eriaan elm, hawthorn. S Quarantine neasuress Disinfestation of infested plant ehig~ents, Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? list of Pests nod Diseases 15 SAN JOS~~ SCAIE (CALIR.), Aspidiotus Perniciosua Comst. S3~nonyms Comstookaspis perniciosus Comst., Aspidiotus perniciosus elbopunotatus ~_ Ckll., Aepidiotua perniciosus aadromelas Ck1I., Anaidiella pernioiosa Berl . AfPeoted orops: Apple, pear sad peaoh trees, apricot, oherry, plum, almond, ahereehnia (oherry); harorthorn, quince, roses, oitrus trees, lilaos, linden, tun6 trees, and many other; altogether close to 90 pleat species. ' Quarantine measures: $zbargo an infested plant shipments. "T[ITO~'i.i.9,n 8CAIE, Psendaulacaepis Pentagons Targ. Synonym: Diaspis ~entagona Targ., Tosa., D. amygdale Tryon., D. laaatns Sorg. et Ckll., D. patelliformis Sasaki, D. auranticolw Ckll., D. amygdnli . -. v. rnbra Bask., Hoaard~ia prunicoia $irk., Sasakiaspis pentagoaa Targ., _____ Aulscsspis penta~ona Targ. Affected crops: ~lberry trees, walnuts, currants, gooseberries, horse ahectaut, laurel-cherry, spindle tree, Gleditohia, oleander, almont, elm, lilac, gophora. " Quarantine measures: Same. t'EALY SCAI? OF GItAPEB, Pseudocoocus Citri Risso. Synonyms Dortheeia oitri Risso, Dactylopius Pious Sigu., D. alaterni., D. in- dious., D. lavandulae Sign., D. destruotor Corist., D. longispinus Eennen, D. oeratoniae Sig:., D. brevispinue Targ., Boisduvalia gnadricaudnta Sign., Leoaniu~a phyllocoocna Ashm., Coocus citri Boisd., C. vitis Died., Ondabilis quadricnudata CY11., Paeudococcns alaterni Fern.,. P. Picas Fern., p. indious Fern., P. quadricandatue Fern., ~_.__r_ P. (Dactylopius) ~vitis Neda., P. vi_ Hedt. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Pests and Diseases 16 Rranal. 26. ? ? Affected cropse Grapes, figs, apricots, mulberry treoa, barbery, tobacco, ivy, oitrus, tea shrubs, pronged tree, olive, pineapple, ooffee, cocoa, ootton, oleander, banana, viburnum, lavender, buckthorn. Quarantine measures: Same. JAPA~S~ CA~HOE SCALS, Pseudaonidia Duplez Ckll. Synonyms Aspidiotus these Laek., A. (Lvaspidiotua) these ]pack., A. duplez Ckll., A. these var., rhododendri Green. P.~rhododendri Green, P. rhodo- dendri thearum Fera. APfeoted Drops: Leaons, tangerines, oranges, tea shrubs, olive, fig trees, ? Japanese persimtaons, apples, pears, Bad grapes. Quarantine measures: LYtbargo on infasted plant shipments. ~A1CY PIG SGAI,E, Cero~lastes 8usoi Lina. Synonyms Coccus rusai L., C. oarioae Bern., C. artemiafae 8osai, Calyptiaus radiates Costa, C. testudineus Costa, C. hydatriz Costa, Columren testudina-ta 4'arg. Ross., C. testudiaifonais '!'arg,-?oat., Chermes - ..~.~ oaricae, Ceroplastes rusoi Sign., C. artemieiae Sign. l~eoted crops: Figs, pa2as, tangerines, oranges, leaoas, medlars, mulberry trees, oleander, peach, pistaaohio, pomegranates, roses, grapes, myrtle, nastio tree; as well as many stone fruits. Quarant ins mea.suros: Same . POLLINIA SCAITs, Pollinia pollini Costa. Atfeotxd crops: Olive trees. Quarantine measures: b'sme. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? fiat of Pests sad Diseases 1? OLIYF IEEE SCAIF, 5aissetia Oleas Bern. Synonyms Chermes oleae Barn., Cocoua oleae 011., C. pa]r~ae F~.~., C. testudo Curtis., C. oycadfa Boisd., Lsoaafum oleae ilk., L. cassiniae, bask., ~._.. L. olese v. testudo Gkll., L. oleae v. miraadun Ckll., 8ernardia ._~ oleae Ckll., Neobarnardia oleae Ckll. . Affeoted Drops: lemons, tangerinesf oreanges~ olive, grapes, apples, pest, apricot, glua-, pcmegrsm-te, pistacchio, laurel, quince, ~alaut, magnolia, tea shrubs, mulberry trees, oleander, elm. Quarantine measures: Serene. JAPAtiESE BEETLE, Popillia japonica Berem. Affected Drops: Vegetable, fruit and ornar-entai plants. List of odfble plants , affected by this peat exceeds 200 species. Quarantines rseasuress Embargo on infested plant shipments. JAPAESSE Ci'AL COCBCLI-FER (PERTIE), Ascrica Japonica ~otsoh. Synonym: Aserica oastanea Arr., Autoserica oastanea grr., l:aladera jeponioa Lotsoh. Affected Drops: lemons, tangerines, tong tree, apple, sunflower, carrots,, bean, batata, rhubarb, ivy, strawberry {over 5D species of other plants). Quarantine measures: Same. AFPIE ~f?TH; Agrilne tali Pets. Affected Drops: Apple trees. quarantine measures: Same. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Liet of pasta end Diseases 2$ l'ranal. _26. FRUIT BARS-~~iTBR, ~ocoatrypes ~,c~li~~ P. ~~~ Synrn,:~mx C~ootrypes palm5.oola Hor:z., C. Iaboulbansi Deo., Dr~roavates claotyliperdn F., I! daot~-li~erde~ y. obs Rey., D. iabaulbenei Ilea., ita3e~ slactj Iiparda P? pystryehua pa'imicolor Horn:, B. r +.s dsCtytiperda F'. ; Affeat~eri Drops; Fx~:itu o~ palm tree. t~uarantiae ~mea.$nres ~ Di~sini`~station of infested plant shipments. ? '$1rEST'~R~N P~G`D I~t1TA, Las~eyregia poleata Busak. Synanymr. Cydiw molests 8uscg., Grapholithn moleata.BuscY. `..~..^r r ?i ~ i~P+aoted Drops: Fruity or peach, pita~, e~pricot apple trees. t~uarantine mes.aurcts: ~?bar~o on infastr,d pl.e~tt shiprs~nta. flLI''G'~ T ~E'?TIi, Prays Dleellua Fa~br. Synon~rm: A~melfa oleella Fabr., t1e cophora olae lle Fa~br. ,, Affected broils: t9livts tre~es_. . quarantine s~ures: Diaiaf'est~ttion of fnfaeted shiparent anal regulation ~t pouts oP entry and asa of plax:te. . P'E~t ~?17t ~flTH, ltumonia P~rigolella fiats. .. .,._ ~yaoul-at: Reph_ o~ptet~ra ~rrivare~la Idots., tI. rubrizonella fiats., ~~umonia pYritora Gerasimov. Afteated cropea gears. quarantine measures; Smbergo on infested plant shipments. APPIE FLY, Rhs.goletis pamone2la 1l~i-lsh. w w r Synoz;pm: Rha~oletis~ tept~yria Snox., R. symphoricarpi Carr. APfeated crops; Fruits of apple, pear, plug, charry trees, haathorn, ohe~+eshnia bilborr3r (foxbarry), gild plexm tree (blackthorn) . quars~ntine menauresz Same as aba~a , Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Pasts and Diseases ?~ 19 Transl. 26. OLIN TFEE FLY, Dacus Olese (~nel. Affeated aroga: trees. Quarantine meaauroa: Same. BIdCB PIG FLY, Lonahaea Aristella Beck. Affected aroga: Figs. Quarantine meesuress Same. GLADIOLIIS TIlRIPS, Taeaiothripg Gladioli k'and. Affected Crops: Sigridia, Zri~ to~aia, Comopsia, Gla_ diolns, HnophoPia. Quarantine sneasuroas Disinfestation of infested pleat shipments and regulation at points of entry and places vahero bulbs are used.. SPfiA~ERRY FEAI''!'ODE, 6~helenchoides Fragariae xitz-Bos. ? Synonym: Aphelettohus ora:erodis (o=meroides) Fegea. dffected a*apas Stra~rberrias, (garden and gild), chrysanthemums, begonia. Quarantine aeasures: Embargo on infested pleat shipments. GUFtI%A13T I~LATOIICS, Aphelenahoi8ca Ribie Taylor Affeoted crops: Currants and gooseberries. Quarantine measures: Sege. ? GALL NEl;ATOIIS, fiBTBROtIg&A L:ditIOLI COAITi. 3gnonyris Heterodera radiaioola Greet-L;aller. Affeobed crops Ornamental, vegetnble,'fruit, teahnioal, medicinal, ether-oil plantsi altogether abaut 1500 species of plants. quarantine r~ensures: Embargo an infested plant ahipmentsf ornaiuentnl plants are included becauso the;+ are iaQorted trams abroad oa the roots of above plants. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 --- - -- - -- -- ---- .,_..~..n..o ~~. rranal. 26. CbARE& OF STOHB F81JIT8 Affeoted Drops: Cherries, plugs. Quarantine censures: $~bargo on infested plant chipmeats. {DO~tiED) ~' QfTIFESS OF APPIES ,Af'feoted Drops: Apple trees. Quarantine measures: Embargo oa infeated~planting stock and infested fresh fruits. BPII~x DI&EASE Iaduaers Corticitan stevensii Burt. Synos~ymas H}-poohnopsis ,ochrolsuoa Aoack. Affected crapes Fruit trees, apple, pears, plum, penah; subtropical, Dittos, ~~ tong tree, tea shrub, eto. ? Quarantine measures: Saaae . ~ . BITTER ROT Inducers Glaeoaporium fructigeaum Berk. Synonyms Gaaszoniopsis fruotigena Clin., Glamerella ruPo~aa_ uic~ue cep, et Soher. Atfeoted crops: Apple, quince, cherry, Plum, apricot, peach, grape, Viburnum, Ienans, gad other orchard and vegetable oropa. Quarantine measures: Embargo oa shipQeate of infested fresh fruits of above . Drops; transplaatiag of planting quarantine greeahonses follavring disinfestation. RED 8OT OF VSEtJFZ PLtJY Inducer: Polystignina ussurienais (l~aoum) P~roc. Syao~: polvstigssa ua~ ends (JaaL. et Nat.) Proa. Ahodoseptoris ussurienais ? fiaoum. Palystigmella ussurienais Jaaz et Net. . /Afected Drops: Plnas gad cherry. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? Liet of Pests sad Aiseases 21 ? @uarantine aseasuress I6-port of defoliated grafts; their subsequent rinsing is Solution of copper sulfate or formalin, and keeping at quarantine greenhouses away from seotions of industrial produotion. 1&64 HO's OF SUBTH4FICAL CHOPS Iaducara Thielaviopsis paradoxa (De Baynes) van Hohnel. Aftboted oropss Fineapplcs, dates and aoooa palms, olive palms, sugar ca,na, 'banana, cocoa, cabbage palia, muscus squash, nat~o trees, Pig trees . quarantine measuross Fnbargo oa infested plants. tlon-infested plants are ~transplaated to quarantine greenhouses follouring their disinfestation; importation of inf'eated shipr.~ents of .fruits of above planto into Subtropical cones is prohibited. OB~SGT &BST Inducers Gymaoaonia peal:iana (Home) Trotter Sunlralia pitons (Solxw) Arth. Affected crops: "kniashanika", a iaspborry &ubus aratious, 8ubus saxatilis, sad other speoies of raspberries. quarantine measurass Transplanting to quarantine, greenhouse of grafts that do sot exhibit outscard symptoms of the disease. _ TEXAS SOOT 80T Inducer: Phyaatotriahum ~nivorim Sahear. - _r._ Synonyms Osoniua amnivorum Scheer. ? Affected crops: Over S00 species of plants, teohniaal, vegetable, fruit, ornamental, eto. quarantine measures Embargo on import of ple~nts and soil specimens from states Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 of pests and Diavasae 22 ~ Tranal. 2F. where Texa~a raot rot prevails CAB~it i7F CB~v~ Induaars -Endothia ~arasitioa ~~urr.).And.. at ARd. Synonym: ~ndothia gyrc~sa war. ~araeitica ($urr.) Gainton. Affbatdd Drops: Chestnut, oak., maple, Carya ovate, Rhos typhine-. . Quexatxtiaa ma:asarea: 1'rohlbitiotx to import frcatt, infested .c~otxx~;tri~QS pisxiting stock, ,fruits snd lumbor ~~ above ,~enxrra. . 11tPP~$ FLM DISEASE Inducer: ttraphi~ nLi $ctrvr. Affected crops: Eras, Lng3~sh elm, aad ttlmue dense. Quarantine aceasuxws: Px~hibitiou ~ import planting mataria3 in criates made of elm; examination of saat~e at que-ramtina ,gtu~anhouse~. BAf.'"'~FIAfi k~tlR~ t~F I'FnIT TF~f:I;S . Inducer: fiactariu~ wmyloworuA (Berri 12.). Synonyms i~iar~rooa~cus a~cy~3avorus Bur., Fr~rit~ia ;r~lovara ~~urri2l), .$acillus ~**Iavorus {Cur.) da ~oai. 1-Pt'eoted crops: Apple, pear, 'rose, raspberry, m4dlar, quincsa, alum, cherxy, charashz~ia, paraimmon, mountain ash, .7t;~tA berry, almond, h$w~ thorn, strnwberry~ aornel {dog rood), aprivct, paaoh, apiraa, nuts, Chae~t~elea~ is .a~na Phc~tinia avillosa. Quarantine measureez Embazgo an fnfasted ghat shipments; the balance oi' grafted aiad plantir-~ stock is transplanted at quars~atina greenhouses. R{}tJ3' Cd~EB OF FgUTT '~S - P{?i.YPt3D: Indti~r: $aoterium tiaaefaoiens Smith et ~'oi~sead. Sy~aonym: Peeudaaonas tw?eFaciang {Smith et S`o^~sand) Stevana. PhS-to~onas ^r Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Pests and Diseases Z5 Traasl. 26. tvmelaciens (S~itti et Townsend} Bergey. Polymorias tumelaciens, Liesloe. ifleeted props: Boses, quince, raapberriea, apple, pear, plea, grape, ham tharae, spindle tree, eucalyptus, laurel, olive trees, etc. Quarantine aeasuress Fte~eotion of visibly diseased plants] the rest are dis- infested. Ti~SRCUI~OSI3 OF ObI4E sFERS Inducers Eaoteriuffi eavaetanoi (E.F. 9~nith) Stevens. Synoapis: Pseudanonas savastanoi (E.F. Sasithj Stevens. Phytomoaaa savastanoi B.F. Smith) &-rgey. Bacillus pleas tuberculosis savastaaoi. Bacterium aleae Arcangeli. Affected aropss Olive, snaw treo, ~asnine, ash, Forestieria acuminata (Adelia acuminata~ Os~s.nthus aquiPolfum. Quarantine aeasures: ~abargo on infested plant shipctents. $UH2~ OF' ]~ULBBE&Y TREE Inducers Baoteriun swri (Bayer et Lantsertj ~iith. Synozryets Pseudoaonae mori (Boyer et Latabert) Stevens, Phytamoaas mori (Boyer et Lar-bert) Bergey. Atfeeted crops: ~I'ulberry trees. Qnarantinar ayeacnress Segregation of infested saterial oa the basis of its appearaucep healthy material is permitted to safer but ie dislnfeated prior to transplanting. ~ST3 AKD DISEASES QF' 1ECHNICAL CROPS. Elongated scale, "Podusheohnitsa," pulvinaria floecifera ~iestr. ? Synonyms Coccus Ploccifera li., Pulvinaria cor~elicolsr Sigu., P. Linearis Yarg., P. pha.~ae Clicll., P. bmssicae Ckll. P. lloccosa lfsatw. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Pests and Diseases ~ 24 '~ra~nsl. 26. ? l1PPeoted aropa: Lsaon tangerine, orange, spindle trees, "nobles camphor laurel, tea shrub, ivy, cabbage, tobacco, holly. Quarantine measures: Diainfestation of infested plant shipments. BLItCK 86~.~00 SCE, Antonina bambusae IdaaY. Synonyms S~h~rnooaau8 bambusae ~ta.ak., Chaetoaoocua ba~abusaa ~aa3c. Affected arop: Bamboo Quarantine measures: Importation of roots or:~.y is allowed and their disiafeatation is coiapulaory. 811'BOC SCE, Asterolecaniuza $ambusae Boiad. Syapnym: Planohonia bambusae Charm., Pl. fi~:ariata ~. bambusae (Roiad) Eaak., ? P1_ (Asterolec) banbusae (Eoisd) ~TASk., 8s~busacpfa banbusa,e (Boied.)C1cI1. l1Pt~eoted Drops: ?Bamboo. Quarantine measures: Same as above. SCAIE OF &'Eifi ZEALbl3D FLAX, Triongmua Disdnutua (Leon) ~!orr. Synonym: Dnct~rlapius calceolariae, Pasudocoocua dimtnutus Leon. Affeoted aropa: N'err Zealand flax. Quarantine measures: Embargo on infested plant shipment. ?PAS1fdOs (oP flaz} Inducers Phlyotaena lin' ieola Speg. Synonym: Sphaerella lino~n Moll aPfsoted crops: Flax. Quarantine measures; Embargo on seeds, etra~r and produots oP initial pro- ceasing oY' flax. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 gist oP Fiesta aad Diseases 25 8C0? x0? 4F SUBTROPICAL CEOP$ Inducers Botryodiplodia thsobromae Pat. Affeoted Drops; Tea shrub, grapefruit, orange,~c;oaoa, sugar Dane, coaaa palm, Albizzia moluceana, :ievaa. ' Quarantine aonsures: . ~nbprgo on infost~d plur-{; shipments. Tranaplantiag oP healthy tea seedlings {shoots) and other susceptible crops at quarantine greenhouses, following the alaaning aad disinfeoting of the soil. PES28 AND DI~6SE8 OF VEGETABLE CEDPS CO1~H BATATA i1~EVIL, Cylas For~nicarius Fabr. Synonym: Cylas turaiaennic Sohienh. Affcctad cropa: Different varieties of batata. ? Quarantine ueasnrec: Embargo on infeatod shipment. ?his aeasure is applied to all other Weevils in~urioua to batata tubers. ItSIA2! PLY, E:yfopardalis Pardalina Sig. I Synot~~s Car~om~-ia aaucasion Zaits.. Affected cropa: felon, watermelon, oucumber, and other Cuaurbitne. Quarantiae neasuress E~bargo on fruits of Cucurbitao. F.a8i~8n Z:SIA~3 FLY, Baatrocera CtiiCurbitae Coale. Syno~ynt: Daaua cucurbitae Coolc. Affeoted Drops: i[slon, watermelon, cnonmber, and other Cucurbitne. Quarantine measures: Sa~bargo on fruits of Gucurbitae. STF" ROT OF BbTATA ? Inducers Fusarium bulbigenum vsr. batatas Cooke et T~saee, Fuaarium . ozyapor~aa Sohl. f. Ar. Synonyas: Funariu.~n bntatati? lfr., Pusarium hyperos~sporum 1fr. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ?List of Pests and Diseases 26 Trane2. 2E. 1Pteoted crops: I3atata. Quarantine reacurts: r Destruction of infested tubers; transplanting cf healthy tubers at quarantine greenhouses, following cleansing and of the soil. ? BI~CE JAVA ItC2 Znduoers ltac_ rophoaca.ed~~ A1~,~~ ~~,~ia tuborioolt- Taub. Atfeoted oropes Batata. Quarantine measures: Sane as above. ' . BLdCK ROT QF BATATA. Inducer: Ceratoetas+iella fimbriata (E. et H.) FI1. Synonys: 8~haeronema Pimbriata (E. et A.) Saoc . ? Atteoted crops: Batata. Quarantine measure8: Destruotion of diseased tubers, runnors, planting of roslthy grafts. to quarantine follo~ring cleansing and treatment of the grafts; trans- greenhouse; soil. C6BLAGF 1PILT Induoer: Ft~eariusn conglutf,nans Fr. . dFfeated aropec Cabbage, turnips. Quarantine measures; planting of seeds of C3"uciferae 'on quarantine or other isolated plots proviou~Iy treated. ? DP.Y RDT ' Inducers Phoma lin~?am (rode; Aasr~.. ' Synonyms PlenocIosius lin~aa (Tca~o) v IIoetw., Plenodomus rabenhorstii Preuaa., phylloetiota braaaicae Meat. ? r Affaoted cropaz Cabbage, hohlrab;., turnips, mustard, phasealus sugar beets~. Quarantine rssasurese Sams as above. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of r'ast: ar~d Disea$es 27 Transl. 26. Si'DT OF Ot~I02i ' Inducers IIrooyatis oegulae (Frost) Liro. Synonyms R't1~ lain aepulae Fr. Affected crops: Onion and all species of Allium. Quarantine measuress Destruction of diseased anion seedlings (ohoata); treatment . of healthy saaaineus and regulation of rsgiona of planting. xrs~ o~ su~Ax s~s~ Inducer: 0rom3tces betas I,ev. Affeoted cropss Suter beet, Beta mcritima, B. oiclo. Quarsntin,s measures: Restrictions on importation o? seeds from :broad; planting of imported seeds on isolated plots previously treated. S{?Ti?BERH SCI.E80TIAI, BAT Inducers Sclerotiuxn Rolfaii Sacc. Synonyms Cortiaium centriP~:gum (Lev) Free. $yp_ oc~ centrifuges iul. At'tected cropss Qegatable, ivelan, peanut, potato, tabaoco sad ooer 160 speofes of other arne~ental, floral, technical, sad fruit plants. . Quarantine measures: lranapla,nting of root crnps, bulbs, tubas, grafts, ieed- Zings, and undetground seeds to quarantine greenhouses or ploia previously cleansed and treated; regulation at paints where pleating ~e-teriwl is used. BACI`ERIAL CAi;1KEB OP TOI~ATC1~aS Inducer: Aplanobacter michignnenae E. F. Smith. Synonym: Bact. miahiganense E.F. 9nith., Pseudoaonast adichigansnse (E.F. Smith) Stevens;; ~p~tomonas miehigar-onse (E.F. Smith) Bergoy. ? Affected oropss 1'oaiatoea, black Solanua, S. a~aa~os~. Quarewtina neasLx~ea: 8eatriction on importation of seeds of above plants; Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Pests and Diseases 28 ? Traasl. 2&. platttirG oP i~-orte~d seeds on quarantine.plots; prohibition to f.mport tomato fruits . PESTS, DISP.ASES Af'~J 1~D$ 4i~ GRdTN-IEGjIMI~TfS CHOPS. CIII?~SF 1~BVII,, Callosobruchus Chinensis L. Synonym: Pachymerus chirensis L., Bruchus chinensis L., B. scutllaris F., pectinivornis y. ~~ APPeoted crops: Soya, peu, phaseolus, lentil,.ooxpea, Gassia oor3+abosa, Crotolaria aapease, Ca~amss indicus, :'igna ol;t~osperma. quarantine ~aeasures: Disinfestation of seeds and phaseoli. S. 4-3F'pT:TD I9ESVZL, Callosobruchus Quadrimaoulatus Fabr. Synonym: Paohyaerns gt;adriaaculatu~c p., Bruchus quadrinaculatns P. Dolichos -- .~~ lablab., D. li~rosus, Ce~an!ie indicue. APPeoted oropss Pea, co~pea, phas,eolns, soya, chick-pea, Doliohns lablab. D. LuCnoaus, Ca~anus irdiou3. Quarantine measures: DieinfeEtation of seeds and begns. PHASfiOLII$ ~YIL, Acanthoscelides Obtectns Say. Synonys~: Acaathoscelides obsoletus Say., Bruchna obsoletns Ssy., B. obtectus Say., B. pollidipes Trshr., B. bremeri Grotch., E. subellipticus 'Roll., B. fnbae Sitch., Bruchidine obteetus Sa3-., B. irrissotus Fabr., Iaria ~..._ irr_isecta Tahr., Z. obtacta vay., }~Iabris irriaecta Tahr., LI. ob}eotus Say. Affected orops: Bean, lentil, pea, phaseolus, soya. Quarantine measures: Disiuf'eatntipn of Qead3. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 T,ist of Pasts and Aiaeasoa 29 Txaasl. 26. ? IrI1QSA l~k'VIL, ~oanthosoelides 3!Simosae F. -~_ Synonyms )~~abris riimasaa Baudf., ~3ruvlius saimoass F. Af'fectad cropsr Seeds oP phaseoli, r,iz~oaa, Cs-ssis fistulatn, Cnesal~inia ~M.... carfare. Quarantine r~epsuress Disinfestation of seeds anc~ prasooli. PEALS EVIL, Pachr,~rus Fallidus Oliv. 8ynorlyms Paahymerns germanii dust. P. - ___._- a pallidua ,Scshil., $~us Ana]! lidua Oliv... Carvoborus allidus Baudi. Affected crops: Poanut. Quarantine aeasuress Disinfestea.tion or seeds and pha.ssoli. CIAVER YrSSVIL, Bruahidius ~rifoli dot. Synonyms Rnxchus trifolf i i:'at. ' APfeoted props s Clover - Trigfolium pretense, T. ale~ndrinu~t. _~_.___ Quarantine aeaauxeos Disinfastation of seeds. BRL`C~IDItT3 AId'IERI PIC. Synonym: Bruohus alfieri Pio. APfeoted props: Cl+orer. Quarantine saeasuraas Diaiafestation of veeda. ECYPTI~ P8g DEVIL, 6ruchidius Incaraatus Boh. sytionyti: ~3ruchus iacarnatus Sohn. Affeoted cropsr Pea, lentil, ohicY-pea, Vicia fibs., Cad:nus iadicus. Quarantine msasurese Di$infestation of seeds. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 I,isb oP p+dst~ u~nc~ L`ise~cee 30 ? PRT!CIIE~S 'iJI.ICIS ?~. ~f~.ected .arapsa I,eratils. Quarantine zaeaeurer~: B1sir~aatstian of seeds. A.~Peated crcps r Fhysosti~na ~anos~, Cicez~ P&CtCHt'S ~.2?~JiLIS F'. t~aliahon ].ablr~b., i1. sir~nsis ars etiz~usn. Quarantine m~+asur+s+~: I7lsinfes'tyatits~t df aee~eit~a. S~rt;ony~a:s Pe-ch~ ~.errus ornatus $ah, Affected: cr4pss lea, ol;icl:-tea, Viciae aindnaa, Iblichos 3:ablab. Qut-rantine~ ~neaauras: See~.e ns above. BR~.3ILIAIt 1'~~O~il'3 t~EVIL, ~brotea gubPaas~iatus Boh. Synaxiyma 9'ger~ophagus subf'rxscsa~us Bah., .Sperm. ~eatplnll.i~ 5~~., '8~ np. musculaa Bah. gffeat~rd aropss Pea, pl~~teolus, "aae+cpe~e, I?oliahos lablab, ?!. s~i-gLei~eda~is. Quarantine ~asuras: Diaini'eata~~on o? ~te+~d:. ST~i RILE ~t~$, Chile Sin'iplea Butler. ..._,.~ Syaon~a: Schoeaobiue aims Bmt2er, Child nryane Fletcherr. Af`f'ected crops ~ Rice, ccrn, t`cia~il m112at, aorghn:~. Quare-ntin~ measures: Desbructaoz~ of stress oP nbo~ro a ra~,s, used' #`ar gackin~', i`reight,a eub~c~t to quare-ntine ~d et~trivi.~ Prorx cauiitr3es v,~:e r~ tl~ pest is spread. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of S'nRts and 0#.eeases 31 Transl. 25. SdYa i`OTIi, Euoosr.~ Glyainivorolla i~sts: ' Synonyms: IasFen'eafn~l~,roinivoro2la r.'Ata., Craphol~.tha glyainivorolla y;ots. llffeoted Drop: Smfa. ~,tatrwt'stine neasureas nisinfeatation of infested plant shipment. 80&GAUk t3ALL (1'I~A, DtJ9gT~ITO), Contarina Cor~hicola Cog. AfPerted aroFs : 3orghua. Qu~urantine ~easures3s Enbargo on infested seed shi~ebut. - s~;~ a~ ixcE ~sdsaoers 7Cilletis harrida iaL. . `Affdoted Drops: 8iae. ~Qtin-rantine aseasuros: Er..bargo on inf`euted seeds of riae- s-tsd strA~r; glo-nting of Hors-infested seeds for fasts on quarantine .plods; rice for food aonsueiption fe not sub~eot to quarantine restriation$. ? ' 8'T&ii ~ ~ OF s~AT . Iaduoers IIrooystis tritici (Hoorn.) I,ir. Bynor~s Tuburcinia tritiai F.arn. 6ffeated stops: i~tieat. Quett~tstine saeassuresz Conditions. for irnportislg wheat and. it's use are i.n suety individual oasa datonained by the Sector of Foreign and Doasestio Plant i~e-rantine oP SKZ of L~3SR. II~VDIAN 'P~rT SE'tlT tm AI~AT Zrsduoer: gilletiw indiaa I~itra. Affiated Drops: ~'rheat. ~saraatiae Rseursnre6s Same as above. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List oP 1'ost;c and Cise~QOe 32 ~T S_'.tPT 0'r B~fRIEY InBnoer:Tilletia ~tsnoioii Dub. et Itan. effected aropea ~3srley. Qunre-ntina r.~eaBUress Sacae as abova. DRY ROT (D~FLQIfIA) 0A CORK Inducsrc Diplodia zoaa (3chw.) I,ev. _ . Synonym: Fh~e os ta~~sonosporaps is. Leas (Bator.) " ~oroh. llPfecbd oropo: Corn. . Quarantine rteasutess Embar?o an inf'oeted ehiFctent; plani;ing o~ seeds .oP eora, visibly non-infested by diploclie- a~n isolated plots. A??TBRACAOSF Olp. CIDVE>l xaduoer: C~lletatrichum trifalii Lain. and Esstry, Aff ec tad crops: Claw r, alfalfa, s~aee t c Love r, Quarantine rteasure3: Trcat~csrt of ~lovar, sReet clover, e~na alfnli'a seeds imr portoa from izitastea countries sod their planting is ~~'ar rogions~ candor speaiwl field supervision, EfiAC~RIgL. ~~ ILi OF COR;~ Iuduaor: F.aateriur~ steA~rti (?.F'. Smith). SynouZ~s ~~larabaater stevx~rti (E.F. 5~ith) t'cCulloch., Pseudaaoass ete~e-rti., Phytamosuia cte~rtf (?.F. 9rtith} Fergey. AS?ccted crops Corn. Quarantind an~asuress Planting oP oorn seeds on isolated ar quarantine plots. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List o! Pests and Diseases 3S Traasl. 26. ? BACTERIA aF PHASEOLIIS Induaersi Bacterium mediasginis var. phaseoliaola, Baat. fLaoumfaafens,' Bact. phaseoli, Baot. phaseoli v. Puscana. Synonym: Phytynonaa aiediaaginis var. phaseolicola (Burkholder), Phytamona? flaoaumt'aaiens (fledges) Bergey. Pseudoaonas flaoauafaaiens (IIedgss) Stapp. Bacillus phaseoli B.F. Smith. Pseudamonas phaseoli S. F. Ssiith. Phytomonas phassoli (E.F. Smith) Bergey. Phytomoaas phsseoli var. tt:_ (Burkholder) . . Affected crops: Phaseoli, aowpeas, soya, Doliahos lablab. Quarantine measure: Embargo on infested and auspicious shipments of seeds. BACT&RIAL 41ILT OF ALFALFA Inducer: Bacterium insidiosum (fiaCullooh) Stapp. ' ? Synonym: Aplanobaater insidi,osuan ~oCullooh. P amoaaa insidiosuss (KoCulloah) Bergey. ' Affected Drops: Alfalfa and rawest olov+er. Quarantine measures: Planting of seeds o! wlfalfa and sweet clover in a Iinited nustber oP regions under special field observations. ? BAC?~ERxAL ,STTRN OF STF,'BS OF ALFALFA Inducers Bacterium medioaginia (&aoget) E. F. Smith. Synonym: Pseudomonas mediaaginis Saoket, Phytamona? medioa,ginis (Sacket) Bergey. Affeo ted Drops: Alfalfa, sw~ t o lover. Quarantine measures: Same ea above. . QUARAnTII~D 1FEED3 Quarantine measures applied to all quaraatined weeds consist in the rsquireaeent that seeds or planting Qaterial of various Drops be imported free Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of pests and Diseases 34 Transl. 26. ? of weeds . Tha lwtte r are listed be lows 1. Aatinea odorata A. Gray 2. Yanisuris granularie L., S. Heliaathus l~auimiliani Sohrad. 4. Silan~ liniaola D. 5. Cenahrus tribuloides L. 6. Bleusiae aegyptiaa Dssf. i~iterial not tree of weeds is retained in the port, or in the custom office and the question about the utilization of this materiwl has to bs aolaed in each separate oase by the people's Cammissarist of Agrioultnre IISSx. . Ia disoovering the following weeds: 1. A~q-ris amaranthoides L. i 2. Ambrosia artebisiePolia L. E. Ambrosia mmaritima L. ' 4. Anbros L trifida L. 5. Cephalaria syriwaa Sahre-d. 6. Eohinoahloa oryaiaola 4aaing. ?. Eahinoohloa s~aorooarpa Vaaing. 8. Solanua~ rostratum Ducal. 9. 3olaaum heterodoxua~ Dural. 10. Caoaulina oammunis L. 11. Cusoutw. 12. Sorghum halepsnss L. 1S. Paapalum 8istiohu~n L. 14. goroptilon piaris CAU. Iy. Danthonia oalyoina Yill. 16. Cynaaahua sautua L. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Pests and Diseases 35 ~ 4'raasl. 26. 17. Tharmopsis Iupinoides L. la. C~-nadon daatylon Pers. 19. Sophora alopecuroides L. , 20. So~hor~ aarpa CAS. 21. Cyperus rotundus L.. ' Quarantine caaterial is alaansed of above weds aad is need in reCions detet~~ined by the S;arkam~em of PSSR. ACTIZ~A QDOAASi'A A. Gray Synonyms Ayiaenoxie odorat;a D. C. Infested aropss Greases. .l;AITISDBIS G>~QIARIS L. ? Synonym: Cenohrus granularis L. Affected oropss Orohard, meadow. SRTIr"F`LOS't~x EuA7C~iI'LIA2~, Heliaatus maxiailiaai Sahrad. Affeated orops: Grain and me,adaw. PL6X CATCHPLY, 6ilene Liniaola D. ? Affected orop: Plan. CERCIIRnB TBIBtJL0IDE8 L. Affeoted crops: Grain.aad meadow. ' ~IEU~IT~E AFGYPTICA ffiSP. Synonyms Cynosurue aegypticua L. Daatyloatenium aegyptiaum W. Affeoted aropss Grain and fruit. ARYRIS 4ii'llIRAIL'TIIOIDES L. Affected orope: Grain, clever, s~eeet olover. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Lle~t of Pests aaa ll1soaeee w ------ - - Al'B843iA ~I~tIISTSF'OLIS L. , dt'feotred oropas Clover and alfalfa. !~'?R08XA IdARITIH/i L. Affected oropas ~ Clover, alfalf'e, hemp. A~'ROSLI ?BIFIDA L. ,ffeoted Drops: Clover and grain. CEPHAL~ZA SYRIACA SCHRAD. ~Affeoted oropa: 1~heat, rye, barley. ' RICE HILLET, Bahiaoohloa t?rysicola Qasiag. $yaonym: Panicum orysioola Yasin$. . Affected orapsa Bioe. LA&GE-GBAI~D MIZaIET, Echinoohloa E:aorocarpa ~aa ing. Atfeoted oropa: F.iae. ~ . SOLA2tU1d R08TRATtJ1I IxTtQAL. ,ffeated oropa: Grain and till amps sad grasses. - ? ~tESICAt~ SOLAEUbd, Solanusi IIeteradoxam Dunal. Lf'feated oropa: Grain, till, and grass amps. $LQE bY&, Caamelimt Cammunis,L. Affected crops: t9haat, rya, barley, oats, midst, Flax. ALL 8fl?CIES OF DODDEH, Cusc_. Affeotsd Drops: Flan, alover,.nlfalfa, etc. JOA2JSt3A (GVIHEA) GRASS, Sorgh~s IIa-lepense L. Synonym: ~udropogon halspeneie Hrot., Holmus halepeasis L. APPscted oropas Sedan, sorgheua, cotton. T~-H0~ BIICHI~A?, Paspalmn Diatiohnm L. Synonya: pasp_ alb digi_taria Poir. Affected crops: 8ioe, aorn, tea plantations. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Liat of Pests aad Diseases S7 Transl. 26. ? S~?ARTI~ED (?), "Gorchak," Aaroptilon Piaris Cem. Synonym: Centanrea piaris Pwll., Seratula piorie l~. B. Affeate8 crops: Alfalfa, olover, vegetable and teohniasl. DAMTHf?I~IA CALYCII'tA Vill. Synonym: Avena aalyoina Vill. ' Affeoted arops: Grasses. - $AAHP i*ILKI~ED, Cynanohum Aautum L. Affeated arops: ,Cotton, meat, barley. TR$gt~OPSIS LOPZfi0ZD68 L. ~Affeated arops: Cereals. BEBHiJDA (SCUTCFI) GRA69, ~odon De-otyldn Pers. $yaonym: Paaiouia daaSylon L.. Capriole daotylon Kuntae. ~_ Affected erols : Grata and till Drops, cotton, orchard and vegetable. SOPFOHN ALQPECUHQII7~5 L: 8yaonym: Goeb_,el_,ia nlopeauroides Bge. Affected crop: Grata. SOPHORA PACHYCARPA CA~3 Affected Drops: cheat, ootton. HOUR CYPERtTB, Gyperus Rotundus L. Affected oropss Alfalfa, gresin, rice, cotton "dshugara.? PEST$ OF STORSD C8~8. -STiOUTED STORAGE 1~&VIL, Caulophilus Latinaeus Say. Affected arops? and food storesa meat, barley, peas. Dorn, Sigs, avocado, . agoras, bntate-, ginEg~x, macaroni, millet. Quarantine measure: Diainfestation of infeatad seed and storage freights. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Pasta and Diseases 58 Traasl. 26. CORN 1lEEYIL, Calandra Zen-Pays Notsch. Lffeated trope and food etorea supplies: Corn, rice, wheat. i Quarantine neasur~e: Game as above. GRAZIt BEETIE, 8hiaopertha Dasiniaa Fab. _ ~, f Synonyms 8hi_ s- opertha pusilla F. Apate frumentaria Horde. llffeated crops sad food stores: T~heat, rice, barley, rye, oats, sots. Qusrantine measures i Satue as above . r lfteoted crops and food stores: lliheat, barley, oorn, rice, peanuts, products of bwlcing industry, flour and dry food products. Quarantine ~neasu~~ress. Disinfeatatioa of infested seed and food supplies. ,~ r' i, - AUSTRALIA:; "~'E-P?LIEVE," Ptiaus Testae Boield. ? 8yaanya: SS-n~rus teetus Aoild, Ptinus ocollus Broaffi. Affeotad asrops and food supplies: Corn, wheat and other grains; ooeoa beans, muscat nuts, almonds, Pigs sad other dry traits. Quarantine measures: 8sme as above. I TBOGOL~Rb:A GitAAARIA Everts. ,'8ynonym;' Trogoderma Ehspra Arraw. ~-ffeoted crops sad food etores: 1N.heat, oorn, barley, ? ~ ~ '. stores.. ~, ~ Quaraat'ine maasures : See as above . maize, beans, and food ' RICL b~TN, Coroyra Cephalonica St. ,~ __.. ? Synostr,,~ms L~eliesoblaptes cephalonica Staint., E~elissoblaptee traaslineella ~~ t ' ~ ~ r3I~Dd ?IaLAT-BODY," Y,o~hooateres Pusillus Slug. Reg?Hamps., Tineapeis theobramae Dyar. Atfeorted Drops and food stores: Coooa-beans, rice, grains, chocolate, aracloers, bitouits, dry fruits. Quarantine measures: Same as above. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 List of Pests and Diseases 39 PINIt COIF SCALE, Pyroderocs Rileyi ~tals. Synonym: Batraotmdra rileyi 1Fals. Affeoted Drops and food' stores: Corn, sorghum, seeds of Lanatana, cotton, Pandauus, Fruits of paps, bananas. Quarantine asiasuros: Di.siafestation of infested seed and food shipm~ants. APPSpDI7C 20 "LIST OF PES1'PS, DISEAS$S A2~D WEEDS OF AOBICUI.TIIRAL PLAN'&, OB~C~$ OF FO~IGN QuABADTIRB~,? E$TABLISf~ED FOx D88E FOB 1940. Inducsr oP disease: Thekopsora psendooerasi Hiratsuna APfeoted crop: Cherry. Quarantine measures: Induoert, 1?arssonina mali. {Henn.} ~'agn. ,. . Affeotpd crap: Apple trbe. Quarantine % ~, noAsures: o The' ianp rtation of seedling and graft material fr~a Japan and Maaohuria is permitted on condition that the packing is ohauged and graft Qad planting stock are disinfeetsd. The impartation Pram Japan and graft material is prohibited. ~ ~'~ ,~ ~ ~ L$1~IF HOZ~L OF APRICOTS ~ + - Inducer: Zaphrina mane Niahida Affected drops: Apricot. I~e-nohuria of .planti:g and Quaraatitie measures: Importation of planting and graft material from, Jspaa A~F August 17~ 19SI. r and l~anohurie is prohibited: ? ,. S2iD OP PAIdPHLET. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 seI?skokhosiaiatvannyi slovar' spravoohnik Transl. 27. Agricultural diotionary reference hand- Traaslnted in part book . Ed. 3. L'osxva, 1J37, 1523 p. by 3. n. L'.onson. PLAt~1T PROTECTIQ21. (p. 360-861) Plant proteotion represents the aggrogate of measures directed towards the destruotion of agricultural pests and the roduction of their hateful aotivity. Socialist roaonstruction in agrioultureE has established organized planned plant p roteotian to be used by collective and state farms in place of the provailing primitive proteotion of individual plots from invasions oP various ene~miea of plants, vfiioh frequently led to driving pests over to neighboring plots. The indu8trialization of~the oouatry, the development of Soviet science sad teohnigae offered the opportunity to mobilize paawerful mesas ns aviation to control pests and diseases. L'eaeures taken for the pro~+ teotion oP plants represent a oomcplex oY oulturnl-eoonimio, meohaaioal, biol- ogianl, ohemiaal methods of control. Among cultural-eoonomic measures aros Adequate soil oultivation, plaWiag of stubble, fertilisation, use of resistant varieties, weed aoatrol, orop rotation, eta. Among mechanical methods: Crushing aeterpillare ender rollers; aatahing butterflies in nets, setting traps for rodents, use of caterpillar traps, eto.; manual gathering of pests; digging of boundnry,ditohes; shaking .beetles from treesi application of ad- hesive sad trapping tinge, belts, eta. Among biological methods: IIse of vertebrates (skunks, weasels, o~la, eto.) and invertebrates {beetles, flies, etc.) to destroy agricultural pests. Among chemical methods: Destruction of pests by spraying or dusting with poisons of internal or ezternnl action and poisoned attraotants. All poisons are applied with the aid of sgeoial apparatus, knapsack, horse and motor. The aviation ohemioal method in destroy ing pests (ohiefly locusts) has been widely applied in the USSR. Supervision of these c~easurea c1n plant proteotioa is provided at oenters by~speoial departments on pest ooatrol, assigned to the main administrations of EBZ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 gel~skokhoziais~vann~-i slovar' 2 Traaal. 2?. ? of USSR. and ~IXCKIi. On location these measuros wro ooaduated under tts! super- vision of branches, seotors or groups, consisting of leading adsiiaiatrations of krai (territory) and Oblast land administrations. At aollaative farnss not servioed by ZITS, supervision over ttreesures on plant protection is ezeraised by regional land organizations, and xhere b9'i'S are in operation, by specialists, technicians on pest oantral, bTS, or agronoaists. ? Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? ge1'skokhoz.iaistvann~ri slovar' 7Fransl. 27. QUABI~t'~TIF~E (p. 4413 - 449.) ? Quarantine inc 1. F.~sbandry, consists in isolating, anir~ls during a definite period under veterinary observation in order to prevent the bringing itt and spread of infectious diseases. All ani~ials (and poultry) destined for Farms should in eompulsory order pass through 2 to 3 weeks period of quarantine grior to 3oining the herds. They are submitted to veterinary-sanitary processing. Every lar;~e farxa Must have a special plot reserrved for quarantine, which re- presents an independent eoonorii.e unit (Separate pastures, ta~tering places, medicism s, veterinary personae 1, ate.). Upon observing some f.nfeotious-dis- ease among the ani~-ls, veterinary observation establishes a quarantine which is lifted by the veterinary surgeon, upon the termination of the disease only folloaring an established period, which depends upon the natnre of the disease; i.o., Prom two weeks to several menthe. It is prohibited to lead out and bring in acrinals susceptible to contagious diseases, to organize, set up,narkets, Faire; other neasures are introdnced Por preventing the spread of a contagious disease. Prior to lifting a quarantine is infested quarters they must be dis- infected. 2. Quarantine in Plant Industry aensists in keeping particalarly harmful pests and plant diseases ~rithin the boandaries of a farm, region (internal, domestic quarantine) end the prohibition to isxport from abroad near pests and diseases (external, foreign quarantine'. A special Quarantine Service has been set up at the 2TRZ of U888. Legislation has been introduced on Cotten, potato, orchard, viniculture Drops, etc. Quarantine inspection is operating is oblasts (s), territories (krai), repub lies. On ~3ovember 20, 1944, 8th of USSR issued a decree establishing a strict system of dos~estio and foreign quarantine measures. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~- ~--- _- ~ Transl. 27. gel+skokYioziaistvannyi slovar+ 4 ? L~LI08dTI0fd P. 720 - ?21) Itelioratioa in agriculture presents a basic improvement of soils (for the purpose of obtaining high and resistant yields is fields calculated for a pro.., longed period of tine. u'elioration is of hydro-teohaical and agro-teo2inioal (agro-meliorative) nature. hydro-technioel rne-lioretion inoludes: 1. Sprinkling irrigation= i.e;, introduoing eater Lato the soii,.in order to oreate ooaditions favorable Por plant groe-th, sad the correlation of enter and air: 2. ~'o rtiliziag irrigation= i.e., introduotion of water into the sof I contain- ing nutritious substances for plans (sewage water from cities, waste water from some industrial enterprises), or the establishment of so-called "Fields of irrigation". 3? Aeating irrigations f.e., heating the soil Frith water sarmer than th e soil. 4. Wishing of salty soils to eliminate the content of eaoesa salts harmful to plants . 5. Drainaga; i.e., diversion of eaceas water. 8. Control of soil erosion, the dev,elopmeat of ravines and floods. 7. Ventilation, (aeration) drainage to increase exohanga of air. The prinoipal measures in agro-technical malioratioa are: IIprooting of stuaps= oleaaing of fields or meadows from brushz removal of atone, cntti,ng of hillocks] leavening of deprossions~ initial plvAing; control of drifting sands sad dew Icp~ent of ravines by introducing tree shelterbelt plantings, initial liming, and ~erling of heavy soils. irrigation and drainage work are practiced on a wlde scale in USS$ and are closely oormectad with navisatioa and the use of eater powr, fishing, the .~gaaization of territories, development of the ra11r oad aet~+cork, populating of uninhabited territories, and sanitary and eoonomio aeasures. August 17, 19$1. BFdD OF ARTICLE. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800 140001-2 ,` Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ~ ~trogonov, B. P. Growth atiziulators as measure for control of preharvest drop of apples and pears. Akad. Hauk. SSR. Dok. 73: fi01-604, July 21, 1950. .511 P444A Translation 28 Growth Substances, Translated by R. Denbo. PRESENTED BF TBS AGADRZ3ICIAN N. A. ~,~A~I~py OR IdAY 27, 1950. s. ? As it is well known, the preharvest drop of kornel fruit reaohes often oonsid~rable number. The trait drop is preceded by the forc~ation of a sepsr- ate layer at t}ie base of the fruit stem. Acoording to a aur4ey of III. 9, separated organ, As a result of suoh tranaformatian Trithin the fruit as Rnkitia (4) the formation of a aeparnte layer ocours as the result of we ing of the supply of nourishing snbatanoes and traratormation within the as is the fruit stem, the process of synthesis weakens and the disintegration prooeas intensities. During this process the ittpoveriehment of the fruit oooura by an exohaage of auks in (5}. The stimulating substances penetrating into the fruit stems stimulate in them tha ezohange prooess (4), as a result of whioh, the supply of food into the fruit stems inoreases, the processes of synthesis beoaaes stronger than the disintegration process and the formation of a separated layer is oheaked. All the works whioh were published along this problem indicate the aon- sidarable effeotiveness of the application of synthesio stiaulants as a measure of ooatrolling preharveat trait drop (1-4,fi). In this artiole we try to indionte the results of a aur~vey of the praotical application of a compound alpha-naphthol acetio acid (aNII) in order to deorease the preharvest drop of apples cad pears. Y{e carried out our e= perimeata is 3talinabad rnion of Tadshik SSR (1948) and in Alushtiaek raion of the Crimean oblast~ (1949). As it is well knrnai, the pecuDe~rity of the continental olir~ate of Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? Gr~rth stimulators 2 Tadahfkistan is the differoaae betoaeen the temperatures of su~cer and of winter, of day and night, low humidity, rare clouds in su~aer and fa fa13, abnndaaae of sun cad insufficient amount bf t~aterfall which occurs mainly in winter cad in apriag. life carried oat oar reaearah in the oraharda of the acientitla-research institute of Fruit-vine and o! vegetable farming, sear Stalinabad. The experiments were carried out on two apple sgeoies {"Borovinka,"white 3uiae) cad upon one kind of pear (Favorite of E3,app~. The trees under experiaent, age 14- lB years, wera spgroxiuately similar in the height and development of the aroma cad in the amount of their fruit. The trees were treated once during the preharvest period. ~e fudged the inflnenae and the duration of the effect of the oompound AFtJ according to the number of fruit drops which ~+ere counted daily, starting with the treatment oP the trees until a full harvesting. During harvesting, the amount of fruit upon every tree ias aouated. The number of Fruit taken off the tree during harvesting and the general amount of the Trait dropped during the experiment is eaoepted as the general yield of the tree. The trees were treated with the water solution of the compound ADII at the aonaentration of 10 mg for ane litr with the sprayer of the system "abtomaks," counting 20 litre of solution for each tree. In tab le 1 are given data on the Trait drop during the first ten days and dur#ag the entire experimental period. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 'Table 3. gho luence of 1l~TiF upon the preharvest fruit drop of apples a~rzd pears " pia percentage From the general amount of fruit oa the tree} vpeoies Ifo.of'-Days The ~nzourat caf fruit from treatment drab in percaata e." ''tra regia~tratian 10"daya after during t a stmt "of entire treatment ~xerind. ~$, ~ `~ 7'8 R 7 `~ 46,$ ~ 8#,$ The data in table l indicates that the trees treated with the compouztd A1~IU had a considerable decrease in fruit drep.. The effect of i~U ~s especially mz-nifested Frith the apple tree "BoroYinka w2iare the differance ih fruit drop bettueen control trees and those ender ex- pari~rnent duriuf; the satire experimental period raaohed 2l percent, and the per- Dent of preserved fruit increased from 23,$ up~ to 49:3, almost datable. It is necessary to underline that; the effect of a~[T wn.e morq mn-nifasted during the First lfl days Pram tha Lament of tree .treatment.. ,Raring thin period, the difference bet~reen fruit drop +en control trees end those under experi~icnt equaled 28,.8 percent. Analogical regularity, but vrith les~c effect, ~-s possib7.e to absar~nc on the tree 'F4hitae iufoe. gc t:o the pear tree The Favorite of Etakpp, the, greater effect of .the compar~nd Al~II yeas obtained not during the first tan- fifteen days, but afterxards. During the treatment ?#` ~-pple trees, the maximal effect of the compound coin+sided ,frith the p+e-r5.od of the mexSinal fruit drop, while the mdzi~al fruit drop ~an th~a pear occurr~ed_ during the decrease af`feot of this compound.. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Growth Stimulators ? On drawingsl and 2 are'iadicated the data of the degree of fruit drop oa the apple tree "Barovinka" and oa the pear tree The Favorite of $lapp in perceats of the general amount of fruit which ocaurrad on the tree daring the day of treatment. , In studying the graphs the drastic fluctuations in the intensity of fruit drop during the expeximant are conspicuous. fhe curves fndioate the me-zimal *ruit drop and assSst in 6etermining the duration oP the effect of the cata- .~ pound t~.sed. Thu ~~it ras bean detenai3act that the effect oP the ca?pouad AfiiT (see drawing 1) wariea in its duration on the apple tree and on the pear trss J (see drawing 2);- On the apple tree the effect oY AHD !sated !rose Daly 14 to 25 {11 days), ;ate the pear tree, frog July 14 to gugust 20 (37 days) . i The obtained results of the experiments in applying the compound gHTT indicate the possibility of utilising it in fruit grooming in Tadshilrfatan r as a con"trol azeaeuro against pre-harvest fruit drop. ~q earned out experiments in Crimes, in the orohards of the oolleotiQ+e tartff ~'To the Feaory of Il'iab",, Alushtinslr raion, in 1949. For ezperi~aents were ?, taken six apple speoiea sad five pear specier. The trees wero selected com- paratively; equal in their appearanoe and in their age. The treataieat of the ' ! ' trees ~nas ~aarried out flat 10-2ti Jaye before the harvesting by the water sol~utionrof AHD at the concentration o! 10 mg for one litr counting 20 litrs fox a tree. The experiment was carried oat in triple repetition (three control and three under experirRent of each species). , ~, :'he technique oP registering Tree three branches, with 100-1~0 1 ' went the nursber of the fruit upon the fruit drops was as follo~rs; Opon eaoh Praha eaoh, wero isolated. Before the tro:t- the branch were registered. The first regis- tratian of the fruit drops eas done ten days after the experiment, the aeoond, duriag the harvesting. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 (iroxth Sti*~ulators 5 Tranel. 28. The influence of ARII on the pre-he.rveat drop of apples e?nd pears. fio.oP days At~ount of Fruit Drops. . B~eciea Date of treatment during ~xperi~ent R'reataent Date oP before reds- After the entire Variations Of 4'rees Harvesting tration 10 days experiment Apple tree ' $apoleon Control ~ Sept. 5 24 26.5 49.5 Ar:U Aug.I2 ~ 11.6 33.4 ~~ Boz~arin Control - Sept. 1 ~ IO - 12.4 Ate' f Aug.22 - 4.1 Reno t, champagn , Control Segt. ~12 16 15.3 ~ 14.8 AI~U Aug.27 4.4 ' : 5.2 Calvil king Control ~ Sept. 17? 15 21.2 26.2 A?~II Sept.2 ~ 1:3 , 2'x.9 Sary--Sinop Control ~ Sept.E3 19 4.9 ;? 22.? ' A2~1TT 5ept.6 4.5 14.8 Penr tree ~ Favorite of Rlap?ontrol Aug.4 4 22 7.9 ~ ~ 58.2 AId1J July 13 - 2.2 ~~ 23.4 Eere Bock Control A19II Aug.18 ? - '~C~.B Williams Control Sept.l? 15 11.3' 239 AIIU 3ept,2 8.2 187 Eere ardanYOn Control Sept.23 19 4.0 13,E AI3iT Sept .6 1.2 7.3 ~ hinter Dekanl~ Control 3e~t.23 1S 1.8 ~.0 ~IU 6ept.8 ,' - 0.0 ~ 1.2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 -Growth Stina~.~-tors Tranel. 28. In table 2 aro given the results of the experiments where the Trait drops are expressed itt percentage of the total amount of fruit which were on the branahea at the beginning of the experiment. ' ~~Data on the registration oP fruit drop during the entire ezperinental J period (Sae tabl? 2) indioates that with the assistance oP the conpoand AIIU the ~~ dealease of trait drop Frith a series of apple species and with all pear speoies Qould be achieved. The beat results were manifested upon the apple species IIapoleon (decrease of drops ap to 15.9 geraent} and with the pent The favorite ~~ of $lapp (decrease of 84.8 percent.) ,, ~ Ia our experiments with the apples ldapaleon, Renet ohampagn and Sary-Sinap but ~; the effect duration lasted over 10 days,~with the apple Hal~vil~ king it~B effect dropped considerably attar 10 days. 1~ith all pear species the duration of the effect of the oo~mpound AI1t] exa~~ i0 days, In this respect the result of the experiments in Crimea aamply with the ones a$rried out in Radzhikistan. In summing up the above, we nay oonolnde that the compound 1~iT could be successtnlly applied as the control massare against drop oP apples and peace under the conditions at Crimea and Tadzhikistea. Timiriazev Institute of Plant Physiology oP the Academy of Sciences IISSR. Entered ~y 27, 1950. Quoted Literature. 1. D. A. Popov, L'_. A. Popov and L.I. Sergeev. Rostovye veshahestvn i ikh primenenie. (Groaviag substances cad their application) grimean Publishers, 1948. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Growth Stia~ulstora 7 Tranol. 26. ~t 2. III. O. Rakitia, Pria~enenie rostovykh veshcheaty t rastenievodatve. (The. applioation of growing substances in plant cultivation.) 8., 1947. 3. ICI. O. Eakitin. ~estaik AA [1SSB, Ro. 7, 49 (1948). 4. ITI. Q. Rakitin. Rratkaia inatrukofia po primeneniiu sl'fa-aaftilukauanoi kieloty dlin bor*by s praduboroohnym opadeniem plodov u iablcffi? i gruoh, {e abort inetrnation an tt~ application of alpha-naphtol acetio acid is controlling the pre-harvest fruit drops of apples and pests) M., 1949. ~i. III. ~. Rakitin sad Z. G. Rreidlina. Raf. robot uchr. Otd. biol. nark AH IISSR ss 19411943, Isd.. AA SSB, 1945, etr. 91, {1[orYs of the Di~sion of Biolog- ical Sciences of the Acades~ of Sciences of IISSB for 1941-1945, Publications of the Aoadsmy of Sciences of USSR, 1945, page 91.) 6. I. I. Tumsnov. Rostovye vashcheatva. (Grosdng substances) Y., 1947. 8. HH. Yaretakala, Ukazaniis po primeneniiu rostavy3ch veahaheaty pr3 oherenkovanii sa~orodinq, kryzhovnika, viahai, aliry i vinograda Y., (Iaatrnatione in applying growing subatancea by graftiag ourrsata, goose- berry, cherries, plums and ~grapea) . 1948. - AI*F Sad of Article August 17, 1951. ~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 t Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Growth Stimulators 7 4ransl. 28. J ?`~~ 2. III. D. Rakitin, Primenenie rostavyYh veshchesty v rastenievodstve. (The. application of growing eubstanoes in pleat cultivation.) Ifi., 1947. . S. III. V. xakitin. ~eataik A2d QSSE, Bo. ?, 49 (1948). 4. III. Q. Rakftin. Kratkaia instt-ukaiia po primcneaiiu sl'fa-aaftilukauenoi kisloty dlia bor'by s preduboroohnym opadeniem piodov a iablon~ i graah, (A short instraation on ttei application of alphe~-aaphtol aoetio acid is controlling the pre-harvest fruit drugs of apples and pears) H., 1949. s5. III. 9. Ratkitit- sad Z. G. Rreidlina. Rat. rebut uahr. Otd. biol. aauk AB OSSR ss 19411943, Isd. AA SSB, 1945, str, 91, (iRarlrs at the Division of Biolog- ical Soienaes of the Aasde~y of Sciences of IISSR for 1941-1943, Pnblicatioaa oP the Academy of Saienaes of USSR, 1945, page 91.) 6. I. I. Tumanov. Roatovye veshahestva. (Growing substances) lid., 1947. ? 7. H. RH. Turetakala, Ukazaniia po primeneniiu roatovykh veshahesty pri ~f oherenkovaafi smorodiny, kryLhomika, vishai, s~ivy i vinograda )d., ? (Iastraations in applying graving substances by grafting aurraata, goose- berry, sherries, plums and grapes).. 1948. - AI.'F End of Artiole August 17, 1951. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ?- II.S.S.R. Tsentral?noe IIpravlenie biarodno-khoziaistvennogo Ucheta Sortovye posevy SSR, 1938, Statisticheskii aprnvoahnik. (Varietal Plantings of USSR, 1938. Statistioal reference handbook) Loscap, 1939. 295 p. . Translated f.n part by S. R. konson YABLE OF COKTENTS.P. 294-295. Varietal Plantings in II$SR.... 3 ? ~ VAItYEYAL PLAttTINGS 'OF CE~AL CROP$ I. Varista2 Plantings of Cereal Craps. in ~8SR.........1? Varietal plantings according to republics, krai(s)~and oblastss Y3nte r rye ...... 18 stinter wheat.... ~ 20 Fainter barley.... 22 uw' rfieat.... 23 Summer barley.... 25 w III. Varietal Plantings of Cereal Crops according to Varietiess ~TSSR... ? 35 RSFSR.... ~ 48 Altai krai.... ~ 5? ' Arkangel?sk Oblast.... - b9 . Bashkir ASSR.... ~ ~ 60 Buriat-E!ongolian ASSR.... 61 Volagda oblast?.... ~ 62 Voronesh Oblast'.... 63 Gorkii oblast?.... 65 _ Dagestan ASSR ~ 6? Ivanov oblast?.... 68 Irkutsk Oblast ? .... ?0 Kabardino Balker ASSR.... 71 Kalinin Oblast'.... ~ 72 . gaLay~lc ASS`R.... 73 Rarelina ASSR.... ?5 Kirov obleat?.... ~ ?5 aomi ASSR.... ~ 76 Krasnodar krai.... 77. Krasnoiarsk krai.... ~ 79 Crimean sBSB.... 80 Kaibishev Oblast.... 81 Kurak Oblast'.... ~ 83 Leningrad oblast?.... 85 Ifariisk ASSR.... 87 ~'.ordov ASSR.... 88 I_*osco~- ablest ?.... 90 IIentsev (German) Povolahie ASSR.... 92 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 1 Dec_ lassified in Part ~~ ~~ ? Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27: CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 2 Tranal. SO Dovo-Sibirak oblaat'.... Omsk oblaat+.... Ordshonikidze krai.... Qrlotr oblaat+.... Perm? oblaat*.... Priworakii krai.... 8oato~ oblaat?.... Riazaa+ oblaat?.... Saratov oblaat?.... Sverdlovsk oblaat+.... Severo-Osetiask ASSB.... Smolensk oblaat+.... Stalingrad oblaat?.... Tambov ob last+.... Tartar ASSB.... ' Tula ob last+.... IIdmurtak ASSR.... 8habarovak krai.... Cheliabinak oblaat?.... Cheaheno-ingushbAS38.... Chitinsk ob last'..., Chkalov oblaat',,., Chuvash ASSB.... Yaroslavl' oblaat ? .... 93 95 97 99 101 102 105 105 107 109 110 111 112 114 lls 118 119 120 12I 122' '123 124 126 127 ~tr~~ asR.... Vinnitaa oblaat*.... Voroshilovgrad oblaat?.... Dnepropetrovsk oblaat+.... Zhitomir oblaat'.... gaabeneys Podol +sk oblaat ! .... Kiev oblaat*.... Nikolaev oblaat+.... Odessa oblaat+.... Poltava ob last+,... Stalin oblaat+..., Kharkov oblaat+.... Che rnigov oblaat-.... loldavian ASSR.... BBLOBUSSIAB sSR (xSiTr ~rssie).... Vitebsk oblaat?.... Gomel' oblaat'.... blinak oblaat' .... L?'ogilev oblaat+.... Polesskaia oblaat+.... AZERBAIDJAN S3R.... Georgian SSR..... Armeniaa SSB.... 1SS lE 6 13? 138 140 142 144 146 148 150 1 SZ 154 156 157 159 I60 161 162 163 166 I67 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27: CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 US3B 3 Trans. 30 Turl~enf s tan SSR.... 168 Bokhara oblast+....- 170 Samarkand oblast'.... 171 Tashkent oblast'.... 172 Fergana oblast+.... 173 TADZ~IR SSB.... ~ .174 KAZAKH 838.... City oP 61ma-Ate.... 177 Aktuibinek oblast*.... I78 1lr~a-Atinek oblast'.... ~ 179 Test-Hazakhstan oblast+..,. 181 Guriev oblaet*..,. 182 hest-Hasakhstan oblast+.... 183 Raragandin oblast*.... 184 gtyl-Ordin~oblast+.... ~ ~ 185 Rustannisk oblast'.... 186 Pavlodarsk oblast+.... 187 North 8asakhatan oblast'.... 188 $onth $azakhstan oblast+..,, 189 ~Cirgis 538.... 6 veRIBTAL, PI.dfifING3 OF FLAX - ?Dolguneta", rLLn~ indehiscen~, var. elongate Vav. et Bll./A. SUIIFLOI+~B., AAD POTA4~8. I. Varietal plantings oP flax-"dolgunets," sunflowers, potatoes in IISSR.... ~ 195 II. Flax-"dolGanets"s . Varietal plantings o? flax-"dolgunets" i.n republics, krni(s) and oblpst(e).... 196 Varietal plantings of flax-"dolgaueta,"?gocordiag to varieties .... 1$7 III. ~ Sunflcnsers: Varietal plantings of sunflowers in republics, krai{s) and oblast(s).... .203 ? parietal plantings oP sunPlo~ers aooordiag to varieties... 204 ? ~ IV. Potatoes: Varietal plantings of potatoes in republics, krsi(~~2and ob last(s).... Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 - IISSR Transl. 30 Varietal plantings of potatoes according to` varikr ties.... VgRIETAL PL~TIfiGS IA 1938 Fd;CE17PLY ORGABIZED iN OBII3TS(S) A8D OF ~9FiICH BO1~IRDA~#IES CBE CHBIIGED Ili 1939.. V~rieterl plantings according to Drops and ol~laat (s ).... 2. Varietal plantings aocording to Varieties: l: ' Oblast(s) of E~SR Voroneth oblast?.... 246 KuibiBHev oblast?.... 249 Peasa Qblast?..?. 251 $iaL~+ oblast+.... 253 Saratov oblast'.... 255 Tatabov oblast ? .... 2S7 Ob last(s) Daepttl~etrovsY oblast'.... 259 Zaporo~~hie oblast?..... 261 Kiev ob~.ast?.... 263 Kiropograd oblast'.... 26 6 ~ikolaev oblast?.... 267 Odessa oblast?.... 269 Poltava oblast?.... 291 Sumy~ ob lnst ? .... 2?3 Kharkov oblast'.... 275 1C~ernigov oblast?.... 277 r~ August 21, 19x1. End of Table op Contents Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 btsmushina, D.B., and Spaagenberg, G.E. Trsnsl. 32, Plant Protsctiora. ? Registration of the diseases of grain cereals. Vsesoiusn.t3osud.t~b'edinonio po Aor'be s Vred.i Bolozniami ~ Sel'stc. i Lean.DChoa.Sekt.Sluzhby Oahet.a. Iastr.dlia ~abliud.FunLt. .',, 6i p. 1935. 464.9 Y96. Translated in part by S: ~. D4onaon. ? OPG1nIZATI02l, PROGRAIi B2JD ~~OD OF 1fQRF~ ~1T OBSERYgTION POZ1Q'P (P. 2!s-S4, in part) 1. The work of an observation point consists oP three seotioas: I) Periodioal field trips. 2) Observations made every ten days, sad S) Siwultaneoue recording. 1. PFRIODICQL P`ZELD Tfi,IF$ (p. 24-29} Paragraph 2. Periodical Pield tripe aim at establishing the period and aoa- ditiona of the Pirat appearance or mass devalop.~ent oS diseases and of'f'er the opportunity to signalize and provide short-term prognoses. Observations Wade every tea days Rro direoted to*arda~establishing the nature oP diseases and to provide primarily short town prognoses. 5fmultan- eous~reoording? have as their main ob~eot the establishment oP the ecoACmic si~aificanae oP diseases and the efi'icaay of thcir oontrol, xherever the latter is applied. The combination oP all three seotioas serves the t~-o remaining taatcs oP the Record Service, i.e., to provide long-term prognosis and establish it's influence upon the development of diseases under natural and industrial 0ondi~iona. Paragraph 3. Field trips are c~ado by .the observer throughout the entire vegetation period; usually every ten days and in sae instaroea more frequently. 1~hile on a field -trip ~ the observer notes the Bret symptoms of all diseases, records the date, conditions under which they occurred and the approximate per- centage of development; hs also collects speoimeas oP discovered diseases. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 8eauahins, it.~i. 2 Transl. Sl. ? In ardor to use the proper rautss o8 regular Held gips and not to miss- . the first appeararzCe of any die;eae;~s, ccf*.ditiars under rrr~i3.ah they are likely to appear are sated be law, as well as the period rahean th+ry ,rosy He- expeoted, 'The observer is al,eta given iastrantions rrhe;a to record tha detreelcrp~stt o!`. oereal crops and rehen more Frerquent trips shaald be undertaten. . Ps,ragraph +4. ~satructian of 1Piz-ter Grainer. Field trips to e+rtablish the per3,od of fungi erpprdarance, Ieaciir~g to the dsstruatian of winter Drops, should bet+;in in ~+arly spring. ~'egirtr! with that time. the observer ahwld eaax~itre reint:,r orr~pes ever3~ 2-~ days in at~ter to bate elasely the. date of the f first a~pgs~aran~a o!' i'ur.,gi. For j'tisarium, navale Gea,~ it im essantiAl to reseed the appaaranae of grey or pint film of ~yoelium, and in tee aaere of [5aleratinia ~Ienetv~, the date aT' . the appearanaet oi' that myae~,ium film. The observer should look far the first ? sign of these st~gerr in math Fungi izt f f~clde distrit+zxted fir: u+~3le~ys, places rrheres snowfall eras particularly heavy and where gn ice: crust had foraged. Can- ditionet under which initial aympta?ss of rot appetar are heavily t'+srtilised tie ,Ids fired early plantings, chetre winter crops had az~ opportunity to tiller re+ell siaee fall. fungi should be exgeated an ell lax lattdes, boucdariets s.~d near shrubs, 'eithin the limits of one Field, i.e., in places where arrow Lasts Ianger sad water fie retained. In s.ll theme places the Yir+st traceez at atycaliuru ahaald be loomed Par at all ba~~arits of thawln~; etx:are'rs. upon t~gtabl?shing the preseaoe af' reinter crops ar~ day, the other cue eras 'kept xurder the conditions of an artificially eliartened day with the a~siatance of an 3.mpanetrable paper case. In the ea- . peria~ente carried out in such a mannar~ rx clear regularity was evident in the blacening of the sprouts in relation to Mutual position of the short d+~y and long day Zea~es: ..If the .upper leaf, oZoser to the, upper stem bed, is exposed to a short day, then them is no retarding effect of the 1c7rrer long day lesP; if t+~ use then ~:ong day leaf- against the ~ short day leaf, . there a desfinite re?~ ' Larding in thr blooming of the sprout aduld be observed; ., in ~c$ae the Tong day lesaf is higher than the short day lattf, then, a drastio retarding ooc~ura: Thereforo a speoia3 retarding eftecat of the long day leaf ~sras ~s~nifbsted, if it is gracing betxeen the oahort day lest and. then upper bud. She l"ong day leap creates hosre a barrier` fora photoperiodic stimulus which movaa from the lower short flay lest to tbee etem sumca3.t. The availability of a barrier, in case it really originates, suggests the.. dir~oct correlation of the- short any and. long day leaves, and; here: iri*nediately arouses the problem; Does the correlation of substances which develop in the Long day end short day leaves occur before they reech the stem bud, or do these substances influence th,e cells of the tissues of the star bud? ~kiat is them the role of t third partzzer in the system oP nlon,g day leaf` -short day leaf stem bud Z" . The answer to this question was furnished by the experiments Frith pe~rilla, during r~hiah fragments of the ~stam with the leaves under the conditions of a Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Challakhian 8 Transl. S5. ? short or long day underv+ent a part separation, and also by the experiments oP the separation oP the main plant stem. It became clear that during the separ- ation of the upper short day leaf in such a degrae that it preserved the position oP the upper leaf is relation to the long day leaf occurred a retard- ation in the blooming of the sprout. During the separation of the upper long Qay leaf, although it preserved its position oP the upper leaf in relation to the short day leaf, nevertheleae its retarding effect dropped considerably. These experiments with the separation oP individual-portions of the stem eith leaves proved that in the effect upon the stem bud it is not the mutual dis- tribution of the long day sad short day leaves, but their relativa,distance from the upper bud ~iah is oP great significance. The aor nctaess of this eoacluafoa has been confirmed in the experiments with the separation oP the r+.aia stem oP perilla with the alternating position ? of two leaves It became vid e t th t ith th ? ? e n w a e deep horisaataL separation of the stem with any position of the long day and short day leaves,the,same effect occurs, the sane notion of the loaves as 4rithout separation. The result of these experiments indicates that with the presence of teo leaves oa the p~aat ~ioh are under the conditions of various light regime there is ao diroct in- terferenoe nor reciprocity in the substanoee originating from short and long day leaves. In the schematic expression it is not one straight line of the ' combined effect of the Ions sad short day leaves upon the stem bud, but ttao straight lines of parallel effect. The substances which develop in both the short and long day leaves cove diroctly into the Dells and the tissues of thre graoring bud and cause here a corresponding effect in the general exohange of aubstances~ the amount of substances, the speed oP their entering from the leaves into the cells of the upper bud, the preda:.ttinance of some substances over others determine the course of the bud development. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Chailakhian 9 Transl. 35. ? As to the nature of substances which develop in the leaves whioh are under the conditions of optical photogeriods, - in this oase of short day leaves, use furnished (1937, 1938 b, 1940 a, 1940 b, 1940 a) nwmerous data which indicate that they are phlorogenia substances, blooming hormones.which move Pron the leaves into the stem buds and which cause ouch changes in ceta? initiation of flororering. bolisn erhiah result into the ~xx~c~ And although up to recast time, , in spite of nunserous attempts, the bloaaning hormones here not separated from the plants and the possibility of their motion through non living tnvirosanent has cot yet been,proved, nevertheless, carry important factors re re found which prove the aonoept of b looping hormones (?ioshkov, 1937; Hamner and Honne r, 1938= Borthwiok and Parker, 1938; Gregory and Purvis, 1938; 1'elchers and Lang, 1941s Harder and F~itach, 1940 and others). As to the nature of substances which are produced by leaves which aro ? placed under the oott.ditiona of unfavorable photoperioda - in this oase long day conditions, the asausrption that these are special substances which retard blooming seaeied plausible and such assumptions ezieted. Thus hoshkov (1936 e,b) as a result of experiments with chrysanthemums asstmed, that in long day leaves are forayed substances of vegetative growth which promote the growth of sprouts and the neutralising effect of bud forming substances. On the other hand, the analysio of phenomena of photoperiodical induotion, or of oharging, led'us to the aonoluaion (193?) that the phenomenon of the bloom retarding effect of leaves placed is unfavorable photoperiods could abt be ezplainad by the formation of such substances;"there is no formation of special function of retarding or of hampering tha aszual development in the plants." , At that tine it has bas n aesus~ed that the surplus of plastic substances which aro placed under the oonditions of a long day affeota the bloom retard? i ing of the sprout. In connection with the manifestation of those regularities which originate Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Chailakhian 10 Trans'l. S5 ? during the sinaultaaeous effect of long day and short day leaves upon the upper stem bud, we oarried out (1943, 1947) speoial experiaents for the solution of the problem of the nature of the substances which are produced is the loos day leaves of plants of a short day and which retard their blooming. The first experiments were oarriod out rrith the purpose of elucidating tins influence of light of varied intensity upon the lozig day leaves ahioh cause the bloom rotarding and the correlation between the fozrsation of aubataaa+s frasn the .intensity of photosynthesis. IIpon the plants of perilla grown during a long day were left an upper stem bud and tvro leaves on opposite aides. Coe of those leaves upon ell plants had a short 8 hour day,ertd the other leaf was left for a loos day, but with various plants it roceived light of varied ia- tensity ehich was aohieved by placing the leaves into paper oases of varied ? density. In conneotion with the deorease of light intensity the retarding effeot of the long day leaf dropped regularly; itts placing into the case of two layers of writing paper brought the retarding effeot to sera, i.e., caused the saga effeot ae is the ones if this leaf wero removed. Tt became evident that the bloca- retarding effect of the long day leaf is related to the aubstaaoes whose foraation depends direotly an photosynthesis. Suoh eubstanoa is first of all sugar. Therefore, in the first expeiri- manta directed toeards the elucidation of the nature of substances ehich re- tard bloamiing we introduced sugar solution into the leaves of perilla. The bloamning of sprouts present in the leaf nails (after the introduction of 1 peroent of glucose) retarded Par 4-? days is comparison vrrith sprouts present in the exile of short day leaves doh did not rsoeive any glucose. Thus, iu ? these experiments the couoentration of sugar in short day leaves led to the checking of the sprout Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 r Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Chailakhian 11 1~ransl. 55. irore canspS.cuous and quite definite results ~roere obtained in other experi- ments when the checking effect o#' flies long day leaves r~a~s replaced by the effect of sugar introduced from outside. ~'~ took pcrilla plants with the nppe5r stem bud and with two loaves ~a Long clay one and a short day ore} a~rith such a distribution that the lpng day. leaf acs e~ituated' above the short day leaf or apposite it, V~i.thin the .plants under erigerimerit, the Ie~aves which carrespondetd to long day control trere removed and their petioles mere placed .into sucrose a S percent solution of ~;~~ poured into short testing .tube; after the drop of the petioles, approximately trao weeds latexr; the introduction of aaot~cxaecac sucrose oontitzued through the leaf by means of a g;Iass pipe with a ca~illarly stretched end. 'The effect of the tong day- leaves Rhich retards. the bTtsoming has been ex? pras?~ed .in cantresl plants quite .conspicuously! in coca ~vshe~rt t},~e long day 2ehf was located k-~igher, the blooming ras retarded for 2?3 days. ~'ithin the plants ? under experiment, the effect Qf the long day 3eagbs ~vrhich checked thcs bloomi~t~; sucrose was replaced by, the hloor_.oheaking effefet of ~tx~aa~~ ~rhich i~tas- introduced into ? the plant through the petiole and then leaf,'trace ?- the Moon retarding,. was only tiro days shorter than that . of control . Thug, with the short. day plants the bloom retarding affect aP the Song day leaves is based upon the ePferet of the assiznilaticns sugar produced itt theca leaves and atreamin~ into tho sterx buds. These assfmi'latiana, produced in large quantity in long day lea4e?~, retard the diz~ect fusion and. effect of ~~larogenie substances blossom {hormones) hereby this. influence, as we have . noticed, depends upon the vicinity of the organs situatedupon stem-buds which produce assimilations (~-f long day leavees}, and the speed of their fusion into the buds. Thus, sugar in their excess e..mount are the substances xhieh check the blooming of abort day plants. In a series of experiments with. long day plants which me carried out Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Chailakhiaa 12 Travel. 35. ? (1946x, 1947), we took as objects rd^ite mustard (8inapis albs), spinach (S~inaciaoleracea), radish (F~aph~nus sativus) and pinewoods (Rudbekie bicolor). Ezperiments with these plants were carried out in the sago direction ae with pe ri lla - a short day plant. In the first experiments the nature of the bloom hampering affect of short day leaves ~+ras surveyed. For this purpose the plants ,sere cultivatefl under the conditions of a short ten hour day and then under eat refornation. IIith aten plants only ane stem bud and txo leaves here leftT with spinaoh, radish and pinewood which under the short day conditions do not produce ertems but remain in a rosette stags the central. bud and taro or three large leaves mere left. Of the leaves which remained upon the plant one eras left during a long day, and one or tro other leaves were placed under the conditions of a short 8-9 hour day; the long day sad short day leaves arore in differoat mutual positions and 'the sum effect of the leaven erhich obtained ? various photoperiods vas counted aocording to the speed of the roproducing bud development. The experiments indio~tcd that the retarding effect of the short day leaves of long day plants is considerably weaker than the cffeot of long day leaves of short day plants; that with a stem plant -mustard it is ez- prossed more conspicuously than crith plants of a rosette form; that the mutual distribution of short day leaves and long day loaves is important for a stem plant 'and fs alnost unimportant for rosette plants. Thus, in the nature of the bloom rotarding effect of the leaves whiahh were under tho conditions of u~ favorable light regiae a cardinal difference between Long day plants and short flay plants eras disclosed; the bloa~n retarding effect of short day leaves of long day plants appeared to be much weaker than the effect of short day,pl3nt leaves . This difference, as it has baen disclosed in further ezperiments, is related to the deep difference in the very nature of retarding substances. In the same manner as the experiments with the short day plant - perilla - eve Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Chailakhian 13 Transl. S5. ? oarried out experiments with the long; day plant - pfnewooda. Before the ex- periment, plants gresw on a ten hour short day and, when large rasettea were formed, six leaves Bern left, one of ~rttich was left on a long day and five other leaves underwent the ePfeot of a short eight hour day which has been ach- ieved by means of light-imponetrable parer cascs~; with the experimenting plants thesre leaves. were cut off and their notioles xere planed iota e 3 percent sucrose sucrose solution of wng:sxxa..Tre in3eation of the ~S solution through the pine- goods. petioles was oarried out until the erd of the experiments, since their oonditian was good and the~~ did not fall. The retarding effeot of short day leaves of control plants was slight; the sprouting was delayed for aia days in aoaparisan with the plants without short day leaves. 1Tith the experimenting sucrose plants the solution of ~axa~e in3eoted through the petioles of five leaves did not produce any retarding fn the developl+~ent of sprouts. $esides, with ? plants being infected with suga.rrose the sprouting accelerated and the budding acourred too days earlier than within unin3ected plants. ?l^.ese experiments proved that with long day plants the bloom retarding eff'eet of short day leaves is related to the produotion of some other substances, not of sugar, in these leaven. Sugars, when in an excessive quantity, nocelerate the blooming of long day plants. ex In conneotion with this last conclusion ~e shou4d recall the~periments of Yolkov, carried out in the laboratory of l~aksimov (1929), the seeds of late ripened species of oats livens byLantina grew in 0,2-0,4 of noraal solutions of sugarrose, and then has bean sown in the soil - in pots or in bo~aes. 1i part ~of plants cultivated in such a wanner fort*ied panicles two-three days before the control plants, whereby with all experimenting. plants the increase of the leaf .surface and the increaao oP the dry weight became evident. 3del~khers sad Lam (1942) is the experiments Kith henbane (l~yosayanus niger) -long day plant ? kept the roastte plants on a short day, close to the aritiaal day length, and Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Chaila~hian 14 Transl. Sb. ? infiltrated sugar Bolut.ion into the lenves. As the result of this infiltration the plants started tho foun3e-tioa o? blooming, while the control plants ~ithout~ infiltration regained in the chase o? the vegetative growth. ? These experiments also indicate that sugars aoaelerate the blooming of long daq plants. ? ? T~ ZI~'Lt~EI`?CII 4F t'~Aa(?T: CQ2~PQIInI1$ UPOA PLA1~T BLOOkIHa If in short day pla~ats the substaroes which retard bloa?iag arie sugaro, thsn which substances retard the blocmiing~oP long day plants] *f, along with this, in the long day plants the substances which aaaelerate blooming are sugars, then which substances accelerate the blooming of short day plants? ?he answer to this question is furninhed by nex explorations on the influena? of nitrogen solutions upon the blooming of plants. In the do~.ain o? the influence of conditions of mineral Yood upon the blooming and the fruitbearistg of plants there exists in agriculture the .long ?stabliched rule, naeardin to which the increased ~itro~en nourishment retards the phase of blooming lyd'of maturing, while phosphor aeidio feritilisers, on the contrary, accelerate plant maturing. Ia aonruation with the discovery oP photop~-riodism and the establishatent of diametrically opposite r~aotions o? blooffiing of short day and long day species, steps cadre undertakers is the elucidation of t}ue influence of r~tnsral, particularly nitrogen, food npost the blovminb of species which belong to these tiro various eeologlaal groups. S"he first attempt in this direction was made by Porodina (1931), who,. by applying the method of elimination'of some elereats Proms water solutions of food aixture, dfscovered that by ?lirsinating potassiua cad phosphorus does lot influence the PorTaf.ion of paaiolea in millet (short day pleat) or the spiYiag of barley (long, day plant); the eliraiaation of aitroben is barley accelerated the spilGiag o~' be,rley during a short and a long day, and with millet, according to the author herself, did cot produce any definite result, althou6h the given Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Chailakhian 15 r1 Tra~asl.. 35. tatislea 3.~diaate so~ae setback in t}:e formation of panicles.. hlready in the exporimenta of 1940 ~ discovered (1941] a relationship bet~scn the reaoti6n oP plants end the _reaatian of blaoa~ing upon the c~inera-l xiourishnant; cote -the long-day plant -.eared and bloomed the earlier, the 3.ese. it obtained elements. of ~aineral food mixture; on the other -land, mill~st -the short day plant -started the fcYrclatiort of paniclaa the earlier the ~z~are min- eral food elements ~rers in. the substrata. 3imultan~sously i7enf't'1ar (Denf'fer, 1340) ault#.aAting plants. upon water plants at full aouri.shing mixture with the elimination of nitrogen discovered tho.t the long day species - cheat, barley and "Iberia" - reacted upon the e3.imination of nitrogen by air ;actsel~re~tidn of Baring and of blooming, and trine -short day ape+~ie~ - "mogar", ~chrS-ssnt~?es~um, "tins.ntsia" and::"kalankhoe" ~ stopped in its blooming. In further experiments (1542, 3.945, 1'945 a) the .reaction of plant bloom- ing upon the nitrogen t~ourSs3xment Sias" studied on many species, ~rhereby plants- usually grew under the annditione of a fang and sTnort day upon .ss.nd t~ith food mixture. in which, frith equal. suaount of ash e3.eme,nt, the number of. nitrogen ' aompaund varied in .bath the direction of dgoreaaing. the speci3'ied~ nox~r_ up to 1/4 and even to completo absence, and in the increase up to tiro-thres.nox~s, As tt~ result of these experiments carried out in 1841 and 1944 it has been clarified. in the Institute of Plant Phyigiolagy of the Acadeay of Sciences of " USSR in ~:oscow, and in 1942 and 13~k5 in the : Agr3,cultural Institute in Erevan r that oats, mat, mustard, alfalfa and clover blossom earlier with. Intl: of nitrogen,. while nsillet, csorn, perilla, t~hrysanthemum, sunflower, tobacco and cotton bloon sooner with normal supply t~f nitra~en or with .its axces~; i'iral3s; buckw3zeat, hemp, soy bean >sin8 kidney bean bloom simultaneously under various i conditions of nitrogen food. Simultaneously.the growth of plants, the acauauxlation of eubstancea, the oxops of fruit and of seeds in all oxperisenting Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Chailakhian 16 Traasl. 3S. ? vegetating apeoiea increase Acoording to the increase of the amount of nitro- gen coffipounds. Thus, with the availability of the general, natural to nll vegetative speofea, reaotiou npoa nitrogen food, as to the gro~rth and plant crops, there exists w~reaction in connection With the reproductive development - blooming adzieh is nanif?sted into various directions vrith various species. . This specification diaoloses also during a ccuaparative analysis of fa- dividual factors obtained in the research of other authors.. flehter and Garlei (buchter a. Harley, 1924} determined, that soy beans on a coil ric}c~arith nitrogen, and upon sand, poor vrith nitrogen, bloc~aed sirzultanecusly, but pepper and lettuce, e~rith low composition of nitrogen, vroro delayed in the bloominb sub- strate. In the experiments of ~;aitingel fl?2?} the decorative sage (Salvia aplendens), which usually blooms under the condition of photoperioda, blocm.ed during ? long day with the limitation of nitrogen. Shai;~elle (CcY:apelle, 1936) discovere8 that the adding of nitrogen solution into pots. with soil caused the do lay in bloom of spinaoh and of radish v~hiah arcs later discovered by Hott (1940} in connection with another apecieu ~f'spinach. Ia the survey of 8oberts and Ester Ehtrukmeier (1938) on the influence of temperature upon the photoperiodical reaotion of plants an ?xperiaent is ~ntioaed is pots arith soil and with sand, poor arith nitrogen afiioh indicates that with the sarse length of the day the plants oP African marigold blooaed in soil and did not bloom in sand, but "klarkiia", lettuce and gernaium bloomed earlier in sand. Finally, in the survey of Adis Nidd (1~eidle, 1939) arse indicated that ~canthium (JGanthium pennsylvanicum) bloomed tI~ earlier,the richer the caenpcund is with nitrogen. Tho results of our experiments and of the experiments oP other ezplorera indioated in this artiole enabled us to distribute vegetative speciea?aacord- ing to the reaction of their blooming upon the nitrogen into the following groups: Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Chailakhiaa 17 ~ Trn^al. 35. I. Nitrogen negative whioh blaam: fainter with the entiro elis-iratian of nitrogen or frith doses of nitrogen lancer tr~an roraeal and upon soil poor with nitrogen gubatancse. To thin groin baiong wheat (various epeaies), barley (various species), ants, rruotard, spinach, alfalfa, slaver, "sal'viis," "klarkiia," gernafum and "iberie." II. Nitrogen positive phieh bloon sooner under normal and higher doses of nitrogen and upon soil rich with nitrogen. To this group belong millet {various species}, corn, "mogsr", pvrilla, sunflower, tobacco, cotton (various apeoiea}, pepper, Iettuoe, liugin, chryaanthn~um (various apeoiea), velevot~en, "durniehnik", "tinantaiia", '~alanlrhoe". ZZI. Nitrogen neutral, ~thioh bloom. sia~ultaneausly with various doses of nitr~- gen as Mall ae upon soil both poor and rich with nitrogen. So this group belong buckwheat, hemp, soy bean (various opeciea} and beans. ? All these groups icdiaate that, despite t?:e persietirg aasuaptian that the orriehnent of food substrate by nitrogen salts arooka the bloaning and maturint; of plants, in regard to nitrogen positive pl~-nta re should consider nitrogen food ae a faotor of b2oaa and fertility acceleration. Fith the aeuiat? once of thin factor we i~ay influence two hasic processes xhich specify oropa into a favorab le direction to accelerate blooming and the fertility of plants and siriultaneoualy intensify the growth of plants and increase the seed crops. Therefore wa e~ugpested (192) to make the Pollou+ing change iota tha existing rule in agrioultures Ina toad of "nitrogen acidic .fertilisers Frith an excess of nitrogen dm3ay individual phases in the de~+elopmert of plants" to accept "nitrogen fertilisers with the ?xcesa of nitrogen delay individual phases in developr^.ent of same plants sad, on the other hand, accelerate the develor~ent of others". ? Let us dwell upon the basic problem in which relationship are the photo- periodio reaction and the reaction of plant blaoaring fn the very sane spacies Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Ghailnkhian 18 Tranal. S5.- ? a-ith nitrogen ~hiah xas shall call for simplificatiota ~'tha nitrogen phioral" reaatiRon. Combining the data obtained according to "nitro~,en phlora.l? re- action of 3tJ apeeios .and to the .xz~ture of their photoperioclioal reactxan vie mere able to determine on one hand thefact of }prevailing aonfot~aity of nftxo- gen and phatoperiodical groups (24 cases} and, on the-, other .hand, the presen~s of Blight deviation from this relation.(6 aasas~. In order to~elucidate tie causes for, ~hsee deviati.pna, .~ (1948b), ~ri#.h the stxsistano+~ of L. p.Zhcianovra, carried out additional special experiments with: 17 mainly with agri? cultural plan.te . The results of these experiments indicated that al.l nitrogen negative plants are .loe~; day plants; the nitrogen negative 'slants of lair level are bo*h fang and short clay plants (the 3nter~acent group), a13 the nitrogen positive plr~tzts of high capacity -the short day plants; finally, nitrogen . neutral plants include both-the .short day and long clay plants. Note; For the aonfiraatian of our data ~ may mention the article of . Vsevoloshskaia (1946) in whitih the author coTMes tst the conclusion based upon field and vegetation experiments ooncerning the application of high da~se-s of nitrogen fertilization for "kenaf`c and "dzhut" in order to obtain an earlier seed maturing and high crops. . All this indicates .the conformity betv~een nitrogen and photoperiodic groups. The availability of the inter~acent group of nitrogen positive plants of low level, included in long and short day species, explains tkie deviations obtained before and emphasize the existence of tras~sitgry farts bet~een typical nitrogen negative cad nitrogen positive plants - a fact.~chiah manifested in relation t4 the division of species iota photoperiadical groups. TiR?refore the substances v~hich retard .the blooming of the long day plarta are nitrogen solutions. 'these nitrogen solutions, ~rhen in surplus, accelerato ? the blooming of the abort day pleats'. . Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Chailakhian 19 TIC SIGIII:FIC1-EvCF: OF THE R~~3,F~`iIQ:;SFiIP EF,"I'lEE?a ~L'?~AES Af~D hlit'JC7c:?~ After havia~; aun~med up tre research on the nature of substances which devalap is leaves and which retard the blooming and on the influeaoe of nit- rogen solutions upon the blooming oP olanta, we arrive at the following con- clusions: Sugars; when in surplus, hamper the blooming of short day plants; and, on tl+e contrarl, accelerate the blooming of long day pleats; nitrogen solutions, when in surplus, retard tho blooming of long day plants and, on the contrary, accelerate the bloo_~ing of short ~da~ plants. It is not diffi- cult to aeQ that we arrive again to the C~N proportion of sugars to nitrogen an solutions Trhich play such~outatanding role in Klebs~ b1ooQ theory, with that basic difference, that this C~N solution xith the surplus of sugars over nit- ? rogen salutiana corresponds to the acceleration of blooming caly of long day plants and acquires an adverse significance in short day plants. .But then, raay be Rleba is only partly correct and his theory sight help in explaining the blooming of long day plants? Denffer (1940) shares this idea when at the end of h~a researoh he writes that the most oorreat approaoh to this problem tivould be the sy-ntheaie of Eleba and Saks hypotheses (Sake hypothesis oP aub- ataneea which produoe flowers). Replying to this problem we must. say: "~io, %lebs is not entirely correct". And not only beoause there could be no two theories Por the blooming of short and long day~plaats, but because some relationship between sugars and nitrogen solutions does not determine whether there wi12 oocur any bloomin but influenoea only the quantitative aide of the process, its aoce'leration or retarding. The bloaening of plants is de- tet~nined by the blooming hormones whioh originate in plants under specific ? conditions of the light regiaee. The influenoe of angora and of nitrogen solutions, their correlation Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ' Cr~iis.khian 20 Trans 1. 35. is manifested only in the case, if plants, are under the conditions of a long day, when th?ir bloaninn occurs either oarly or ~lato. Thereby the length. of tt~ day is such an iaportant fRCtor in tra generating develop~!ent of plants that thQ effect, for instanco, of nitrogen solutions manifests itself not in the case ~nhcn plants are under conditions of the most opti*r~al photoperiods and the proaeas of plant blooriin& passes in a violent temuo, and then, ~zon there are such Long day cozxiitions that tho process'of plant blooming retards. IIn~er the conditions of unfavorable phatoporioda tho cost optimal com- bination of extorior factors ~r}tirh regulate the corroapondire content of sugars and of nitrogen solutions ie unable to aAUSel th? blooming of typical short sand long day species. In e,upari~ents ~rhich ue irdieated in 1946 along T. A. ~`agmazfan tho typical short day species - perilla ~d kenaf -grew during the entire vegetation season in sand with sore naurishing.aolution, ? which eontatns tirro Horns of nitrogen acidic am~oniu~, under a feeble light under aheoaeoloth and did not indicate aa~ signs of for~ati.ngbloomaing organs, despite the fact tla-t the contest of carbon hydrate has bees decreased this way, and tre nitrogen solutions increased. the typical long day species - spinach ar_d "rudbekiia" grew upon a woak nitrogen background {1~4 norms oP nitrogen) and intenao light;, and also until the end of the season they remained in the phase of v?getativ? growth in the forts of rosettes aescite the unfavorable relation of sugars to nitrogen solutions. In this last case there is one ea,eeptfon for Brain wYtich ha;, been obaorved by Borodiaa (191}, Denffer (1940) and by ourselves (1945b); barley and wheat are able with the elimination of nitrogen, or xith a azaall done of it, under tho aonditiana oP a short day to ov~erco~e the effect Qf a short day and very slowly be in to ear and blossom. Si*~ilar facts differently ?xpressed served as the basis for explanation ? of plant blow processor fron the point of view of hormonal factors rich originate under the conditions of speoiPia photoperiods (1937}. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Chailakhian 21 Transl. 36. ? ? ''?here, tren, fa hidden the of Klebs' e~cp?rimenta anti observv~tions' s-hioh he ext~lnined fio skil3.Fully and?which are the basis for hie blooming . theory? ~e~colut.ion of this problesZ will be reached if we turn to those vegetati~re speeiva with xhich.Hleba ~rorked and to the conditions under which he carri?d out his oxporinents and observations. The greatest amount of ex- p?rirbcynts mrere carried out by dohs with "swlodil" (Sempar~rium 1"unYfi), glob- eliia" (T~obelia Erinus} "dubrae#-a" (Veronica ohataaedria), "buds" (Glehor~a hederacoa}, forget-+*1e-not (L~yc~aotia paluetris) and others. Ae tho observations indicato {Taliev, I935}, all of theca bloom in moderate altitudoa dnrin& su~asaer, from 'nay to ?aptember, rhich indicates their belonging to long day or neutral plants. 13ut ~s to eoc:e of .the most .important ob~eets there are at the present tip spvci.ic indications on tho nature oP their photoperiodical reaction. Thus, "lobelia" (Lobelia Erinus) with which Klebs observed suEtamorphosie-of bloating organs into vegetative snrauta prith thedecrease of light intensity, according to the research of Funks (Fuake, 1939), it i$ the long~day speoies, but "kiprei" (Fpilobitrn hirsutum), according to the experi.^aents .of rose (Rosa, 1942) is the typical long day plant. Forget?~-not (~:yosotis acarpiodies), a~cordin~; to Pamaley (Ramnley, 1954} behaves like a typical long day plant; this is Aot the species with which gleba raorkcd (li~rosotie palustris) but there exists a gemeral rogularity according to whioh in families presented by long day plaate, short day sgeciea wra very rare (Samygin, 1946). Cf ape;cial Interest is gaolodilo" (Senpvrvivuri l~nlcii) -the central ob- Sect of tha H2ebs' latest oxplorationa. "his species, as we12 as another speoies Sa~pervivu~ albidu*.i taken under oxpvriment, is the typical long day plant. Thin has boon protrod by Klebs hit!~~self (1918). Along xith many other experiuents he Made the follotring exnerf~ent: Sours rosette plants of these ts~ species xere oultivated during winter ctorths in hothouses during a normally short day, Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 D_ eclassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Chaff Iakhi?~n 22 T'ransl. S5. ? ? others; - additional. electrical e:~-~ossre; the aoroutia~, and blooming, ocourred only in the ls~st case. If in tris exp~+rifient, besides the two indicated specir~, sor:t~ ne~nscrr~r fro^ the tropical or subtropical laude xould take ~+.rt, then, posBfb2~*, F2ebs ~roulc', meat his blaming thecry, but mould discover the PhotoFeriodism of plants. Li-aii,in~; himself by flora. re~ressntatives of moderate latitude, KLsba, of course, slid nct have among; his sneai^sens a.ny short day speroiea and i:here- Pore was unable *o obeervd other reactions thaw the ones ~rhiah he saw upon his ba~ia ob~iects, wi.thotjt :~etationir~~, the tyrioal short day species which durir.~ a loz~~ ~?c:mr~er daa;, of moderate latitudes would remain fn the vegetative phase srd g-ould not reja~eh t~zQ bloe,s:ing phase. Blebs cultivated plants mostly uir~sr the conditions of u. re~.zla.r s~munor long day at the latitude of the city oP _Tena vrhdre his laboratory ~aaE located; under thee:e conditions oP light re~;ir.,e all tt-e plants in hi.s experiments, being; long, dray plants and neutral, bloc~*_xd soon or later. '"here n~re the plants and the conditions under which Blebs ria?~e his cbser~tions cf the factors which promote the accumulation of sugars, acoelerate the bioatiin~ of plants, and nitrogen solutions retard it. gll these feats ure still si~if'iesnt today, but they are explained differently in the l=~;ht of ?hose conceptions which we obtained by the theory of phato- periec3iar~ ~,.nd by the theory of hormonal bloamirg. 'fie bare already seen teat the rr3.dely spread cpinian on the theory and practice of applying nitro?er. fertilizers ~rhich tree the strongest arguaFent in favor of I~lebs' gory leas "lost its signiYicanae. Tn connectior_ with Klebs' t}~eorS~, the some explanation could be ap}~lied to the rule which has been con- firried in agric~.lture: the kisses of eaientif'jc agriculture, es!-.ecially Applire.tiona of nitrogen fertilizers, formed in moderate ar_d Nartt~rn latitudes ur..der t}te conditions of a long auntr~r day and on plants whioh,~according to t}ieir physiolabic~;l na':ure, belong to the grrnin of lor:g ds-y or neutral speoies. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 ? ~hailakhian 23 . Tranal. 35. As Par ae the entire experfnental material upon whioh 81ebs blooming theory is based, Dame under a near light, we may ooAaider the road of refuting this theory as oomir~ to an end. By solving the,problen of refuting Rlebs~ theory we arc .facing a nex problers= why the very same substances within some apeoiea ati:~^.ulata the accel- eration of blooming, and v+ithin others, on the other hand., retard the blaolaiag; ~y vrithin the Long day apeoiea the increase of the proportion in the. aa~m- position of hydrocarbon to nitrogen solutions accelerates blooming, and with short day epecsies -the decrease o? this proportfon4 No doubt, only the further detailed pbyaiologieal and bioohemfael study of this p~namenon is able to answer this question, evhereby @,e sueeeae of a aiailar kind of research depends to a eonsiderab le debree oa the elucidation of the nature of tho phlorogenic substances -the blowing hormones which cause plant bloo:~ing. ? Fut the general biological ? 2anatio xp n of this phencu~non could be al- ready r.~entioned here if pre ,use the historical method Afiich occupies a.n im_ . portant place in biology. In a series of gurus ys on photopariodism, startieig pith the works of I.iubimenko and Shcheglova (1927), Doroshenko and pazunrova (1927, 1929), Kottstantinov (1934), Allard (~llard, 1932) and other ezplorera they came to a conclusion that the ? nature oP a phatoperiorlfoal rar~.ction of apeoiea depends upon their geographical origin and their Ioeation; the sgeaiea e+hich originate fry lox latitudes, equatorial and tropical cotzntriecs bchs,ve Like long day plants. It became clear that among the enviro~iental factors which determine the evolution of vegetating organisms, the s)iift oP day, and night playfs an important role, that the photoperiodical reaction itself is they adapting duality of plants to the conditions of eziatanoe. Thereby the ~vecios ? and Panilies of plants well adapted, neutral to a low day, but poorly adapted to photope rinds which teary within the limits oourited in minutes, were disclosed. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Cheri lakhian 24 Trans 1. S5. These explorations furnicr tl?e possibility of caneidarin~ tl;e photo- periodic ptoenomenon Pvors evoliitiorary point of vie4r. The vegetation of trop- coal and subtropical countries, Tfiero the duration of t4reaty four hours sunshine is dominating, oons9.ets of short day and neutral speoies. Pere Hero also the nests of origin of higher Plants, because, aacordirg to a widely developed opinion of Inuaher (Irmschcr, 1822 supported by Vul~f in his "I?istorical geography of planted (1944),. the angiospcr~ss originated in tl:c tropical sons and spread frog ti~ere to~a.rds the Sonth and the forth into the moderate zones. _ Ti,e availability of neutral and snort day spades in the tropical tone indicates that, along w: th tl:e tropical F; seise ~rr~ich do not lizit themselves ~in their sexual develo~ent by a narroR adaptation of definite boundaries of light re- lima (lIeutrr~l}, later appeared so~o apeoies vfiioh ucsrked out an adaptation to a aHort day of this tone and xhioh conbine the ability of bloo:-:ing and fruit baaring ? under short 11ght oyoles of their location (short daS- punts). l;aturaliy, be- t~neen these types ,existed and exist varied transitory forxts. The neutral forms Rhieh *~oved and spread in the boundaries of moderate tones of NartY:ern and Southern hemispheres vldre olearing their gray towards the fiorth and the 6outh. ~ continuous gro:Yth of these plants in these latitudes placed a asaular imprint upon then, apd rany species in their sexual development s~orke9 out an adaptation to the long day of the mode re to zones, whereby they x+ent ao far that they lost their eapaait;- of sexual development under theconditions of a short day and therebu they last their capacity of returning to previous troploal ro g ions . This geroata of nne kind oP organiaal farms from otrar kinds occurred sad is still occurring under those eorditiors o? environment under aul:iah vegetation forr:s either reside or penetrate. The environment imprints first oP all bioahemi.oal and phyaiologieel qualities oP vegetating spacies and then upon their morphologioal transxar~ations. This indicaY,ea treat parallel xith the farm Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 Chaff lat;hian 2.ri Trans:.. 55. -~ evolution oocurred and st1I1 zaccura tks evolution of bioohamical symptoms. The probler3 of evolution of hioohe+~ical 6~~pto*+s received already an elucidation in tra r:ic'o research of Zvanov (19;7) nn the change of oils and other aompounda, oP plasove.chcren3kii (I9?~, 2,945) on the chaago oP alkaloids and fermentatioae, Like, fbr iratance,. the er.?rgy traasforriators of k~a}t-Ner (~ chair, 1835) on the ecaaposition of alkoloides, tlycoric;es and on evaporating oils with ropresenta- tivos of various families, and recently this prgble*n has beon discussed in a vride outline of F.osarova (1946). The eacchange of oarbonhydrawtes and of nitro- gen solutions in the vegetating tiFtr~es of various ecological epeoies shouid also bo regar~Qd as an inndr.s~ptom Rhich develops along with the general evolution of vegetating specie?. Short da~~s and long periods of hfgh te~naerature of tropical and sub- tropical countries created conditions under which the adaptation oP short dwy plants to the reproductive develog*ent Rant, an one hand, along the line of ~saxi,~al utilization of mineral substances, including the nitrogen solutions; on the other harte~, a relativel~r sr~sller amount of earbonhydrates -sugars in the plants, on acaa~nt of the Iin~itcd longth of the sunny day, accumulated. ' T,org days and short ;q rinds of him teraoeratura of moderate and Northern latitudes created conditions under r+hich the adoption of long day species to the reproductive develoF~nt and selection off' species were running along t}:e lino of tt.e fasl:est, suit}, cor_sequontly, relativrly shorter or minimal utiliu- tior. of ~ninrral ar.d nitrogen ssubstance8 and during tho.predo~r.3nance of carbo- hydrates sugars which era nrocueed under the conditions of a long dny. In this caw^ariaon of the. nhysiolo`y of such various eaotytas of long and short day species r:e Aind the eXplanation t~rHy the nredeaiinance of nitrogen solutions ovor su;sirs stirtulatea plant blooming, but the plant blooming of .a lord; clay ;s stimulated by trQ rrec:ominrnee of sugars coot nitrogen solutions; this is an Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 e. k E D_eclassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2 CtGai l~r~fan 26 . 'i`ran~i . 35, ~'histarically f4x?red enbatance excha~,rc :rith ~,h~ch i.s car_neotad tre orf~in and tre effect of the fe~etors w;-irh deter^.i::v tree prxess of glas3t bloa=ning. ilnder tY,o li~tzt of t?~ese :come-it~.~::s S-;hich r~ ah ait~ by the hSstorical method ~:rd based upon those ex^erim~nt~i d~tu ~~~c~-: ~a~?s irdio~ted in ~re~vic~us chapters, it is time for tis to recall tY:e fo1'1rn~~.zrL; fa~oca=:.~~arcis o#' Klod bernar ~orcernirl~ the bloarnin~ theory of Plehs : '~'u.hen tre = gcoverrd facts da x~ot correspond to tl.e nredoaainating theryry, t~+ shrn~ld accept the ,facts but reject the t}~eorY, although the latter va-e suriportaci by gret~t r..a^~es ar.$ ~~ts ~;ener~~2y acoepted". AMF` ~ Fnd of Rrti c' o . Aun stLS, 197.? Note: Two-page list of literature not tra.nalated; photoprint attached to ribbon copy, Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2013/03/27 :CIA-RDP80R01426R009800140001-2