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December 9, 2016
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October 1, 1998
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February 17, 1954
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Approved For Release 2000/08/30 : CIA-RDP80RO1443R000200150006-9 , U U SUBJECT: Notes on NSC Meeting - 17 February 1954 DCI's Briefing: Indochina - Referred to vigorous French attempt to breakout north and east of Dien Bien Phu -- will probably try to go South after getting out of encirclement. More Viet Minh troops south of Dien Bien Phu than north. Increasing Chinese supplies coming in to Viet Minh territory -- 1 000 tons a month -- not so much but a big help. Viet Minh have more trucks now so are able to transport it further and faster. New Chinese supply route South from Banleng to Laichau and then further to combat areas. President asked why roads couldn't be bombed and cut; was told that attacks were made and strafing carried out but without halting supplies to any great extent. Defections - Mentioned we were getting reactions from the Beria case among former Beria men in the MVD outside the USSR. Referred to defections --- one in Tokyo - pretty effectively wrecking the Soviet apparatus in Japan two in Vienna -- one a Lt. Col in the MVD the other a Civilian; exposure of MVD net in Norway MVD men getting scared even though there were no marked repercussions inside the Soviet Union from the Beria arrest and efforts were made to persuade Beria men outside that it was all right to come back. Soviet espionage apparatus in the West probably pretty seriously affected by this sort of thing. Communism in Latin America - Described Chart. Serious situa- tion in Guatemala - growing serious in Chile moderate but rising in Brazil; slight in the northern tier of countries -- Peru. Ecuador. Colombia and Venezuela. President asked how.we measured change in degree of influence and where the influence was in view of the fact that in several countries -- Brazil for example the party was outlawed. DCI referred to rise in Brazilian CP membership in 1953 increased attendance at meetings of Communist-front organizations -- WFTU World Youth Festival, etc. and increased Latin American travel behind the Curtain Approved For Release 200 /30 . I - DP80R01443R000200150006-9 Approved For Release 200 443R00020WOOD" 25X1A9a Photos of Soviet Bombers - Showed two blow-up of photographs of 'IL-38' and'TU-200 "Soviet heavy bombers which accompanied article in Aviation Week Said we had no intelligence to support information in the article -- our intelligence view was that the - was in series production and a few -- about 30 --- were possibly in organized units -- nothing like the 400 claimed for the other two types in the article. Both Adm.. Radford and Gen. Twining expressed some irritation at this type of article -- exciting Congress and making their conservative best estimates look complacent and inadequate. President likewise somewhat annoyed -- particularly at the ranges claimed for the planes -- putting the bombers "over Chicago, flying around ready to drop bombs. 25X1A9a Report on his visit to Egypt at Nasr's request -- .noted that Nasr had replaced Naguib as the main influence in the RCC but that the gulf had widened between the Cabinet and the RCC, making orderly government difficult and creating a serious situation Referred to RCC's great ignorance of things outside their relatively narrow field of interest, particularly as affected the outside world. 25X1A9a ik Approved For Release 2000 10 3 . - DP80RO1443R000200150006-9